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    G'day everyone, I am very excited to announce my latest project to you all, KPSP PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT for FTX Global. Given this is my tenth product with ORBX, I wanted to celebrate by adding something a little extra for this scenery; the result is something a bit bigger than usual So as well as the airport, I have included an enormous coverage area encapsulating a fair portion of the Coachella Valley (including the cities of Palm Springs, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs, Thousand Palms, Rancho Mirage and Cathedral City), San Jacinto Mountains, San Gorgonio Pass, portions of the San Bernadino Mountains and even a sliver of Joshua Tree National Park. This area is fully rendered with hand-placed agn buildings, entirely new custom autogen vegetation classes unique to Palm Springs, custom mesh, and dozens of points of interest to explore. Aside from KPSP, there are other locations to fly to - "lite" versions of Banning Municipal and Bermuda Dunes airports are included, as well as a representation of Palm Springs Hospital, and finally some very special (and difficult) helipads located along the Aerial Tramway route up to San Jacinto Peak (10,834ft). From the lush golf course resorts of Palm Springs (over 50 within the coverage area alone!) to the harsh desert of the Valley floor, to the high-altitude alpine wonderland of San Jacinto, there is an enormous amount to explore within this scenery. Palm Springs is a resort city situated 100 miles east of Los Angeles, in the heart of the Coachella Valley. It came to prominence in the 1950's as a luxury get-away for the Hollywood elite - as a result of the money flowing in at this time, the area is home to some of the finest examples of Modernist architecture anywhere in the world. Famous as the getaway for celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Elvis Presley and even the odd US President, Palm Springs has retained it's reputation for being a retreat for millions of visitors a year. For those not familiar with the area, the city is located in a dramatically beautiful location - the center of downtown is located at the foot of one of the most topographically prominent mountains in the United States. KPSP itself is an International Airport located a couple of miles from downtown Palm Springs, and hosts fourteen airlines serving destinations across the continental US, Canada and Mexico. The unique airport terminal is a combination of mid-century Modernist architecture (main building) and open-air planning (Sonny Bono concourse). This makes for a wonderfully unique setting for your airliner flights - park alongside an open-air waiting area including retail shops, children's playground and sculpted parkland. Aside from the terminal, there is plenty else to see at the airport, too. Explore the Palm Springs Aviation Museum (which I can personally recommend to anyone in the area), with it's vast array of outdoor airside and non-airside exhibits. As well as this, check out the new control tower, the work going on at the Skywest maintenance facility, and finally hang out with the rich and famous at the several FBO's. I have tried to capture the sophisticated atmosphere and desert climate at Palm Springs by spending a large amount of time on the "small details", whilst still aiming to capture the big-picture feel of the location. As always, I also spent a huge portion of the development process tweaking the scenery for maximum performance, in expectation that it will be used with your favorite resource-heavy airliner or bizjet. I have included some brand-new development techniques to get the very best performance out of this scenery (which I will embellish on later), I hope these screenshots provide a good idea of what to expect - stay tuned for more updates in the coming week. FEATURES - Ultra-detailed rendition of KPSP Palm Springs International Airport - Enormous coverage area at 30cm and 1m coverage - over 70km from one end of the coverage area to the other! - Brand new custom autogen vegetation classes unique to Palm Springs - Numerous new static aircraft unique to KPSP - all controllable via the CP and sorted by type (Airliner/Airline Charter/Corporate/GA) - Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and unique night-lighting methods used for maximum realism - Highly detailed APX file to allow unique parallel runway operations at the airport. - Custom landclass, vector data, custom seasons