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    Hi guys, I’ll let the developers answer a question that Callum from FSElite asked them:
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    Hi all. I've just finished watching the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 September 30 press release. It featured an interview with the development team and numerous alpha-videos demonstrating their new intentions. As is everyone, I am impressed. But, honestly, my first response was, What about ORBX? Surely this 2020 is going to impact the business, and surely it will force major adjustments on the team. So my question at this point is, How can we support and encourage our ORBX guys through all this?
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    Mine for this month. Catalina Island Pebbly Beach and a Goose.
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    I finally got a Curtiss Jenny running in P3D v4.5. This one, I understand, has been brought through from FS9, via FSX , & taken into P3D v4 by Dave Carroll. Many thanks to Dave. With some tweaking in the aircraft file it also takes liveries available in the Ford Project (Curtiss-Jenny) Flies nice & slow & handles as one would expect when you have a pair of long bi-plane wings strapped onto the fuselage, ie, don't drop a wing tip sharply, it takes awhile to drag it back up! The shots are from a short hop in Arkansas. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Advertising boards along all the roads and inside airports of course.
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    More excellence Dario! I'm very curious, how do you get those long shots like in #'s 4 and 15?
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    Hi all. The other day, I was in a medical office being checked in by a young woman at the front desk. When she asked for my birth date, I gave her day and month and '43. The number stopped her cold. "43?" she asked. "Yes, in the early part of the war," I said. That really threw her. After a long puzzled pause, she hesitantly asked, "What war was that?" At that very moment, I knew I have outlived myself.
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    Jack and others, especially those carrying serious illnesses, it's all a toss-up isn't it. Can we make the release of this new sim before we are either past it physically, or non-compos mentis. Ah well, sorry to be gloomy. I can look on the bright side and look forward to lots more money to spend, but for an improved flying experience what the heck.
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    Hi all. I've been working on a series of novels that follow the course of the Second World War (first one is available now. Touch base with me in the Private Messages above). One of the things I did was fly every scene in simulation using the planes and places described. The experience was really interesting. I have since tried to do such flights with non-fictional history. Lindberg's flight, the first cross-country mail run in the USA, Outback flights, and so forth. Does anyone else tie their flying to history? Any recommended examples?
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    P3Dv4.5 Orbx Active Sky Carenado PC-12 On my way from LIRP-LIPZ.
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    Another Curtiss Jenny flight. Not very long, had to follow the river back to find the airfield. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    This is just a fantastic little airport and region. Beautiful scenery, fantastic quality, but didn't come with one critical component. Landing instructions … So here's what happened …. Cheers Renault PS - this is just outright fun !!!! What a beautiful spot. But nothings level .... You can smell the fresh mountain air .... wow just simply superb! I've got a room there for the night. But don't tell the better half ... I told her I got a discount because its not ski season yet I gotta have a "go" at this ... wish me luck Ah, oh , omg .... That actually wasn't so bad. It's a bit like having a "turbo boost" at just the right moment There's so much to see. But for an "armchair pilot" like myself its a bit of a challenge But hats off to Orbx -- what a fantastic little airport!! Now this is the hard part I think .... So far so good as they say .... Ah guys..... this is a bit outside of my "area of expertise I think " Really officer ... It's exactly as I described.... One minute I up there thinking what in the world am I doing, and the next minute I'm here..... I think I feel a bit ill But I got to ask you. What other scenery designers would stop traffic and dispatch the service departmentaux d'incendie et de secours (the SDIS) just for you because you didn't quite get the landing correct ? Hats off to Orbx!
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    But Jack, why not? I love these vintage aircraft. Simplicity. Forward motion in keeping with my reflexes. Dignity, grace. They float through the air with the elegance of an ageing ballerina Whereas you, if I understand your posts correctly, get your jollies from complexity. To each his own TTM PS: One of my laments is the dearth of vintage aircraft & biplanes in XP-11
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    I must say the same can be said for North America--the USA and Canada. There are hundreds of freeware airports available from Orbx, stretching from far western Alaska and the Aleutians eastward across Canada all the way to Newfoundland Island; and from the west coast of California eastward all the way to the Florida Keys and to the Northeast along the Maine-Nova Scotia border. This does not include the many payware airports Orbx offers for these same regions. Plenty of flying opportunities galore, and one doesn't need multi-terrabytes of storage to do it.
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    If not we are all sunk...
