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    Hi all, New patches available for both Germany regions - 1.20 for Germany North & 1.10 for Germany South. General changes for Germany North: * GES compatibility * Improved compatibility to R¸gen and Barth ORBX airports * new landclass type for villages to better represent small settlements and improve the blending of village polygons with the surrounding raster landclass. Similar to FTX Germany South, four sub-types with different facades and roof textures represent regional differences in building styles, such as half-timbered, brick, slate, or plaster facades. * updates to several existing landclass types to enhance mix & density of local vegetation and types & facades of buildings * three additional agricultural landclass types for lowland areas to improve realism and diversity * an additional golf course type with high density of trees * significant reduction in the number of small landclass polygons to improve landscape visuals * Added GA and passenger AI traffic between airports (deactivated by default, can be activated through control panel) Specific changes for Germany North: * Removed wind turbines that were actually placed in GES coverage area around Goerlitz and Dresden * fixed all reported cases of corrupted (i.e., overly long) polyline buildings (relevant only to P3D) * added forested areas at Wittmund and Jever airbases * added missing Muehlen/Oldenburg * added missing Altena * added mine tailings near Eisleben * added access road and landclass polys at Hermannsdenkmal * placed additional flattens for Berlin landmark buildings * removed disassembled wind park "Alte Schanze" near Kassel-Calden (EDVK) * local landclass improvements in Kiel, Rostock, Bremen, Hannover, and other cities * EDHI: Tunnel entrances and shoreline altered to gravel LC type * EDDH: Tunnel entrances added and updated LC type for car park * EDHL: One apron changed to gravel * EDHM: Removed aircraft from tennis court * ETNS: Second (closed) runway added * EDHN: Missing fuel browser added and apron moved clear of railway line * EDCR: Improved sloped flatten * EDXP: Runway designators changed to 08/26 * EDXJ: Missing military hangars added * EDWP: Wrong LC texture changed * EDXM: Runway designators†changed to†25/07 * CS06: Static aircraft†removed and X markers added to†runway†and added some†missing solar panels at eastern end.†Adjusted landclass. * EDWM: Flatten adjusted * EP47: Flatten adjusted * EP22: Replaced blastpad by offset yellow chevrons and added solar panels * EDWU: Replaced asphalt runway†with grass runway * ETNP: Closed markers added, static aircraft†removed * ES26: Missing airport buildings added * EDWD: Closed runway markers added, static planes removed * ETNJ: Adjusted forest LC around hangars * CS15: Removed concrete vectors from PR (makes 2D museum aircraft become visible again) * EDDI: Remove everything except runways - remove/orphanize ILS frequencies - add X markers to runway * EDDT: Taxiways† matched to PR * EDBP: Added missing hangars * EDUW: Updated flatten and LC adjusted to solar panels * EDBW: Added solar panels * EO05: Fixed flatten plateau with static aircraft * EDHE: Airfield†flattened and AI parking added General changes for Germany South: * additional landclass type for villages in the northwestern section of GES that features the typical grey slate facades and roofs of the central Rhein valley and Mosel river area. * updates to several existing landclass types to enhance mix & density of local vegetation and types & facades of buildings * adjustments to the Munich photoreal areas to improve color matching with the GES custom waterclass (color) types * adjustments to some of the photoreal areas to better match seasonal changes and reduce baked-in shadows Specific changes for Germany South: * new landmark building: Landgrafenschloss (castle) in Marburg/Lahn * fixed all reported cases of corrupted (i.e., overly long) polyline buildings (relevant only to P3D) * added missing Mittenwald * improved urban landclass in Suhl and other towns and cities in Thueringen * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Hessen, including