file and 10m Holgermesh to ensure maximum fidelity. - Many VFR landmarks included in the coverage area; shopping centers, schools, sports grounds and many others - Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, TextureFlow and more included - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX GLOBAL (Base) in both P3Dv2 and FSX/P3Dv1.4. LANDING AREAS - Palm Springs Aerial Tramway - the five support towers on this 6000ft tramway all have helipads - originally as aids during construction (built in the 60's with the help of Bell 47s), now used for maintenance. Very difficult due to small size, particularly the higher towers (close to 8000ft altitude) on a hot day. - Banning Municipal Airport (KBNG) and Bermuda Dunes Airport (KUDD) - both are on the edges of the coverage area, so I included a "lite plus" version of each. 1m lower-res ground texture, hand placed autogen, custom APX and ORBXlibs objects. - Palm Springs Hospital LANDMARKS and SPECIAL FEATURES - San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farms - 3000+ wind turbines just north of the airport. - Palm Springs Aerial Tramway - the main tourist trap in Palm Springs, takes visitors from the valley floor to (almost) the top of San Jacinto Peak. - Animated AI helicopter - reporting on road traffic, follows many of the arterial roads to the west of the airport. - Animated train - by special request (@Jon M!) - Airport Fire Services - training sessions with EMB-120 frame can be seen several times a day. - Downtown Palm Springs - many many hotels and shopping malls are modeled. - Golf Course Resorts - there are over 50 golf courses in the coverage area, many of which have fancy resorts attached. Largest of which is the Marriott Desert Springs, keep an eye out for it. - Indian Wells Tennis Center - at the southern border of the coverage area.- Bob Hope's House - a very famous piece of architecture nestled on a ridge close to the airport. Available for sale in real life - any takers?- Wet n Wild Water Park - on short finals to KPSP- Palm Springs City Hall - a gorgeous piece of 50's Modernism, located across the road from the airport. - Bank of America building, Tramway Gas Station (Visitor's Center) and Kaufmann Desert House - three more of my favourite pieces of Modernist architecture.- Cabazon Dinosaurs - highway rest-stop kitsch at it's best. North of Morongo Casino. As well as these, keep an out for the dozens of custom and semi-custom buildings in the coverage area - Casinos, Resorts, schools and other buildings. COVERAGE AIRPORT EXTENDED SCENERY AREA Cheers,Jarrad
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    Greatings from Down Under, Untill we get some Orbx airports for Ireland,Just came across some VERY good quality freeware ones at Avsim. Do a search for 'Author : George Keogh' he's made about 20 airports,all with vegitation,people,vehicles & static objects. Cheers...Kim
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    Approaching east cost of Sardinia with the storm under us. Enjoy !
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    Superb job Team - thanks so much - Clouds P3D - Weather Opus FSI - Opus is amazing with P3D clouds
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    I've made this for myself but thought like the NGX/JS I would share it. Please Note: You will need to know how to operate the 777. I have uploaded it to my business web site, here is the link. Enjoy! http://www.limegallery.co.uk/originals/oils-and-acrylics/i-cant-forget-2/777-2/
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    Shots made in FSX and with the addition of 'Manhattan' from Aerosoft.
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    Wow! I'm impressed, wish I could get my i7 4790k GTX770 to look half that good in FSX. Could I bother you and ask what kind of FTX light settings you are using? I can't get my 3D lighting to look anything like that, especially that dense. What auto-gen setting is this in FSX?
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    "Little I imagined Men would treat this sky Some day to a pageant Like a thousand birds. Neither you nor I Ever thought to fly. Oh, but fly we did, Literally fly……" Robert Frost : 1963 The P-40 has so much *character* - and the A2A/WOP model is simply superb. I'm still looking for that elusive screencomp entry. This month is going to be harder than ever - with Yosemite to contend with! Adam.
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    Another set of Awesome Shots Rich !!!!
