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    Snoopy, have you tried flying over Europe (Austria in my case) with Europe selected in FTX Central? Don't, it's a mess. Fly Europe with Global selected, entirely different story! Very, very good. Just shy of full fat regions I'd say. Sure, there are some bridges missing and roads to nowhere but the overall impression is terrific. Also, in due course, it'll get better and better. PNW is an example of how these thing mature with age. Top job.
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    Thanks for watching and...Merci Richard ! zinj
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    Hi community, Thank you all so much for your support of openLC EU and the effort that went into it. Whilst we never share actual sales volume, I am pleased to say that openLC EU has surpassed even the mighty FTX Global for the number of copies sold in the first three days of release. So thanks for making this our most successful product launch in our eight year history! Couple of points to add: - For those finding missing areas larger than 1km sq (i.e. cities, industrial areas etc), please log a support call and we will try to add them into the V1.1 service pack. Important! Add screenshots and coordinates to the report. Without this it's hard for our developers to locate the problem areas. Even though our testing team tried to scour all of the 10+ million km sq area, I am sure we missed some details. Don't worry, this release is just the start of the journey - I am reading some confused posts from people who are seeing "roads crossing buildings" or "no 3D objects on the docks" or "this is not suitable for VFR" etc etc. Many of these comments stem from a lack of understanding of what a landclass product actually is. I am going to ask Rob Newman to author a simple guide on what LC products do, so there's less confusion and unreleastic expectations. OpenLC EU does not make any claims to rival photoreal imagery based scenery, align vector roads to textures, nor add 3D objects (the list goes on). All it does is add a 1km x 1km resolution landclass grid to all of Europe and with GB's of superb FTX textures. Nothing more, nothing less. Remember, report missing areas and we'll try to fix them asap. All in all, given the sheer number of sales and the very low number of bugs reported, 99% of purchasers are too busy enjoying their new Europe to report back here. That puts a smile on the whole team's face Thanks again!
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    Is there life out there? There must be. 88,000+ Stars courtesy of AutoStarX
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    One beauty of a shot !! . Cheers Brad
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    Bah..... nonsense. Be positive! : )
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    I would like to see a Wellington Airport with a few updates around the Wellington Region. Cairns is one of my favourites and if that sort of thing could be put into a Wellington Airport I would be one very happy chappy
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    I have been looking at a lot of P3D default scenery over the past few days as I test things out and most of it IS boring. With the cloud & water effects of v2 it isn't quite as boring as default FSX but getting there. :-lol Thanks Ruud... I think I'm going to need that luck.
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    Hey country-mate, again a fine serie of splendid shots.
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    The tip of Moritz has helped. Great. Have fun.
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    Look on the bright side Howard, while you've been away on Holiday the weathers been awful here in the UK.........Oh no wait a minute it's been really nice....sorry
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    You think you have it bad, Howard? I will have to wait two weeks for my new PC to arrive after the current one suffered a motherboard and GPU failure on Friday night On the plus side......it's a new PC
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    A lot of work went into this set Anton and it shows! Nice to see fellow FSX'ers still have quite a bit of life left in this wonderful hobby!! Very well done!!!
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    "Good on ya mate! Great to see you're still flying the flag." Mate I will ALWAYS fly the flag for AUs. I may not live there just now, but it's Gods own country, and it's where my heart is.Teecee.
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    Hi Everyone ! On my P3Dv2.2 with FTX Base, Vector, FS Global Mesh and OpenLC EU, Amsterdam looks like this : according to google maps the grasland area on the other side of the river should be city texture too. So i think this is a Landclass missplacement and should be noted for future patches. Yours Moritz
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    Hi Andy ! Checked your location and find this Have P3dv2.2 base, vector 1.15, OpenLC EU and Fs Gloabl mesh. Seems similar tor your post but with more trees ... and the Lahn river is not covert withe stones... had this problem before vector 1.15. Have you patched it ?. Also had problems within "Hybrid Mode" . Maybe could help you
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    Thanks for your opinion Tomsel, you have voiced it a few times now over the past days and we respect it and understand your disappointment, but please don't make this a crusade ok?
