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    More soon chaps. cheers Iain
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    We've kept this one a little quiet for a while, but I'm pleased to say that Alderney is almost done and will be in beta soon. Here are a few screenshots of the beautiful coastline, from Greg Jones' PC. FSX/P3D version will be released first, with XP11 version to follow soon after.
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    V4.5 Orbx Just a few quick ones.
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    Good guess. Yes it is Gaya Simulations’ Courchevel, as part of our ‘in-house’ teams like Turbulent. They developed EGNX for us also. Some very good new tech in this airport, it will be revealed very soon. It will not be compatible with any ortho tile for that 1-degree area due to the highly custom mesh used, you will need to disable that tile. That is, until we release our TE Alps region
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    As said in my previous post, Qantas currently has scheduled a detour in their flight from Alice Springs to Cairns. This is the second half. After a little break, passengers board again. Those on the right side can see Uluru, Yulara village and Kata Tjuta. And you see the same icons when you get out of the plane and look back. Lake Amadeus, north of YAYE. A city map of the place where most of the passengers started 2 hours ago... . Pine Gap tracking station and the MacDonnell ranges in beautiful view for those on the left. And a last view of the biggest city around. Near Mt. Isa, at the border of NT to QLD, colours change. You see the air gets more humid near the coast... But it also gets dark. Just before landing you see the settlements north of Cairns, full of life. Cairns, finally. The runway lights (still or again?) are a bit shiny. Obviously I caused a traffic jam... And somehow I was contracted by the men in black.
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    So I just decided I have had enough sunshine for a while. I don't have a external cloud/weather plug in , so I decided to see what I could create using just XPlane and a few cloud data references. Not quite up to par with some of the superb screenshots that work their way through our great forum, but it is what it is. So enjoy and be kind folks …. I'm too old to get upset anymore - bad for you I've been told Cheers And as always thanks for stopping by for a while Cheers R TE Oregon SD TE GBS & Southampton XPlane 11.35 XVision 1.26 Rehade 4.3.0 - Custom LUT for colour control Weather - "Creative license " All Cessna shots are at 2710' more or less ( I discovered wind gusts )
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    Just a little exploration flight from Portland Hillsboro to Canby/Spanger Hill Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault XPlane 11.35r1 TE Oregon SD XVision 11.26 Reshade 4.3.0 - Custom LUT Portland Hillsboro Gateway airport Approaching Canby Oregon Spanger Hill
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    Over the pier at Hervey Bay 52K-03
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    Big thanks to the whole Orbx Team! Took the plunge & installed Orbx Central v4.0.13 Fastlane (after reading User Guide), deleted FTX Central when prompted, & followed the Orbx Central Wizard (guided by all the help on these forums) & success... (had to adjust Orbx Central settings to my liking, download newly available updates, delete Object Flow & reinstall Object Flow into my new external library, configure Aussie airports for AUV2, run Vector, & set insertion points & no migration of anything) Particularly pleased with all the available Australian airport updates (+ other updates)... Orbx Central has given my P3Dv4.5 Orbx catalogue a new lease of life - the P3Dv4.5 performance is excellent & scenery order seems absolutely correct... Have been very worried about this transition to Orbx Central for a while & been closely following most of the development progress & users' comments & solutions the support staff have provided... Had some fun bouncing around various Orbx regions & Cityscapes over different locations - all good! Special thanks, of course, to the very talented Orbx Central development team who have communicated their progress & plans with all us Orbx'ers (& provided crucial support)... Cheers, craig
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    The notable landmark in my little flight today.... It is a suspension bridge you can walk across the canyon with a glass floor and look down at the canyon floor below.....
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    P3d v4.5 Global Base Pack Global Vector Global Land Class North America A flight from KBVO Bartlesville, Ok to KHSD Sundance Airport, NW Oklahoma City. Skiatook Lake Arkansas River Farm and Ranch Land KSWO Stillwater Airport Stillwater, home of Oklahoma State University Lake Blackwell and Lake McMurray Cimarron River KGOK Gutherie, Okla KHSD Sundance Airpark NW Oklahoma City
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    Yep , it was me ; sorry to inform you of that , better luck next time ........ Cheers John
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    I only announced our intention to release a patch on August 22nd. That is 12 days ago. How then, can it be delayed by 14 days? We have now fixed all the bridges so the ramps properly connect to the roads, and those files were submitted by the developer today. Once those are tested for the HD version we will release the patch for HD first, then the SD version a day or say later. Please bear with us while we make sure it's done properly ok?
