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    I have just added a bunch of airports to my sim and by using FTX Central V3 it could not have been any easier. Just select the airport you want, pay for it, and then go back to FTX Central and select another one. ( Experience has taught me that purchasing downloads one at a time makes finding them on your purchase history easier. ) When you are through purchasing go back to Central and select your downloads. I like to do this just before I quit for the night so that they will be there in the morning. FTX Central will set up a queue, download and install the airport, and then do the next one without needing your input. I was a Bad Grandpa this year spending Christmas money on 14 airports. But then again I am turning 80 and I am running out of waiting time. Like my wife used to say, "But they were On Sale and look at how much money I saved" FTX Central and Orbx Direct cut the operation time in half, so once again, Kudos to JV and the Orbx Team for a great upgrade. Dale
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    Taking Careflight VH-ZMQ on a flight from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie The main reason for this flight was to check if the new DX10 cloud shadows were working properly... But I wasn't too sure about if I had chosen the right (ASN-live) weather About 1/3 in to the trip the clouds finally did close in All in all I'm well pleased. CumulusX, which I had been using so far, created its own - not too great looking - clouds which I mostly had to hide in among more distinct self-created weather themes if I wanted the shadows to look halfway decent. But now Steve's great new little addon generates them from what you actually see and what is generated by the weather programmes. All pics more or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
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    Hi Jack, If you log into OrbxDirect and view your account all your purchases are listed there forever so you have a permanent record in the cloud. We will be adding a function to allow you to generate a receipt and email it to any email account you like, so down the track you can obtain your receipts at your leisure. Rest assured that your purchases are on file and safely stored, and we'll add that functionality ASAP ok?
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    never had one of those beers, but with summer coming on here I will be sampling some of the local stuff, over here adds focus on working or playing hard to achieve a hard earned thirst that of course only their beer can quench.
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    North Island... Thank you for looking
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    Here's one for Jack - who had trouble getting Jankees' livery to work for the MJ v3 C-47. This shot was taken somewhere in South America: Adam.
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    A spectacular formation of mountains in one of the world's most remote area's --> Patagonia's Cerre Torre(3128 mtr)and FitzRoy(3405 mtr) at the Argentina-Chili border and on the eastern edge of the vast 'Patagonia Ice Field' feeding the large glaciers around(on the second last you can observe a mighty glacier). Airports are at great distance away but at the nearby village 'ElChaltén', an airport is available as scenery-extension to allow a nearby take-off for VFR-flights. I made a relative short roundflight in a twinturbofan Embraer 120 and thanks hereby Frank Dainese for again a fantastic made scenery-enhancement on top of the great Orbx Global scenery, enjoy the shots:
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    a few random shots taken lately. Starting in Oz - Coffs Harbour Down the Columbia River - Grand Coulee Dam in view below Hanging about over Starks Twin Oaks Aspen (I think) Bishop's Rock, off the Scilly Isles Not so much "Hawaii Mars", more like "Exmouth Mars" Whoo-hoo! Off Daytona Beach. Not actually over impressed with the Florida coast in NA OLC, but include this one - so I can prove this next one is above ORBX scenery! This is the pure joy of flight on a sunny(ish) day! High out from Exeter airport looking down on my home town in the middle distance from around 35,000 ft Apparently my altimeter is not set correctly. Can't think how that happened. Got the JustFlight version of this in a sale, rather taken with it And a nice calm finish, sitting waiting to go at Israel's Farm (it's sale time folks!) Exit stage left, humming "I get around, round, round"
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    Up in my Moth... Storms later if this convection continues.
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    Climbing out of Lilydale for Bairnsdale!
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    Nice set Jack, be wary of your co-pilot though he thinks he can sing!
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    Excellent flight screenies, Jack
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    Excellent shots Jack and some mighty daring flying. How much fuel and payload did you have?