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    Aircraft - Carenado SR22 GTSx Turbo
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    The advice that makes the most sense given the scale of the project is to raise issues and hope something can be easily done to incorporate your wishes, in which case it may well be. But, there are 10,000,000 sq km of landclass cells each of 1x1 sq km that have to be assigned a 'class of land'. Within each cell there can only be one 'class of land' unless the scenery is hand-annotated. So each request must be not only looked at and assessed, but maybe actioned if the accuracy is way off. If there are only 1% of scenery cells that are reported, that's still 10,000 tasks for the team to assess, let alone action. Hope this adds some perspective to your impression of what OLC Eu can achieve on a local scale.
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    Superb shots Karsten, My EDDS aerosoft scenery will be next on my list to visit
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    Hi Snoopy, I am not sure what you are reading from the manual or if you understand what landclass does for FSX/P3D; but just because some of the data about land use is OSM-derived does not mean you're going to see docks with 3D objects on them. openLC is a 1km x 1km resolution landclass product. It is vastly superior to default FSX/P3D textures or any other landclass released to date. Please don't expect anything more than 1km square textures covering all of Europe, and the manual certainly does not make claim to delivering anything more. If there are any inaccuracies for land-use types > 1km in resolution (i.e. missing cities), then please log a support call and we will deal with it for upcoming patches. Finally, I would urge you to think back to what your Belgium experience looked like in default FSX/P3D and let us know if our product makes it worse in any way?
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    I'm not convinced. The scenery should match the open street maps according to the manual. When you look into open street map the harbour areas are there as well as the city. So why it isn't there in the scenery? When I was flying in FSX with Ultimate terrain everything was there. I'm patient and it cannot be build in one day. So will there be any improvement in the near future to make the scenery a bit more realistic? Best regards, Snoopy
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    Before simming I was interested in RC and this is from 1974, in Sweden. Jack the Swede in Spain
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    Hi Spud, I have nearly all ORBX products, I only miss a few american airfields I didn't get yet, but it's a matter of time. I did'nt take the time to update the list of my ORBX release So I own obviously FTX Global - FSS0223269 and Global VECTOR FSS0276527. And I'm asking, what to do to get back a normal display oh all this airfields ? And I still cannot download any screen capture, as I alway get this strange message : Some files were not added to the queue: The file "2014-7-20_18-28-16-749.jpg" is empty. The file "2014-7-20_11-52-26-572.jpg" is empty. The file "EDWG.jpg" is empty. when I try to download picture on OZx Image Hosting.
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    Snoopy, just remember what you used to fly over pre Orbx, and be thankful that someone took the trouble to drag simming out of the dark ages.. If you want real ..fly over boring Photo scenery. Teecee.
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    Really great pair of vide these well done. cheers Iain
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    Finally people can see how P3d has changed flight simming. This video is an awesome display of the immersion you get, something screenshots can never capture, and I'll bet it felt even better for John flying. It's the little things, the cloud shadows, so it felt overcast, how often we see full blown overcast and bright sunshine, makes very nice screenshots but not very realistic, this is real, and feels real, loved the shadow of the aircraft on the wing, during the brief patches of sunlight, flying at cloud base never felt so real. Your videos are evolving John, glad you made the switch, keep them coming, I can feel how much your enjoying this. Cheers Ken
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    Yesterday I went shopping and bought food for €25..... Can you imagine, how small the amount of products was? And the worst thing was... It was eaten up the same evening... There was a time, I spend 200€ for VFR Germany... It has never got Updates, it has never got a second (or third or fourth) season, because "too huge", too expensive " and its now laying uninstalled and unuseful in a corner... No, €25 for such an improvement and fun for month is really more than OK! And: We could have the situation, that it would cost the same amount to use it in P3Dv2, but we get it free! Pity, that I'm just now in sweden for 4 weeks in my holiday cottage and have a limited mobile account for my Internet connection .... Looking forward to seeing what friends are saying about it and looking to the following Screenshots...! Stephan
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    Yep I switched to PC pilot when all this went on.
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