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    I'm feeling the heat today in Tim's and Ken's tropical paradise ......... Only cool spot seems to be the this cottage patio overlooking the nearby beach .... I think I'll go for a swim later in the day ......... Orr, m...mmaybe not !! Thank-you, for looking in .
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    I was just reading the post Matteo released with his beta shots of KSAN. He received both praise and criticisms on the work which i know is normal for people who are passionate about Orbx products. But please let me share my thoughts to Orbx customers on the development of a project. Years ago I wrote to JV and asked if I could join Orbx as basically an intern developer and he agreed. There were a few of us actually. Ken Hall and I spent dozens of hours on Skype, JV sent me materials that would help me in the designs, Tim Harris and Wolter offered much of their experience in many many e-mails back and forth. My first project was to be a simple freeware project, (so i thought) 2 little grass strips in the PNW region. I know I wanted my project to reflect the real world as much as it possibly could (and this was several years ago, we were just getting animals that moved). I wanted every tree, every house and farm animal, every building and street light, and more to be perfect, and perfection takes a lot of time. Not only did the placement have to be dead on but I wanted the buildings to look exact, and of course stock buildings would not cut it, so i had to learn GMax, and photo textures. There were multiple programs used to make sure satellite photographs and the developed airport matched exactly, that color corrections for seasonal changes were dead on, so that basically everything was seamless. Trying to match seasonal coloring for an airport to the surrounding terrain is tough, and not having any Photoshop experience, I had to learn that too. I worked on that project for months, I must have made thousands of changes to the project. Lighting might not look right, colors for the project area didn't match exactly to the surrounding Orbx scenery, The hangers didn't look just like the real ones, the sign on the roadway announcing low flying aircraft, was perfect enough for me, and my wanting of perfection also added to many other changes. One of the biggest problems i always looked at was that the source material used that have roads or parking lots in them always show cars, i always hated that and i wanted to Photoshop the roads and parking lots to show just the library objects. stationary cars on a road where simulated cars are driving look bad, same with parking lots, but to Photoshop those out would take forever. I knew that even though this was going to be a freeware project, if it was good, someday i might be able to what Alex Goff was doing, creating his first payware airport. I finally finished and got it to the beta test phase. Some beta tested had problems with it working correctly in their FSX setup, some mentioned changes that could be made, some found errors with other places that needed corrections. Some really liked the work that was done. None of the beta tested ever gave me a negative attitude, everyone wanted me to succeed. I found that trying to work 'a real job' and do scenery design to the level of any other Orbx product was not feasible, and i had to step away from the project. I was disappointed that I had to make that decision but it was best for all parties. I will always remember the kindness that everyone associated with Orbx extended to me. But this brings me back to Matteo. I know how difficult it was to build 2 little grass strip airports, he is building a mid size terminal with the city surrounding it, and his beta shots look real nice. No one's beta shots are ever perfect and the harshest critic of any project is the developer of it. In beta, there are always going to be rough edges that will later be refined, but for his first project, he is doing a remarkable job. I know some customer's critiques that seem harsh are really from a place where they are so excited about a project, their comments are meant to help the developer with a detail they may have some knowledge about, such as the location of an object or the color of something. But please know that all of the developers do their best to bring you the most accurate, best looking airports you can find. No product will ever be perfect, especially in the beta phase. But if you ever want to put yourself in the shoes of a developer, build an airport, take some pictures of it, and post them in the freeware section. I bet the comments you get will be a mixed bag of positive and negative too. Matteo, like all of the other developers at Orbx are rock stars in my eyes, rock stars might sing out of tune once in a while but they always get better. Someday, when i retire from that 'real world job', I hope to send JV another e-mail asking for a chance at an intern position again. P.S. I still have all of those old files, if any Orbx developer wants to finish it, I would gladly forward it to you.
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    Somewhere in East Anglia - getting a tow behind a D-day C47.
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    With the new update (thanks guys!) I thought, let's get to know Yakutat a bit better. Well... I just purchased it a few days ago and only left the airport for Juneau. So, now I've taken the Bell 407 and took a closer look at this nice airport. 1. Lift off in front of that beautiful old hangar. 2. Then making speed over the platform. Am I allowed to do that? 3. Checking out the shore line. Many trees! Brings my FPS a bit down so I turned the Autogen slider a notch back (not in this cap though). 4. Overview of the airports central platforms. 5. Practicing hovering since I haven't flown in this beauty for a while. 6. Now let's look for a nice parking place. 7. Ah, found one! 8. Great helicopter, great flight... great scenery! Cheers, Ben.
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    Hi Kyle, very interesting story Yes beta doesn't mean the scenery is finished, i have corrected to much things now. I always listening constructive criticism. I can say the final results will be the best as possible!
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    Concrete - it can be a challenging approach, especially in a speedy turboprop - but always a fun one (and gorgeous)! Steve
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    What a great read Kyle! Over time I've gained a huge appreciation for what goes into a scenery project. Not from a developers viewpoint, but as a beta tester. It's been an honor to watch Matteo's project take shape. I can only wish to have such a varied skill set. I also think that most, if not all, posts regarding preview beta shots are meant with the best of intentions to point out mostly small things that in the eye of the poster will only make the scenery better. All the Devs strive for accuracy and realism and I think it shows. Thanks too for all the other comments on this thread. Orbx and its followers and indeed in a class of their own. Cheers
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    Dodging snow showers on the trip back to KDSM
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    You've got some crackers there, Jack! And yep, the dawn ones are my faves too.
