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    G'day everyone, Following on from Misha's announcement and major previews last weekend, it is clear that many of you are very excited for his upcoming Santa Barbara airport - as am I and the rest of the team. Whilst the beta team are in the midst of putting the scenery through it's paces, and with Misha working all kinds of crazy hours putting the final polish on the scenery, I thought I'd take a break from my own developing to take a few screenshots. I have long had a love for this corner of the US - the coastal scenery of mid/northern California is absolutely stunning; think destinations like Big Sur, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Arcata etc etc. Santa Barbara is the perfect example of this kind of scenery - a lovely beachside city, scattered with Spanish architecture and a Mediterranean climate, framed by the dramatic backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Rather than focusing on the primary features for this scenery (you should have a thorough read of Misha's topic for that kind of info), I thought I'd focus on some of the incidental details around the coverage area - the kind of details that we often don't make too much of a fuss about, but really sum up the essence and charm of projects such as this. Seamless blending from the airport to surrounding scenery - a trademark feature of ORBX airports. Often overlooked, but something that involves a great deal of planning, consideration and careful implantation to ensure an immersive experience, a high level of detail and performance optimization. Airside Detail - this is the business end of the an airport scenery, so no effort is spared to add a minutia of details. This particular area in front of the terminal gets special attention, as it will be the part of the airport that will be visible from your cockpit at the commencement/conclusion of all airline flights. The busy apron, the ground detailing, the diversity of vegetation in the gardenbed, it all comes together to really add to the immersion. Non-airside detailing: again a huge amount of effort has gone into this aspect of the scenery. Quite often we get asked "why bother spending so much time on the carpark/POI/landside?" - a fair question. The answer is twofold; more often than not, the layout of the airport means that many non-airside features are visible when taxiing or parking your aircraft. Secondly, much as with the airport-blending shown above, it is important to create concentric circles of detail. Whilst not 100% as detailed as the airside, given these areas are very close by, it makes sense to keep the detail very high to ensure a seamless "detail transition". Case in point - if you look at the first screenshot in this thread, you will notice that the cars that are directly next to the fence (and therefore visible from an aircraft parked at the gate) are high-detail, whereas those further away (or partially hidden behind walls or buildings) are lower-fidelity. Again, these are some the design choices that are made at all points during the development process. The hidden corners of the airport - despite not being as high-profile as the terminal apron, no expense has been spared for the lower-traffic sections of the airport. The tower precinct, FBOs, and GA hangars all include vast amounts of detail. Some of you may know that I'm not traditionally a fan of interior modelling, however much like other stand-out ORBX terminals (MBS Intl and Meigs, just to name a few), the interior at SBA is pretty special. One of my favourite features is the mosiac artwork that complements the Spanish architecture; this is true-to-life and extends to the outside courtyard areas of the terminal too. Unique runway artwork - a combination of original artwork for the overlays (no repeating/tiling runway base textures here) combined with ultra-HD detail and noise textures ensures a great visual experience both in the circuit/on-approach and on the ground. POI, landmarks and features. Many of these, such as the University of California Santa Barbara, have already been documented. The majority though, are too small or trivial to mention, yet add to the scenery in many ways. Freeway overpasses, pier detailing, water fountains, industrial buildings, secondary shopping malls, and many others are peppered all throughout the scenery. And lastly, a few more shots from around the scenery. And for those wondering about the flag Misha was asking about a few weeks ago: Be sure to keep an eye out for more news and screenshots of Santa Barbara coming up this week Cheers, Jarrad
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    Hi, ... just to show what is possible today in P3DV4 Location: Castel Frankenstein, Heidelberg in FTX Germany South
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    Here is mine for the month. Best of luck to all! Cheers Renault London Sunset ….
