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    G'day everyone, It is with a great deal of excitement that the team is proud to announce our latest region for FSX & Prepar3D, Orbx AU Australia V2! A monumental redesign of one of our most beloved products, AUv2 brings to life the entirety of the Australian continent with the latest region-based technology. Clocking in at a staggering 8 million square kilometres, AUv2 incorporates an enormous diversity of topography and geography. From the tropical rain forests of far-north Queensland to the wind-swept coastline of south-west Tasmania; from the temperate urban metropolises of the east coast to the desolate beauty of the red centre, explore a variety of stunning landscapes not seen anywhere else in the Orbx world. AUv2 is a landclass-style region that brings together everything on a massive scale. Almost 700 airports have been upgraded or created from scratch, giving you the perfect opportunity to criss-cross the country in true VFR style. Coastlines, waterbodies, road, rail and powerline networks have been recreated from scratch, using the latest high-fidelity data to vastly improve accuracy and detail across the continent. Towns, urban centres and other settlements have been reworked too; diversity, realism and accuracy greatly improve the immersion, whether that be flying cross-country long-haul or local VFR hops. Terrain elevation mesh has been brought to the next level; incorporating the latest data from the Australian Government, the new HD mesh makes a huge difference on both a small and large scale. In addition to these major re-workings, over 50 large-scale photoreal points of interest have been created from scratch to represent well-known geographical and man-made features. Mine sites, dry lakes, tidal water bodies, unusual geographical formations and more have been expertly edited, colourised and blended to the surrounding terrain. The largest of these features is the Great Barrier Reef; recreated in complete photoreal quality, this feature alone is larger than many of our existing regions! The centrepiece of AUv2 is undoubtedly our high-definition Melbourne Cityscape. The inner suburbs of Melbourne have been lovingly brought to life in full photoreal detail. 30cm ground textures, complete custom modelling for CBD blocks, high-detail POI, beautifully hand-placed autogen vegetation, and stunning night lighting combine bring to life the city that is, in many ways, the spiritual home for Orbx. We will go into much further detail on this exciting component of AUv2 in coming weeks. We have all been very much looking forward to showing this latest work off to you; for a long time we have been listening to your requests for more P3D projects, and more Australian projects - we have been listening! We also hope you enjoy exploring just a small taste of what this huge scenery has in store for you. FEATURES Melbourne, Victoria Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Adelaide, South Australia Great Barrier Reef, Queensland AUv2 FEATURE LIST Our largest and most popular region; 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines - much improved quality and accuracy Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal Completely new road and rail networks Improved and new landclass types Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc Much-improved populated area shape accuracy Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas Complete seasonal variations Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia Designed to work seamlessly with all 32 Australian HD airports and Cityscapes (on sale until the end of May!) Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 COVERAGE MAP Note: this map represents the current development version of AUv2, with more features likely to be added for release. THE TEAM As to be expected from such a monumental project, many developers have been working tirelessly to get AUv2 prepared for you all. First and foremost, Holger Sandmann is the Project Manager and Lead Developer for the project; as our resident GIS guru, he has undertaken all major vector, raster, elevation editing and processing. Frank Schnibben has been in charge of the Melbourne Cityscene component, many of the exciting new features seen in this part of the product are his handy work. Contributing several of the ultra-HD landmarks located within Melbourne, including the beautiful MCG, is Jordan Gough. Chris Clack, alongside Graham Eccleston and Ken Hall, have been looking after the upgrades to all the airports included in the project. Mark Halliwell has cast his eye towards colourising, editing and blending the large photoreal points of interest. Lastly, it is very important to acknowledge the work of our good friend and colleague, Neil Hill. Before Neil passed away last year, one of his last projects was laying the groundwork for the complete AUv2 airport database. We'd like to recognise the huge contribution Neil made to this project. FAQ Q. I own FTX AU (v1), am I eligible for some kind of discount? A. As long as you have a copy of FTX AU v1 in your OrbxDirect account, a discount of 40% will be automatically applied at check-out. Q. How much disk space will AUv2 take up? A. Current installed size is approx 21GB, though this is subject to change for final release Q. Will all my Orbx payware Australian airports work with AUv2? A. Yes. Graham is currently working through all HD airports to correct any compatibility issues. Q. I have a third-party mesh installed, will I need this for Australia? A. No. The mesh shipped with AUv2 is the best quality and resolution currently available on the market. COMPATIBILITY Orbx Australia V2 has been designed to work with all versions of FSX and Prepar3D. An up-to-date installation of the OrbxLibraries is a must. AUv2 is a stand-alone product and as such absolutely no other Orbx products are required. We do recommend using AUv2 alongside our freeware Australian AI pack. All Orbx HD airports, freeware airports and CityScene products will be fully compatible with AUv2. PRICING Orbx AUv2 will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50/ €34.25 / £29.50). AUv1 customers who have a copy in their OrbxDirect account will receive a 40% discount. The team are working extremely hard in the background putting the final touches on this huge project, but in the meantime be sure to check out the following screenshots from across the country. Cheers! Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Melbourne Cityscape Shark Bay, Western Australia Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hunter Valley, New South Wales Lake Eyre, South Australia Blue Mountains, New South Wales Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria RAAF Pearce, Western Australia. Also shown are new upcoming freeware AU AI Traffic updates (for P3Dv4 only) The Olgas, Northern Territory Adelaide northern suburbs, South Australia Victorian High Country Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Jervis Bay Territory Near Alice Springs, Northern Territory Adelaide Airport and CBD, South Australia Near Byron Bay, looking towards Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Darwin, Northern Territory Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland Adelaide Salt Lakes, South Australia Flinders Island Airport, Tasmania Port Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane CBD, Queensland Far North Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory Keep an eye for more updates and info in the coming weeks!
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    Hello everyone, Here's a quick sneak preview of TrueEarth US Washington for X-Plane I've put together. It really shows the incredible diversity of this amazing new region. Bush flying is finally on the agenda for XP11 users! A full announcement is coming next week with all the info you need. Enjoy!
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    Hello all, We have been working with the (now in-house) Turbulent Aviation team on establishing a true end-to-end PBR workflow for the creation of P3D/XP11 airports. You will soon be shown some spectacular preview shots of our first airport to be built using 100% compliance to the correct PBR standards for all materials. This workflow allows us to release for both P3Dv4 and XP11 at the same time, or near enough to the same time, scheduling permitting. In the meantime, let me preview you two screenshots which highlight the details not only on the ground services equipment but also on the apron on which they sit. To view these full size, click on each so it appears in its own broswer tab, then click again to zoom. The incredible level of detail on the baggage lifter does not mean it is an FPS hog. The original model was made up of over 24 million polygons and that model was used to create the PBR map for a lower poly target. This means you get the benefit of insane amounts of detail without the high-poly penalty. Likewise, with the entire airport being PBR, the apron reflects light based on each material used such as asphalt, paint, metal grates and puddles etc. The lighting changes depending on the time of day, level of cloud cover, rain etc. Please don't ask where this airport is; we won't reveal it until it is in beta, which should be around the end of this month or early May.
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    Hello everyone. I just wanted to update you on the status of openLC Africa and also some news about openLC Asia. openLC Africa This project has been delayed many times, and it's both our own fault (we allowed the developer to focus on other projects) and one of a lack of suitable data sources. The current status is about 75% complete and we have about 3.5 months of work to get to a full beta build. The main issue is that a lot of the continent's landclass now has to be manually created due to a distinct lack of data in Africa. The good news is that all textures are completed, and that is a large part of the project done. I do apologise for these continual delays and I am mindful we have repeatedly promised delivery timeframes which have not been met, which goes against our usual modus operandi. openLC Asia Exciting news on this front! Holger Sandmann is now leading a parallel team to work on OLC Asia and work will commence in earnest in the next week or so and we're aiming for a release well before years' end. This will be a spectacular and diverse region to explore and will also include some amazing photoreal areas such as Mount Fuji in Japan to name but one. This means you can count on two OLC regions in your hands well before Xmas. Yours in updates.
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    Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that Australia v2 is now available for purchase on OrbxDirect! https://youtu.be/lf9Ph5B3zaI A monumental redesign of one of our most beloved products, AUv2 brings to life the entirety of the Australian continent with the latest region-based technology. Clocking in at a staggering 8 million square kilometres, AUv2 incorporates an enormous diversity of topography and geography. From the tropical rain forests of far-north Queensland to the wind-swept coastline of south-west Tasmania; from the temperate urban metropolises of the east coast to the desolate beauty of the red centre, explore a variety of stunning landscapes not seen anywhere else in the Orbx world. Features: Our largest and most popular region; 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines - much improved quality and accuracy Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal Completely new road and rail networks Improved and new landclass types Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc Much-improved populated area shape accuracy Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas Complete seasonal variations Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 We are currently updating all our AU airports to be compatible with Australia v2's higher definition mesh. Please keep an eye out on the release announcement post or our Facebook page for further information on these updates. Orbx AUv2 will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50/ €34.25 / £29.50). AUv1 customers who have a copy in their OrbxDirect account will receive a 40% discount. Enjoy!
