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    Passing Furnace Creek
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    A destination that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the iconic airports of the world and it's available NOW! https://orbxdirect.com/product/lowi Jarrad has created a true masterpiece with his first venture into Europe and features: Ultra-detailed rendition of LOWI Enormous 2500km2 coverage area at 1m/60cm/30cm with 10m DEM Five additional heliports including LOJO, LOIU, LOJT, LOIN Over 160+ Landmarks and POI in coverage area 30km of animated train routes Custom HD GSE exclusive to Innsbruck Crisp 2048 textures for priority buildings Highly detailed and AI-ready APX by Graham Eccleston Advanced AO, rendering and night lighting techniques City centre and many other focus areas in high detail Over 20 custom bridges and overpasses All-new static aircraft types unique to Innsbruck Airport Ultra-HD groundpoly Huge extended coverage area 275km diameter Painstakingly optimised for best performance across all sims
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    Stunning. That was easy! Beautifully crisp and sharp, unbelievably fine detail. Gorgeous to look at. Showing about 900mb free VAS when taking these shots, quite high physical memory use on my PC (around 8gb, usually around 6.5gb on most sessions), and am getting some choppiness in the display. Don't know actual frame rate as I don't usually show it. But I do have everything maxed out on a 4k monitor so I may have to dial it back a bit for here. Worth it though! Thank you, Jarrad, for producing this, and thank you to ORBX for the oldies discount so I even get it reduced!
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    RL shots taken end of January 2017 Enjoy and thanks for looking! Cheers Karsten
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    A couple of shots from the phenomenal JM LOWI. I had no reduction in FPS & the level of fine detail is unbelievable. Well done Jarrad. TTM
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    Still in Ireland, hope you enjoy these too,
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    +1! Life is a beach, as jack shows with this beautiful pictures here!
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    Thank you very much to all for your kind comments! They are much appreciated! Cheers Karsten
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    Sorry for the title, but I am waiting for my son to fit a larger SSD in my pc, so that I can purchase LOWI and KSAN. They look really fantastic! In the meantime, I am still having fun. A few shots from Welshpool in Wales. First of all, two for Martyn. - Look Martyn, no cows on the wings! All in the field.... Around Welshpool Going LOW!
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    Not exactly from LOWI, but from the surroundings of Innsbruck. Sorry for so many shots, but i can't stop hitting the V-Key! Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
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    I purchased Innsbruck,downloaded and installed the product in less then 6 minutes! No glitches, no slow downs.... Use multi threads for downloads was -UNCHECKED Simply, thank you ORBX and thank you Jarrad for an outstanding Masterpiece! Rick
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    It isn't LOWI, but is near my home. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Hope You Enjoy
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    Just a few shots................ On the way - In the loop -
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    Big fan of Jarrad's work and LOWI is just another eye melting scenery. Video will follow shortly
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    +1 - There are no rules in First Class . John
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    New version of Orbxlibs is now available for updating via FTXC3. The manual zip can be download from here for manual install with FTXC3. Updates: new default.xml for 3rd party compatibility changes to config files that will resolve "trees on airports" fixes to FSX PeopleFlow models to resolve "giant headset/hairpiece" reports FTX Central v2 users will be able to use the standalone installer from the bottom of this post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/125638-updates-from-old-website-support-page/
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    Jack, voting is open but the topic is being pushed to the second or third page of the forums cause all the new post being put out from San Diego and Innsbruck of course
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    A true masterpiece and some amazing shots!
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    Thanks Karsten, they have it for P3D v3. I might be buying this.
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    Thank you Martyn for reminding me . The Mach Loop is a real life low flying area in NW Wales. Well worth an internet search for images. Some are amazing! Anyway, here are just a few random shots before I try the loop! I took off from Llanbedr and started exploring.....................
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    Dolf, your pictures have a fantastic touch.
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    Been holding off buying any other FS Addons until P3V4 but have just bought this and cant wait to try 3.1GB download ibn 13 minutes. Great stuff.
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    That looks great, Thank you for showing this im glad you like this fantastic scenery. cheers Iain
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    I just noticed that some images are missing. Been having problems with Imgur and they got back to my ticket. They're working on it. Thanks John. The UK is a beautiful place to live, I was there for three years and wanted to stay but the Air Force wouldn't let me. I would have stayed for 20, maybe retired in Scotland too. I miss England too. Sigh.....
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    Thanks John, and then you must have been a very fortunate fellow! That is a gorgeous area, like Idaho was for me. We used to get bored fishing because we'd catch our limit of six trout and five bass in about 20 minutes. That's how remote the lakes are and well stocked. Boy do I miss fishing those lakes!
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    John! What an idea! We have Orbx's PeopleFlow, AnimalFlow, why not BikiniFlow? I hope I'm not being to un-PC here, but it was nice to see that beautiful woman in the red on Avalon. Something about planes and women, and remember all the WWII nose art? Awesome.