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    Hi everyone, Lately there has been some confusion about our products and whether or not regions are required for airports to work. For those of you who are familiar with Orbx you know that above all else, we are committed to bringing you the best quality scenery products for all major simulation platforms. In order to do that, we primarily offer three kinds of products: Base products (Such as FTX Global and Vector for FSX/P3D): Rather than build our scenery experiences on default FSX/P3D landclass, we have created overlays in the form of base products which provide a more accurate and stable base for your simulation experience. These are global, and enhance the entire world. Regions (Such as NA Southern California or TrueEarth GB): These regions provide a more detailed experience for large areas. Regions can include hand placed buildings, landmarks, and trees which more accurately depict the place it is meant to represent. In the case of FSX/P3D, these regions are designed to sit on top of and seamlessly blend with our base products. You can certainly use them without, however you may experience anomalies inconsistent to what we would otherwise consider Orbx-quality visuals. Airports (Such as EGHI Southampton or KSBA Santa Barbara): These are smaller hyper-detailed areas designed specifically to sit on top of our region products. When we develop airports we use the data from the corresponding region to build upon rather than default scenery as that will give our customers the best experience. These airports blend seamlessly with the content. Because we pride ourselves on delivering the complete Orbx-quality experience with all of our products, we will always indicate that airports are designed specifically to work with their corresponding region. Of course anyone is free to try to use them without, however visual anomalies may occur such as those listed in the Southampton release post. Here is an excerpt from the EGHI Southampton user guide: I hope this helps clear up any confusion! TL;DR: We list regions as requirements for our airports because using airports sans regions may produce results below the Orbx quality standard.
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    Flew from Kenai to Homer in I'll-ask-her, I mean Alaska. Notice the mountains in the distance.
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    I finally did it! Flew the 747-8 in real time from PHNL, Honolulu to Melbourne. Not a problem at all and made a nice autoland. Now I can start exploring Oz.
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    Lovely place ya got here!
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    This morning I was in flight, rela flight, first with a Cub and after with a Stearman. It was a great pleasure. This evening I continued to rediscover the FTX world, another great pleasure. Some pics about this great day Enjoy
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    Hi Guys and Gals. I thought I'd put an update on what's happening at Ozsim International Airlines lately. I jumped on the bandwagon early for the new NVIDIA cards. I ordered two new Asus Rog Strix RTX 2080 ti's for my main PC in the cockpit. That set me back 4 1/2 grand and I thought I'd been real clever getting in early, but due to a severe lack of care about this side of the world, I find myself still waiting for them, a month after putting the order in. I could kick myself, as I've just come back from a vacation in Singapore and Vietnam and I had a chance to buy some in Singapore, but passed up the opportunity, as I didn't want to get messed up with immigration and import duties and such. Anyway, I did have a great vacation with my wife and I also got to meet some of the pilots of the aircraft we flew in. On our return journey, I asked the main steward, very politely, if I could get a photo of the 787 flight deck. He arranged for me to go in after we'd landed and I met the pilot and FO. I showed them my sim and they were blown away by it. I got a whole bunch of pics of the flight deck and in particular the seats, as I am setting up to do a small project on my seats in the sim. I have two beautiful weber seats that I acquired some time ago. They are in fantastic condition and I did some repairs on the j-rail system, just prior to heading off on holidays. I have now come up with an idea to modify the seats to closely resemble the 787 seats with the sculpted back and headrests. It will take a while as I have to do the seat backs from foam, make moulds from them and then manufacture them in fibreglass. The headrests will be very close to the real thing with rotating and telescoping head rests. I'm in the prep stages at the moment and as soon as I come up with my drawings and dimensions, I'll kick into gear and get them started. I've also began another upgrade to the main PC, as well. It's getting a motherboard, cpu, ram and cooler upgrade to the new Intel i9-9900k. I've gone with the Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero Wifi board, 32GB of 3600 RAM and a new Corsair i100i cpu cooler. I picked up the motherboard today, but there is a wait for the cpu at the moment, so I have plenty to keep me busy in the mean time. Also, before I left on my holiday, I mounted the windscreen wipers on the shell. I've been trying to find some time to get that done as I have had the "real" 737-800 wiper blades for some time. They are all mounted and look great, so just another tick in the box for the ongoing evolution of my sim. I have a lot of things happening in the next few months. I want to kick off another Tour of Africa before Xmas. I have friends now coming from England and Europe to fly with me over Xmas, so I need to get it all buttoned up and running ASAP. Well, that's enough of my blithering. I'll try and attach a few pics of the latest updates...we'll see how that goes, Frank
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    Hello everyone, We are just finishing up the final testing of EGHI Southampton before it's release. Expect Emmsie's final shots very soon, but meantime here are a few snaps from my quick testing: This is stock XP11 running on my laptop with Ultra Weather XP providing clouds, lighting and atmosphere settings. Note I don't have any AI traffic package installed so you're seeing XP's best default estimates here. With WT3 the airport should come alive. Hopefully our debut UK airport for XP11 will be in your hands soon!