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    Hi all, Orbx and our Melbourne-based development team (Josh, Mitch and I) are very excited to announce the next generation in flight simulator software installation. We are also looking for a group of people to help us test the functionality across Windows, macOS and Linux. If you're interested, please submit an application. Quite a few commonly requested features have made it into Central. We hope you enjoy them! Cross-platform We realise Windows may not be the first choice for many of our customers. For our X-Plane releases, we currently offer the cross-platform zip (available via your account page) for macOS and Linux users. However, for our X-Plane TrueEarth products, that means manually running scripts to convert the files into the format that X-Plane reads. Orbx Central is the first program to allow a product (e.g. KCGX Merrill C. Meigs Field) to be installed into FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane and Aerofly on Windows, macOS and Linux. We think that’s pretty cool. Orbx Central on Windows and Linux Orbx Central on macOS Modern UI refresh We’ve taken the best parts of FTX Central 3, and improved them in Central. You’ll see large screenshots, clear text, and a responsive interface. The UI will appear the same on Windows, macOS and Linux. If you know how to use Central on one operating system, you know how to use it on all operating systems. When logging into Central, you’ll be presented with a beautiful screenshot. This screenshot will be updated each month thanks to our screenshot competition. The Central log in screen Home When you start Central, you’ll be presented with a beautiful Netflix-style homepage. We’ll use this to let you know what we’re working on, and also for inspiration towards completing your Orbx collection. Category view Finding a specific product in our haystack of products can sometimes be difficult. To make this easier, we’ve added a whole bunch of real-time filtering options. For the power users, you can press Ctrl + F to focus on the filter box (or Ctrl + Shift + F to search products in all categories). Filtering the category list in Central "My Products" view Central’s My Products view is a great way to see all of the Orbx products you own from all regional categories. This makes it easy to immediately start installing your products. Central's library view showing owned and installed products In-app purchasing Products can be easily purchased in Central in just a few clicks. The Orbx store experience is now fully integrated. Your browser does not support the video tag. That’s not all - we’ve taken it a step further. If you save your card in Central, you’ll be presented with a one-click purchase and install button. This takes away all the hassle of multiple menus and confirmation screens you may have experienced in the past when purchasing a product from us. Your card data is saved securely with our payment gateway. For more information, please see this link. Your browser does not support the video tag. Automatic updates If you own a lot of Orbx products, keeping them all up-to-date can be a pain. But now, products automatically update themselves to the latest version when your simulator is not running. If you don’t want automatic updates, you can disable them either per-product, or globally. Central's update settings page Add-on packages Recently, Lockheed Martin introduced the add-on package system into Prepar3D. This has a myriad of improvements over the traditional system of installing into the simulator directory, then hooking up the scenery in the scenery.cfg. We can now distribute immutable add-on packages, which install in their own directories outside the simulator. This means that if you choose to reinstall Prepar3D v4, you will not need to re-install your Orbx add-ons. After reinstalling Prepar3D v4, the next time you start the sim, your add-ons will be added again automatically. This can cut down the time for a completely fresh install of Prepar3D from hours to minutes. Another advantage of using the add-on package system is that you can enable and disable products that previously did not support that functionality. As an example, in FSX-P3Dv3, Global BASE will overwrite the core simulator’s textures. Whereas now, in Prepar3D v4, it just adds an additional texture directory that the simulator will use for textures instead. This means that you can enable and disable Global BASE with a single click. If you want to see what the sim looks like without any Orbx products, simply disable all of the Orbx “add-ons” from Prepar3D’s add-ons menu. It’s as simple as that! Libraries Now that we have truly massive products exceeding 120 GB, a common request is to install products to a custom location. With Orbx Central, this is now possible. The library settings page We have implemented a library system, similar to Steam’s libraries. When you install a product, you will be prompted to select which library you’d like to install that product to. You could have one library on a large HDD for storing region products, then have a smaller SSD for airports. It’s completely up to you. Central supports libraries for Prepar3D v4, X-Plane 11, and Aerofly FS 2. All other simulators will install into the simulator’s root directory. In Prepar3D v4, libraries make use of the add-on package system mentioned above. In X-Plane 11 and Aerofly FS 2, Central will automatically handle symbolically linking the relevant directories into the simulator. Downloader The download component has been re-engineered. It is now faster and more robust. We have done a lot of optimisation under the hood to ensure that installs don’t take any longer than necessary. As an example, the “scanning” stage for EGCB in FTX Central 3 took 4,080 milliseconds. Whereas in Central, it takes only 24 milliseconds. Although EGCB is a small product, the performance benefits here will be seen with products like Global VECTOR which contain over 60,000 files to scan. Furthermore, JPG to DDS conversions are now done whilst the product is downloading. This cuts down an installation of TrueEarth Great Britain South Demo from 9 minutes (in FTXC3) to less than 3 minutes in Central. More optimisation has also been applied to the various data formats Central uses when communicating with OrbxDirect’s API. This will mean less time between clicking install, and the actual install process starting. The download code is now also multithreaded, whereas previously only one file would be downloaded at a time. We now download multiple parts of the files simultaneously - similar to how a download manager works. Another improvement we’ve made is regarding the download queue. Previously, in FTX Central 3, you could only pause and cancel if the job was in the “download” state. But now, you can pause/cancel at any part of the installation process. Backup and restore In FTX Central 3 you have the ability to save and restore product backups - avoiding downloading them from the internet. However, it’s clunky, hard to use, and not very obvious. In Central, we’ve completely rethought how product backups and restores work. They are now seamless and happen in the background. When you install an Orbx product, we automatically backup the files to a location you designate (a cheap external backup HDD, for example). Then, if you install that product again in the future, we’ll automatically use the files from the backup without user intervention required at all. In addition to specifying the backup location, you can also specify a maximum size. So if you only want to allocate 50 GB for backups, Central will intelligently handle the files it backs up to avoid going over that limit. The backup settings page By automatically handling the backup process, this reduces the time it takes to install a product, amount of data you download (and therefore cost to us) and finally allows us to continue offering lifetime free downloads and a large library of freeware products. Account management You can now perform most account management tasks from within Central, including changing your password, opting in or out of Fastlane, and enabling Multi-Factor Authentication. The account settings page Multi-lingual support Don't speak English? That's okay! At launch, we will be offering the main Central UI in German and French too! Have any other language suggestions? Let us know (even better if you can help translate it with us ). Thank you to Richard Bui for the French translation! The Central UI in French. Once again, if you want to get early access and help us test Central, please submit an application. Expect a release of Central within the coming months! We're happy to answer any questions you may have
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    Title says it all... Some fresh screenshots from the developer, enjoy.
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    Hi everyone! I'm proud to showcase my home city to you all, and the home of Orbx, recreated in incredible detail with dozens of custom landmarks. I'd first like to give a congratulations to Frank Schnibben for really piecing this city together. He's done an incredible job leading the charge and should be exceptionally proud of his work. We also had Gaya Simulations contribute several landmarks which are also featured below. Melbourne will be included in the upcoming Australia v2, and we hope you enjoy exploring the second most livable city in the world. Enjoy the shots! Looking towards Southbank from Federation Square, with the Eureka Tower taking centre stage. Melbourne Exhibition Centre and Crowne Plaza The iconic western skyline - the Bolte Bridge and Docklands The Melbourne Star with the dynamically lit Bolte Bridge in the background The hospital precinct - the new Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, opened in 2016, with the Royal Melbourne Hospital by Gaya Simulations. The Royal Childrens Hospital is also in the background. And YES! The helipads are there for all the rotor heads Looking west with Swanston Square in the foreground. This building is also a new addition to the skyline, and is part of RMIT University Raz's stunning Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building. A contrast of old and new in the one precinct And again The Melbourne skyline looking south. The photoreal coverage extends all the way up to the Melbourne Gateway and down to St Kilda. The West Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Bend. A lot of Melbourne's big industry is down here, including the Boeing factory and the Port of Melbourne The foot of the West Gate Bridge, with the Todd Road karting track and the ever-popular pink lake. This is one of the very few naturally pink lakes in Australia. Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) Albert Park Lake - home of the Australian Grand Prix. This is one of Melbourne's biggest local sporting hubs, with multiple ovals, a running track around the lake, MSAC, a golf course and the athletics stadium. My main contribution, among others, to Melbourne City was the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I pounced at the opportunity to do the MCG, as I've spend a lot of time both on the ground and in the stands, and it felt right to bring the hallow turf into the sim in ultra-HD detail. I made sure to represent both the AFL and Cricket seasons, seen below, and switch automatically depending on the time of year. The home of the Boxing Day Test. Also in the background is the highly unique AAMI Park - modeled brilliantly by Raz Goeta. Also surrounding the MCG is the venues hosting the Australian Open tennis - Rod Laver and Melbourne Arena (formerly Hisense). The Holden Centre, home of the Collingwood Football Club, also modeled by Raz, is also hiding in the background. Over 3 million people walk through the gates of the MCG during the AFL season. The average attendance here during season 2018 was 53,000. Cities don't sleep, so of course Melbourne includes full night lighting including P3D v4's native dynamic lighting. Melbourne Park all lit up Melbourne park as would be seen from the Eureka Tower The skyline from the west. The Melbourne Star really shines at night, a stunning view for the heavy haulers when approaching Tullamarine from the south More previews will come as AUv2 nears, but in the meantime all the best. Cheers!