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    Alice Springs airport is always again an impressive scenery. From the airport... ... following the road into town, ... ... where you pass a racetrack and a car cinema (or whatever this is called in OZ English). The ranges look really great in AUv2. This is the southern part of the CBD, with the pool, the roaring Todd river (to the right, if you can´t see it initially), and the RFDS museum. CBD north, with the main hotels, shops and ANZAC hill. And this would be - basically - the view from ANZAC hill towards Heavitree gap. A real metropole, at least relatively to the surrounding.
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    As I see a lot of well understandable reluctance or worries in the UK and in the US, it should be reasonable for OrbX, at that stage, to reserve the drawing to customers from continental Europe.
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    The Milviz F-100D (Thunderchief) in P3D and ORBX SCA. Adam.
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    How does it get better than this??? I think maybe in real life. Maybe, because this is too good.
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    A glorious morning awakens
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    Hello Michael, today, these updates are only for manual installation. I am sure that they will eventually be included but they are interim updates and a little more work is needed by the Australia v2 developers for them to be fully effective.
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    A lot of fun with this TA4J. His nickname "Scooter" fits him like a glove. P3Dv4.4 - TA4J Dino Cattaneo - Orbx KBVS and KJAC
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    Hi all! The last few weeks have been exciting and exhilarating, as these regions truly are a gift to the flightsimming community Having almost exclusively flown in Europe prior to this, I´ve learned to appreciate the great variety of these regions. From the stunning coastline, over the endless forests and the snow-capped mountains, to the dry inland deserts and salt lakes - Pacific North West will surely keep me busy for months to come! So in yet another screenie post showcasing Orbx’s no small accomplishment, I will start off this time south of Spokane, WA in one of my favorite turboengines - the Epic E1000. Here I am enjoying the scenery near Joseph State Airport, OR. Gotta love those colorful crop circles! Not to mention the contrast between the flat plains and the mountainous region to the south. Crossing over the arid alkali Lake Abert, Oregon. Together with the nearby Summer Lake, it was once part of the fertile and lush Lake Chewaucan of ancient times. Heading west, it´s hard not to pay a visit to Crater Lake. There´s something almost unreal about that deep blue water! After a quick snack at Brookings Airport near the California border , I hopped into the TBM 900 to explore the scenic PNW coastline. Here I’m heading north after a touch´n´go at Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, North Bend, Oregon. As epic and feisty as the TBM is, I started to miss my truly epic E1000 before long. And finally I found myself doing an overfly of Portland. Off the record, I might have done a pass underneath one of the many bridges I did however absolutely not land at the railway station Heading into the wilderness again, and the absolutely gorgeous rendition of Sauvie Island. Just ten miles northwest of downtown Portland, between the Columbia River to the east and the Multnomah Channel to the west, it is a popular area for picking pumpkins, hunting geese and kayaking, according to Wikipedia Heading further north along Columbia River, I came across this area just north of Longview, WA. Just look at that detailed rendering of the blend of industrial, residential and farmland areas! On a side note, being an European visitor to PNW, I became increasingly curious of Columbia River. As Wikipedia seems to be my go-to site for trivia, it can educate me on the following: “The river (1,243 miles (2,000 km) long) rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It flows northwest and then south into the US state of Washington, then turns west to form most of the border between Washington and the state of Oregon before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.” Passing over the Port of Tacoma, just 58 miles (93 km) northwest of Mount Rainier. I could have ended the tour here, easily. In fact I could´ve spent the night in Seattle, perhaps gone to a jazz club. I had a strong sensation however, that there was more to discover. What next, you might ask? Feeling adventurous, with a taste for something new, I rented a brand new Diamond DA62 at Auburn Municipal Airport between Tacoma and Seattle, and headed east past Mt. Rainier for a closer look at his iconic peak. Not long after, I found myself soaring over Cle Elum Lake after a touch´n´go at De Vere Field, Teanaway. Although not as fast and nimble as the Epic and TBM, the DA62 is surely not a slouch! Tracking southeast to Ellensburg VOR, I passed Kittitas