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    Hi guys, I’ll let the developers answer a question that Callum from FSElite asked them:
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    Hi all. I've just finished watching the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 September 30 press release. It featured an interview with the development team and numerous alpha-videos demonstrating their new intentions. As is everyone, I am impressed. But, honestly, my first response was, What about ORBX? Surely this 2020 is going to impact the business, and surely it will force major adjustments on the team. So my question at this point is, How can we support and encourage our ORBX guys through all this?
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    I am just excited to see what Orbx will bring for MSFS2020....till then I am so enjoying P3D with my massive Orbx library. I do not understand why people are worrying so much. I can say with high probability that MS probably talked (and still in discussion) with Orbx and few of the major players in the FS scene. Stop worrying; just go do some flight sim
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    They said there will be a subscription cost. I don't want a monthly fee for a flight sim, but if Orbx is involved I'd think twice. The rendered world and physics looked amazing but if they don't have very complex planes I'll sit this one out. I can only ooooh and aaaah with "eye candy" for so long.
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    Mine for this month. Catalina Island Pebbly Beach and a Goose.
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    I finally got a Curtiss Jenny running in P3D v4.5. This one, I understand, has been brought through from FS9, via FSX , & taken into P3D v4 by Dave Carroll. Many thanks to Dave. With some tweaking in the aircraft file it also takes liveries available in the Ford Project (Curtiss-Jenny) Flies nice & slow & handles as one would expect when you have a pair of long bi-plane wings strapped onto the fuselage, ie, don't drop a wing tip sharply, it takes awhile to drag it back up! The shots are from a short hop in Arkansas. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Thank you for the response, Jon! @Jon Clarke I am sure that eventually ORBX will fix it and bring this scenery up to the high standards the company is known for. I read that this scenery was not developed “in-house”, but by Gaya Simulations. This could explain the less than ideal quality. Anyway, I was quite surprised to see that ORBX didn’t notice this HUGE runway development error, as this is the single most important feature in the altiport. Hope the correction comes as soon as possible. And yes, @rio gerard, the freeware scenery you mention apparently reproduces correctly the real Courchevel runway. In my opinion, ORBX quality control is to be blamed in this case. It shouldn’t have allowed a release of a product like this. Apparently the developer did not understand how to make curved slopes in XP11 - something many freeware developers already did.... Sad. Regards, Dario
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    After listening to the interview I can almost guarantee that PMDG and other third party planes will be made available for Flight Sim 2020. It may not happen right away however. I think you will have Microsoft's own aircraft and then third party aircraft, PMDG, Quality Wings, etc. Also, FS 2020 will also work on lower end systems. They even mentioned testing this on 1080 HD and said it was very impressive. They really emphasized making this work for lower end PC's, although it is always best to have a higher end PC.
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    Advertising boards along all the roads and inside airports of course.
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    More excellence Dario! I'm very curious, how do you get those long shots like in #'s 4 and 15?
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    Hi all. The other day, I was in a medical office being checked in by a young woman at the front desk. When she asked for my birth date, I gave her day and month and '43. The number stopped her cold. "43?" she asked. "Yes, in the early part of the war," I said. That really threw her. After a long puzzled pause, she hesitantly asked, "What war was that?" At that very moment, I knew I have outlived myself.
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    Voting for is now open. 1. Everyone that has entered a shot will have one vote each to choose the winner of the contest. 2. Voting will run for 6 days until the 6th of October 2019 at midnight GMT. 3.Please cast your vote only here. 4.No voting for your own entry. 5.No comments on other members contest entries, The voting section is just that for voting on the shot and nothing else. 6. When voting ends i will announce the winner. cheers Iain
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    Hi all. I've been working on a series of novels that follow the course of the Second World War (first one is available now. Touch base with me in the Private Messages above). One of the things I did was fly every scene in simulation using the planes and places described. The experience was really interesting. I have since tried to do such flights with non-fictional history. Lindberg's flight, the first cross-country mail run in the USA, Outback flights, and so forth. Does anyone else tie their flying to history? Any recommended examples?
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    Hello, I guess you had a look on this freeware scenery I did not see in previous exemples : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/24720-lflj-courchevel/ Best regards
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    +1 for a fix - so far a little bit disappointing. The first Orbx Scenery which is not 100% perfect to me.
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    Gentlemen! Here is another finding on EGNX: There are neither 3D PAPI-boxes nor 3D Approach Lighting System visible in the scenery. Very uncommon for the very high scenery quality at Orbx. Is there a chance for an update please? Thanks and kind regards! Bert
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    Your company’s products are highly valued in Russia. Looking forward to more great scenarios from you!
