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    Hello everyone, Firstly, please allow me to thank all our customers for the continued loyal support which you've given Orbx through 2018 as we rolled out brand new technology, further tuned our delivery platforms, and embraced a new simulator platform. Orbx revenues are continuing to show very robust and healthy growth and in 2018 most of our profits have been invested back into the company for R&D, new staff and acquisition of IP from other companies. In 2019 we embark on a major expansion programme with our our new UK development centre which will focus on TE regions and airports, and our IT Centre in Melbourne which will focus on new product delivery infrastructure. I'd like to wish everyone and their families a fantastic festive season these holidays; please stay safe and in good health as we welcome 2019. If you missed tonight's OrbxLive Twitch stream where we covered the roadmap for 2019, here it is again in "hard copy" format. You can also revisit the Twitch stream again when the video is made available. *** Please note! *** Many of the screenshots shown here are from pre-alpha, alpha and beta stages of development and are not necessarily indicative of the final product. Inclusion in this roadmap does NOT indicate a commitment or promise by Orbx to deliver the mentioned product in calendar year 2019; all software projects are subject to delays and resource requirements are sometimes out of our control. I am going to start by focusing firstly on our core systems in terms of product delivery and customer experience, then onto our core sim platforms. Goodbye FTX, It's Been Real! Next year we will completely drop the "FTX" tag from our products, website, apps and documentation. FTX was an acronym based on the original 2007 product line "Full Terrain Experience" and whilst we still endeavour to bring you the most authentic terrain possible for each platform, we going to focus on the single Orbx brand to avoid confusion to customers. You will already have noticed that FTX has all but disappeared from the OrbxDirect website; for example we now refer to the former FTX Global as Global Base Pack. Orbx Central Completely new for 2019 is Orbx Central, the multi-platform version of what used to be called FTX Central 3. This is a complete re-write of the code from the ground up and it now runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Here's a sneak preview of the login screen shown on all three platforms. Customers using Orbx addons for XP11 on Mac and Linux will now have the same seamless experience as their Windows cousins. The number of changes and enhancements to Orbx Central is just too long to mention here and early in 2019 Ben will be sharing a detailed in-depth announcement topic on the new version and all the benefits that it brings. We're very excited about many of the features that have been added to Central including many that stem from customer feedback and requests. If you thought it was simple and painless to buy addons from Orbx now, you ain't seen nothing yet! OrbxDirect We will be making changes to the OrbxDirect website/store mostly to improve the browsing and selection experience. In 2018 we have already introduced multi-currency pricing shown on product pages, and also the ability to filter the site by simulator platform: This greatly speeds up your ability to hone in on the products for the platform you are interested. We have many improvements planned for the website in the coming year, so stay tuned! Prepar3D V4 The majority of new content we're working on now is for Prepar3D. This is still the dominant platform used by over 70% of all our customers. Whilst it may have appeared that over the past year we have lost focus on P3D in favour of XP11, this is a perception mostly based on ports of airports from FSX/P3D. Most of that ported content is six years old. In 2018 we released twenty brand new content products for P3D, versus 12 products for XP11, most of which were ports from P3D. Last year we clearly signalled our intent to embrace new simulator platforms and we have delivered on our promise. However, this should not be viewed as a "threat" to those of you who use P3D as your main platform, because any content released for P3D first will come to XP11 eventually - and vice versa. As we begin to hire more staff to cope with the demands of multi-platform development, you'll begin to see the gaps between platform releases come closer together until we will almost have concurrent releases.. A heads up though - we will slowly be phasing out support for FSX as developers begin to implement new tech such as PBR and the use of larger textures. You saw this trend start with TrueEarth Netherlands for P3D only, and the recent Tyabb airport is again P3Dv3/4 only, as well as some upcoming releases I'll show below. Here are some of the P3D products in development (not a complete list): openLC Africa - FSX/P3D The highly anticipated next