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    Announcing Pacific Northwest Ferries for Prepar3D v4 Have you ever wanted to ride one of the classic Washington State Ferries? Now you can --- with Orbx Bob that is. Or you can watch the BC Ferries come and go at Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen. Pacific Northwest Ferries greatly improves the default AI ship and ferry traffic in Puget Sound and Southern British Columbia with authentic models and giving them realistic places to dock. Larry’s longstanding community scenery project, PNW Ferries and Terminals has made the cut and is now Orbx Freeware. In order to do so it has undergone a major upgrade. Many new terminals have been added in Puget Sound, all quite detailed, including adjacent marinas. Terminal areas have been enlarged, annotated with autogen and have seasonal PR and night lighting. Shorelines, roads and road traffic have been adjusted where appropriate. All the large terminal models have been rebuilt and new ones added. Port Townsend is now a mini Townscape which includes 2 large marinas and an adjacent pulp mill. A number of POIs have been added or fixed up: Point Wilson lighthouse, Mukilteo lighthouse, Smith Island, DeltaPort near Tsawwassen, Entrance Island with lighthouse and helipad and more. Lighthouses are based on authentic models with custom light effects. All terminals integrate with the Orbx airports and seaplane bases in the area; CAE3, CAC8, KORS, KFHR, and 74S. The large marina and ferry terminal at Point Defiance serves as a point of interest for Orbx KTIW as you approach from the north. It’s worth a closer look too. There is a lot to explore; 47 terminal areas plus other features of interest. Besides the WSF and BC AI ferries, there are a number of ancillary AI boats; tugs, a couple of cargo ships, cruise ships and a large tanker all quite detailed. And of course there is the usual Extras folder. Among other things it has a pilotable version of the WSF ferry MV Kaleetan as well as a small xml add-on that will enable all new Orbx wave effects. The entire installation is managed by Orbx Central so no more fiddling around having to disable default traffic files. The new wave effects have been anticipated for some time and we have chosen this method of distribution to let you try them now if you wish rather than wait an unknown period of time for technical issues to be solved. As was the case for CAE3, Pacific Northwest Ferries is built for Prepar3D v4. It will be offered as Orbx Freeware via Orbx Central. Orbx Pacific Northwest is required. https://orbxdirect.com/product/pnw And now some screenshots from Iain: More screenshots from Larry
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    Hi all, Over the past few months, our team has worked hard to refine the experience when using Orbx Central. We’ve made a lot of improvements to make your life easier. A part of this process has been listening to feedback from customers and staff alike. As our ecosystem expands with 3rd Party Partners such as Milviz, Parallel 42, Pilot Plus and more, we need to ensure our client software continues to evolve to meet their needs. Because of this, we embarked on a journey to further modernise Central’s UI and UX. Refreshed User Interface The first thing you’ll notice is our new top-level navigation. The “Store” tab will show all products whether you own them or not. “Partners” only shows products from our 3rd Party Partners. “Discover” shows our new map page. Finally, “My Products” shows just the products that you own. The top-level navigation also contains our new global search. This search can take you to any product, or focus the product on the “Discover” page. Hint: press Ctrl/Cmd + F to focus on the search box. Additionally, you can now search for airports that are within other products. For example, if you search for ESSD, you’ll see that comes as a part of the ESNQ Kiruna Airport triple pack. Moving to the left hand side of Central, we’ve rethought how a product’s state should be displayed. The download queue has been vastly improved from previous versions. You will not only show products that are currently in the queue, it will also show products that have pending updates. You can click on the download icon to begin the update process for those. Discover One of our most anticipated features is a way to view Orbx products on a map. Products and regions that you own are shown with a purple highlight. Products that have a discount applied will show in red. Clicking on a product will show many more details about a product, including bonus airports, helipads, POIs, etc. Clicking on a region will show all of the POIs and airports within it. We hope you enjoy all of these changes to Central - be sure to let us know if there are other improvements you’d like to see. Orbx Central 4.1 is in Fastlane now. You can opt-in to Fastlane in the Central settings (under "My Account").
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    Hello everyone, We have been hard at work since November to further enhance your experience when flying over TrueEarth Great Britain South for XP11. Many of the fixes, additions and improvements have been a result of customer requests and our desire to improve the realism of the region even more. Here are the main improvements in SP1: Removed buildings from airports (as long as they have a boundary set in X-Plane) Added Ambient Occlusion (AO) ground and wall effects to autogen Updated autogen to PBR Upgraded tree placement algorithm (forests are now even more accurate) Updates to autogen placement, fixed reported building rotation bugs Made the roads darker to better match the ortho, and these are now enabled by default Added supermarkets (Sainsbury's, Lidl, Morrisons, ASDA and IKEA) Added fast food outlets Numerous small bug fixes with object placements Some optimisation to London buildings to improve performance In addition we have added 192 344 new Point of Interest (POI) 3D models to the regions including: Many castles Stately homes Every stadium over 7,500 seats Many cathedrals Bridges Other POIs The majority of models are new, others are redone versions of previous models. Also note that we have enhanced many ports and harbours including boats, ports and cranes, shipping yards etc. Here is the complete list of POIs added to TEGB South SP1:Various Gasometers (London)Various Static Boats, CranesCastles Beckington CastleSalisbury CathedralSaint Michael MountGloucester CathedralCanterbury CathedralMacLaren TechClifton Suspension BridgeBristol CathedralNATS RadarGuildford CathedralRoyal CrescentWinchester CathedralEden ProjectRochester CathedralKidderminster Viaduct 1Kidderminster Viaduct 2SatcomCastles Christchurch CastleCastles Pevensey CastleColchester CastleChilham CastleScotney CastleLeybourne CastleHastings CastleKinnersley CastleAllington CastleLongford CastleTonbridge CastlePlace HouseUpnor CastleSutton Valence CastlePendennis castleIOW FerryMarisco CastleRose BowlSouthwold PierWeston Grand PierCity GroundSt Andrews StadiumSelhurst ParkBET365 StadiumLondon StadiumAmex StadiumAshton Gate StadiumStamford BridgeThe HawthornsEmirates StadiumSt Marys StadiumStadium MKWembley StadiumThe ValleyVilla ParkMolineux StadiumOxford City CenteBanwell CastleEastnor CastleWolvesey CastleCooling CastleRougemont Castle ExeterChiddingstone CastleSherborn CastleSecond Severn BridgeNorris CastleKim Bolton CastleKing Power StadiumBrampton Bryan CastleWilton CastleCooling CastleBeckington CastleChiddingstone CastleBanwell CastleCaverswall CastleWolvesey CastleBrampton Bryan CastleNorris CastleLongtown CastleWalton CastleStourton CastleBramber CastlePortman RoadStraddle carrier4Dean CourtPriestfield StadiumSandy ParkRoots HallBurnham on Sea High SomersetPevensey CastleInce CastleElvaston HallPengersick CastleHurst CastleKimbolton CastleLewes CastlePortsmouth Naval MonumentSubmarine bunkersSmeatons TowerRoyal CitadelMount Batten TowerTavy House BlueTavy House GreenTavy House RedFort AlbertFort MoncktonFort GilkickerSt Helens FortNML FortFort BrockurstFort CumberlandSpitbank FortHorse Sand FortFort VictoriaGolden Hill FortFort RownerDungeness Power StationBigbenCoventry CathedralHarringworth Rail ViaductSixways StadiumKassam StadiumBrewery FieldBescot StadiumLiberty StadiumPenydarren ParkPontypool ParkMillennium StadiumHuish ParkTottenham Hotspurs StadiumColchester Community StadiumTwerton ParkCardiff Arms ParkParc y ScarletsCardiff City StadiumMemorial StadiumSt James ParkSWALEC StadiumRodney ParadePride Park StadiumKenilworth RoadNew MeadowCroydon TowerCrystal PalaceT owerBAE Complex on Portsdown HillRoyal GarrisonPyramids CentreIOW BuildingClocktowerD-Day MuseumSpice Island May Rose MuseumM33HMS BristolBritish American Racing HQPortsmouth CathedralStill & West PubOld PortsmouthRound TowerHMS WarriorCastles Pembridge CastleLizardNorth ForelandLundy Island SouthPakefieldDovercourt HighLongshipsEast Nene Sutton BridgeTater DuDuIlfracombePortland BreakwateBurnham on sea lowgorlestonHunstantonWatchet HarbourAnvil PointPortland BillLyde RockPendeenSt Andrew s ChurchFolkestone PierShorehamRoyal SovereignLundy Island NorthSouthwoldNab TowerBerkeley Pill RearBelle ToutHartland Pointcrow pointdungeness 2Start PointOrfordnessBow CreekLowestoftBerry Headdungeness 1Gorleston South PierRamsgate West PierBull PointSouth Foreland LowDubris PharosRound IslandBlack Nore LighthouseHurst PointSt AgnesPortland Bill LowSt AnthonyTeignmouthWolf RockPortishead PointEddystonePortland Bill HighLynmouth ForelandBishop Rock LighthouseHappisburghHarwich LowGunfleetBerkeley Pill FrontPlymouth BreakwaterLundy IslandSt Cartherines OratoryWintertonSt CatherinesSmeatons TowerChapel RockSouth Foreland HighHarwich HighCromerDovercourt LowGodrevyPeninns HeadWest Nene Sutton BridgeTrevose HeadCarrow RoadHome ParkCraven CottageNew Den StadiumFratton ParkMeadow LaneTrent BridgeMadejski StadiumLoftus RoadWelford Road StadiumSkyStudiosTescosSthBkTowerShellCntr100BishopsgateScalpelSGAptsBT TowerHeron TowerCubeSky News HubSky Gillette22 Bishops gateOXO TowerTwickenhamSky Carp arksNational TheatreSky CentralSky Out Buildings (Near Heathrowe)Tate ModernGillette CentreCastles Hurst CastleBrighton MuseumBrighton StationShoreham Power StationBrighton PavilionShoreham WarehouseCastles Tintangel CastleColchester CastleRochester CastleBrownsea CastleCarn Brea CastleStar CastleHedingham CastleCromwells CastleElvaston CastleDeal CastleHertford CastleDownton CastleFort HooHartlebury CastleTreago CastleLulworth CastleOdiham CastleST Mawes CastleGoodrich CastleLaunceston CastleSnodhill CastlePorchester CastleHadleigh CastleCalshot CastleStarkey CastleWalden CastleMackworth CastleRye CastleFranklins GardensCentre CourtCrystal Place National Sports CentreRecreation GroundCounty GroundKingsholm StadiumSt Lawrence GroundLondon Road StadiumCastles Kentchurch courtCastles Clifford CastleLangstone Tech ParkMarchwood IncineratorMedina MosqueeWilton CastleGrace RoadLongtown CastleWithdean StadiumAbbey StadiumNO 1 COURTAdams ParkPembridge CastleCaerhays CastleBerry Pomeroy CastleRufus CastleCompton CastleCorfe CastleWoodsfordPowderham CastlePlympton CastleCroft CastleGidleigh CastleHemyock CastleArundel CastlePortland CastleOkehampton CastleKingswear CastleSt Catherine CastleAffeton CastleSalcombe CastleLongthorpe CastleDrogo CastleWatermouth CastleBickleigh CastlePennsylvania CastleTiverton CastleLydford Castle Here are some screenshots of the improvements and POIs: New PBR autogen models with reflections, bump textures and new night lighting: New darker roads that integrate much better into the ortho: Many cities are improved, such as Portsmouth: Missing items such as bridges have now been added: Too many castles to mention, such as Arundel in West Sussex: Many new stadiums, such as Amex in Brighton: And much much more .... SP1 will be announced as available released shortly, and you can update using Orbx Central.