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    I wanna know how Joe manages to keep a nice tan complexion while everyone else is freezing their balls off - pilots included. I must admit, watching the ICE PILOTS, DC-3 freeware, and the Buffalo paint has motivated me to do the following round robin: CYZF --> CYWJ CYWJ --> CYGH CYGH --> CYVQ CYVQ --> CZFN CZFN --> CYHY CYHY --> CYZF Add Orbx FTX Global, Vector, and OpenLC NA with some REX HD Airports and AS16 weather and it's almost like being in ICE PILOTS ... good old fashion navigation and aircraft management. Even used the ICE PILOTS show to help me figure out what altitudes and speeds they typically cruise at (9,500ft). Weather in that region can be perfect one day to a BIG challenge the next ... and I don't fly below 40 EDIT: speaking of lighting, I setup an FSLabs Spotlight set that works well in this DC-3. Cheers, Rob.
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    Thanks John, no need to apologize for commenting later than usual, sometimes RL can be as interesting (I was told). An Epic vehicle. Enjoy GEN, I think every new region gets new features.
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    This is an old Aerosoft release (2010) for FSX and after purchasing it I found it to be wanting but the only other choice was to do it yourself.. According to Google Earth there is a great deal of detail missing.
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    Sorry, don't mean to contradict you Ed, but we have a contractor working on SODE animated jetways for ESSA Arlanda at the moment.
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    150 Happy PAX - I found the video : Great post Martyn !! Cheers John
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    Never for one minute thought you were! All good fun. Adam.
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    There will be Christmas things...
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    Hi Gerold, No just in P3D unfortunately. I landed and took off at EDDV a few times, just touring the area slowly. Well, not that slowly, I was in an Epic Victory that night. No apologies necessary for the paint, I really like it. I'm sure it's just a RAAF trainee on a navigation exercise . Cheers,
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    Nothing like peeing someone off is there, here Jack look what I can do. Beautiful shot it does look great in Pan Am colours.
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    You might be interested in this forum: http://www.airlinepilotforums.com/hangar-talk/9038-free-turbine-vs-direct-drive.html The Twin Otter is using Pratt and Whitney PT-6 free turbine type engines.
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    Hi JS That's exactly what happened! It was really something special, however , the screenshot just didn't didn't do it justice ...... Cheers R
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    This would be good if not for tha fact that FSX-SE has a hidden directory somewhere you also need to add them to! However since posting this I have learned that PILOTS is releasing a 2016 upgraded version of their mesh with a multi installer and more recent data, so I will buy that for Xmas!
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    Heck of a post Eric , the lighting is spot on and so our your settings . Cheers John
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    I could warm up to these shots , but it might take awhile . Cheers John
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    Thanks RJ! Thanks Erik! Thank you Voyager! I'd love a vacation there but not till I win the lottery. Gosh, just looking at a postcard costs a million $! Good idea Martyn, I didn't know KBLU was so close, gotta look at the map on my wall. Soon gerold, soon. I'm more busy right now than a one armed wallpaper hanger.
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    Thanks RJ! Thanks Mark. Christmas season is here and it is driving everyone bonkers. Wish we'd get snow here in Georgia but seldom do. Thanks Erik! It's a fun plane and should be payware. Thank your Roger! Just testing it out. Thanks! Thanks Martyn, yeah, I'd really like the PanAm but I guess it was for version 1.2 and it said I had 1.4 but I have the latest version so I don't understand their numbering schemes. Thanks Gerold! I miss skiing, man do I miss it. Can never do it again with knee replacement soon.
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    I unloaded a lot of fuel barrels in Buffalo Joe's DC3's at 40 below when i worked for Nuna in Lupin (Echo Bay -gold mine ). I fly this free beta daily in FS-Economy and can't believe how good it is , Carenado can learn a thing or 2 from these guys, and wondering what is to come, as from what i understand there working on the lighting now.
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    https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://flusinews.de/2014/07/mit-frank-dainese-ins-argentinische-hochgebirge/&prev=search Cheers John
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    I saw some screenshots of it after googling the name...It appears to be no where the quality I know ORBX is capable of..
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    There will be an openLC Oceania but it's not a high priority since we already have AU and NZ covered with regions. We will more than likely do FTX Australia V2 and upgrade all the airports, add mesh, new water bodies and coastlines and a bunch of POI models
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    My first screenie for a long time. Good luck to everyone....
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