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    Maybe the rest of the pics are better but i like this screen somehow
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    What a great thread - No problems - arguments - or complaints HKTerry asked who was the oldest and the answer so far is:----- Joe Mills @ 89 John Nost @ 86 Me @ 84 3 0f you @ 81 1 @ 80 7 of us at 80 or over ---- Orbx should be offering us extra discount for hanging around so long in the market for Orbx - we need a smile for grey beards
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    Read that carefully my friends, it's the way I think about dogs and even cats sometime.
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    jk0006 jk0000 jk0002 jk0004 jk0012
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    jk0015 jk0016 jk0018 jk0024 jk0030 jk0033 jk0035 jk0036
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    P3D 4.5 All Orbx, I mean every thing they make. PMDG 777 Thought I'd celebrate a new P3D release and have some 777 fun at EGNX. Took off, flew around and landed. Entirely hand flown, no FMC, no autopilot.
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    Thanks to Nick for fixing the fences. Made a nice flight from EGNX, East Mids to EGBB, Birmingham. AS4 weather was on and I had to fly below the clouds but it was well worth it.
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    Hi all. Our soon-to-be-released novel's Royal Order of Rubber Ducks (ROORD) Beaver is now painted in its final ROORD Air Transport (RAT) colors. Many thanks to TeD "TuFun" Wolfgang. So now I get to take it on some adventures. This first trip takes us to eastern Oregon and the Wallowa Mountains. This range is easily the visual equivalent of the Three Sisters in central Oregon, and is a popular destination for those who enjoy true wilderness camping. Forum folk who have XP True Earth Oregon really ought to give this area a look. This flight starts at Joseph State Park air strip (AS3) on the edge of the mountain range. ORBX has done a good job with Joseph, so we start with a feeling of "real." [ORBX Global/Vector/NA LC/PNW. REX real weather. Milviz DHC2 Beaver. Repaint by TeD Wolfgang] Beaver parked at Joseph State Park (AS3). The plane fits here, rugged and ready. Taxi at Joseph. Well laid-out airstrip. At runway three-three. The canyon in the background will be our entry into the Wallowas. Lift-off from Joseph. Wallowas to right of screen. Leaving the flats and entering the Wallowas. Wish I knew the territory. I pray to St. ORBX and carry on. So far, so good. Just follow the canyon and smile. The mountains rise on either side. I'll stay low and follow the canyon. What could go wrong? Happy as a clam. I've got this figured out. Oops. Getting foggy, and I have a split ahead. Left or right? I'll head left. Six of one and half a dozen of the other, right? Left it is. Just stay down and follow this new canyon. But things don't feel so friendly now. A ridge appears out of the fog. It's the end of the canyon--it's a giant box. Oh my stars and rutabagas! I think I can, I think I can. Airspeed dropping. Stall shudders. Get out the adult diapers, mother, papa's gonna need 'em soon! I know I can't, I know I can't. Stalling out. Someone take care of my good dog, Spot. Raise a memorial on the Forum. Been nice knowing y'all! The moment of truth. What followed was not pretty. Well, so much for adventure #1. But good news -- I just found some new back-country strips. The Duck RAT Beaver will rise to try again! Thanks for coming along.
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    On January 1st I am going to celebrate the 29th anniversary of my 40th birthday. And luckily so far nothing at all to complain about
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    Got so distracted looking out the window at all the glorious lighting around Courchevel that I misjudged my speed and had to abort the landing. But hey, I didn't mind taking another go round so I could check it all out again! What a wonderful place to cruise around enjoying the view. Really like the lighting fx! Good stuff!
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    54, reasonably young by the look of things...I am as one of my daughters says 'the family nerd'.......better than some of the other names I have been called...
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    You will easily fit all our upcoming TE regions for P3D into a single 2TB drive. P3D uses a much more efficient BGL format for orthos versus XP11's DDS format.
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    I have never read that on any Microsoft posting which is where i would base all my knowledge to date on this new sim. All else is pure conjecture or rumour. Remember that when Microsoft announced the development of the new sim and posted details, some people immediately started posting on forums that it was for X Box only, despite the fact the statement clearly said for PC first and then X Box. I would rather wait to hear details from the horse's mouth rather than from the other end of the horse This comment is not directed at you ArtFlyer but a general comment in regard to all the conjecture.