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    A little mix of caps from TEGB South & TEGB Central in X Plane 11.32... Also using XVision with my own modded preset. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Ken Hall for the help and kindness he has given me... you are a star and these first caps are for you mate Thank you for looking
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    To those few who may have missed me, I am happily back, after some challenging events. I was gone from here, since early last summer, I believe. A few years back, I was wounded in action, and suffered some serious injuries as a result. I never disclosed that to anyone on here, except maybe a few of you privately. Well, last summer, I started to experience some serious medical issues related to my wounds. As a result, using a computer (and hence, flight simming) became extremely difficult and sometimes downright uncomfortable. Short story is they found out I was having low grade seizures due to a brain injury I suffered when I was wounded. Computer use was heavily aggravating it. Lots of specialized rehab later, I have been cleared to 'fly' again....yay! I have missed you all here, and I have missed my simming. I do have some residual side effects, like memory loss, word processing issues and various other cognitive 'things' but in general, I am doing much better. Once I explained the whole flight sim process to one of my occupational therapists, they actually said it would be a good thing to do for my brain because of all the processes and routines involved. I just won't ever be flying any real planes...lol. Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know where I was. I am here now, and although I may process things slower now, and I might need some help to remember things, it's still me, Sniper31...happy simmer to be back with you all.
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    Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to unveil the next project for Prepar3D v4 from Rasha Tucakov and myself - LYBE Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport in Serbia. This project has been a delight for us to work on, it is Rasha’s home airport, as well as an airport I’ve passed through many times when visiting my family that lives in the city. Belgrade Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe, with over 5.5 million passengers passing through in the last year. As the gateway to a city growing quickly in popularity amongst tourists, it receives a huge amount of scheduled and charter airline traffic, and acts as the main hub for Serbia’s flag carrier, Air Serbia. With a runway over 10,000ft long, you can pretty much fly any aircraft in here with ease. Whether you are flying to one of our nearby destinations such as Dubrovnik or Pula, or hopping in a small plane to fly low and slow above the city, this airport will cater to any kind of flying you wish to do! We have modeled the entire airport in superb detail using extensive real-world photography, including interior modelling throughout the entire terminal building, making sure you have an immersive experience no matter which gate you start your flight at. There's also plenty of landside details to feast your eyes on - most noteworthy by far is the air museum, with every outside exhibit custom-modeled. Beyond the airport, we’ve included a comprehensive CityScene, covering the majority of the Belgrade metro area in exquisite detail - with hundreds of POIs, apartment blocks, bridges and landmarks modeled in high detail, this is one of our most detailed and realistic cities to date. We have created all of this with the latest P3Dv4 native technologies and optimizations, making sure that you can fly here with even the most resource intensive aircraft. COVERAGE AT A GLANCE AIRPORT - Ultra-detailed rendition of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - Complete hand-coloured 5 seasonal variants - Long runway suitable for any kind of airliner operations - Animated SODE jetways - Superbly crafted terminal with interior modelling and custom reflections - High detail multi-elevation parking lots and arrivals/departures areas - Custom static aircraft, vegetation, and non-airside details - Animated vehicles, GSE and PeopleFlow - Advanced ambient occlusion and night lighting rendering techniques - Designed to work best with Orbx Global or OpenLC Europe - Developed for Prepar3D v4 CITYSCENE - Hundreds of custom POIs and buildings, including Usce, New Belgrade, Church of St. Sava, Beogradjanka, Avala Tower, VMA, Red Star Stadium, Palace of Serbia, and many more! - All major bridges in the city custom modelled - Over 100 square km of hand annotated, seasonal 50cm photoreal terrain to explore - A huge extended area of custom landclass, mesh, roads and rivers beyond the primary coverage area, seamlessly blending with the photoreal coverage We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting a new P3Dv4 location; work is progressing at a lightning pace, and we're very much looking forward to showing you more details of this project over the coming week! Cheers, Rasha and Misha
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    Hi all, at long last, our substantial service pack for Australia v2 is ready, with apologies for the delay. In addition to a number of bug fixes we've also added a whole bunch of new content, including non-default airports and a large number of tall antennae, chimneys, and other vertical obstructions. This update is only available via Orbx Central, if you have not switched from FTX Central then please do so from here. AUv2 SP1 (2.1.0) Change Log New content (see FTX_AUv2_New_Content_SP1.kmz): more than 70 additional airports, airfields, and seaplane bases not included in default FSX/P3D Cityscape Melbourne: new custom buildings of Sealife Aquarium, Yarra helipad, Microflite Building; Gas Brigades Fire Show objects (no dynamic effects) at Crown Melbourne on Yarra River Southbank photoreal saltpans and colorful lakes: added Lake Barlee, Lake Lefroy, Lake Darlot, Esperance Lakes, Lake Hillier, and Hutt Lagoon photoreal mines: added Christmas Creek, Cloud Break, Duketon, Lake Lefroy, Ernest Henry, Jacinth-Ambrosia, and Tropicana added close to 2,000 tall antennae, masts, smokestacks, firetowers, and power plant structures Enhancements and bug fixes: Cityscape Melbourne: various improvements on ground textures, city models and autogen; fixed crash issues on city models fixed missing land south of Adelaide: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174419-aus-v2-south-of-adelaide-airport/ landclass improvements for coal loading area at Abbott Point: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/172071-australia-v2-area-12-james/ removed farmland from Mt. Lindesay -28.3440549 152.71395 GOLD 8842: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/183263-au2-mt-lindesay-nsw/ fixed morphing textures west of Richmond AFB: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/173939-au-australia-v2/?tab=comments#comment-1523547 adjusted Lake Hamilton dry/wet areas: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174222-australia-2-lake-hamilton-lacks-water/?tab=comments#comment-1526511 added missing rock textures at Newcastle: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/173939-au-australia-v2/?do=findComment&comment=1527943 fixed landclass issues at Alice Springs: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/173939-au-australia-v2/?do=findComment&comment=1529053 many landclass improvements throughout AU, especially in the transition area of subregions removed mesh spike at -28.1826 151.8907: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174682-ausv2-mesh-spike/ corrected orientation of airport gable markers: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/173876-orbx-au-v2-incorrect-gable-marker-orientation/ YBWW Brisbane West Wellcamp; added runway lights: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/175718-aus2-no-runway-lights-ybww/ YTNB Tanbar; fixed crashes in P3D: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174235-crash-in-australia-v2-at-ytnb/ YBGD Boolgeeda; added paved runway and improved local road system: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/176177-boolgeeda-airport-ybgd-in-au-v2/ YMBT Mount Beauty; added airport as requested: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/175681-yhot-elevation-issue/?tab=comments#comment-1537614 YMUL Murray Field; fixed invisible building: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/176320-floating-buildings-australia-v2-ymul/ YMHB Hobart; fixed incorrect displaced threshold: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174260-ymhb-in-australia-v2/ YWBN Wedderburn; fixed reversed runway markings: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174006-mr/?tab=comments#comment-1524582 YKBR Kalbarri; fixed reversed runway markings: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/185877-ykbr-incorrect-runway-marking/ YBGD Boolgeeda; changed runway type to paved: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/176177-boolgeeda-airport-ybgd-in-au-v2/ FTX_AUv2_New_Content_SP1.kmz
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    The most anticipated X-Plane announcement of 2019 is here! Following on from last week's sneak peek video, here are the details. TrueEarth US Washington (TEUSWA) covers a huge 91,875 square miles (237,956 km²) which is most of the state of Washington, USA and also parts of British Columbia, Canada and Oregon, USA. Please refer to the coverage map below for the specific boundary. The place markers shown are where we have added cityscape 3D models for Seattle/Bellevue, Everett, Victoria, Spokane, Tacoma, Olympia and Yakima. There are many hundreds of POI models also throughout the entire state. We have continued to develop PBR autogen technology especially for X-Plane which allows for region-specific houses to be placed accurately to ensure maximum immersion. What really makes TrueEarth Washington unique are the Points of Interest. We have over 1,000 iconic landmarks - from Victoria and its beautiful harbour to the Seattle city skyline, its stadiums and vibrant waterfront – all based on 2018 and 2019 data. You won’t find a more comprehensive and up-to-date Washington flying experience anywhere! Features: 91,875 square miles (237,956 km²) of hand-corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery New PBR autogen technology developed especially for X-Plane 11, allowing thousands of realistic looking PNW-themed houses and buildings to be placed at a realistic height with minimal impact on performance 1,174 custom-modeled PBR 3D POIs! Over 500 million trees placed correctly based on detailed land use and high-resolution height data 42.6 million buildings at their correct height and location where data is available Major Cityscapes for