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    Hi Jack. ForeFlight is the best app for my real world flying. My flight simulation experience goes back several years and I’ve tried all the different platforms. Switched to X Plane recently due to the availability of ORBX scenery. For me, X plane is the most realistic in terms of flight dynamics and the program runs flawlessly. Interfacing ForeFlight with X Plane has me really excited again especially with the high definition ORBX scenery. I mirror my iPad running ForeFlight to my iMac and I can capture the video I desire when editing the final product. All set up to produce stunning and very informative videos over the States of Washington and Oregon. I think California is in the ORBX pipeline also.
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    I love CP, it's extremely easy and intuitive to me anyway. Yeah, XP on my system has a mind of its own. And I even have a plain vanilla install, it too does the same things as I described. I practically begged the guy who wrote XP to make it for XP.
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    Excellent shots Jack, good job of showing off the scenery.
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    Hello Gerold, Didn't know the birthday greetings were moved to this place.... Anyway, happy birthday and may God bless you this year. Best regards -Fred-
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    My First Officer Abby, feral cat volunteer 8 years ago. She adopted me soon after we saved her (if you know cats you know THEY adopt you, not the other way around...:-)). Yes, that's my printer, she loves it, but the printer not so much. Clean hair out all the time but she's faithfully with me on most flights.
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    Some idiot I suspect Rodger. Back on subject, I don't know what history they're taught in schools these days. I suspect few teachers know history as it affects humanity. Certainly in my case, they were more concerned with dates events took place rather than what and why they happened and the results. Crazy, but I put it down to the inadequacy of the teachers teaching them. My own knowledge came about from an uncle who served and survived in the trenches of the so called first world war and, of course, my own experiences during the second world war. I personally think history is an important subject only in the hope that it might help to prevent such events happening in the future. I suspect my hopes are doomed to failure though. I'm glad to record though that it doesn't look as if my children will experience or be involved in any sort of conflict during their lives. I hope that's the case. Sorry if I've transgressed into dangerous territory Nick but it got it off my chest. Hello John, just the last sentence.(The one that's missing)
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    Hi Jack! @Jack Sawyer That's weird. For me it never changed... Even after XP11 updates, the keyboard shortcuts (as well as the joystick assignments remain intact for me. I also use X-Camera and TrackIR, and I highly recommend them both. And, at least for me, camera movement in XP11 is hundreds of times easier than in P3D. In P3D I struggle to place the camera where I want, even using the excellent ChasePlane. Regards, Jack!
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    Hi Jack what did they say about the complex planes, must have missed that bit. Mean I’m not a fan of doing everything by the book like complete startups but now and again I do like to fly the big birds. Plus I’m the same as you about the subscription mean like if it’s £30-40 a month then that will definitely be a no no, unless it’s cheaper maybe. Derek.
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    Great shots, Dario. Jack: Have you set your internal views inside X-Plane using the keyboard numpad and Ctrl key - that gives you 9 pre-views straight away. Kev
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    I am sure orbx will be involved in some way. They (MS) talked about enhancing airports etc. I sure hope so. And you can bet they knew that FS2020 was under development long before any of us.
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    Perfect set of shots Jack!
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    Wing42 Lockheed Vega leaving Israel's Farm for Walter Sutton's. I dialed up Autumn in November & that produced a smattering of snow on the hills, (3rd shot). TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    The no mountains side of Scotland. Aberdeen - the Granite City and the (now nonflaming) Jetstream. Stonehaven - a small fishing town - home of 'Robinson Crusoe'. Very much the look of southern England - what separates is that faint aroma of single malt rising from the soil. St Andrews and the 'Royal&Ancient'. The tournament 'old course' is shaded slightly darker in the center. For the movie buffs, the beach in "Chariots of Fire" that showed the runners training is on the east side of the golf courses. A bit of Fifeshire where a lot of coal was mined and I spent most of WW2. My favorite was Inverkeithing (slightly left of center).
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    Just finished an annual physical. The doctor offered me the chance to donate my body to our local medical school. Not quite sure how to take this.
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    Funny, the last girl I asked to dance refused with a variation of that same saying.
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    This is the one thing I don’t like about XP because it’s very difficult to assign cameras, it’s so non-intuitive. And, it changes every last time I run XP. Something always changes, for example, I run XP and the stopzooming plugin won’t work. I shut down XP and rerun it and it works. XP is SO odd.
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    Hi all ! This mounth my vote goes to #12. Tschüss ! PS : I hope that you are feeling better, dear Lain !