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    That's just it, he didn't say anything, to me it was all a lot of cool physics and eye candy. I haven't seen any PMDG complex level planes yet.
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    I love CP, it's extremely easy and intuitive to me anyway. Yeah, XP on my system has a mind of its own. And I even have a plain vanilla install, it too does the same things as I described. I practically begged the guy who wrote XP to make it for XP.
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    ORBX make airports too not just landlcass and true earth... There is plenty of room for ORBX in my opinion.
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    Hi Jack! @Jack Sawyer That's weird. For me it never changed... Even after XP11 updates, the keyboard shortcuts (as well as the joystick assignments remain intact for me. I also use X-Camera and TrackIR, and I highly recommend them both. And, at least for me, camera movement in XP11 is hundreds of times easier than in P3D. In P3D I struggle to place the camera where I want, even using the excellent ChasePlane. Regards, Jack!
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    Great shots, Dario. Jack: Have you set your internal views inside X-Plane using the keyboard numpad and Ctrl key - that gives you 9 pre-views straight away. Kev
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    BNE-MEL. Last time I took this was part of BNE-MEL-ADL.
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    My Dear Nick how are u , i hope fine and thanks for your answer , finally i decided to verify files and resolved the problem. Thanks my friend for all Mauricio
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    I am sure orbx will be involved in some way. They (MS) talked about enhancing airports etc. I sure hope so. And you can bet they knew that FS2020 was under development long before any of us.
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    OK - I think I may have solved this - after reading some of the LM P3D Forum I decided to further investigate FSAerodata as a possible issue. I had but back the default APX17140.BGL file and deactivated any KFCA bgls, but apparently that was not enough. Once I uninstalled, re-installed and then moved the FSAerodata folders below my ORBX entries the problem seems to have gone away. For HF2 the placement seems to have been the issue, although it had not mattered in HF1 and earlier . . . Note the FSAerodata folders do not contain any AFCADS (that I see). Please mark solved - don't know if mods could add a tag to include FSAerodata for anyone else . . . thanks. Joe
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    Perfect set of shots Jack!
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    jk1051 jk1052 jk1053 jk1054 jk1057 jk1065 jk1067
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    Took a late afternoon flight from Narvik to Kiruna, set in Winter. Orbx Norway never disappoints. TTM (P3D v4.5) Leaving Narvik. Over Kiruna in fog.
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    Dario, it's like watching Michelangelo show his chops. Wonderful. Thanks!
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    This is the one thing I don’t like about XP because it’s very difficult to assign cameras, it’s so non-intuitive. And, it changes every last time I run XP. Something always changes, for example, I run XP and the stopzooming plugin won’t work. I shut down XP and rerun it and it works. XP is SO odd.
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    Then you are VERY good to go, sir! Two days ago, I was at an already fast, competent speed of 120 Mbps, but since then, I am now at 360 Mbps, with a real-world of 380-385 constant obtainable. I can go to 1 Gbps for about $15.00 per month, more over my present 360Mbps package,...but for what I have seen running with/at (real world) 385 Mbps (no time to even blink....) I think that I will get the full (max rendered) texture and objects-over-texture- details, and stutter free over topography flight metrics, from M.S. 2020, with no need to go past my real-world throughput of 380-5 Mbps--->using their Adaptive Internet Download selection, within the sim. My gawd, 360-385 Mbps...it's fast! What is so great news for everybody reading this...(my personal opinion in play) is that with a live-as-you-fly download of your x/y position anywhere in the world....is that we are finally, FINALLY free of the GPU (on card) graphics memory capacity (for good sustainable FPS) (forever upgrade!!!!)...if we, (and now most do...) have 6-8 GB's of on-board GPU memory...that will be way more than sufficient to render 20 or so miles around your plane. It will be render, and release, render and release (data stream) to give you the illusion of flight movement over the topography. Not like we are now with Prepar3D and XP11....you have scenery files constantly being loaded in by the CPU-demand-to-hard-disk...that in no way, on anybody's system...can match the speed of a direct off the internet 360Mbps-1Gbps direct-to-CPU/GPU, for purpose of rendering to the screen. This (in my opinion) will be the turning point...a massive turning point, in how flight data/visual data is going to be ending up rendering to our screens, presently and into the future...wow....!
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    Hi all ! This mounth my vote goes to #12. Tschüss ! PS : I hope that you are feeling better, dear Lain !