Seattle, Bellevue, Victoria, Tacoma and significant buildings added to Everett, Olympia, Spokane, Kennewick and Yakima VFR landmarks such as masts, wind farms, churches, power-lines, and lighthouses are all accurately placed. Hand-placed and custom modelled 3D landmarks placed throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, stadiums, cranes, tanks, piers farms, and monuments – this is especially noticeable in city areas Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh brings out stunning detail in natural features such as mountains, coastlines and valleys Superb watermasking along the entire coastline and most rivers and lakes Accurate road and rail network blended into the aerial imagery with moving traffic Summer season only with full night-lighting supported In addition to these features, users will get free service packs for life as well as more POI models in future updates. Coverage Map: TrueEarth US Washington will be available mid-June from OrbxDirect for AUD $69.95 (approx. USD $49.70/ €44.25 / £38.20). Please note this does not include the optional HD pack which will need to be purchased separately - see below for more details. Here are some screenshots of TrueEarth US Washington taken by JV - enjoy! * Please note that due to the inclusion of a full and comprehensive Seattle Cityscape, TrueEarth US Washington is not compatible with the DD Seattle City addon for XP11. We will endeavour to make it compatible with DD Seattle Airports for XP11 and more information will be posted closer to release. Optional Enhancement Pack TrueEarth USA Washington uses efficient and optimised autogen, tree, 3D model and building facade textures for great performance on almost all mid-spec PCs, however for more powerful PCs with GPUs with at least 11GB of VRAM, we recommend purchasing the optional Enhancement Pack for better fidelity and clarity. This pack includes: 1024 and 2048 texture options for all 3D models and autogen 2048 textures for the Terraflora trees BONUS WA56 Israel's Farm Private Strip included Enhanced replacement and additional 3D buildings for the Seattle urban airports, designed to enhance the XP11 Gateway airports A control panel so you can toggle between SD, HD and UHD textures We recommend a PC with an i5/i7/i9 class CPU clocked to at least 4.6GHz or higher and a Nvidia 1080 class GPU with at least 11GB OF VRAM to use the HD Pack. We will be previewing more detailed screenshots from the HD Pack as development continues. The TrueEarth US Washington optional Enhancement Pack will be an additional $14.95 AUD (approx. USD $10 / €9.45 / £8.15) The following screenshots have been taken using the Enhancement Pack:
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    Hi all, Just a quick update on where we are with the updates to the Australian airports for Australia v2. We appreciate that many are keen to get them up and running. We we are planing to release these updates on the new Orbx Central app. Orbx Central is nearing completion and will go into a public beta next week sometime. The updates to the airports are still currently under testing which is being done in tandem with Orbx Central testing. Further information will be provided next weekend.
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    BuildingsHD for P3D and FSX: On Final Approach! The long-awaited next installment in the HD series is almost here! BuildingsHD overhauls the autogen buildings throughout the world with all-new, 4K, regionally-accurate textures and FPS-friendly 3D models. What TreesHD did for vegetation, BuildingsHD does for your sim’s structures: It replaces the old, default textures and models with beautiful, authentic, highly detailed new ones to lend a new depth of realism to the landscape across the globe. Buzzing the rooftops, approaches over cities, and taxiing at urban airports has never looked so real, with textures four times more detailed than before! All new textures feature ambient occlusion shadows, stunning new night lighting, high-rez rooftops derived from drone photography, and more. We’ve pulled out all the stops to really take the autogen system to a whole new level! A monumental undertaking three years in the making, lead developer Scott Armstrong has painstakingly overhauled over 900 texture sheets, containing 3,860 individual building textures. During project development, Scott traveled to over a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia to take on-location source photos, resulting in remarkably authentic architectural variations. The difference is especially apparent in Global regions which have never before seen the full Orbx region treatment: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America now, for the first time ever, feature buildings that are highly accurate to their true-life counterparts. Additionally, FS legend Bill Womack has lent his 3D modelling skills in completely overhauling over 400 3D models in the default 3D building library! Those clunky-looking low-poly default water towers, generic fast food restaurants, apartment buildings, and blurry-looking factories will be replaced with brand new beautiful models that are at once highly detailed and performance-optimized. Barns, religious structures, shopping malls, gas stations, and more have been redone to blend in with the new textures (Note – OrbxLibs buildings will not be modified). Paris, France Madrid, Spain Prague, Czech Republic Library Object - Retail Buildings Phoenix, United States Santiago, Chile Sydney, Australia BuildingsHD Feature List High-Definition building textures at 4K resolution covering the entire world Regionally accurate buildings worldwide, derived from on-location photos taken in many countries throughout the globe Brand new 3D building models for complex autogen objects, created by Bill Womack Ambient Occlusion shadows baked on to building textures for added depth and realism High resolution rooftops derived from drone photos Incredibly realistic night textures for an immersive new night flying experience Designed to work seamlessly with all Orbx products, including Global, all openLC products, regions, and airports; or without any other Orbx products installed Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 Easy download and installation in Orbx Central By Scott Armstrong and Bill Womack FAQ Q. Which buildings will BuildingsHD improve? A. BuildingsHD improves the appearance of autogen buildings worldwide. Autogen buildings consist of the generic houses, office buildings, apartments, and various complex 3D buildings, which constitute the vast majority of buildings seen worldwide in the sim. However, it will NOT improve the custom POI objects of various individual real-world buildings that are included with FSX and P3D (usually consisting of the tallest several buildings or most famous landmarks in major cities throughout the world), nor will it affect the appearance of airport buildings. Q. Will BuildingsHD change the geometry of the default autogen buildings to make them more detailed? A. BuildingsHD will greatly increase the texture fidelity of the default buildings, but it will not alter the 3D geometry of most simple autogen structures (such as houses, most office buildings, etc). However, it will replace the more complex default autogen models such as water towers, restaurants, religious structures, complex office buildings, and shopping centers seen sporadically throughout the landscape with more detailed, realistic 3D models. Q. Will BuildingsHD increase the regional variation seen in buildings throughout the world? A. No. BuildingsHD modifies existing textures and models to make them more regionally accurate, but it will not increase the variation of building types beyond what already exists within the sim and the Orbx product catalog. Q. How will BuildingsHD affect my sim’s performance? A. Testing thus far has not shown a significant impact on FPS. However, due to the increased size of the new textures, a modern graphics card with ample VRAM is recommended. Compatibility BuildingsHD is designed to work with all versions of FSX and P3D, and will work seamlessly with all current Orbx products. If you don’t own any other Orbx products, BuildingsHD will also function as a standalone program and will work with a default installation of FSX/P3D. BuildingsHD will replace the current building textures and default autogen.bgl library objects for most Orbx products, including: Global OpenLC Europe, North America, and South America All currently available P3D/FSX regions EXCEPT TrueEarth Great Britain South, TrueEarth Netherlands, EU Germany North, and EU Germany South (these regions come pre-packaged with their own custom detailed autogen buildings). Pricing Orbx BuildingsHD will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $34.95 (approx. USD $24.25/ €21.50 / £19.00). BuildingsHD is now entering the final stages of testing, and we are working diligently towards release. While we finish up the remaining work, please enjoy these screenshots! Porto, Portugal Porto, Portugal Bordeaux, France Lyon, France Lyon, France Paris, France Stockholm, Sweden Berlin, Germany Cologne, Germany (Night) Cologne, Germany (Night) Cologne, Germany (Night) Prague, Czech Republic (Night) Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria Mumbai, India Mumbai, India Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia (Night) Kapolei, Hawaii Santiago, Chile Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba Houston, TX, United States Ontario, CA, United States San Diego, CA, United States Kansas City, MO, United States Boise, ID, United States Seattle, WA, United States Library Object - Farm Library Object - Highrise Apartment Library Object - Water Tower Library Object - Greenhouses Library Object - Retail Buildings Library Object - Rooftop Helipad
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    This was Meig's field in MSFS Version 1.0 dated 1982 : This is Orbx's P3D Version released a few years ago : And now the future , coming very soon : Now a bit of a rant by me , lately I've heard a lot of belly aching about the scenery that Orbx has released or is about to release . I have been around since the early 90's in FS and have seen the amazing changes in how the scenery has changed thru the years . If you want 100% perfection , go out and get your PPL and fly it in RL , if not please let Orbx and team do their job and keep the snide comments to yourself !! . Cheers John
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    Just a few captures for those who want to dive into Melbourne's vibrant night life : Melbourne CBD viewed from surrounding Orbx airports: YMML Melbourne Intl: YMEN Essendon: YMMB Moorabbin:
