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    While reading a book I was listening to Jacques Brel. As the weather here in Germany is not really to my liking, I remembered that Brel flew in the 1970s his Twin Bonanza frequently in French Polynesia. It’s much warmer there!! He named his plane “Jojo” after a friend, who had died shortly before he bought the plane. So I decided to do one of his flights myself. As I don’t have a decent Twin Bonanza (only an FS9 model, which I don’t really like), I use a Beech Baron, for which a friend of mine has done the Brel livery. The trip starts in Tahiti Faa’a NTAA airport. First we fly to Moorea, then it’s on to a small south sea atoll and the final leg will be to Nuku-Hiva on the main island of the Marquesas. Total flight time is a bit short of 5 hours. And almost all of it over open water. The leg of the flight that covers Moorea is with Global, Vector, ORBX trees, FS Global Ultimate and another scenery on top of Global. After Moorea, everything is pure ORBX and FS Global. One more thing: I have to warn you, lots of pictures!! The trip over to Moorea is just a short hop. As I have decided to use the wrong plane for this trip, I though I am also allowed to use a Garmin 1000. Makes navigating easier First port of call: Moorea Now it gets a bit boring. Not even Jacques Brel’s music can change that Second stop is at the small atoll Ate NTHE A large palm tree offers some shade in the tropical heat Now it’s off to our final destination: the Marquesas The first island in the Marquesas that comes into sight is Ua Huka. It does look excellent with only Global and Vector installed Our final destination: the island Nuku-Hiva Btw, here’s the real plane (the photo was taken in 1976) And here’s the man himself I hope I didn’t bore you too much
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    By mid-1941, there were three 'eagle' squadrons in the RAF formed with US volunteer pilots.
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    Thank you so much. @ Dieter: Well spotted, Dieter. Indeed, it's Hahnweide, one of the best small german freeware airfields to my mind. I fall in love with, so I dedided to add some Library Objects to it, some models of my RAF Gütersloh scenery and watch some attractive guests appear...That brings back a lot of memories. A few more....Never own a scenery that better fits into the surrounding ORBX scenery....
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    Not in order of release but releasing within the next 0-5 months : Innsbruck San Diego Santa Barbara Bilbao openLC South America Germany South Buildings HD Project A And another 15 projects through 2017 ...
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    This week's announcement from JV about the ORBX Hawaii project being shut down was a disappointment. Maybe some day it will happen. However in the last year, Hawaii has been significantly upgraded with OpenLC NA. And many of the smaller regional Hawaiian airports are part of the FTX Global NA Freeware pack. Overall, we are currently much better than the default FSX Hawaii. Fly around the islands, you'll see. A good example is Kona International Airport at Keahole [PHKO]. Significant details and animations are found at the gate and on the ramp. . RL photo:
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    Hello has you all! Video of CEN4 and FSX with FSRecorder alpha 2.17, everything vehicles planes are to pilot by me even with this wonderful FSRecorder alpha 2.17 with integrated(joined) encoder! It's a pity more follow-ups for P3D in 1080p
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    Thanks to Orbx and Active Sky16 and the Ants T28D. Since installing the latest version of P3D, my sim has never looked this good. Hope you enjoy.
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    Thanks Matt. Youv'e have removed the fire in this red hair. JimNZ
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    You're the one doing the real work... the rest is technical stuff.
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    all of them are superb! Nice job with the group. Where were you?
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    You get the "3 C's" award for today. Clear, crisp and colorful. Loved the pics.
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    What happened to Les Brown and his band of renown featuring Miss Doris Day?
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    Impressive Shots my friend ... Well done
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    Amazing FILOU! Just amazing. I'm green with envy.
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    Pity that this is so tragic! The Oriville dam is about to break. With FTX North California // Cera Sim AS365N3
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    All the work of my GTX 1080 & SweetFX."... well it was certainly well worth it... outstanding set of pics.. can it possibly get any better.. ? just amazing .. gob smacked tom
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    First-rate bunch of shotz! Looks like a thrilling moment circling around the obstacle there!
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    This is quite real, mate!!!!!! Stunning shots!