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    I´ve been at the space center a few years ago, it is great. Enjoy the Saturn V, mission control and Do not miss to buy some rocket science stuff in the shop! All great places I have been to. In Vienna you might consider dinner at the Do&Co near Stephansdom. Do not be shocked by the tourist masses in Prague (especially at the Karlovy Vary and the clock tower), at least the moderate food & drink prices help. Singapore you know, my family enjoyed it (except the humidity). And Brisbane was just too full last week due to the Festival. What an itinary you have.
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    Hello, the download has been fixed and the fx files will now be placed into the P3D Effects folder.
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    Thanks. I looked back through your posts and found this Is that still the case?
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    I have a couple of cats that like to nap on my arm when I'm testing scenery. Great helpers when you need to type! Felix
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    5, 11 and 47 ( my two sons and I)
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    Scenery: ORBX San Diego International Airport (KSAN) Aircraft: PMDG 747-300 BOAC Livery
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    Due to the website I used to upload the photos going out of existence all the photos in my original post are now not showing. So I have tried to reconstruct it here. ******************************* I have "fiddled" with flight simulator since it was just a series of green lines back in the 1980’s. As each new version has been released and become more complex and realistic, the more time I spent using it and upgrading everything, you know how it goes. And with the release of FSX my desk became a mess of screens and controls. With the encouragement of my very supportive wife, I bit the bullet and decided to build a cockpit. (Photos follow) Of course the first step was to search the net to get as much information as I could. Now I know that there are some really fantastic home cockpits out there, and as I investigated screens, projectors, how best to build curves, what type of aircraft to base it on etc. etc. It struck me that; A: I don't want to spend years (getting a bit old for that) or vast amounts of money building it, and B: nor did I want to restrict myself to one type of aeroplane. I love to fly low and slow, though I like light twins as well, up to about the size of a King Air. While I started out drawing up plans and trying to get all technical, it soon became all to much for me and they went in the bin. In the end the planning all centred around the purchase of two near new car seats ($50 each), some pieces of chalk (for drawing on the garage floor) and bits of cardboard (for mock-ups). By using standard sizes of MDF, (to save some cutting), I ended up with a 1.5 x 1.9 x 1.9 m box in the garage. Who wants to look at the outside, after all flying is what its' about for me. As I did not spend too much on the outside I was able to indulge on the things that count. Inside, the main screen is a 42 inch HD TV. (A lot cheaper than a monitor) This gives me a good size to display most of the instruments of which ever type I'm using and a good outside view. Combined with an IR tracker this gives a very realistic experience. Above there are three 20 inch monitors all run through a Matrox TripleHead2Go, which are used for GPS, overhead panels, ATC and anything else I may want. I had used the Matrox TripleHead2Go for the desk top screens, but I did not really Like the way it cut the top and bottom off the picture. I replaced my CH controls with Precision Flight Controls' Beech style yoke with the digital clock, turboprop 6-lever throttle quadrant with G/A button and their Cirrus rudder pedals. The extra cost was money well spent indeed. Also installed is a B206 twist dent collective, and by undoing two screws (the type used to attach a bedhead) the yoke can be removed and the handle of the cyclic attached (with two bolts) to its controller in the floor. Then we can fly helicopters in a matter of minutes. My trim wheel cost about US$49 from Desktop Aviator (steve41053@netscape.com), so now very accurate trim is achievable. You have to make your own mounting for it, but I think it is one of the best controls I have. Now what drives this? Well the PC Pilot magazine has been a massive help in this regard. Being totally confused by all the online articles, I was at the point of despair, when issue 69 arrived. In answer to a readers question they gave their recommendations. Which combined with the tutorial "A Beginners Guide to Flight Simulator" in issue 70, gave me all the information I needed. So off I go to my 'computer man'. Result? I am extremely pleased. I run 'REX2' and 'orbex' (can't wait for the rest of NZ), with just about every slider at max with great results. While there is no way you could say that my set up is realistic when compered to those built by some very dedicated and talented people (who I take my hat off to), it is something that anyone who can use glue, a saw, hammer and screwdriver could put together quite quickly and cheaply. And with a little imagination get completely engrossed in another world. The well is so the rudder pedals sit flush with the floor. (And no the under carriage is not retractable). There was a lot of fiddling around to work out the correct position for the seats. I used measurements from a C172 as a base line. The seats are not evenly spaced. This was so I was sitting in the correct position in relation to the screen. It also gave me room for a collective. Next the first sheets went on the