Valley Wind farm in the fading daylight. I proceeded east, crossing Columbia River once more... ...and descended along the river further north, making a visual approach into Wenatchee Pangborn Memorial Airport rwy 12 , taking care to stay clear of the hills west of the river. Another touch´n´go and a climbing turn westward across the mountains, I turned on the oxygen above 10,000 feet, and gazed happily into the sunset. Growing drowsy and a bit light-headed (did I remember to turn on the oxygen?!!) I descended back into the suburbs of Seattle. In an Uber headed downtown, I called the driver to make a stop near Beacon Hill. Just one more view, then let´s call it a night! Feeling sleepless in Seattle after all the excitement, I couldn´t stop my thoughts wandering off into yet more aviation adventures. A few days later, I came up with the idea of going back to the basics. After clocking in so many hours in various aircraft featuring the fancy Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, I wanted to give myself another challenge. I was thinking of steam gauges and visual navigation. But I wasn´t interested in a Cessna 152 or a Piper Warrior. I wanted to go all-out vintage. I wanted to be behind the stick of one of the most famous American fighters of WW2. Yes, I was of course thinking about the legendary P51D Mustang! If only I could manage to tame this feisty tailwheeler with a 1620hp engine with a max speed of 380kn! Departing Fairchild Air Force Base west of Spokane, I followed (again) Columbia River, first west, then north. How did I acquire the Mustang you might ask? That´s classified. Crossing Okanogan River near Omar... ...in perfect VFR conditions, I maintained an altitude of 8500ft and headed further west towards Ross Lake and North Cascades National Park. Passing Jack Mountain in some light clouds... ...I descended into the Skagit River valley towards Concrete Municipal for a very awkward, but overall safe, touch´n´go. An attempt at the grass strip of Israel´s Farm further west along the river turned out to be an absolute no-go! Utilizing the “war-emergency” absolute maximum manifold pressure of 67in Hg in order to keep above the tree-tops, the go-around quickly brought me to Skagit Regional Airport for some much needed pattern practice (in fact this is the next Orbx scenery on my shopping list!). Feeling slightly more competent, I followed the coastline south past scenic farmlands and rural areas... ...until I could make out downtown Seattle in the distance. Doing an overfly over “Emerald City”, I had to pinch myself once more: Is this really happening? Overflying Seattle in a P51D?!! I only bounced once before the WW2 legend settled on the 10,000ft runway 14R at Boeing Field. Passing overhead were several commercial aircraft making their approach into Sea-Tac further south. As all good things eventually come to an end, so did inevitably this journey. Soaring over the mountains in a Mustang, into the sunset... Thank y’all for watching and a HUGE thanks to the skilled folks at Orbx for making so many dreams come true Until next time, flavik
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    Well, just to keep everything in perspective...... The Sun will run out of Hydrogen in about 5 billion years or so. At that time it will become a red giant star, burn Earth to a cinder and render all of us plus our flight sims extinct. We all hope ORBX Africa will be done with beta by then.
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    I painted a livery just to compliment this beautiful scenery. Wonderful job on this one Orbx! Here are some shots over the city
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    Dear Jack. If you install an updated version of your navigation data, you will be able to navigate to all the airports in that database. Unfortunately, if the real world airport is newer than the P3D database, something that is not uncommon, given the age of that database and you have not spotted this and availed yourself of an addon, then when you arrive, there will indeed be nothing there. Yours sincerely, S. Holmes.
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    Leaving Cortez, Colorado in southwest Colorado heading to Durango Colorado and then Purgatory Ski resort. Durango, home of the Durango, Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. What looks like a small town below is actually the site of The Purgatory Ski Resort. We do not ski but we spend a lot of time there from May through September hiking in the mountains. A view of the mountains from our condo.
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    Hello, guys! I haven’t been here for a long time...
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    hi to all! i will post some screen of my tour around cascade volcanic arc. i fly it aboard default c172 and True Earth Washington
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    Hello Rodger I have enlarged this reply to size 20 However, most if not all browsers have a "zoom" feature which I am sure that you would find helpful. Normally, Ctrl and + to zoom in and Ctrl and - to zoom back out.
