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    Taken in P3DV4.3. Yours to enjoy very soon. cheers Iain
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    A fantastic airport in Southern California (P3Dv4). Just a few shots.
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    Only one word: wwwooooooowwwww
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    Hi all, The title says it all ... Just a few from my first flight in TE GBS. Hope you enjoy them and thanks very much for viewing All shots are straight from the V key Cheers R Just out of Southhampton about 6:00 am and caught the sunrise ... Love the trains but glad I'm no longer a commuter ... This scenery is -- GOSH!! Now just advancing timeframe around a bit to check lighting and shadows Mid morning This is just plain wonderful Water never looked so good -- masking is very well done This is just pure enjoyment !! What would flying by the coast be without the sea mist starting to come in Where has the time gone? It's definitely later than I thought -- has Orbx added time travel to this? It's probably best to head back, not much to see now And then it starts to clear -- maybe just a few moments more .... And now it's time to head on back .... Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for viewing. Cheers!
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    not awesome swift, but an awesome "swift" Just bought this little gem during sale and made a nice little trip to Catalina Island along the coast. Cheers Bluebear
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    KMAF => KCNM My previous flight
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    Leaving Glascow bound for a far port..a very evident high pressure haze to give atmosphere. Passing Auld Reekie (Edinburgh..reekie means smelly) A chance half and half shot over Perth, Scotland.
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    A+ on the scenery , guys.
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    Fantastic new shots from SBA Paul . Cheers John
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    Thanks very much guys, super happy you like it Enjoy!
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    Balearic islands then Here I go departing Mallorca in search of those bloody cliffs
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    Hi Naki, I am still working on Wanganui, but had a few issues, so while that is sorted out I have been busy working on Invercargill, hope that explains
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    Over Bournemouth Thanks for viewing Cheers Renault Didn't want to feel Jack left out ….. A "Splash" of color …...
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    Thank you Misha Easy Peasy!
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    Terrific shots both RL and Sim Gerold . Cheers John
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    A glorious set and I like that plane. Excellent scenery of course and I must say, how stylish is that terminal building. A wonderful change from the usual metal and glass.
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    Fantastic shots Jan Kees! A couple of your repaints there that I don't have. I will get them soon!
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    Beautiful Shots Greg ! Amazing Scenery by Misha
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    Thanks John, I have wanted a PA-30 or 39 for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised to see it on Froogle's video this morning.
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    Yep Jack, .certainly is a lot of sand there boy, should have brought me bucket and spade Hi Lars, No it's not, and I can't remember what and where I got it from. But it is the now named Muscat Airport. Don
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    All shots taken in P3Dv4. Orbx - KFSS Felts Field (Spokane) Northern Rockies and KRDD Redding Municipal, Northern California. Two fantastic airports. A2A Civilian Mustang with F1 GTN650.
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    Well done Jack! Super set of shots .
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    Wow - These look amazing Renault !! . Cheers John
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    These look fantastic Michael !! . Cheers John
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    Hey Greg. Nice flight. Thanks!
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    Smashing set of shots Lars , a little change of pace I would think for you . Cheers John
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    Smashing shots these. cheers Iain
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    An interesting flight around KBSA. Wonderful plane too.
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    Thank you for your kind words Erik!
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    Mighty interesting view!
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    Thanks Mike, a very interesting read and one of many brave resistance fighters.
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    No problem Fred. I will now leave it with you to make a decision
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    I'm wondering if the Autogen Density Slider section and even the Recommended Slider Settings in the KSBA User Guide might be updated to reflect current hardware choices (the info in the Guide is for 2015) and possibly include Recommended P3D slider settings, since those FSX settings don't necessarily correspond to settings one would use in P3D. Just a suggestion, thanks. Stew
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    Smashing first shots from SBA Mikee !! . Cheers John
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    Another Set of Super Comparison shots Gerold , I like them all
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    Fine set of shots. cheers Iain
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    Wow! Read about Max Manus... guy had incredible persistence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Manus
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    Hi everyone! In this thread I'll be posting my videos from my North American Tour using ORBX scenery. Enjoy the first leg!
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    Many thanks Martyn! But I still like your PA-30
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    Very realistic Frank. It is cold in Wales at the moment with overnight frosts.
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    Thanks Rodger. Indeed, it is the Civilian Mustang that includes the GPS. The Warbirdsim ones and the 'wartime' A2A P1-D's do not. Logical really as modern civilian versions will have been updated to include a GPS as well as other changes .
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    PS the coal smoke from the chimneys and the stink from sewerage in the streets of Victorian Edinburgh was apparently very awful to be polite. Hence the nickname.
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    Hopefully, it'll become more attractive in the software.
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    Top shot OND !! . Cheers John
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    I guess its not there then Gerold! The Jurassic Coast is on the south coast of England between Exmouth and Studland Bay.
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    Hmmm... where is that? Now I am lost .
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