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    See how this topic title provides no information as to the content. Quite a number of posts requesting help give little or no information in the title as to the content of the post. i.e. "help I am a newbie" or "Getting frustrated" . This makes it difficult to search the site later on for solutions if others are having similar problems. Titles such as "OOM problem" or the like are better than "Getting frustrated". Might save a lot of time and duplicate queries if one could search more effectively. Anyway, that's the sermon for the day, Rev. Dan.
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    Isn't it interesting how you violate your own point and request in your particular practice in this instance? Why not a topic title like "please use more specific topic titles". I suspect you transgressed for the same reasons others do: to get attention.
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    G'day everyone, I'm very excited to unveil the first shots of my latest project, Redding for Northern California. Given this is the first airport for our latest region product, I thought it best to model two airports in full HD, along with an expansive coverage area and plenty of landmarks. This product not only includes Redding Municipal Airport (KRDD), but also Benton Field (O85), Mercy Medical Center helipad and Redding cityscape all rolled into one. Between these areas, there should be something suitable for all types of flyers; KRDD is capable of handling up to 747/C-5 size aircraft, O85 is a lovely airpark close to the Redding city center, and Mercy Hospital provides a unique and detailed landing area for helicopter pilots. Redding was a "heavy request" from several of our team; in fact four of our developers and testers have lived and worked in Redding, and I've been delighted to spend the last couple of months bringing the project to fruition. For those not familiar with the area, Redding is one of the largest cities in the Sacremento Valley, as well as being gateway to the Shasta Cascade region immediately to the north. Many may be familiar with the large CalFire Fire Attack Base at KRDD; as well as being home to several interesting fire bomber aircraft types (several of which have been modeled in the scenery), it is also home to the large Smoke Jumpers training center. The terminal at Redding is currently undergoing a significant expansion; what you see here is the new building as it will look when complete; reference material was based on architectural plans and artist renderings. As well the fire base and terminal, Redding is home to several other large FBOs including Redding Jet Center (catering to business jet traffic), Shasta Air (eggbeater heaven!) and several others. Keep an eye out for a few other rarities, including an ex-RAAF Canberra bomber awaiting renovation. Benton Field is a small GA airpark approximately 12 miles from Redding, with an interesting approach over plenty of downtown landmarks. The local FBO (Hillside Aviation) is a hub of activity, keen an eye out for the plethora of aircraft undergoing maintenance, as well as a certain (in)famous cellphone-obsessed lady hanging around the cafe deck (!). As well as the FBO, Benton is home to the local Police Air Wing and many private aircraft owners. Mercy Hospital and plenty of other local landmarks have been included in the cityscape coverage area. Keep an eye out for the world-famous Sundial Bridge, as well as eight other custom-modeled bridges, the new City Hall, local County Jail, shopping complexes, schools, sports fields and others. FEATURES - TWO Ultra-detailed & low-impact airports: Redding Municipal KRDD and Benton Field O85 - Ultra-detailed rendition of Mercy Medical Center helipad - Huge coverage area at 30/60cm including the majority of the City of Redding - Ten new StaticFlow models, variations and skins created exclusively for Redding Airport, including ex-RAAF Canberra Bomber and CalFire attack aircraft - Advanced rendering & ambient occlusion techniques - Nine custom-modelled bridges including the famous Sundial Bridge, extended rail bridge and many others - Many landmarks and POI included in the coverage area; shopping centers, schools, sports grounds and many others - Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, TextureFlow and CreatureFlow - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX NA GOLD NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COVERAGE BENTON FIELD O85 MERCY MEDICAL CENTER DOWNTOWN REDDING REDDING MUNICIPAL AIRPORT KRDD Cheers! Jarrad
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    FTX: NA 65S Bonners Ferry. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUeNtlQybjI&list=UULSiNBmmUJD1jKirRNr_ddA&feature=c4-overview
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    Getting ready at Olympic field (WA45): Crossing Discovery Bay: Overhead Jefferson County Intl. Airport (0S9): Oh, what a sight! An island to the left and the airport to the right Protection Island Wildlife Refuge: And suddenly... a near miss: But luckily I got down at the better version of a final destination . Diamond Point (2WA1) :
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    Fantastic video. Professionally done.