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    Howard.... You have a style signature quality to your shots.. I can recognise your shots even if I didn't see your name to them... much like Mallard, Emmsie, you have a style thats your own. More than screen shots, but pure art. Enjoyed viewing all these... my only disappointment was when I got to the last shot, I wish there were more! Cheers John
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    But you have to put this statement into the right context. There is not one, true, correct coastline in reality. Water marks change due to a lot of reasons (ebb and flow cycle, seasonal influences, precipitation etc). FSX, however, can only have static coastlines. So of all the coastline variations existing in the real world, we had to pick exactly one and convert it into static FSX scenery data. As I explained in my previous post, there's no way to do this correctly. Let me give you an example: a water body in a desert area that is only filled with water in a specific season and after a certain amount of precipitation - how would you do that in FSX? Would I make this water body permanent and you fly over this area in FSX during summer when there was no rain for 20 days you could argue "this waterbody is wrong, there can't be water now". Would I not make this water body in FSX at all and you fly when there was massive amounts of rain for 10 days you could argue "where's the water body? It should be there!". The exact same thing applies to the coastline definitions - if you fly in conditions where in reality the coastline would be different from the static model FSX supports, it won't be a hundred percent accurate. What do now? Compile scenery files with another version of the coastline. But again, that would only be a static version of all the coastline variations existing in the real world and in circumstances where they differ from the static model you could complain about the fact that there's a difference. Hope that explains the basic problem . Bernd
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    Hi Dominique! Okay, here's a detailed explanation about coastlines, water marks etc and this will probably explain the problem . There are basically two ways of defining the coastline of water bodies in our source data (and in most accurate GIS sources): Ebb and Flow The actual coastline changes because of the ebb and flow cycle at a particular place on the earth; this is way there is no such thing as an EXACT coastline; much more there are several definitions of coastlines according to the ebb and flow cycle: high water mark (during flow), mean high water mark (average of water mark during flow), low water mark (during ebb) etc. Our source data always uses the mean high water mark as its definition of coastline. That would lead to the conclusion, that the areas marked on the screenshots should be covered with water, but it is the next classification (see below) that comes into play now. Permanent and Intermittent The second classification for coastlines in our source data is whether a specific water body is permanent or intermittent. This does specifically NOT refer to the ebb and flow cycle; in other words: if parts of a water body are not covered by water during an ebb, these parts are not automatically intermittent. They are still permanent (even though there are times where there's no water at this specific area). Permanent and intermittent refers to different reasons than the ebb and flow cycle to answer the question if a water body is always covered by water or not. Let me give you an example: A waterbody somewhere in desert areas might only be covered with water a few weeks of the year (depending on precipitation, temperature etc). This has nothing to do with the ebb and flow cycle, which is why this waterbody is intermittent (and not permanent). For this intermittent water body, there is more than one coastline definition, because at times when it is covered with water, the coastline changes because of the ebb and flow cycle. What's the conclusion of all this? The conclusion is, that the GIS data provider of the Canadian government decided to define the areas in question as intermittent (which again has nothing to do with the ebb and flow cycle and therefore has nothing to do with high water mark or low water mark), because the coverage of the area with water does not only depend on the ebb and flow cycle but on OTHER factors (such as precipitation, temperature etc) which is why they classified it as INTERMITTENT. The problem for me as a developer was, that FSX can't display intermittent water bodies correctly (essentially this would mean that FSX would have to evaluate whether the season, precipitation, temperature etc would indicate that there is water at this area or land and render it accordingly) - but FSX can't so I had to decide whether to make these water bodies permanent water or not. I have decided to make them land, because of the following thought process: if a waterbody is intermittent, by providing accurate landclass at this point (e.g. a mud texture or a sand texture with water patches in it etc), we could make this area look much more than reality than just putting water there for the whole year. Had I converted intermittent water bodies to permanent water bodies, then we would have lost the opportunity to control the rendering of the landscape by applying accurate landclass data to this area. And I didn't want to do that, because that's a one way street where we lose control over how the landscape looks like in FSX. This led to the conclusion that I will make intermittent parts of water bodies to land and only display water where there is a permanent water body. I hope my explanation made it a bit clearer for you - if not, don't hesitate to ask more specific questions and I'll be happy to answer them . I have put a lot of thought into these topics and there is no optimum solution when we're stuck with a rendering engine that simply can't do all the things we want to . Bernd
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    An absolute fantastic series of outstanding shots Howard! Beautiful pieces of art again here from Yours!
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    Hahaha ... good one I suppose it's only a matter of time until that excuse is used for yet another ferry breakdown! Adam.
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    Fantastic light and sky, indeed. And you reached the city at the right time!
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    Setting up for a bombing run on the Inter Islander Ferry are you ??