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    CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome is coming to Prepar3D v3 & v4! So... you have been to CAC8, CAX6, CAG8 and YRC; where to next? How about Campbell River Water Aerodrome and the city of Campbell River BC? CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome was said to be the busiest seaplane base in the world during the 1970’s. It’s not so busy now but instead has the character that no polished facility can match. No PA system with that well modulated voice you can’t understand. A look at the odds and ends on the seaplane docks tells you that it’s a working SPB. CAE3 is located on Tyee Spit at the mouth of Campbell River just north of the centre of the city by the same name. It is the home of Corilair, Grizzly Helicopters,Vancouver Island Air and West Coast Helicopters . Campbell River, the “Salmon Fishing Capital of the World” and in particular Tyee Spit are famous for the salmon fishing. At Tyee Pool the fishing is done from rowboats which you will find modeled in the scenery. The city of Campbell River lies at the junction of the more populated southern part of Vancouver Island and the mostly undeveloped northern half. It has the feeling of a little bit of both. Key Features All of Tyee Spit as a large model, including Corilair, Grizzly Helicopters, Vancouver Island Air, West Coast Helicopters, associated docks and other buildings. The city of Campbell River North Campbell River Nystar buildings and dock with detailed static ship Ocean Wind John Hart Generating Station Five Campbell River marinas with custom boats Campbell River ferry terminal Quathiaski Cove ferry terminal Cape Mudge Lighthouse and grounds April Point Marina and Spa, with helipad The AI cruise ship Norwegian Jewel going from the Campbell River Cruise Ship Terminal to Victoria BC and back. The AI boat CCGS Cape Palmerston attending a sailboat aground An AI Ranger 29 powerboat that crosses Discovery Passage Models of Whitehall rowboats used for salmon fishing around Tyee Spit A couple of ‘Extras’ to amuse you Developed by @Larry_R And now what you really want to see - the screenshots by Larry and Emmsie:
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    Thanks for your incredibly well thought-through and insightful contribution Doug. I also fly in real-life and for decades any flight simulator I’ve used has been found wanting in terms of visuals. It’s the precise reason why I started developing scenery twenty years ago, to strive for a true depiction of the real world. The sole reason Orbx exists is because simulators didn’t ‘simulate’ the real world well enough. We’re not there yet, but getting closer. I was invited into a level-D simulator in February and the scenery looked like a dog turd pie. I laughed and walked out. The three TrueEarth GB regions are not far off 200GB combined and tens of thousands of customers would disagree with you, since they are quite immersed in that scenery. It looks like eye candy is very important to people then, Doug. By the way, we’re installing C172 and B737 simulators into our development centre for our commercial sales team. You’re welcome to come and visit and try them, but you’ll have to put up with that awful, off- base, laughable immersive eye candy called TrueEarth. Shame. Oh and if you ever visit EGHR Goodwood, the Boultbee Academy has a full-scale, motion Spitfire Simulator you can use for £300 per hour. Oh...sorry, it’s also using TrueEarth GB. Damn...
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    Orbx is continuing business as usual through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Essendon (AU) office has been in quarantine for a few days due to one close contact, and staff have been working remotely. Everyone will be physically back in the office next week. Staff at our Havant (UK) office have this week taken the precautionary measure of working from home for the time being as well. Our Company is very used to, and prepared to work remotely. We are lucky in that regard that something like this has not affected us much, but our thoughts and best wishes go to all who are going through some difficult times. We hope all of our simmers are keeping safe and are looking out for their friends and families.
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    Orbx is not involved. MS have not reached out to us. They did a good job keeping it secret. We have no more information than the trailer and press release. We don’t know if there is an SDK or third party support. We don’t know who they partnered with for content, certainly not us. This does not change any of our product plans at all. Remember MS Flight? I hope MS learnt from that experience This will be Windows 10 first, then ‘maybe’ XBOX later. Finally, “2020” could mean January or December 2020.
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    Hello all, Just a heads up that we have service packs aplenty coming in the coming week. First up is SP1 for TE Netherlands AFS2, followed by SP1 for TE GB South for P3D. Finally we have a MASSIVE set of upgrades coming for TE GB South and a Central for XP11. A full preview post is coming on Monday, listing the literally hundreds of new POIs, bug fixes and improvements, but I thought I would show you a little teaser of what is in store, Here is Arundel Castle in West Sussex, complete with PBR textures: Note how the light affects the walls and surfaces? PBR is a major element of the service packs and we’ll show you more on Monday.
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    Neil's passion continues on. New airports have now been added to the Global Airport Pack by long time co-contributors - Larry Isenor and John Barner. By Larry Isenor BGBW Narsarsuaq, Greenland CEM5 Swan Hills AB CJQ5 Carlyle SK CFH4 Fox Harbour NS CDS2 Disley SK CHL2 Hillaton (Kings Aerodrome) NS CKL9 Regina Beach SK (disable AEC) CNL3 Brockville (Tackaberry) ON CPV9 Poverty Valley SK CRL4 Kirby Lake AB CYCK Chatham Kent ON CYHM Hamilton (Munro Airport) ON CYYE Fort Nelson BC CYYH Taloyoak NU CYZR Sarnia (Hadfield Airport) ON TKPN Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis By John Barner 0V2 (KANK) Harriet Alexander Field Airport Salida, Colorado (AEC Disable) 2V1 (KPSO) Stevens Field Pagosa Springs, Colorado (AEC Disable) 3B3 Sterling Airport Sterling, Massachusetts C24 Mineral County Memorial Airport Creede, Colorado (AEC Disable) KDUX Moore County Airport Dumas, Texas KGNT Grants-Milan Municipal Airport Grants, New Mexico KGUY Guymon Municipal Airport Guymon, Oklahoma KRTN Raton Municipal Airport/Crews Field Raton, New Mexico
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    Welcome to paradise! We are enormously excited to announce Cityscape Honolulu, a comprehensive city and mini-region for Prepar3Dv4. Developed by Frank Schnibben and Holger Sandmann (who you will most recently know from the incredibly popular Australia V2), Honolulu uses ground-breaking techniques to blend photoreal and landclass components to give one of the most detailed scenery packages ever brought to P3D. Covering the entire Hawaiian island of Oahu, Cityscape Honolulu brings to life this stunning tropical location with impeccable quality. From the postcard locations of Diamond Head and Waikiki, to history-laden Pearl Harbor and Ford Island; from bustling Downtown to suburban Pearl City, the entire Honolulu metro area is modeled in unparalleled custom detail. Beyond the city, explore the rugged Ko'olau Range, the laid-back towns of the North Shore, picture-perfect Kaneohe Bay and the beautiful beaches at Kailua and Waimanalo. Of course whilst there is plenty to explore within the scenery, Honolulu is located a short (island) hop from the rest of the Hawaiian chain; and for those of you who prefer your flying more medium-haul, be sure to test your transoceanic navigation skills to American Samoa and the US West Coast. Far more than a regular Cityscape, Honolulu includes a host of details and features. 20,000 unique custom buildings, hand-placed vegetation, 60+ high-detail POI (with complete PBR), road traffic, bridges, night lighting hand-coloured photoreal are just the start. The 3D buildings are created in a totally different method to our CityScene line; Frank's method combines correct footprint, height data and unique textures with highly-optimized modelling to ensure the best balance between performance, detail and immersion. Beyond the metro area, an entire mini-region has been created, with high-detail mesh, custom landclass types, totally overhauled road/rail, coastline, waterbody, waterclass, vertical obstructions, powerlines and more. All eight airfields on the island (five active, three decommissioned) have been greatly improved over the default, and create the perfect bases for you to explore the stunning terrain. FEATURE LIST A complete Cityscape and Mini-Region covering Honolulu and the entire island of Oahu Ultra-HD photorealistic depiction of Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and Pearl City All eight Oahu airports have been upgraded from default to "region standard" - much like you see in AUv2, GES/GEN, etc. Mixture of photoreal and custom landclass textures for best balance between realism, performance and download/disk usage. High-quality mesh, based on high-resolution LIDAR, including underwater bathymetry Complete replacement of all geodata for Oahu for a much more detailed and accurate landscape; shorelines, lakes, road/rail, traffic etc. 23,000 unique custom buildings with exact footprint and height data, combined with 90,000 custom-placed agn buildings Over 60 high-detail POIs, most with complete PBR texturing Detailed depiction of Pearl Harbor with all museums and relevant historical sites Visit the USS Missouri, USS Bowfin and USS Arizona Memorial Numerous helipad locations, including on custom US Navy ships in harbor. Exceptionally detailed hand-placed vegetation using local flora types All vertical obstructions on the island; wind turbines, antennae, power grid towers, chimneys etc Stunning night lighting, including dynamic and 3D lighting for best visuals and performance Exhaustively optimized for best performance using unique modelling and texturing techniques. >1500 sq km of stunning tropical terrain Created by powerhouse developers Frank Schnibben and Holger Sandmann, with additional help from Chris Clack and Gaya Simulations COVERAGE MAPS COMPATIBILITY Cityscape Honolulu is a stand-alone product for Prepar3Dv4; you do not require any other Orbx product aside from our free Orbx Libraries. We can confirm that the package will be compatible with FSDT Honolulu Intl Airport and Bill Womack's Dillingham X. Specific instructions on how to ensure compatibility with these airports will be given closer to release. More information on pricing and distribution will be available closer to release, alongside a plethora of new screenshots. The team are extremely excited about this product, and whilst we work on putting the final touches to the scenery, we trust that you will enjoy this small taste of what is to come! Enjoy!
