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    Just wanted to say Thank You to the authors.. We all get carried away by the "latest thing", but I just bought New Zealand - North Island so I could fly with some multiplayer buddies. This scenery was crafted with loving attention to detail that I have not seen in more recent titles. The little towns fit perfectly in the valleys, and the scenery is truly captivating! One more time: Thank You!
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    Wonderful location, and just love this area at this time of year. (graphics settings link is in the video description, the T-6 responds very well to dynamic reflection) Yes my landing was horrible. Cheers, Rob.
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    Haven't entered for a while so here's mine for April...flying in SoCal just north of the Mexican border
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    Cloverdale to San Carlos via Santa Rosa Enjoy and thanks for looking! Sorry for so many shots, couldn't decide which shots i should leave out. FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
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    After practicing with the C185, I felt prepared for transporting a little bit more freight / hikers with the Twotter. Entering the playground... ... to Ononge, ... ... next to the colleague in Woitape, ... ... leaving Fane. Not really an area for a quick walking tour. Ready to circle down to Tapini. Ononge, again (I forgot the lawn mover there...). Oh, oh, Ononge is a bit tricky... Finally, Yongai. The curved approach really is a challenge to me... ;-( ... before resting in Kokoda "international", so I call it, as you can land totally relaxed there. Can you see Isurava below? And the entire playground along the Kokoda track? But I skip them all now, and head back to Jacksons... Survived with only neglectable virtual damage. A good day for a bushflying amateur... ;-)
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    Best regards Renault
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    Taken in P3DV3. This is one fantastic piece of work by Jarrad and im sure you will agree when it becomes yours, This is my first look around and there will be more to follow.
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    ... hopefully a postcard from vacation will work ..... ... and hopefully I will get home in one piece.
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    Evening descent into Canberra on the RAZZI3 STAR... First screenie with Orbx and REX 4 products.
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    A special look at windsock: very nice all! Voyager
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    Stunners. cheers Iain
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    Beautiful shots of the Texan!
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    As real as they come Dolf - love your shots mate
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    Excellent composition! Voyager
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    Fine shot indeed. cheers Iain
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    Ladies must take off high heel shoes. As for me, I could not use my walking stick on that.
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    A long way for that aircraft to be but I can understand why. Great scenery. :-)
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    Indeed a big nose! :-)
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    Very nice picture! It's a Twin Otter right?
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    Very nice set! Excellent aerobatic flights, I enjoyed the passage on the back over the runway! LoL! You can now apply for to join the "Patrouille de France", how about? LoL Voyager
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    Impressive this one! Voyager From iPad
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    Nice end of day in australia Have a good flight
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    One man's sewer pipe is another man's bridge . Cheers John
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    Thanks Karsten, I'll save fuel from now on...
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    Hi John I just experienced the same thing but on a different post, and found that if I removed the smiley face emoticons it worked.... Cheers Doug
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    Contest entry for sure !! . Cheers John
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    Have a look here: http://forums.simviation.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&p=1274640 or:http://www.rikoooo.com/en/downloads/viewdownload/8/779 I promise you a lot of fun.
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    Aaron, great to see you posting once again. You always seem to use cool and interesting aircrafts in your videos. The weather looks perfect to fly in, anything else would be hard to see the landing strip... Looking forward to your next video.
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    Nice one Aaron. Cool vid.
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    News from Terry Carr "TeeCee" himself today Okay, Lads, Here's the good news from me. It looks like I'll be going home on Tuesday. The hospital bed and all the oxygen equipment have been delivered to the house. We are just awaiting the supplies of "baby food," which I am to live on from here on out, and then it's homeward bound ... I hope. Thanks for everything, Terry
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    By the time they finish painting it, it's time to start over, endless task of maintenance, maybe they need a tunnel to cope with the extra traffic, peak hour can be a bitch. great shot
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    That is also done with post processing in an video editor known as Sony Vegas. He is using an ENB mod but the majority of the color correction you see in the video is done in Vegas
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    Lights can easily be made available during daytime, but that would mean they are -always- turned on during daytime. Orbx are however currently working on some new tech similar to objectflow that can make this possible. It's in very early stages though, so stay tuned - Finn
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    Hello, Very nice senery with good fps in P3D v.3.1. But, it would be nice if you could add some moving/dynamic vehicles. The only dynamic movements at the moment are luggage handling and some walking people. Is there a plan to add some moving/dynamic airport vehicles in a future update? Cheers, Steve
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    I took another flight from ENGM To ESSA and all went very well! And my settings are almost maxed out with 55% traffic! the only thing that i have unchecked the FTX configurator is static aircrafts! I never had an oom since i've upgraded to P3d V3.
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    it's great actually! i took a flight from flytampa EKCH to ESSA and i didnt have any problem at all! Buy it you wont regret it, it's a masterpiece!
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