instalment of our openLC series is due in Q1 2019 and here are some preview shots. New landclass textures New autogen buildng types Arid city night lighting Arid city More unique landclass textures NZNV Invercargill - P3D Tim Harris is working on another iconic airport for New Zealand. NZNV will be a fully modelled airport featuring the new terminal, 540km sq of pristine photoreal imagery, full city of Invercargill with many POIs, Bluff Harbour including the town and seaport, Flat Hill windfarm and the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter. KSGU St George Regional Airport - P3D Misha Cajic's next project is a desert airport in Utah that only opened in 2011. It hosts GA and airline services for the area, and will come with an enormous coverage area covering the beautiful red coloured plateaus and mesa's all around the airport, as well as multiple lite renditions of smaller airports in the area. KSBA - SODE Jetway update - FSX/P3D LDDU - SODE Jetway update - FSX/P3D Channel Islands Alderney - P3D The first of the Earth Simulations Channel Islands series given a new lease of life by Turbulent Designs, Alderney is progressing very well and has many enhancements over the original release. Expect a release early in 2019. CityScene Honolulu - P3D Holger Sandmann and Frank Schnibben have been working on a project sure to delight most simmers - a complete coverage of the Honolulu area! Here is a render of the cityscape And overlaid onto the photoreal imagery This is then combined with landclass enhancements Australia Version 2.0 - FSX/P3D The one that has been eagerly awaited by thousands of you for a long time, here are the first sneak previews of this monumental upgrade of the oldest continent on Earth. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to: Wooramel River, Western Australia Telfer Mine, WA Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, WA Sunrise at the Olgas, NT Shark Bay, WA Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Lake Eyre, SA Lake Eyre facing south Kalgoorlie Mines, WA Great Barrier Reef, comparison to AUv1 Cadia-Ridgeway Goldmine, NSW Boddington Gold Mine tailings, WA Boddington Gold Mine pits, WA One of the major undertaking of AUv2 is the upgrade of all 400+ default FSX/P3D airports and additionally the inclusion of 400+ grass strips. A lot of the work that went into these airport upgrades is the final legacy of Neil Hill before his sad passing. YBUN Bunbury WA enhanced Flinders Island, Tasmania - Terminal day Terminal night YHSM Horsham VIC enhanced Also included in AUv2 is a comprehensive cityscape of Melbourne, covering the CBD and reaching well out into the suburbs. Melbourne cityscape model (before texturing) Global BuildingsHD - FSX/P3D Work continues on BuildingsHD, a project with a very long gestation which is finally coming to completion in early 2019. This will transform the look of every town and city on the planet in a single install. Asia Central Apartment complex Russia South America East Africa Central KSUN Sun Valley by Turbulent Designs - P3Dv4 Exclusive A custom modelled airport area with sloped runway and taxiways, dynamic season textures using v4 native scripting, light reflections in puddles, custom modelled autogen around airport area, bonus 1ID5 Lukes Wood River Medical Center Heliport, many POIs and Turbulent RealFlora around the airport area LEAS Asturias - P3D This is the next project from Marcus Nyberg     ESSA Stockholm Arlanda - P3D - major update This SP will be quite big with lots of new models and textures and some areas of the airport has been updated to reflect the changes that has been made since the airport was released. Also all vehicles and clutter has been redone with new models & high-res textures, all of this with no significant performance loss, also this update includes SODE-jetways. CityScene Orlando - P3D CityScene Orlando is the biggest CityScene project to date - developed by Allen Kriesman, this scenery package covers a whopping photoreal area and includes two major airports - KMCO Orlando International Airport and KORL Orlando Executive Airport. We have also included Lockheed Martin's HQ east of the main coverage area. CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome - FSX/P3D Here are a few screens from Larry Robinson's CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome which also includes the town of Campbell River and some other odds and ends. During the 1960’s CAE3 was said to be the busiest SPB in the world. This will be freeware. Cityscape Cote d'Azur - P3D Maurizio Georgi continues to make progress with his epic hand-crafted mini-region in the South of France. Boulder City 61B -FSX/P3D 61B services tourist flights around Hoover dam and Lake Mead, short flight from Las Vegas, surrounded by some of the most colourful rock formations in Nevada. Scenery includes a huge photoreal covering lake Mead and surrounds and over 30 POI's. Main terminal is a very unique building faithfully modelled. A major release from Ken Hall based on photos taken by Orbx staff after FSExpo 2018. LIEO Olbia city & airport - P3D Matteo Veneziani's next airport includes a large photoreal area with dozens of POI's and a full recreation of the airport with 2019 layout, new 2019 runway extension and SODE animated jetways.  