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    Thank you Orbx crew, I was thrilled to see you had put Laguna Seca in ... even the bridge that runs across the track!! Beautiful, many thanks. Rob
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    I love that Northern Idaho area, I love the FTX rendition of it, and I love your beautiful video which displays it so very well. Thanks! Tom Wunder
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    Hi Tym, thanks for the reminder. We've fixed the flatten issue and the updated KBLI will be in the upcoming PNW service pack. Cheers, Holger
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    1900D from Auckland NZ to Whakatane NZ
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    Hey guys, couldn't help to [somewhat] follow this thread with this very misleading title. It seems to be impossible to explain to the originator, that by purchasing the FTX Global he'll get replacement for the Microsoft land class tiles. Thus - if Microsoft decided that at Shoreham the skyscrapers are the way to go, FTX Global will put the skyscrapers there as well - with better overall look and feel: Only by purchasing the England regional pack he'll get this very customized and a fairly accurate representation of the area: No need for exotic install procedures, just to run the provided installer, no need for the dx10 preview to mess with... I would also suggest that this thread almost exhausted all the possible and impossible scenarios?!
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    Just purchased Sekiu and Northern California. First flight to Sekiu, interesting approach, but I nailed it! Paused sim on rollout, had quick look at FAA Airport/Facility Directory. Airport Remarks: Unattended, Deer on and in vicinity of airport Sept to Mar. Returned to sim, hit pause, and right in front are two deer (look like Elk actually)! Brilliant now I know why I bought this, well done Misha and Orbx.
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    The "point" of his title was to 'point' out that neferious titles do not 'point out' any kind of problems. I have posted the same sentiment more than once on this and other sites. Unfortunately the dunder heads that do use these useless post titles never bother to read anything but their own stuff to see if the 'problem' has a solution. IE: signature space, I finally gave up harping on that point and just turned everybody's sig. OFF. Makes viewing the forum about 45% faster and saves mouse finger blisters from rolling the scroll wheel 8,345 times per page!
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    I completely agree. I bet there's a multitude of useful and interesting information that most of us will never find without digging around!
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    Exactly my feelings!
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    Very nice video, thanks for posting. Peter
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    Just took another closer look at the pictures - and then read the blurb. Sure enough - at least one of the "sights" is quite a pleasant surprise! Cheers Mallard (I think I have to go make a phone call)
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    Now that's one real unique and breathtakingly beautiful way to arrive into this wonderful scenery! Great shots Brad!
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    Very nice shots Actually Blaney airfarmers was my 2nd or 3rd go at making a bit of scenery with the original OZx crew, I was even a little naive and used an Orbx shed but nobody ever found out and now I'm here
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    From your screen shots I'm seeing stock FSX terrain behind the ORBX freeware. I went into my setup and re-created your conditions and got the same scene. For CBB7 I see the correct trees and models, but shorelines and roads are out of place, as you would expect them to be in FSX with no PNW region installed. Same for KHQM...I'm seeing correct display for the immediate airport freeware, and FSX default surroundings. The flat ground buildings are typical in FSX and depend upon your autogen settings. You may see some 3D buildings on the ground and others display as flat. From what I can see in your screen shots, everything is working as designed. For KHQM and CBB7 you will see a major improvement in the scenery with PNW region installed. The coverage and density of 3D autogen objects are much higher and more closely re-create the actual real world terrain. Here's a brief breakout of how the ORBX system works. FTX Global replaces all of the stock FSX land class with higher detail imagery and autogen. FTX Global Vector adds increased accuracy on all vector related details like shorelines, roads and rivers. There are many other features that vector adds as well. FTX Terrain Regions add increased detail for selected regions with special attention devoted to autogen placement and land class details. Individual Airports get the most attention. These are based on photo real ground imaging with special attention going to 3D building modeling and placement, autogen hand annotation and location accuracy. At this level we hand place each building and most of the vegetation to re-create actual real world terrain. The airport ground textures also get a much higher level of detail. If this is your first experience with ORBX products, I'd suggest trying the Tasmania freeware region. This should give you an idea of what to expect from our other regions. Hit me back here with any other questions....I'll be glad to help. BTW..is that the MJ DAK? Good choice.
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    Yes, the PNW airport was in fact too low, the payware version corrects this error and places the airport at the right elevation. I'm already onto it
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    Not being funny, but unless I'm mistaken, we are still waiting for the VASI at 74S to be 'fixed' too.
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