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    Early morning in Narvik Sometimes you don’t really need to fly. You sit on the tarmac, engines running (which you better switch off) and just watch the sun doing its early morning magic. Ships pass by slowly and you can watch the town in the background coming to life. The beauty is of course that in our sim, we don’t need to sit there for a couple of hours, we can advance the time.
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    Leaving Alice... (Iain please remove my previous shot from FTX Norway enroute between ENSD and ENSG).
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    My guess is that the reason the East Coast hasn't been developed more is that it really doesn't have that much to offer, scenery wise. A 2000' hill in Vermont for example qualifies as a mountain and has a ski run. Denali, Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta are mountains. Alaska is scenic. I'm sure your interest lies in the areas where you reside, but I've just never seen that much on the East coast that would compel me to fly there. Prove me wrong. I'd be happy to take a flight to see what's so interesting on the East coast that would warrant further development. My point being, everyone wants more development in their own neck of the woods but ORBX will appeal to the masses, which only makes business sense. jsapair
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    Great shots, Jack! KBLU is a great airport but SCARY to land at...I get disoriented when approaching an airport on a bluff...palms get sweaty, very nervous..goosebumps...great fun for a couple of dollars worth of scenery add on! Steve
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    enjoyed watching your video laserjet... thanks for sharing ! tom
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    With this headline I had expected a different twin engine plane...
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    My wife and I had dinner last night with an old friend friend we've known since the 1960's. I always enjoy seeing him as he's flown a wide variety of aircraft - everything from a C-152 to a 737-900. I asked him this same question "1,2,3, or 4 engines". He never hesitated, single engine.....just like the A4 that he flew off the Kitty Hawk, Now THAT'S single engine..........Doug
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    Hopes and prayers for Oroville residents. Great shots BTW.
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    Have you connected your P3D to a drone? Amazing video! Magnum
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    Thanks Jorge! I hope so but if they make P3D 64 bit I'll have just one plane, the new 747. All my other planes will never be upgraded so it's a Catch 22. Thanks Taph! Thank you sir! Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.
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    Thank you, @Taph, @Iain Emms, @quietboy, @Republic DC-9 and @PDX Flyer for watching and commenting! A bit blurry this shot, but there was no other angle possible... I like these little enthusiastic OZx add-ons! A long, long way gone. Probably the incarnation of "long-distance-flight-training". Well, for you Martyn I have to wonder: Do you mean "never visited virtually" or "never in RL"? Great Ocean Road & the Grampians should be a "must-do" for locals, shouldn´t it?
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    Thanks Taph, as I said, I am as satisfied as expected. Yee, seems a bit too hot and dry on the big sandy continent. But you might judge if this reflects real life...? Indeed the max_texture_load=1024 is mainly to save VAS - and to keep the memory free for autogen. I do see absolutely no difference in graphics, at least not reducing my immersion. The double textures were the run- and taxiways in Avalon YMAV, I had some old photoreal for OZx active there in parallel to the orbx scenery.
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    Thank you for the comments. I was intrigued with the Ohana ATR's. Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. Turns out that Ohana is a small regional inter-island division of Hawaiian Airlines. They have 3 of the ATR-42 models
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    Thanks Iain! Thanks Martyn! It sure would be nice wouldn't it. If you're like me you never ever get tired of watching planes. Thank you Karoly!
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    Running the OS from an HDD results in painfully long boot times and generally slow operation when doing anything in the OS (launching programs etc.). You can always partition the SSD if you want the OS and sim on different drive letters for whatever reason. Personally I'd just install the sim under C:\Prepar3D v3 or similar to get around the permission/UAC problems.
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    Looks delicious!! Steve
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    Taking a quick lunchtime break and flight, doing a circuit from Dunkeswell, taking in most of Mid and East Devon. Using AS2016 with ASCA fully dynamic, and its generating the weather with perfect accuracy.
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    I redid the flight of this beautiful little movie found in youtube from Ohio to Idaho (FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC NA) and then backcountry small strip (Northern and Central Rockies) with a c185 of carenado. Beautiful little trip ...in summer The movie (Touching)
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