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    Yahoo, FILOU! Who was that masked man that just whizzed past!
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    79 and 6/12 Just checking your eyesight ! Cheers, Bill.
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    41. I'm really a (relative) newcomer to simming though, having started with FSX in 2009. That's if you don't count Top Gun on the Atari 2600 . I've made up for the late start though, as I pretty much fly one sim or another every day.
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    Thanks. I looked back through your posts and found this Is that still the case?
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    We are pleased to announce EGNX East Midlands for P3Dv4 is now available on OrbxDirect. Originally developed for X-Plane 11 EGNX is now a stunning addition to any UK scenery collection for Prepar3D v4. Fully integrated with TrueEarth Great Britain South, Orbx Global or EU England, this rendition of East Midlands Airport features high resolution buildings, static aircraft, custom modeled cars and trucks, and dynamic night lighting. Features: Immersive rendition of EGNX East Midlands airport High regulation buildings Interior modelling on the tower and the terminal Realistic static aircraft Stunning custom dynamic night lighting 25cm/px of photoreal East Midlands Aeropark Custom ground poly $32.95 AUD (Approx. US$22.28 | €20,37 | £18.13)
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    I have a couple of cats that like to nap on my arm when I'm testing scenery. Great helpers when you need to type! Felix
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    5, 11 and 47 ( my two sons and I)
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    Every time Orbx announce any sort of sale, a few people complain they missed out. It's OK to feel a bit disappointed that you might have missed an opportunity to save money but as others have pointed out, a sale price on an item does not mean that you have paid to much for yours. If sales are seriously that important to you, then it is a fact that Orbx have at least a couple of sales a year, as a way of invigorating older stock in particular, and you can wait patiently for the next sale, whenever that might pop up. If however you have succumbed to temptation and paid full price because you were desirous of having the product to fly around in without delay, then please don't come on to the forums complaining, because even at full price Orbx products are great value for money.
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    Scenery: ORBX San Diego International Airport (KSAN) Aircraft: PMDG 747-300 BOAC Livery
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    With the passing of our dear Orbx team member Neil Hill, this part of the forums have been renamed in his honour. To read Holger's fitting tribute and also thoughts from the community, please visit here:
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    Dear all, I'm very sorry to have to let you know that our colleague and friend Neil Hill passed away on Nov 12th in Lynwood, WA, from complications with MDS, a blood illness. According to his daughter his final days were peaceful, with his family by his side. He was 80 years old. As you may or may not know Neil was our ultimate "airport enhancement machine", tirelessly working on transforming the lifeless and often incorrect default airports into much more realistic renditions. We don't have a full tally of his work for Orbx but we're talking many thousands of airports for the FTX Regions alone. And when he wasn't working on the payware commitments he completed yet more content for the ever-growing FTX Global Airport freeware package. In short, if you're visiting any of our FTX Region or freeware airports you're looking at Neil's work. Neil first approached me in February 2009 after learning that I was working on a small FSX landscape project covering the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. In his email he wrote "... I would like to let you know I would VERY MUCH like to help in reworking the airports. [...] I am retired so I have plenty of time". I gladly accepted his offer. The Olympics project later morphed into Orbx's FTX Pacific Northwest and included more than 400 airports enhanced by Neil, not a bad start... And so it continued: with each new FTX Region I would send him a spreadsheet of all airports within the coverage area and he'd start pumping out the airfields by the dozen, usually finishing well ahead of deadlines and asking us for more ;-) Put another way, without Neil's initiative it's quite likely that the Orbx Regions would not have included greatly enhanced default airports, at least not every single one within a given Region. Neil was assisted by other Region team members but he certainly laid the foundations for this particular component and his energy never waned. Even during his last months, being in and out of hospital, he kept on working on our current project, Australia v2, and managed to complete more than 600 airfields and airstrips, with the last batch submitted at the end of October. Judging by his file's date stamps the final airport he worked on was YIFY, Iffley, a small airstrip in Queensland. We'll miss you, Neil, rest in peace. If you have stories or photos of Neil that you'd like to share with the community feel free to do so in this thread. For the entire Orbx family, Holger P.S. An online obituary has been posted at http://www.whidbeymemorial.com/book-of-memories/3661404/Hill-Neil/obituary.php There will be a memorial service for Neil on December 14th, at 6:30 PM, at the Alderwood Baptist Church in Lynnwood, WA.
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