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    You seem to have quite the ax to grind here, and are impressively persistent. I am not employed by ORBX, and have gladly paid for the several dozen airports and regions I own. I can remember reading this forum for the past several years, and numerous posts asked about using the airports without the regions, and the answer I always saw was, "they'll work...but things will be missing." I believed the only way that the airports would fully work, as well as look as advertised, was by purchasing their accompanying regions. Now, was it worded as a requirement on the ORBX site? You bet it was, as Froogle correctly pointed out. I have never met Mr. Venema, and he did seem to come off on his YouTube comments as somewhat flippant. However, I would tend to agree with him that the overwhelming percentage of people that purchased their airports, have also purchased the regions that go with them. Again, the requirement wording on the site could be construed as misleading, but I sincerely doubt they were trying to purposely fool people into purchasing the regions. Hell, the regions came out first, and from all signs, they sold like hotcakes before airports were even released for the regions; especially at the rate they are now. I also don't know you, but you're coming off as someone who just wants to wag their finger around, and shout to the sky about how unfair this is. I don't believe they owe anyone a full refund, as they didn't force people to buy the airports. Furthermore, if people were so confused about the wording, they sure didn't bring it up prior to Froogle's video. Very best regards sir, Ron
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    WBS: FX13617 A2A: 539-meanie002 WBS: FX13489 A2A: 555-005 WBS: FX13413 A2A: 542-lady3
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    What a nice evening for a flight from Avalon, YMAV, to Moorabbin, YMMB.
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    Made a nice flight from Melbourne, YMML, to Avalon, YMAV.
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    Just spent a great week in Auckland with sister, nieces, nephew and multiple grand-nieces and -nephews. Here I try to replicate our departure from Auckland airport NZAA which is close to an hour by road south of the city centre built on the mudflats of Manukau Harbour, now a major container port that points west to Australia. Here a not unusual day of light rain for departure. Turning left from 23R to the north and then west... Penetrating the 8 octa cloud layer And then on top...apart from the first and last 10 minutes the flight is over the Tasman Sea. I kept thinking of the ETOPS significance in a 737-800. But the bulk of the trans-Tasman flights are carried out with 737 and A320.
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    Hi Naki, I am still working on Wanganui, but had a few issues, so while that is sorted out I have been busy working on Invercargill, hope that explains
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    Hi all, Matteo has completed a patch for KSAN with the following changes; New airport buildings textures Added military ship in the San Diego military harbour Improved volumetric lighting Improved jetways texture Fixed crash issue at the terminal Fixed cargo airplanes at gates Fixed misplaced airport terminal in FSX version The update should be available to you via FTX Central.
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    Managed to get a cheap Qantas seat to my first Orbx purchase - YBRM Broome Int'l, Western Australia! World-famous Cable Beach is under the tail of the aircraft - famous for dolphins, whales, camels, 4-wheel drives, and ..... nudists! Loving Orbx and this Forum so far! Still waiting for Mac version of TE GB South for XP. Cheers. (Click and full-screen for best pic.)
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    Extremely excited for ORBX Australia v2. Sydney Harbour, Australia