Dillenburg, Stadtallendorf, Ziegenhain, Fritzlar, Melsungen, Bebra, Bad Hersfeld, Bad Wildungen * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Nordrhein-Westfalen, including Siegen and Kreuztal * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Baden-Württemberg, including Villingen-Schwenningen and Schwenningen * improved urban landclass of Zittau und Bad Schneeberg/Aue, Sachsen * improved urban landclass of several towns and cities in Bavaria, including Landau an der Isar, Pfaffenhofen, Schrobenhausen * added Verenafohren Windpark * added missing Alatsee * EDGA: Fixed elevation of buildings * EO56: Fixed flatten elevation of Bosch Entwicklingszentrum (caused a mesh peak) * CS36: Fixed tunnel entrances * LKCB: Runway designators removed * EDQM: New taxiways added * EP48: Added * EDKU: Mesh problems fixed * EDTD: Trees between tower and runway removed * EDTQ: Fixed zero elevation flatten vertex * EU31: Fixed flatten problem * LSZH: Jetway not connected to terminal fixed * LFXG: Sitting girl put on chair * Z11L: Airport closed, warehouse added on runway * EDQE: Fixed taxiways covered by grass * EDDK: Fixed sunken taxiway A1 to Rwy 14L * ETHM/EDRE: Changed ICAO code to EDREG
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    Happy new year everyone! 2018 is gonna be one hellavu ride! Question: We now have access to pristine new imagery for Germany. How many of you would be interested in a photoreal version of the whole country of Germany? It would be about a 120GB download but would contain all the POIs from our landclass based regions and we’ll make it for FSX/P3D/AFS2/XP. Launch platform would be AFS2, would be summer only to begin with. This would join seamlessly onto our Netherlands products. Your feedback would be welcome. Wishing you and your families a happy and safe 2018!
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    Another gem by Misha Cajic and another bar that has been risen in scenery. All shot in P3Dv4.1 straight from the V key. I am using FTX HD Trees and real weather for added realism.
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    Well done and Thank you all for taking part in the contest some really striking shots in this one. Now then, 3rd place was Medx 421. 2nd place was Bugdanni. First place goes to Taz1. A grand shot indeed mate, Now if you drop Ed a email ed@orbxsystems.com with your Orbxdirect account details and which prize you would like he will add this to your account. cheers Iain
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    Mine for the month of January, departing ESSA. Good luck all!
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    Hi All, This one has been a long time coming, and I know many of you have been waiting for it. Well, I'm proud to finally present my latest project, which I took over from Scott Armstrong a while ago - KHAF Half Moon Bay Airport! I'm very close to completion with this one, expect a release sometime in January, once you've had time to cool down from the sale frenzy Half Moon Bay is a unique airport located on the Pacific Coast in San Mateo County just south of San Francisco, and just over the ranges from KSFO. Being so close to the Bay Area, the airport sees a lot of GA traffic throughout the year, as well as some air taxi services. The spectacular coastline around the airport makes for a truly amazing approach, and the airport has been faithfully recreated from imagery taken over multiple visits to the airport by Scott and myself in the last few years. The airport is also not far away from many other Orbx airports, such as KSTS Sonoma County, KMRY Monterey, and KSQL San Carlos, all of which are very nearby, as well as other airports a bit further inland, such as KTVL and KBLU. COVERAGE MAP: Please enjoy the screenshots Cheers, Misha
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    openLC Africa will be released in the first half of 2018 and work will commence on OLC Asia after that. Will also release some Cityscape products in Africa, South America and Asia.
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    A flight in southern California for January. Good luck to everyone.
