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    Thanks a lot Sniper! Calm winds on the surface but 30 knots aloft! ...and your beer, right? Thanks for looking! Thanks for coming along mate! Yes, from time to time its a wonderful experience! Well, the secret is radar vectors! Thanks for checking in! Thanks a lot Stewart! Almost space for sure up in that weather! It always gets so late after work! Thanks Dolf! Yes, that's what I was intending here! Thanks a lot for stopping by Jack!
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    For February, the Seabee on the beach. Good luck to everyone!
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    A few shots from YPJT Jandakot Perth, Australia (P3Dv4).
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    When I saw the thread title and then the first pic with the 747 (or 787, 744...I can't tell the difference) I just knew there was trouble up ahead What a set of shots Jack, and some nice flying and landing skills. I didn't see any skis or tundra tires on that plane though...safety safety Jack
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    ILS or non-precision approach and landing? Thanks to Paul for the idea and to Jack for the implementation ! Great adventure...!
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    Nice & colorful shots, Paul. What a pity we have just missed each other, virtually I mean.
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    Thanks for watching & commenting, @MZee1960, @adambar, @Iain Emms and @stewart1 ! Like the saying goes: A good landing is one you can walk away from. Must be a great experience to see these celebration in a city like that one. Thank you Landon. The lights & colors with p3d are a real improvement to the 32 bit sim before. Thank, Jack. You remind me I need to add some more RL salt into my postings. Will do! Ganbei, Bernd, glad you like the shots. And no surprise you like this airline...
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    Your airmanship is fine, Paul.....this is in contrast to the bad seamanship of the ferry's captain in shot #6 and 8 As a yachtsman I always look at the sea and boats ;-) Cheers Fred
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    I'm 75 and 56/365ths. I would have posted this sooner but I couldn't remember how many days there were in a year and it took me a while to look up the answer because I forgot what the question was a couple of times.........Doug
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    ...and your beer, right? Thanks for looking! Cheers John
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    Hello, Gold. Near LOWI yesterday Morning p3Dv4.1 Rex sky Force & PTA
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    My impending 81st. birthday got me wondering how many of us are past 75? Please reply with your age if you can remember it. If you are past 75 and if somebody asks you Are you An Old Coot? Look them in the eye and answer, You Bet Your Grey Tail Feathers I am. (Borrowed from the Turtle Club) Dale
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    Title say is all, a different take on reviews, very nicely done. https://www.forum.eulenandfriends.de/forum/index.php?thread/15469-ftx-germany-south-klickbare-rezension/
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    This Flight is from Geneva to Nice set in the spring with p3dv4.2 and the new pta for p3dv4.2 and Adams preset just tried with all my sliders to the right no problems at all well I hope you enjoy my flight and my set of my mountain shots from Switzerland and Italy and back into France for Nice regards Stewart . Lausanne A40 AutoRoute to mount Blanc tunnel Mount Blanc looking down over nice nice arrived at nice I hope you all enjoyed my set of screen shots and thanks for looking regards stewart
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    Lyon to orange out to Grenoble on my way and then on to Orange set in the spring with p3dv4.2 and mats new pta and his preset I hope you enjoy my set of shots and my flight and thanks for looking regards Stewart . Grenoble orange of to my right
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    ...LOWI No editing,except the frame.
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    LOL! Brilliant Jack! I wondered what you were going to do! Just wait until PMDG release the 747 version with skis!
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    Nice flying Jack! Impressive shots, and great landing, but wouldn't it have been easier just to make sure you had ice in the buffet bar before setting off? And that is such a nice idea, Sniper - tundras on a 747, I'd pay good money to see that!
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    Fantastic set of shots Jack. cheers Iain
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    Thank you kindly Jack! . For some odd reason, I hadn't visited this airport for a while.
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    As Always, fantastic shots!
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    80 this year, and I believe I am falling apart... Teecee.
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    A nice flight Stewart! Very scenic!
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    Great set of screenies with my favourite airline, Gerold Gong Xi Fa Chai
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    Another wonderful flight this evening for my VA flying another one of my favorite Disney schemes. Heading south this time from Portland to LAX. Had some amazing weather for the entire flight, ActiveSky combined with REXSkyForce is just breathtaking. Flew over Yosemite on this flight as well which was great. Enjoy some pics from this trip!
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    Stupefying filmographic footage!
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    Hello Tozzifan, I see very much the same with FTX AU +OZx in FSX, summer season. I believe its the normal landclass, you don't have anything to worry about (Orbx has drawn the LC Region boundaries for the area Temperate South "AU Blue" & Red Central Desert "AU Red" including much of SA bordering nearby. Google earth represents this area as being much more barren desert than it actually is around the area of the Flinders Ranges, perhaps seasonally. See this link : http://www.rawnsleypark.com.au/ Rawnsley Park tourist info, it has some pictures of the area (a lot greener than GE depicts as desert, Orbx have the LC correct, and OZx have the PR for Rawnsley YRYK correct. (I took some screen snaps, will post if you need see them) If you zoom out in the topdown view in P3D you will see the green area following the SA coast - "AU Blue", it includes the area of Rawnsley Airfield YRYK, Wilpena Pound YWPD and onward to Lake Torrens and Leigh Creek 5LC and Lake Eyre where the terrain/LC becomes markedly more barren in "AU Red". Probably no consolation with what you were expecting to see in this area of South Australia but it seems correct if you take into account the near proximity of to distinctly different regional climate zones. We will have to wait & see what Orbx has in store for us, when they are ready with their new version "Australia"
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    I hope you had a great birthday Karl.
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    Many thanks Karl! . Hopefully not too long before you are flying again?
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    The dark side of the force.
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    Great set of shots Erik! I would get lost in that weather and light!
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    The Sunset Starlit Serenity of the 'Springs ........... Good Luck, Everyone !
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