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    For those of us who are interested in clouds I have just come across this wonderful site. https://www.wmocloudatlas.org/home.html
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    HS748 in South West Colorado, on its way to Telluride. This was meant to be a test flight from Yellowstone by a circuitous route, during which a WeFly GPS/AP was being tested. I forgot about it & went back several hours later & found the 748 was over some interesting Orbx OpenLC NA scenery. Livery is incorrect for the area but WeFly performed as required. TTM
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    So since I was not contacted as to the reason I guess I will ask is there any particular reason why my Eurofighter topic was removed from the forum? I have permission from the developer who I am testing for, it's a freeware aircraft that has no bearing or impact on ORBX and or your products. So I am curious as to why someone would delete the post even after some of the ORBX team members even responded to the topic. So some ORBX Team members felt it was appropriate but one other didn't and removes it? If the problem was with me talking about FSCommander then I simply would have removed that post not the entire topic. But I did not post a link to purchase it (as per the rules) and ORBX is not in the business of creating Navigation tools to my knowledge so there is no competition being posted either (as per the rules). Never thought such a simple post would gather so much attention to be deleted.......if we are going to delete post because I am breaking some rule then hopefully you all will be a little more parallel across the board. I have seen many many other products NOT ORBX related being talked about and promoted throughout these forums over the years....guess I am just the lucky one.
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    Or so the song went when I was a kid in the 70s riding in the back seat. I assumed it was about mushy love stuff, but now know it was written about flight simming. I love P3D (well, kind of), but I really LOVE Orbx and what they do to P3D - but lately I've been spending WAY too much time "going deep" into X-Plane 11 - downloading scenery, liveries, excellent 737x freeware, designing my own scenery - you name it. And having a great time. Compared to the FPS I see in P3D, XP11 is much higher but also MUCH smoother, the lighting is better, there are no blurries on mountains, the clouds are even white now (no sun though). But I love XP11 mostly because it is free of the horrid "texture loading lag" I experience with my rig in any sort of intense (ie nice, Orbx-filled) scenery. A quick trip Friday Harbor to Anacortes MIGHT go ok, or it might be filled with blurry textures that take eons to load up, AI ships turning black, etc. - even on lower settings, no matter if I use tweaks to the .cfg or not. FSX-SE had the same problem but much, much worse. XP11, perhaps because of a different rendering engine and newer code, has zero issues. But I MISS Orbx - the freeware airports are great in X-Plane (MisterX etc.) - but nothing beats Orbx, and I was excited then saddened by John V's announcement that X-Plane development was not to be. So now I'm "torn between two lovers", flying both sims while I wait and see what P3D v4 is like on my system, and contemplate another new card. Tonight I flew a nice default 737 in the "mistress" sim, but then had a lovely FHR-ORS flight in P3D too right after. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to love two sims? With that Aerofly FS2 it does seem like the golden age of simming, and I've been at this since FS98. On to the screen caps.... Steve
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    My entry for March. Good luck all, maybe after years will finally get one Falcon 7X taking off from Narvik, Norway in heart of winter with a 24 knot crosswind.
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    Just saying that you are right about the Latin Jack, and happy that you found the link interesting. I enjoy looking at the clouds with Cirrus being my favourite.
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    Especially that it look like ORBX will not make any other airplane (late post). Must be an error? But where you posting SC without ORBX scenery in the back? Soft/light/mild discussion about other airplane, even payware are always tolerated... Ben
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    Would one expect to land counter-clockwise north of the equator and clockwise south of it?!
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    I'm curious too Sammy as I was very interested in learning how to fly the Mach Loop in my Orbx UK. I had typed out a reply and when I hit reply suddenly it said wrong page or something. I was wondering if there was a problem with the server.
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    Thanks PDX, I have discovered many things on the screenies section! Cheers Sammy. Thanks Adam. Many thanks for your great comments.
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    LOL! . I hope that it all looks as good as the orbx airports there! Seriously though Sammy, it all sounds great! Thank you sir!
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    Another stunner! Great colours. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    Good old 'Orbx#5' with REX textures.
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    Finally got around to enjoying this wonderful plane of nostalgia. Credit and thanks to the developers. Somewhere over Victoria, Australia.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums. Thank you for sharing that.
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    Being mostly Australia based orbx is really short selling the Caribbean region. Years ago they said FTX Germany wouldn't sell so they are never making it.. and now.. lol.. Germany north, Germany south.... You guys don't understand the fascination americans have with the Caribbean AND Bahamas. Years down the road you will make them, even if you pretend you won't sell a single copy right now. just like you did with Germany
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    Thank you Sammy. Appreciate it Iain. Thank you Martyn. Thank you Taph. I'm not sure if anyone still sells any RealAir stuff or not, nice little plane. Thank you Andy. Thank you Dolf. Much appreciated.
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    Excellent set and atmosphere
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    Great set and atmosphere Dolf
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    I am up for the Bahamas as long as they have flamingos walking around lol
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    Wonderful shots!
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    Thank a lot everyone for all your nice comments.
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    There is a guy out there doing this work already. I think Art P has sanctioned his work, in fact. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/some-more-work-around-the-bahamas.439674/ http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/need-help-for-bahamian-buildings.439673/ http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/bahamas-photoreal.435471/#post-757770 I believe he is on these forums somewhere, maybe he will chime in.
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    The trains are definitely animated:) I spent a great deal of fun mapping out five different routes across the coverage area - about 30km of routes in total.
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    We have now launched our new OrbxDirect store which is live and ready for you to register a new account. An easy step-by-step visual guide has been posted here:
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