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    I can feel the sand between my toes , now where are the bikini clad girls . Cheers John
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    Thanks Martyn. Yeah, it's a real study-level plane so it takes time away from my Orbx tour. But it's all good. And yeah, the absolute beauty of this plane Boeing made always amazes me. It's my all-time favorite plane in life. I can't tell you how many YouTubes I've watched on it. 500 TONS, can you imagine that? One million pounds, and, it rotates at like 146 knots! Thank you sir! You know I'll try, and I can't wait to buy LOWI, as soon as I'm aware it's available I'm all over it. Thanks John!
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    Well done Captain Jack in the landing and the shots . Cheers John
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    Thanks Martyn, you're too kind. Thank you Karsten! Thanks Tom! I'm really glad you like them, I never know how people will react, and it's not easy to keep them clean but I need to. I like to.
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    My quest for old, mainly British aircraft continues. I found the Defiant the other day and Andy reminded me of the Fairey Battle. Only in FS9, but a bit of jiggling and hey presto! 1. Taking off from EGKL Deanland in West Sussex. 2. Not far from Lower Dicker is the Long Man of Wilmington. This one is a bit more modest then another I have seen on here. 3. Heading east over Eastbourne. 4. Bexhill is on the left and we are at Hastings. Much nicer weather and circumstances from the one time I visited here 52 years ago. My favourite uncle had lost his life in an industrial accident at nearby Robertsbridge and we had come for the Coronial Inquest. A late summer's day it was belting down with rain and with the heavy cloud, very dark. 5. Now inland from Hastings and at Westfield. 6. Where it all happened in 1066. Senlac Hill, the site of The Battle of Hastings. 7. Flying back to Deanland, here at Hailsham. 8. Wheels down and wondering if such a heavy plane will land on a short strip. 9.. Beautiful South Downs scenery. 10. Perfect touch down. 11. The Battle is enjoying being out of moth balls and does not want to stop. Passing the end of the runway and still doing 43kts. Sorry about your field of turnip Farmer Giles! 12. Parked up after a bit of farmwork. Another beautiful, if not dated freeware plane. If you look at the starboard side of the Battle you will see why the reference to the B-52!
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    Providing you have the right amount of fuel, you will be able to land this one in Innsbruck once you master this big airplane. (With swetty hands, of course...)
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    Thank you very much mates! Glad you like the shots! Cheers Karsten
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    You do it very well Jack, those who don't like it don't have to look but there are plenty of us that do so please continue. Well this day and age there is little in life that is secure!
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    Excellent set Jack and hope your learning goes well. How was your take off or did you use the grass runway extension! I like the close up nose shot. I have always liked the 747 from this angle as the window looks so small compared with the rest of the nose.
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    G'day Dave, This is just a private access road running across the engine testing bay, that I believe is only used when the bay is not in use. Indeed there is, here is the full control panel. You'll also notice that the engine bay Q400 can be also disabled as a separate item for those wishing to run their own engine tests And lastly, I had a few bits and pieces showing some last details that I was intending to post; I hope Emmsie doesn't mind me adding on to his. These are primarily in response to various requests in previous preview threads. A certain (and oft-requested) golden-roof tourist landmark should be visible below: You may notice a Piper tucked in behind the storage shed below. Despite it's N-registration, this aircraft is quite well known amongst the airport locals as it belongs to one of the staff at the adjacent Tyrolean maintenance facilities. Apparently it only flies a couple of times a year. There were a few requests for some autumn/fall shots: The church at Axams is now ready to go. The shot JV posted a few weeks ago was from a library placeholder for the RTM-A build. Lastly, in addition to the three already-previewed heliports (Hat Tux/LOJT, University Hospital/LOIU and OAMTC Flight Rescue Centre/LOJO): Here are a couple of shots of the two lower-detail helipads; Fire Service College Heliport (LOIN) and an unnamed landing area at Buch-in-Tirol. nb. LOIS hasn't made it to release unfortunately due to time constraint. Cheers, Jarrad
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    Yup, back in the late 80's early 90's I flew them in Boise. Boise is the best place to fly them as there's no trees unless you count the ones planted by humans along the Boise River. So it's all open desert scrub with tumbleweeds. You can land anywhere. Not so down here, it's ALL trees so I can't possibly do it. Besides, I'm now medically grounded. Went to Reno a lot to for the Great Reno Balloon races. I have about 100 zillion photos. It's fun. When you're a mile up and you're not firing the burners it's so quiet you can hear people whispering directly below you. And the car wrecks we caused, man oh man, people would be looking up and not straight ahead. It was a fun part of my life. But now it's sadness.
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    As you can see here Jack, the lights appear a long way away for some reason. Happens at all the refineries/chemical works in England. All other lights are as they should be though. 19. Excellent series btw and great to see you in the Staggerwing again even if it is not yellow! Sorry to hear that Jack. Is he a connected to the beef industry? Maybe you need to change your doctor
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    Here are the first of many screen shots to come of this amazing airport and scenery. The approach is so much fun in the NGX! All shot in P3Dv3.2 with no editing
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