KBUR Burbank Bob Hope Airport - P3D A quick sneak peek of Matteo's other project for 2019 ENBO Bodø - FSX/P3D Tore Stranden continues to make progress with this complete re-make of his original project and is currently focusing on airside static vehicles, aircraft and ground polygon. No vegetation in place yet. Here are some screenshots from the airport area. KDAL Dallas Love Field - P3D Bill Womack shares some early renders of his next project TrueEarth Great Britain South - P3Dv4 This has now entered official beta testing, so lots more screenshots incoming soon. Here are some pre-beta snaps. TrueEarth Pacific Northwest - P3Dv4 Very early build shots from some time ago but scheduled for a 2019 release. X-Plane 11 The new kid on the block (for Orbx at least), XP11 has made a big splash onto the VFR scenery scene in 2018 with our TrueEarth regions and ports of iconic small-to-medium sized airports. We are absolutely delighted with the extremely positive reception to Orbx's move to the XP11 scenery market and sales volumes have been very encouraging to say the least. Most importantly, we have not seen any major hostilities between enthusiasts from the main sim camps, with most people welcoming thousands of new forum members to the fold and sharing screenshots and videos from all the platforms we support. We have seen quite a few long time Orbx customers try XP11 for the first time as well. Our opinion is that each sim has its own strengths and weaknesses and many simmers have them all installed on their PC to suit what experience they are after for any given time. Long may this trend continue! Our plans for XP11 in 2019 is to continue to port our legacy Orbx airports from P3D to XP11, concurrent to releasing brand new content as well. We will also continue to develop TrueEarth regions, with TE Pacific Northwest for XP11 being the first in North America. Also today's issue of PC-PILOT magazine features scenery on its front cover for the first time ever, with their review of TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane, hading us their their Platinum Award with a score of 95/100! Here's some upcoming stuff for XP11: TE GB South SP1 - XP11 No less than several hundred more POIs and bug fixes/improvements! Below is the third road colour option 'Darker X-Plane Roads' which blends in much more seamlessly into the Ortho. TrueEarth Netherlands North - XP11 There is a poll still underway on the forums to see if there is demand for the northern part of the Netherlands to be released as a budget region to allow Schiphol to Heathrow flights. Once we get to a over 200 votes it will tell us whether to green light this. Here's a good indication of what it will look like: TrueEarth GB North - XP11 Work is well underway for the final instalment of the Great Britain series, and here are some sneak preview shots from the Oban area: Eagle County Regional Airport - XP11 Jarrad Marshall's classic high-altitude airport nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Eagle-Vail is notorious for its challenging terrain and difficult weather. As gateway to many nearby mountain villages and ski resorts, the airport is busy with airline and GA traffic, the attached National Guard rotary-wing base, as well as being one of the largest corporate jet bases in the country. Often listed as one of the world's most dangerous airports, be sure to test your mettle with the well-known and highly-unusual Gypsum Five and Meeker Two departures. Unannounced Project for X-Plane 11 A single shot from an upcoming X-Plane project, which Jarrad is very excited about EGSG Stapleford - XP11 Continuing our ports of the legacy airports from England, Scotland and Wales, the next one in line is Stapleford. A few from Jon Murchison while performance testing during the beta (so not long now!) Orbx Global for XP11 R&D work has begun on providing a global replacement texture solution for X-Plane11. We are still at the experimental stage and looking at different approaches on how to solve the technical implementation. We are aiming for a release sometime in 2019. XP Default textures Orbx Global new textures Aerofly FS 2 Our plans for AFS2 in 2019 are less defined than for P3D and XP11, although we will continue with some ports of the most popular airports which fall within an IPACS region DLC coverage, and perhaps porting the TrueEarth GB series to the sim. It remains our favourite sim for the smoothest VR experience due to its incredible frame rates, made even faster with the recent Vulkan support. We are constantly in communication with IPACS and thus have insight into some exciting new developments in store for 2019. Sedona Airport, Arizona - for