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    G'day everyone, Following hot on the heals of Monterey, I am very pleased to announce our fourth airport for IPACS Aerofly FS2: Eagle County Regional Airport! Whilst many of you were expecting Jackson Hole after Wednesday's announcement (don't worry, this will be my next release!), I've been adding some final spit and polish to this well-known Colorado airport. A highly popular ORBX destination that was originally released for FSX and P3Dv4 in 2015, Eagle-Vail has been brought to life for the new simulator. With an enormous 1500km2 coverage area, this scenery not only encompasses KEGE, but also two additional "lite" airstrips; Gypsum Creek Ranch (CO47) and Avon STOLPort (WHR), the latter depicted in it's mid-1980s configuration. Explore the ski resort townships of Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, Beaver Creak and Walcott, as well as large chunks of the imposing Sawatch Mountain Range. As can be expected from any ORBX destination, colour-matched and edited ground textures, detailed hand-placed buildings, vegetation, landmarks and 3D lighting can be found across the coverage area. These features are coupled with Aerofly's trademark crisp terrain engine, effortlessly smooth performance and curved runway models. Situated deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Eagle County is as famous for it's challenging approaches as it is for it's dramatic scenery. Surrounded by difficult terrain and prone to bad weather, KEGE is a high-altitude airport that will test even seasoned pilots. The airfield itself is a regional airport located several miles east of Gypsum, Colorado, and hosts five airlines serving destinations across the US and Canada. As much of the airline traffic caters to ski-season tourist, Eagle County is Colorado's second busiest airport during the winter months. In addition to the airline terminal, KEGE lays claim to one of the largest FBOs in the country - Vail Valley Jet Center, which caters to an enormous amount of corporate charter and GA traffic. For the military aficionados amongst you, explore the Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site, located on the north side of the field. Whilst the high altitude and terrain prove challenging at all times of year, the airport is designed to handle aircraft up to Boeing 757 in size. Located a short flight to many of the best-designed default Aerofly Airports seen to date; take your Q400 or A320 to Denver, Salt Lake City or ( the upcoming ORBX) Jackson Hole, or jump in something smaller and pop over to Aspen, Telluride or Monument Valley, all short flights away. Eagle County has been designed to best blend with the freeware Colorado DLC from IPACS, if you haven't downloaded your copy yet from Steam, you're missing out! As mentioned in various posts over recent weeks, there is a flurry of activity going into Aerofly development as I speak; Eagle County is the perfect destination to explore some of the most dramatic scenery in the United States and sets the tone of what is to come. FTX EAGLE COUNTY REGIONAL AIRPORT for AEROFLY FS2 FEATURES: • Highly-detailed rendition of KEGE airport • Massive 1500sqkm coverage area • Incredible ground textures at 30cm/1m • 2x bonus lite airfields • Gypsum Creek Ranch & Avon STOLPort • Amazing sloped runway • Detailed ground poly with complete spec/bump mapping • Extreme high-density vegetation cultivation • Accurate hand-placed buildings for the entire coverage area • Animated PeopleFlow2 technology • 3D night lighting for the entire city • New generic building textures to better suit Colorado environment (not currently depicted) • Detailed grass and vegetation at airport • Animated airport ground vehicles • Many landmarks and POI • New soft-blend terrain to surrounding ASF2 • Dozens of custom aircraft, vehicles and GSE created specifically for Eagle County • Runway and taxiway lighting • 100% compatible with IPACS Colorado DLC • Amazing performance on even mid-range machines! COVERAGE AREA & SLOPED RUNWAY Z More details and screenshots to come after the holidays, in the mean time, please have a great Christmas break, and enjoy the previews! Jarrad
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    Here are the first shots of our Netherlands Photoreal project up and running in Aerofly FS 2. We have a lot of work yet to do but I wanted to share these with you to show we are actively developing a photoreal region for four sim platforms in parallel - FSX/P3D/XP11/AFS2. Happy New Year everyone The night lighting looks spectacular in AFS2. Please note there are obvious warts in these pre-alpha shots so please go easy on us We'll share more with you once the beta is underway.
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    Well then chaps here are a few from 2017 I hope you like these, I would like to thank you all for being here on the forum and posting some fantastic shots here over the past year and joining in the screenshot contest. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a great 2018 and hope to see you all posting your Fantastic shots in the coming year, Now here are some of the shots I took from 2017. cheers Iain
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    Hello everyone, Here are a few more beta shots of KCGX Meigs Field for X-Plane 11, which has now been expanded to include the same large photoreal urban areas as the AFS2 version, complete with fully annotated buildings and vegetation and of course moving traffic as per XP11. There will be many more shots as beta testing continues. This will be a January release, and customers who have bought either the FSX/P3D or AFS2 versions will automatically get 40% off at checkout time.