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    We are extremely excited to unveil something quite special today - Gothenburg Landvetter Airport - the latest work from our own Swedish expert, Marcus Nyberg! This is a project we have carefully kept under wraps for the past couple of months. Marcus has decided to take a break from his Spanish series, returning to Sweden following on from his award-winning Kiruna and Stockholm Arlanda airports. Due to be released just in time for the northern winter, Gothenburg includes ground-breaking snow technology, creating an immersive and realistic wintry experience beyond anything else in the current Orbx library. Combined with expertly colour-matched ground texturing, the airport is a true multi-seasonal location, with a large visual difference between the summer and winter extremes (as can be seen in the above slider). Serving as Sweden's second-busiest airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport serves 7 million passengers annually to local, European and long-haul destinations. Located about 20km from the city centre, ESGG hosts over 40 airline operators, from regional turboprops and jets (Braathens Regional, Widerøe), low-cost carriers (Norwegian, WizzAir, Ryanair), legacy airlines (SAS, Lufthansa, BA, KLM), through to charter and long-haul carriers such as TUI and Qatar. As well as airliners, the airport is home to several corporate, cargo and government operators, not to mention regular visits from the Volvo-chartered An-12! Whether you are more interested in widebody 787/A330 flights, intra-European runs in your 737NGXu or A320, short-haul runs in the CRJ, Q400, BAe146, B717 or your favourite corporate jet, Gothenburg caters to all types of flyers. As to be expected from Marcus, the scenery includes all the latest bells and whistles - animated SODE jetways, interior modelling, up-to-4K mixed-material and PBR textures, advanced rendering techniques, stunning night lighting, custom vehicle animations, GSX compatibility, animated peopleflow and beautiful hand-placed autogen. Furthermore, for the first time in an Orbx airport, we offer full compatibility with the new SODE VDGS pack (not required and sold separately), to ensure the last part of your flight is the most realistic. Of course the attention goes further than that; expect to see painstakingly created custom detailing, unique static aircraft and GSE designed specifically for this airport and much much more. An airport scenery built to the highest standards, ESGG combines the latest P3Dv4 tech alongside best-practice optimization to ensure the perfect balance between stunningly high-fidelity visuals and excellent performance, perfect for all your Scandinavian flying adventures! FEATURES Exquisitely detailed multi-seasonal depiction of ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport Sweden's second-busiest airport, served by over 40 local and long-haul airlines Ultra-detailed 4K textures implementing mixed-use materials, including PBR texturing, other advanced materials and advanced rendering Stunningly realistic depiction of unique snow during the winter months Animated SODE Jetways Optional accurate VDGS for customers who use the new SODE VDGS Pack Interior modelling for main terminal Perfectly colour-corrected 120sq km PR coverage area with hand-placed autogen Custom static aircraft & GSE unique to Landvetter Airport Stunning night lighting Weather-influenced ground textures Detailed APX & GSX config file Custom animated vehicles Complete seasonal variations A short flight to our other Swedish destinations, Stockholm Arlanda, Kiruna, Visby and Dala Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Global Base and/or openLC Europe. Also compatible with Vector. Painstakingly optimized for very high performance even with high-end aircraft installed By acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg (Stockholm Arlanda/Bilbao/Kiruna/Asturias/Valdez) Keep an eye out for new (as yet unannounced) features, screenshots and more over the coming week!
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    KJAC - Jackson Hole Airport Departure from Rwy 19. Cheers !
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    I know many of you are keen to see your current Orbx airports working as they should in AUv2 but final touches are still being implemented into Orbx Central which meant we have had to put these on hold. We have now decided to make these updates available for users to install themselves if they feel comfortable doing so. The following downloadable zips along with installation instructions are made available for those who wish to take advantage of this option. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable manually installing these updates, then you are welcome to wait for the official roll out via Orbx Central when the new system is released in a few weeks time. What to expect with these updates. There is no new content with any of these updates. They merely contain updated files to fix issues relating to the implementation of AUv2 in place of the older AUv1 and Holgermesh combination. Issues addressed relate mainly to scenery items showing through from the AUv2 additional airports and terrain irregularities from the newer, more detail terrain included in AUv2. Notes on installation of these updates. These updates assume your current install of the Australian airports and AUv2 are in the default location within FSX and P3D. It also assumes you have not made any adjustments to these files or folders from their original installation apart from those available through the relevant Control Panel options. If you have made adjustment you should reverse these before proceeding with these updates. Download and unzip the relevant zips for each of the airports you have installed, select the main ORBX folder within each of these update folders and copy it into your main FSX or P3D folder. You should receive a warning for the Control Panel xml file for each airport, select to overwrite and the appropriate files should then be installed. For the most part, these updates will not overwrite any of your current files except the existing Control Panel xml files. Once installed, your Orbx system will still be set up for AUv1. You will be required to open the Control Panel for each airport where you will find a new option to activate the airport for Orbx Australia Version 2 Installed. Selecting this option will switch the appropriate new files on and deactivate those for AUv1. If that new option is not available or changes made do not hold, then it is most likely the files did not go where they should or there are inconsistencies with your Orbx install. If you still have AUv1 and Holgermesh installed, you can still install these updates if you wish. Just do not select the option Orbx Australia Version 2 Installed. Doing this will make your Orbx airports ready should you upgrade to AUv2 at a later time. Notes on files to download. You will note there are a number of separate updates for FSX and P3D. Many of the older addon airport files for FSX and earlier versions of P3D were slightly different to the more recent installs for P3D V3 and P3D V4. The following is a guide as to which zip you should download and install depending on the sim platform you are using. - For FSX, P3D V1 and P3D v2 - Download the FSX update. - For P3D V3 and P3D V4 - Download the P3D update. - Updates not identified as being for either sim are good for all platforms. YBAS Alice Springs Minor mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBAS_Alice Springs_FSX.zip YBAS_Alice Springs_P3D.zip YBBN Brisbane International Minor mesh issues with airport surrounds, duplicate Gateway Bridge and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBBN_Brisbane_FSX.zip YBBN_Brisbane_P3D.zip YBCG Gold Coast. Update not available yet. YBCS Cairns International. Minor mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBCS_Cairns.zip YBLN Busselton. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBLN_Busselton_FSX.zip YBLN_Busselton_P3D.zip YBRM Broome International. Broome Airport is fine for the most part but there are mesh issues with the outer parts of the town and some of the shorelines. These will be addressed later. YBTH Bathurst. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBTH_Bathurst_FSX.zip YBTH_Bathurst_P3D.zip YBUD Bundaberg. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBUD_Bundaberg_FSX.zip YBUD_Bundaberg_P3D.zip YCDR Caloundra. AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YCDR_Caloundra.zip YCNK Cessnock. Mesh issues with airport surrounds, floating grape vines and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YCNK_Cessnock_FSX.zip YCNK_Cessnock_P3D.zip YCUN Cunderdin. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YCUN_Cunderdin.zip YHBA Hervey Bay. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town precinct, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YHBA_Hervey_Bay_FSX.zip YHBA_Hervey_Bay_P3D.zip YLIL Lilydale. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YLIL_Lilydale.zip YMAV Avalon. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMAV_Avalon_FSX.zip YMAV_Avalon_P3D.zip YMEN Essendon. Issues with surrounding roads and terrain are still to be resolved. YMLT Launceston. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMLT_Launceston.zip YMMB Moorabbin. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMMB_Moorabbin.zip YMML Melbourne International. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMML_Melbourne.zip YMUI Murray Island. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMUI_Murray_ Island.zip YPEC Aeropelican (Belmont). No issues, this airport is fine as is. YPJT Jandakot. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YPJT_Jandakot.zip YPLC Port Lincoln. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YPLC_Port_Lincoln.zip YPMQ Port Macquarie. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YPMQ_Port_Macquarie_FSX.zip YPMQ_Port_Macquarie_P3D.zip YRED Redcliffe. No issues, this airport is fine as is. YSCB Canberra International. Mesh issues with airport surrounds, duplicate bridges and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YSCB_Canberra_FSX.zip YSCB_Canberra_P3D.zip YSCH Coffs Harbour. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town area, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YSCH_Coffs Harbour_FSX.zip YSCH_Coffs Harbour_P3D.zip YSTW Tamworth. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YSTW_Tamworth_FSX.zip YSTW_Tamworth_P3D.zip YTYA Tyabb. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town areas, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YTYA_Tyabb.zip YWOL Wollongong. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town areas, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YWOL_Wollongong.zip YWVA Warnervale. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YWVA_Warnervale_FSX.zip YWVA_Warnervale_P3D.zip Gold Coast Cityscape. No issues, this area is fine as is. Canberra Cityscape. Floating buildings and duplicate scenery items fixed. YSCB_Canberra_Cityscape.zip