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    I was inspired by one of Dolf's latest flights to take this tropical tour ......... so, 'Welcome Aboard' and let's fly ! I feel warmer already !
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    Sumburgh on a late afternoon
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    You've been polishing a lot Jack, All stunning pics these!
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    Set of famous shots these Jack!
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    Welcome to the forums, and thanks for your rant Please visit this topic and test your connection speeds on the new CDN we are rolling out:
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    I agree to your wise summary. And I am glad that you find the time to post from time to time!
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    Thanks JJ! Yeah, a lot, but you know how it is Martyn, sometime you can't stop taking pictures. Thanks Ben! Thanks you Iain! Thank you Tom, first time I ever tried it. I liked the effects too but I have a lot to learn. I know RJ but sometimes I can't help myself. Thank you Mike! I agree, I'm amazed at actually how fast it does change.
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    Nice flight plan, nice vintage aircraft & very nice shots of it all, way to go!
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    A good pilots log is the one where the number of take-offs and landings are equal.
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    That a seriously fine set of shots Jack
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    Hi Folks, Quintessential General Aviation !!! Nice spread... Regards, Scott
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    Catchy aircraft and shots, Jack!
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    Leaving on board a PMDG C-40B (mil vers of the 737-700) USAF No external lights since this is a recording The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, PTA. P3D v3.4.18
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    Fine screens Jack. That plane is truly a work of art.
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    Marathon set Jack. There are some splendid shots amongst that lot.
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    Fantastic series here Jack. Good to see you enjoying your fine old Cessna. Beautiful scenery and I re installed my 195 the other day, it is a wonderful plane to fly.
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    Thanks John, it's a beaut, what a cool old vintage plane.
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    I need to dust the cobbles of my 195 ...... Anyway you nailed some great shots with your new bird Jack . Cheers John
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    Thank you Scott! Im really glad you liked them. It's a very beautiful area, I agree, I love the farmland. It looks so peaceful. Thanks Steve! Thank you for the kind words Jim! I agree. And this plane has a sunroof too! Thanks Adam! Due for an overhaul? I just bought her. She has like two hours on her. Yes, I totally agree Steve. I have taken quite a shine to this plane. Don't usually like tail draggers but your shots were the impetus for me to buy it. And know what? I LOVE it! It flys nicely and trims out nice too. And it isn't a VAS hog like other planes. Yeah, Siletz is a beautiful place in Orbx land. And know what? Every single time I fly there it's socked in. I checked, in real life it's almost always foggy. Must be the warm ocean. I have never seen a real one Erik so I'm jealous! Yeah, it does look kind of long but they did really well back then in the 30's & 40's. Like I said, metal, cantilevered wing, and no strut. All with a big radial engine and the sound on this plane when she idles, man it's awesome! Thank you MZ! I appreciate it. You'll love flying the friendly Orbx skies in this gem. I like it a lot.
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    Another beautiful set, Jack ! I passed up on this beauty during the last sale, but the 195 is now definitely on my radar.
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    Not so small! Saw one a few months ago for the first time in real, but it had red instead of blue color. Couldn't take my eyes of it being pulled out of the hangar.
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    BTW Jack, isn't that 195 totally awesome?! So glad you got one too and are enjoying it also. And thanks for reminding me that Siletz Bay existed - I own it but haven't been there in ages, a downside to the wonderful and growing array of Orbx offerings. So many destinations, so little time, and I only fly in North America. Steve
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    Magnificent set of shots Jack! You should be due for an overhaul on that 195 soon.
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    Beautiful photo's, great light which makes it easy to view. What I like with the wings on top is you get a far better view of what's under you. Again, more great shots from Jack. JimNZ
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    Those are some FANTASTIC shots! Thanks for sharing. My favorites are #s 7 and 8 - cloud shadows look awesome over the farmland.
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    Just gorgeous. Man do I like palm trees. I could use a hammock strung out between two of them and relax on the beach with a cold beer. That would be living.
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    Leased Montreal based air transat Lockheed L-1011 Tristar over Scotland. TTM
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    From Nice-Côte d'Azur to Munich. The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, TPA. P3D v3.4.18
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    Nice Erik but it sure looks cold! I miss snow but it's been in the 70's here lately where I live.
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    I have OOM days more often than not , must be old age . Cheers John
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    A few beautiful deHavilland aircraft. 5. 1. 3. 4. 2. 6.
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    A truly stunning set, Filou !
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    You may rather want to fly in flatter Midwest or Netherlands (beware of cellphone antennas even there though) ! Don't you love the SP 77+CWS ? If you are interested I summed up my personal notes for flying this aircraft (I actually fly the other 732) there : http://strips.proboards.com/thread/59/milviz-737-200-notes
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    Take off San Carlos for a tour at SF
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    41 666 views of this post and counting! Staggering. Hope the servers are well prepared (no doubt the download will be >> 1 GB) . . . . it looks awesome and even better than what we have come to expect for Jarrad the Master (if that is even possible).
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