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    Installed the new ENGX in P3D v4.5 and I like it a lot! Initial impressing is that of a high quality airport with good colours and detailed texturing. I did spot a few issues though, which hopefully can be corrected: The fence texture lacks mip-mapping. Therefore the fence is flickering heavily all around the airport. Mipped it myself and the issue went away. No seasonal blending for hard winter: The airport is green/brown while the surroundings are covered in snow (using FTX Global and OpenLC EU) Seasonal texturing seems a bit off compared to P3D's own seasons: When choosing Spring (March), then the scenery still shows the winter base texture. Only from April the correct base texture is shown. AFCAD file: There seem to be no gate type or airline assignments whatsoever? My PAX and cargo AI aircraft park totally at random. RYR at the cargo apron, DHL or FDX at the passenger apron. Things like that can be corrected easily in the AFCAD file. Hope you can do that in an update. Could you perhaps provide a few more customisation options? For example with so many cars placed at the parking lots, disabling half of them things would still look great, while saving a bit of headroom for performance. All for now, thanks again for providing us with a nice UK airport! Cheers, Markus
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    jk1051 jk1052 jk1053 jk1054 jk1057 jk1065 jk1067
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    Some shots of the Adam 500 at KSTS. My headaches are acting up tonight so hitting the sack early, but again, showing off the quality of this magnificent peace of freeware I discovered at Simviation All aboard! (Ooops - sorry, wrong sim! LOL ) Have a great evening all.
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    ZL19 across the world!! That's the stuff dreams are made of!
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    Ours have no interest in flying unless you can eat it. Or it is a stick.
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    79 and 6/12 Just checking your eyesight ! Cheers, Bill.
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    Emmsie is a 60 and still loving flightsim. cheers Iain
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    41. I'm really a (relative) newcomer to simming though, having started with FSX in 2009. That's if you don't count Top Gun on the Atari 2600 . I've made up for the late start though, as I pretty much fly one sim or another every day.
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    Hi guys, FTX Regions are 100% self-contained meaning Base, openLC, and Vector will have no impact on waterbodies or other features within the region's coverage area (presuming they are properly ordered at lower display priority than the region). NCA removes all waterbodies (and other scenery elements) and replaces them with its own version. Both the exclude and replacement files need to be in place for the add-on to work correctly, which would have been checked via verification or re-installation of NCA. If the issue is localized then it's likely that a third-party add-on contains a local exclude file. Thus, I'd suggest deactivating all third-party add-ons at higher display priority and then re-activating 50% at a time until the culprit is found. Also, a suitable cross check is to move all four NCA entries to the top of the scenery library to confirm it's not NCA itself. Cheers, Holger
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    Jack, they seem to have forgotten to mip the fence texture. I mipped it myself and the issue went away.
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    We are pleased to announce EGNX East Midlands for P3Dv4 is now available on OrbxDirect. Originally developed for X-Plane 11 EGNX is now a stunning addition to any UK scenery collection for Prepar3D v4. Fully integrated with TrueEarth Great Britain South, Orbx Global or EU England, this rendition of East Midlands Airport features high resolution buildings, static aircraft, custom modeled cars and trucks, and dynamic night lighting. Features: Immersive rendition of EGNX East Midlands airport High regulation buildings Interior modelling on the tower and the terminal Realistic static aircraft Stunning custom dynamic night lighting 25cm/px of photoreal East Midlands Aeropark Custom ground poly $32.95 AUD (Approx. US$22.28 | €20,37 | £18.13)
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    P3d V4.5 Orbx Northern Calif. KRDD Redding, Calif. Quick flight up to Mount Shasta and then landing at the 1O6 Dunsmuir Municipal.
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    +1. I love these threads! All my pets have passed on, but I love hearing stories and seeing pics of others' pets. @Benny, I'm very sorry to hear that your Maya is sick. I know how hard that can be. I hope she gets well soon! Praying for her and you.
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    78 and I still love it
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    Wow, Jack! What an amazing flight. You took precious screenshots!
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    My dog is a Flatcoated Retriever named Irko and knows that when I begin a (virtual)flight to search for a comfortable look at me from the side of the coach, but after a couple of minutes his eyes aren't open anymore and probably dreams for a next walk in the park...
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    Grand set these Dario. cheers Iain
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    Nobody does up close and personal better than you - good to see you back.
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    Nice one indeed Jack, well done again!
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    Dario, wonderful set. You and ORBX are a great pair.
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    Nice pics Jack, definitely a scenic area. I hand fly most of my big birds, more fun, particularly landings. Don
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    Awesome Dario! You have a unique style that's all your own.
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    Wickedly real Dario, all beauties here.
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    53 and I've never grown up :}
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    That's the last time I put my purchase receipts in a folder called "other stuff". Might as well call it "don't look here" chris
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    Lived there 60-61 and it was -60F that winter.
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    You may be very right Dominique, I too go back to the days of Commodore 64; lol! Nothing wrong with progress and change, however something seriously wrong with abandoning a large customer base and then wanting back in as if nothing happened! Second chance may be the word, only time will tell.
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