Aerofly FS2 An iconic airport set atop a red-rock mesa, located in one of the most scenic destinations in the United States. A short flight from the Grand Canyon, and within the default AFS2 scenery coverage zone, Sedona is popular with GA, helicopter, military and corporate flyers alike. So that wraps up our 2019 Roadmap, and it's by no means an exhaustive list of some of the 50 projects we are working on behind closed doors. As you can understand we do keep some cards close to our chests so that we don't dilute the impact of announcing major new products in the first quarter of 2019. There is some very exciting new releases due in the first half of the year! As a team we are very excited about the state of the consumer flight simulation software market, with many new developers entering the scene for the first time in 2018 and what we feel is a significant groundswell towards XP11 since 11.2x was released. We are seeing many younger people entering the hobby and a large part of our customer base is now made up of the 18-34 bracket. This is a very encouraging sign and bodes well for the future. 2019 will be an expansion and growth year for Orbx as we endeavour to meet the demand for our regions and airports from an ever-growing customer base. We hope that we can meet all your expectations! Thanks again for your unwavering support, we truly do appreciate it! JV
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    Never let it be said that Orbx does not listen to its customers. We most certainly do, and with regard to the lack of seasons in TE GB for P3D, let's have a discussion about it openly and in consultation with you all ok? Firstly, to dispel some rumours and FUD: I made the decision to not have seasons in TE P3D during the TE Netherland beta, and made this public knowledge not long after. Why? Purely based on business economics. There is no technical reason we can't do it at all. Compare the size of a 5-seasons TE product like TE Netherlands for P3Dv4, and extrapolate it out for larger regions: TE Region Size in Sq Miles Size on Disk Netherlands 16040 72GB Great Britain 80823 360GB Washington 71362 320GB Oregon 98466 440GB California 163696 730GB TOTAL 2TB So we'd be at 2 terabytes just doing Netherlands, GB and part of the US west coast with 5 seasons at LOD15 for P3D. The cost to deliver that level of data to tens of thousands of customers would literally run into the millions. We are already spending well into 6-figures right now on our data delivery bill, let alone move into crazy new territory like you see above. And we want to cover a large chunk of the world with this tech. This would pretty much bankrupt Orbx on data delivery infrastructure costs alone. Remember - we give customers unlimited lifetime downloads. Who else does that? Either we begin to charge for data delivery, or we have to compromise on product spec to contain costs. So what options are there? OPTION 1. Use the current LOD15 TEGB in beta testing for P3Dv4 and use trees for seasons. The TE GB regions in P3D will support tree colouring based on seasons. Here I am using Global Trees HD Summer Fall (Autumn) Spring Another location, lower to the ground. Spring Winter Summer Just the change in sun position, lighting and tree colours do a very convincing job of seasonality in P3D OPTION 2. Add 5-seasons but at LOD14 - this keeps the product size the same as LOD15 1-season Believe it or not, we can squeeze five seasons into a TE region at LOD14 and keep the installer the same size as LOD15. Thank P3D's efficient bgl compression for that benefit. Here is a shot of the current LOD15 beta: And here is the same area at LOD14 If you click to enlarge the above shots, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to switch between them to notice the difference in quality. It's discernible below 500FT, but hard to pick at 2,500FT which is the average altitude for VFR flying. Also look near the blue/green strip of scenery at the horizon and below it - there is zero difference in quality because P3D uses lower LOD imagery further away from your aircraft anyway. So that is the current state of play internally - we are doing a bunch of test seasonal colouring at LOD14 and we'll share those results on the forums to get feedback. What will likely go on sale is: TrueEarth GB South LOD15 Summer Edition TrueEarth GB South LOD14 Seasons Edition They will both be the same price but there will be a 40% cross-grade discount between them. You decide what is more important to you and install what suits your needs. Install them both and switch them on/off as needed. We deliver seasons as the community wants, but without breaking the company's back in data delivery costs. The customer has the option of both editions but pays for the download costs. I will open this up to discussion, but please be nice to each other. UPDATE 02-JAN-19 : LOD14 SEASONS SCREENSHOTS Some shots from testing a LOD14 5-seasons build. Season show in red top centre of each shot.
