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    Hope you get better soon John, I popped something in your account for when you get home Kind regards, Tim
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    I thought I'd be the first to make the obvious connection! What a wonderful place to put an airport! I hate to say this, as I feel I may be being disloyal to my beloved NZMF - but KAVX is another ORBX classic in the same vein. It's a small(ish) area, jam-packed with superbly blended photoreal, objects and textures - all lovingly recreated by Tim and Ken - congratulations! A thoroughly fitting opening fanfare as the first ORBXDirect release. What a masterpiece! It's worth jumping into something slow (let's face it, there's not much out there slower than a Catalina!) and just flying around the island's coastline. So many treats! Rounding off the dozen with my favourite shot, I think ... I'd say "that's Christmas sorted"!! Adam.
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    As you may have guessed, I have many memories of flying commercial flights in the 1970's, mainly on Braniff. I just love this plane...one warning: you will be seeing more shots of this bird from me, so buckle up baby!
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    Thanks for watching and commenting, @Voyager, @RJ, @Ken Hall, @Wakashi and @Iain Emms! I forgot to create the simmed starting picture for this flight, here is a real one (taken exactly 14 days ago): Though coming from antipode countries we both share the same airline preference... ... the look-out-of-the-office one? If so, I´ll keep it on my list...
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    Thanks for your comments my friends! Hey Eric, nothing besides ORBX Vector and Lights Configurator. Bermuda, I had never seen this video before and every minute of it is perfect. Definitely one of my favorites now. Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow! Thanks for all your kind comments!!
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    'Tis the Season .......... Warmest Holiday Wishes to Everyone !
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    Here's mine for December. Setting off into a Southern Californian evening - Good luck everyone
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    Hawker Tempest Mk V having an initial look around Catalina. Set in Summer. Very impressed with the coastal island vegetation & topography, & the rest of the destination. Again, excellent work Ken & Tim. 1 small tweak may be necessary. I noticed during set up, In the "Configuration" check list, the last & 2nd to last options have the same wording, but appear to relate to different items. TTM
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    Cool! I used to work those beasts in real life. There's nothing digital in that cockpit. FedEx eventually got quite a few, turned them into two man, glass cockpits. Saved weight, man hours, and money.
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    Beautiful shots of a fantastic old plane. I flew several times on the Ansett 722s here in Oz, beautiful planes to fly on.
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    Look out the office! Love it. The best kind of office!
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    Great set of shots. cheers Iain
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    @Jack Sawyer Thanks Voyager! I tried to land on some things. Landed on the sub dock. Can't land on the ocean liners but I didn't know you could land on a yacht! Next goal! LoL! Hey Jack, take a look at this 2-minute-video: Cheers, Voyager
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    Grand shots. cheers Iain
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    Very good John. I'm glad to hear that. I wish you a good recovery. Voyager
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    Nick nowhere was I trying to express any disappointment whatsoever in your recommendations for the registry tool. I don't understand how you even got that impression. I was merely trying to inform users that a version of a similar tool is (now you state may not be) available in the Scripts folder. I am aware that it was in FTX Central and is no longer in the new central 3 folder, however when you changed over to Central 3 it created a folder called ftxc2_localdata and the tool resides in there. As for it not working I will accept your response but will just add that I have a dummy FSX in the Registry but an incomplete actual install of FSX on a small external drive. I just pointed the reg tool to my external drive and the opened Central 3 and it gives me the open Sim options of P3D or FSX. I chose FSX and it immediately told me that there was a libraries update available. I then told the tool my FSX was in my P3D directory and no libraries update notice appeared because the libraries in that location are up to date. I will leave it at that and reiterate there was never any intention to "knock" any advice you may have given. I am not that type of person.
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    Time refused me to answer and send best wishes to John! Hope everything will be fine as soon as possible ! :-) Daniel
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    You are correct josh. The option for the Airshow does not appear and yet it is advised as being an option in the product details/sales page at the store. This requires an Orbx dev response and clarification.
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    Great shots Jack. On these tours, you can land on one of the yachts. Good people over there. Voyager
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    Grab a 1080 and Rift Ken, best combo ever. Also try to run P3D off an SSD if you can. 45fps is the magic number you need for smooth VFR flights inside the Rift.
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    Great shots Jack, cheers!
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    Now your just making me blush!!! Thanks for the vote! Thank you Sir! I appreciate the comment Sir! Thanks Bermuda! Thank you TTM! Thank you Dave! Like I said to the guys earlier, if you haven't won in the past I hope you win in the future, it's a tough contest what with excellent scenery to work with and everyone trying so hard!
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    Really nice, especially the city at night. I just google image searched that submarine.... such neat pictures/videos from the undersea areas!
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    Loving that chopper, great shots
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    Great shots, Jack! I am reminded of the Beatles with that sub shot. I need to learn to fly whirlybirds like you - I can take off and (kind of) move around but landings usually result in a CRASH, no matter how gentle I try to be. Steve
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    Lookin' good Jack, great shots, especially liked the night ones. (see ya found the dome light )
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    Here you go!!! Even stranger to see me put-putting around Catalina Island!!! It's like NZMF ... but in California! Tim and Ken have created a masterpiece. Tim worked on NZMF as well, so maybe that's why there's something reminiscent about KAVZ. Adam.
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    Definitely recommend the Oculus Rift - especially for flight sims. I own both the Rift and the Vive and have found the Rift to be clearer and smoother. As you are probably aware, VR isn't as crisp as a monitor but it's not bad and the emersion is incredible. PS: And landing on the boat helipad is much easier in VR too
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    Thank you Gentlemen, I couldn't have done it without you, if you haven't won in the past I hope you win in the future!
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    Glad to hear, though you make me envious, my google cardboard probably wont cut it
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    Smashing set, glad you are enjoying! We design everything for 1024x1024 to enable the user to enjoy maximum performance, so you should not need to set more than that unless you use hi-def clouds or something We also recommend not using the FSX 'ground shadows' option as they have never worked correctly out of the box (see the shadow line coming from the FSX boat used), ignore the alphas used in tree models/autogen, and have a very heavy hit on performance, if you want dynamic shadows P3Dv3.4 is the king
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    Download: http://1coder.ru/PTA/downloads.html Install instructions: http://www.avsim.com/topic/489018-prepar3d-tweak-assistant-pta/page-34#entry3517525 My 2.0 preset: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71722992/adam_pta20_01.zip The Avsim topic (currently 36 pages!): http://www.avsim.com/forum/764-p3d-tweak-assistant-pta-and-realismshaderpack/ Note that it's still beta - and that there may be changes/further improvements in the final build. Yuri is still working on it. Adam.
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    no, nothing has to be reinstalled, only maybe need an update for active sky and fsuipc and objectflow.
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    Good news! All the best for the recovery phase
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    Hey Ben , my back surgery went well . I will be discharged tomorrow from the hospital . Then I will be at a rehab facility for a 7 to 10 days . Thanks Gents for all of your prayers and kind words , it means a lot to me !! . Cheers John
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    Maybe some real life shots taken from near the end of the seaplane dock would help.
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    First of all congratulations with the new scene! Looks just Great. Norway is really getting spoiled with nice scenery. And yes, I will make sure that all traffic is adjusted to match perfectly with this scenery in the upcoming update of Global AI Ship Traffic. There will also be quite some new ships from the offshore industry included fitting with this and other Norwegian sceneries. Henrik
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