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    Good day fellow simmers, We are pleased to announce LEAS Asturias Airport for P3Dv4! Asturias Airport is the sole international airport serving The Principality of Asturias, situated on Spain’s beautiful northern coast by the Bay of Biscay. A short flight from Bilbao to the east, Asturias Airport serves multiple airlines such as Iberia, Vueling, and more, which fly to over 15 cities domestically and internationally with non-stop flights. With over a million passengers passing through the airport annually, Asturias receives plenty of tourists each year that come to enjoy its beautiful architecture, delicious seafood, various sporting events and mild climate. On approach, you will be greeted by a spectacular landscape of rolling hills, coastline, and bridges snaking across the terrain. Aside from the high resolution photoreal coverage included in the scenery, we have also included an extended coverage area for you to explore, with photoreal mountains, accurate landclass, coastlines and roads. LEAS makes use of the latest technology in P3D, including material scripting, SODE jetways, and advanced runway/apron effects to make your flights as immersive as possible. With plenty of runway space to accommodate your favourite jetliner flights to other European destinations and beyond, as well as a stunning array of landscapes to explore low and slow, we are sure Asturias will cater to any kind of flying you wish to do! By acclaimed developers Marcus Nyberg & Misha Cajic. Main Coverage Area: Features: - Stunning representation of LEAS Asturias Airport - Amazing approach with beautiful high resolution photoreal coverage and custom 3D bridges - PeopleFlow and animations - Exquisite texturing throughout - Advanced baked ambient lighting and render techniques - SODE jetways - Dynamic lights - Enormous extra coverage area with photoreal mountain tops, from north of Léon to Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa in the east - Highly optimized, perfect for the NGX & A320 pilot - Designed to blend best with ORBX Global Base and/or Global OpenLC Europe LEAS Asturias Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $39.95 (approx. USD$27.70 / €24.30/ £21.75) Asturias is very close to release; be sure to keep an eye on the forums over the next few days as we show off more details of this beautiful airport!
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    G'day everyone, After much anticipation and a long development cycle, we are very proud to formally announce that ORBX will be integrating SODE jetways and content into our airport products. Perhaps one of our most-requested product features, creating high-quality jetways has been high on our agenda for many years. So rather than teasing you with more discussion and previews, we decided to go about this announcement in a slightly different way; we have just released major SODE updates for all seven airports shown in this thread! Please enjoy the screenshots, learn a little more about SODE, and then be ready to jump into your favourite airliner at some of your favourite ORBX destinations! ORBX and Jetways: A short history Firstly, an apology... we are sorry that it has taken this long to get a good jetway solution out to you all. We know how badly you have wanted these, and rest assured, we have wanted them even more. ORBX was a pioneer of FSX jetway tech; founding team member Martin Henare was one of the first developers in the community to integrate CTRL-J jetways into Melbourne Intl back in 2008. This same tech could be found in other ORBX releases, including Brisbane, San Diego (v1), Bilbao, etc. As we all know though, ctrl-j tech has many limitations (it was essentially unfinished tech from the Aces team), and a quick browse of our support forum will show this. Whilst we have been keenly looking towards a solution to this conundrum for some time, it was decided that going with a known-and-respected existing tool (namely, SODE), to implement jetways into new projects. SODE will be well-known to many of you already; in fact we expect many of you will have experience using this already. Using an interface similar to the ATC menu; SODE is easy and intuitive to use. In addition to jetway technology, we will be introducing other SODE features into our projects - we have unique features for some of our GA airports in testing as we speak! Seven Airports: Now Jetway Ready! Without further delay, please find the details of all seven airports ready for you to download. Almost all service packs include major updates for core content; of note is the major service packs for Arlanda, Dubrovnik and San Diego. KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport Misha's latest release, this major Southern Californian airport is now completely ready for flights in your favourite airliners and regional jets. As with all our new releases today, KSBA features custom-designed jetways modeled exclusively for this airport. Alongside the jetways update, this service pack includes other improvements and fixes as reported and requested by you. At a glance: - All jetways animated via SODE - Denser autogen updates around the airport - Other improvements and bug fixes ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport Marcus' Arlanda is receiving a huge service pack update today - far beyond the dozens of new animated jetways. As our most-requested existing airport for jetways, Marcus has used the opportunity to add a plethora of new features, content and detail. Brand-new high-detail jetway models, amazing ground textures (with special maps), fancy new GSE, an updated AFCAD file and many other features are just the start. Be ready to be blown away at the new content included in this major update! At a glance: - Jetways animated via SODE - New higher resolution ground textures with normal maps - Completely new high resolution gates and gate buildings - Updated selected buildings airside - New amazing AI-optimized AFCAD made by Urmel - Office One and constructions landside added - New vehicles & clutter airside KSAN San Diego International Despite releasing a mega service pack for San Diego only a few months ago, Matteo hasn't been resting on his laurels, and has included a bunch of updates alongside the SODE content with this latest service pack. Alongside making one our most popular airports jetway-friendly, expect to find new-and-improved dynamic lighting, updates to the AFCAD file and other fixes. At a glance: - Jetways animated via SODE - New and fixed dynamic lights with better looking splashes - Fixed issues of parking positions - Some textures have been improved LDDU Dubrovnik Airport Not to be outdone by the other guys, Misha has also gone to town with a substantial update for Dubrovnik. Alongside making your favourite European holiday charter flights jetway-ready, expect to find vast performance improvements to this famous airfield. Don't be fooled - the amount of work that has gone on to improve optimization and fps cannot be conveyed in screenshots; but rest assured you'll enjoy the difference straight away! At a glance: - Jetways animated via SODE - Major optimization overhaul of all airport models - Large performance increases over previous version KMBS MBS International The Turbulent team have put together some great improvements to Russ White's masterpiece with this latest service pack. As well as returning the jetways to SODE standard, expect to see other fixes and changes in response to your feedback. At a glance: - Jetways animated via SODE - Points all dynamic lights effects to 'controller' versions KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Another of Turbulent Design's most loved airfields (did you check out the livestream last week?), KIDA returns to a fully SODE-capable airfield. At a glance: - Jetways animated via SODE KGPI Glacier Park International Set at the foot of one of America's most stunning national parks, KGPI is yet another magnificent project for the Turbulent crew. As well as adding SODE jetway capability, this update also makes use of several new P3Dv4 features, including automatic dynamic snow/rain effects, and seasonal content. At a glance: - Jetways animated via SODE - Replaces OF controlled GP with dynamic model which reacts to snow/rain as well as seasons. - Points all dynamic lights effects to 'controller' versions What about our other jetway airports? We do have plans to update other jetway-capable airports with SODE content as we move forward - in fact there are a couple in development as I speak. Our priority has been to ensure our most-requested jetway airfields were ready for you today, but that said we certainly haven't forgotten about your other favourites. We won't make promises of timeframes or specific projects, but rest assured, we are looking at how best to implement this technology to our back catalogue. Of course, it goes without saying that SODE will be an integral part of new airport projects moving forward, alongside our vast suite of award-winning tech features such as Objectflow, Peopleflow and all the other favourites! We have several major airports in development right now (including those previewed in the 2019 Roadmap, and a few unannounced secret projects too!) that have already integrated SODE into the workflow, so be ready for some exciting new airport sceneries through 2019. That's great, but I'm ready to fly! So are we! All seven service packs have now been released via FTX-Central, ready for you to download. Most importantly, if you don't have SODE installed, FTX-Central will automatically install it for you - all you need to do is ensure that FTX-Central is up-to-date (version or higher). These service packs represent months of work from many of our core airport developers and IT infrastructure team. We would also like to extend our gratitude to SODE developer Jeffrey Stähli, for his excellent software and generous assistance with integrating SODE into FTX-Central. We are all very excited to finally release these updates for you all, and hope that you get many (many!) hours of extra enjoyment from these products. Cheers, and enjoy! Jarrad,
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