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    Freeware Fokker FV11b-3M Tri-Motor replica from the STMA website. The description below gives its background: "This is a replica of the Fokker Tri-Motor which was originally purchased for an Alaskan expedition and named The Detroiter. After crashing in Alaska, It was salvaged and transported to California where it was purchased by Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith and renamed The Southern Cross and especially outfitted for his 1928 Trans-Pacific flight from Oakland, California to Brisbane, Australia. This model was created by Heinz Dzuirowitz, http://myvirtualhanger.com, and Shade Tree Micro Aviation’s Jim McNeill, Peter Fischer, and Bob Feaver, http://shadetreemicro.com, for use by Australia’s Kerry “Kezza“ Cross and Hawii’s Keiger “HawaiiKman“ Bowman to recreate that historic flight in May 2008. It was built by reference to 3-view drawings and as many different historical documents, photos, and authorities as we could find to replicate as faithfully as possible the real airplane." Flown out of Olympia, TE Washington SD for these shots. TTM
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    Another perfect route choice, Jack. How do you always manage to find something interesting? Is there a secret book out there?
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    Flysimware 1918 Thomas Morse Scout smoking copiously on the tarmac at Fairoaks. There is a trick to getting it to go forward after the chocks are pulled away. Something to do with the throttle, which I couldn't find. (Found a review - its a matter of blipping a button on the stick & fiddling with a magneto.) TTM (P3d v4.5)
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    Darrington Muni is indeed a very special airport. I love it. Wonderful field and surroundings.
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    Thanks John, so far having a great time and met some wonderful people. Just a shame you lot couldn't have learned to drive on the correct side of the road! I have just got used opening the left door to find the steering wheel and the pedals.
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    Yes Alderney include seasons and the original ES sound pack. The beaches climbing cliffs is not avoidable since we are using perhaps the highest resolution mesh available in FSX/P3D, and the data is obviously misaligned to the real world. We could try some sloped flattens to rectify those if it’s not a huge amount of work.
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    Thanks John Many years ago a very astute man said : "MONEY! There is no miracle tweak, cure, OS tune-up or other fancy software-based solution for making FSX run better than it did on hardware at the time ACES released the SP2 version - other than FASTER HARDWARE." It is just as valid today as it was then. I am really, really pleased with what I have now. It gives me the opportunity to try a bunch of new ideas that simply couldn't be done before with the hardware that served me so well for so long. Hopefully some of these will make their way into this forum. Cheers Pete Thank you Karoly. I am realized pleased you enjoyed the clouds. These are just freeware from the xplane-org, with the default XPlane weather engine and a bit of playing with data refs on my part. Cheers and thanks again for commenting R Thanks John. Appreciate it Cheers R Thanks so much Iain. TE Oregon SD has so much to offer. It's a fascinating place. I remember years ago, we stayed at a little local hotel there on the most fantastic and isolated sandy beach I have ever seen. Unfortunately, now I bet it is super developed. But in terms of life's memories it still stands out Cheers Sir! Pete Thanks Jimmy. Appreciate it The real star of the show is the Orbx development team and we have an update to look forward to as well.! Pure flight simming bliss Cheers Pete Hi Bob Thanks. I got it from https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=72993310&page=14 It is a great source for default aircraft XPlane repaints. I really like the fine scale detail on some of the decals on this particular repaint . Its also available in a nice blue as well Cheers Pete Thanks ! Cheers Renault Thanks Jack. I'm pretty pleased Yours is pretty good. The Jetline folks do a pretty fine job from what I hear I'm missing your bridge aerobatics. "Please sir, I want some more...." I'm sure if CD was alive today he would agree Take care of yourself sir! Cheers Pete Thanks . I'm really pleased you enjoyed them Cheers R Thanks so much Adam See you Pete Thanks Vince Cheers! Pete Indeed it does Gerold. Cheers Pete
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    Hello Derek, You didn't and in fact the topic developed in a very interesting and well informed way to show that a change in the rules of the promotion was in order and this has been done. Thanks are due to you for the topic and to your fellow customers who took the time to contribute their local knowledge.
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