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    Agree that the lighting in this set is fantastic. Thanks for sharing these pics. Mallard
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    Just departed from the same place - in a different plane, on another route and in another season, but weird to see that coincidence Nice one! Mallard
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    Thank you Iain and Stu . Kiwi Stu , I know you are a fan of the Avro series . I have struggled with this aircraft initially but I have persevered with it . I have found that it is unforgiving if you don't have the fuel weight ,approach and landing speed correct . I love this aircraft for regional sectors globally . Hence I have many liveries . The Air NZ and the QantasNZLink are spectacular when flying in" the land of the long white cloud ".
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    Fine set of shots. cheers Iain
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    Why don't you let the download run during your nighttime? Started in the evening you may have the finished download in the morning after a refreshing sleep. I don't see any problem here. I did downloads which lasted 24 hours and more and I got it done. Patience is the keyword. You need not to sit in front of the monitor and watch the bytes coming through. Spirit
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    ...and the answer is the same: make use of the FSS DVD service.
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    Nice. Wont be able to install until this weekend. Care to share some more Southern Hospitality and help this Georgia boy out with a couple around my way? KSSI or KSAV?
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    Wow, amazing light here, real subtle colors in your set. I don't know how you arranged your settings for this set, but it's really impressive. I was trying to pick one that I liked the most but abandoned. I like them all.
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    Very, very nice. Great plane, great pics and a nice trip. Cheers.
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    Superb shots, a real feast for the eyes. Excellent ideas, colors and composition. Just a beautiful collection for sure.
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    Great set, Stu. I love the cockpit shot of #2. The aircraft looks great with a maple leaf! Cheers, Jim
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    Excellent set of shots! My favorite is the B-17 at Yellowstone. But, it took awhile to really pick one out! Cheers, Jim
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    I have been using Pro Flight Emulator (PFE) together with FDC Live Cockpit (FDC) for a number of years now and I can highly recommend them. PFE replaces the default ATC and includes many voice sets with different English accents, taxi guidance system both verbal and visual and many other improvements. FDC acts as a copilot, performing checklists ext. also has cabin crew announcements, again with different accents. You can buy them individually or together. They have been tweaked to work together. http://www.ocs-support.co.uk/forums/index.php?sid=49ed3209d7f31a9ce68ed92f3e4f6f1a
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    Cool widies Stu, #2 is a corking cockpit shot mate
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    Just a superb collection of shots very hard to pick the best they are all top class. cheers Iain
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    Thanks again, mates! There is a helicopter landing pad (which I don't think is there in real life) up towards the Half Dome end of the valley... Cheers Mallard
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    Wonderfull compilation of shots Howard, enjoyed them all!
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    Every one of them, absolutely amazing!! Enjoyed these very much!
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    Beautiful Dolf, thank you. I look forward to getting in there soon.
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    Croeso Cymru! Welcome to Wales! A set from an area I know very well indeed as is where my family comes from and we are there five or six time of the year if we are not in Cornwall or Suffolk. Machynlleth, Dolgellau, Dinas Mawddwy, Abergonolwyn, Castel y Bere, Nant Gwernol, Cemaes Road, Corris, Ceinws, Esgairgeiliog, Abermawr, Aberdyfi............... Chrome queries the spelling of every name and kudos to those who can pronounce them. We got 'the look' if we ever got it wrong but it is still home to us. The pass at Tal-y-llyn History? Legend? How do you like it? Owain Glyndwr was the last Welsh born Prince of Wales he held parliaments in two towns within throwing distance of this spot. Machynlleth to the south and Dolgellau to the West, just off the Harriers nose. The mountain on the left of the shot is Cadair Idris. The last time anybody saw him was on this mountain. Also note from Arthurian legend, King Arthur's final battle, the Battle of Camlann is given as being in one of several possible sites ranging from Scotland to Cornwall, the Shropshire border and here. Now powering around the bend over Abergonolwyn and Afon Cader into a dead end valley where nestles the Welsh build fortification of Castel y Bere. Then home for tea and biscuits. What I like about ORBX scenery is that although you might not be able to find your house you will be able to find your town and everything looks near enough how you know it so long as you don't look too hard or too close. It is a bit like Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He might not have got it down word for word but it feels just about right. Well done folks. Cheers. Phil F
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