sides. Then the front panel ( the hole is for an extractor fan). And both sides at the rear. These gave me support for attaching more panels to the side. The cardboard is the size of the screen and was used to work out its exact position. With the position for the screen worked out, everything else had to fit in around it. (What you call making it up as you go along). Then the sides, just panels glued on top of each other. The door is offset to make use of the standard panel sizes. One of the disadvantages of making it up as you go along was the bad mistake I made at this stage. Which I did not pick up until I started too late. I put the back panels on the wrong way round. Making it more difficult to get in and out because the door does not line up with the gap between thee seats. The roof goes on. Note that cardboard again. The top bracket for the screen and then another front panel. Starting to partition the “electronics bay” (that sounds fancy). The fan is just an old desk fan modified so its controls are next to the pilot. The notch is to allow access to the screen controls. Glad Wrap is very handy for placing between a glued joint and any block of wood put between the joint and the clamp. This shelf and its arm are attached by two bedhead bolts, with the nuts glued to the back of the screen support. It is to hold the yoke which is held in place with Velcro. (Wonderful stuff.) This brace is to support the arm and hold it in place without having to use anything other than the weight of the yoke. All closed in. The bottom sloping panel lifts up to allow access to the “electronics bay”. And the hole on the side is the air-vent for the computer. Once the cyclic and collective arrived....... ...I realised I hadn’t allowed enough room, depth wise, and had to set about modifying the floor. (I did say I was making it up as I went along). TIP - get all your controls before you start. This is to support the top of the screens. It lifts out and allows them to swing down on their brackets. Making somewhere for the throttle quadrant to sit. Again it’s held in position with Velcro. Where ever I could I used scrap bits of wood. Nearly ready to fit out. Carpet goes down. It is a bit messy in here and I have been asked why I didn’t make a wiring loom. Been there done that. It looks great, until you have to replace something. Keep it simple I say. My first layout.(Turns out it's not.) Note how much the yoke obscures the screen. Ready for rotary flight. Note the two bedhead bolts. This is how I originally had it set up. However, this is continually changing of course, it's basically the same. When I first put the yoke in I had to change the entry positions of the cables, they went in the back. This made it stick out too much. So, to the sides they went. You can see that I have now had the casing modified so that it no longer covers the screen. ($245 to get that done?) I bet that’s my guarantee gone too. While I have speakers, I normally only use the headphones for diplomatic reasons. I allowed lots of headroom too. It will get very handy the older and less agile I get. (It's handy now) To save wiring it for lights, I have a glass panel (salvaged from house renovations) in the roof and a old florescent tube hanging from the garage ceiling. The glass is fixed at a slight angle, not flush with the roof. This creates a gap for ventilation. The fan draws in air down the back of the screens and out. The fan also helps the air flow through the computer. Believe me when I say it can get quite hot in there with the fan off. So this is it from the outside. The colour scheme was dictated by what leftover paint I had laying around. The windows are that sticky stuff kids cover their school books with. Dad called my mum Katy, hence the rego KTY. So now I can shut myself in my relatively inexpensive little box with no distractions, and be a very happy little simmer. While I’m not talented enough to design anything like the freeware (or any ware) aircraft or scenery that is so generously shared by others, and which has given me so much enjoyment. I hope that by posting this, and just maybe giving someone a bit of an idea or planting that seed so to speak, and they say “ Hay! I can do that!), I have given a little back to the Flight Sim community. ********************** Some of my other post that also lost their photos. ******************************** I thought I would post a few photos of some minor modifications to my setup. The first two are of a removable panel to allow much easier removal of the PC. When I built the cockpit I thought that once it was in it would rarely have to be move. Yes, I am too old to be that naive . Another mistake I made was with the offset door which does not line up with the gap between the seats. If I had put the narrow panel on the other side it would have been perfect and a breeze to get in. I also painted the inside mat black to remove any distractions in my peripheral vision. I stole that idea from some of you. Thanks. And made a black curtain to hid any books etc. on the shelf. I have a friend who suffers from Parkinson's disease and likes to use the simulator from time to time. And with the IR tracker turned off he makes a pretty good job of it. A big problem though is he was having a hard job getting in and even harder getting out. So I have put in a removable hand rail, it's not very elegant but does the job. (After all, if he can't get out, I would never get a turn. ) 
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    With the passing of our dear Orbx team member Neil Hill, this part of the forums have been renamed in his honour. To read Holger's fitting tribute and also thoughts from the community, please visit here:
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