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    Hello all! I'm delighted to show you Turbulent Designs' next airport, which is now entering BETA stages! As you are probably aware, KSUN will be a P3D v4 exclusive. Although it's not a PBR project, we did take advantage of as many v4 features as possible. Lets start with the coverage area, then I'll show you around the airport and its features. Coverage Area Beautifully edited and colour matched by Greg Jones, Friedman Memorial Airport includes 715km2 of 60cm per pixel photoreal for the airport and valley. This mountainous area also includes 1ID5 Lukes Wood River Medical Center Heliport for those wanting to take a little more time to explore the valley. Buildings and Vegetation KSUN will feature buildings and vegetation textured by Russ White in high definition and stunning detail. As attention to detail is key, we like to treat every airport area as a feature area, built with exploration in mind. Not only will the airport look stunning from your aircraft, but it will look even better up close and personal. We recommend everyone have a wander around! Airport Terrain Model KSUN also features dynamic season textures using v4 native scripting. Modelled and textured by myself, the airport terrain is where most of the new features are located. We opted to model the entire airport area as a mesh, giving us the opportunity to create a sloped runway, different levels in terrain, an insane amount of detail with some cool weather and lighting effects. Effects include realistic oil, reflective puddles during the winter and rain, icy runways and taxiways during snow and even the reflections of lights in puddles at night time. Custom Buildings As always, we also like to include our custom modelled buildings for a nice buffer between the airport and autogen. All of the custom buildings are highly detailed with plenty of variation, giving those urban and industrial areas a nice natural look! Here are a few more screenshots: KSUN Friedman Memorial Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50) We really hope you enjoyed the preview. KSUN will be with you very soon! Thanks, Turbulent Designs
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    Here's a few of True Earth GB South in P3D 4.4 These shots were taken from the North West Welsh coast. I have used real world weather here to make the shots look authentic to their environment. More to come......
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    XP11.30r1 / TrueEarth GB Central/ Ultra Weather XP / DO228 by Carenado / xVision / 4k
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    Hi all, Sylvain's freeware project, Swiss Cultivation, is now available https://orbxdirect.com/product/swisscultivation-afs2 Swiss Cultivation (autogen) enhances the Switzerland DLC by IPACS with generic building placements and additional trees. This addon does not overwrite any of the tree placements already supplied with the DLC. Note that this addon does require the Switzerland DLC pack from IPACS.
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    Jack style Was just testing LM's default C-130. Not bad at all! These scimitar props really bite into the air!
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    Maybe I've been using X-Plane too long, but even in FSX (when that was my main sim), I never bothered flying in anything but summer. One of the biggest problems I had with western Europe was that it covered everywhere with snow, which for me was just as unrealistic as having constant summer textures. Generally, the UK looks pretty much the same from the air all year round apart from when it snows (maybe just a few days a year), so this has never bothered me. Even in the PNW, I always preferred to fly in the summer because the colours were just visually more appealing (I'm the site-seer sort of simmer).
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    In honour of the season....Vreezing Valdez!! Best of luck to all. Cheers
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    I'm still amazed at how beautiful this place is, it never fails to delight and surprise. This is Whangarei, NZWR to Kerikeri, NZKK
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    Have a great 2019 chaps. cheers Iain
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    Hi John, Didn't mean to evoke emotion over buy or no buy based on seasons ... I want to buy, I want season, I want the option, I'll pay the premium for a premium product. I understand the issues and there may not be enough of "us" (customers) willing to pay the premium. But if you can structure it such you are at low risk to provide such an option that would be most appreciated. Your team has done an outstanding job with seasons in the Regions and OpenLC and Global. Thank you for taking this on for consideration. Cheers, Rob.
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    Thanks to Mark Abdey for his lovely PTA preset and sky textures, combined with some REX Soft Clouds in some shots. P3D has never looked this beautiful! Originally 4K shots.
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    UPDATE- LOD14 SEASONS SCREENSHOTS Some shots from testing a LOD14 five-seasons build. Seasons are show in red top centre of each shot. I will also update my original post.
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    Made a most delightful flight in this very beautiful plane tonight. Valdez will always be my favorite NA airport, to me it's the LOWI of North America. So I made a flight to PAYA, Yakutat and it was mostly in clouds but that's okay too. John @BradB was right, try it at Valdez he said, well, he's right. Amazing.
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    Well chaps just finished getting the machine running how I like it, Hope you like these few from XP11. And one from P3DV4.4.
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