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    Jack & John at KORS - Orcas Island Airport with my Robinson R22 (ALABEO)
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    YPPH is being discussed internally.
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    Breaking Contact in San Diego Enjoy!!!! (Escape to Catalina ch 3) What a nice evening last night! Using some of my earnings from Cindy, I enjoyed a nice surf and turf dinner at Truluck's Seafood, Steak and Crab House up in La Jolla and then had a good nights rest at my hotel. Morning came, and the activities the day before seemed a distant memory. I had just arrived at the FBO at KSAN where I was scheduled to sign for a Do 228-100, a twin-turboprop STOL utility aircraft. Scheduling of these flights was handled by a colleague/friend of mine, DJ McMasters. DJ worked out of an FBO in Colorado, and would periodically send me aircraft ferry options. He knew what I liked to fly, and tried to target similar aircraft. DJ was on point...most of the time. Sometimes, it seems like he just threw a dart at an airplane catalog and that's what I would end up flying. This Do 228 was one of those. I had never flown one before, and it was a little outside my lane. But I had done all the homework I could on it, and I was supposed to meet up with a guy that would co-pilot with me, as this plane needed two pilots. As I was shuttled by the Do 228 on my way to the FBO office, I saw the guy was already pre-flighting the Do 228. Nice! I was ready to get this flight underway. Soon I would have the logbook signed for, and we could get that bird up and on her way to Canada. #1 It took almost 30 minutes to sign for the logbook, as the admin puke behind the desk could't find his head from his...well, you get the point. I stepped outside, logbook in hand, zeroed in on the Do 228...and stopped dead in my tracks. Across the tarmac, there was a small group of men in suits and dark glasses, looking in every way like the gang from yesterday. "What the f...!" I exclaimed under my breath. They already had the co-pilot pinned up against the side of the Do 228, probably grilling him for information. I quickly scanned left and right, and ducked behind a utility pickup. On the far side of the tarmac, opposite the Dornier, movement caught my eye. It was Cindy! She was hunkered down behind a stack of flight pallets, checking out the scene at the Dornier. "Crap! What was developing here in front of me..." I questioned myself. Nearby a Learjet's turbines increased power, and then I saw it. What I had been dreading...the suited goons used the Learjet noise to mask a gunshot, as the co-pilot guy suddenly fell lifeless into one of the suits arms. I watched in shock as they quickly loaded the guy into the cockpit and closed the door, huddled together for a moment, and then quickly began to disburse, searching for someone. For Cindy I imagine, or maybe even me! The Learjet's whine subsided as the plane taxied away, and then I heard the small sound of a lawnmower behind me. No, not a lawnmower, but a Skyhawk! Running! And, there was no one in it. This was my chance...there were a couple of those goons headed my way. I stayed low, and then quickly ducked into the FBO. I told the admin weenie to call 911 and report a shooting, and then I threw the Do 228 logbook on his counter, turned and ran out the door. I sprinted towards the pallets, but Cindy was not there...in fact she was running straight towards me! I yelled and pointed at the Cessna, which still was empty yet running. "Get in!" I yelled. I took a quick glance behind me, and sure enough the suits had given chase.I had about 500 meters on them. Cindy and I got to the Cessna at about the same time. She did not have the case with her, I noted. I shot her a harsh look, and then yelled "Hold on!" We had climbed into a Cessna Skyhawk 172, one that looked a little beaten up. Luckily, I learned to fly in one of these. A quick scan of the instruments revealed she was fueled and ready to go. Amazing luck! As we started to taxi, I saw a gentleman come out of a nearby building trying to get his pants zipped up...behind him a young lady in chase. Must be the owners of the plane. "Sorry..." I muttered....we started to taxi... #2 I quickly called the Tower and requested clearance to taxi, and was directed to runway 27, winds were 9 kts from 310. Whatever flight plan the planes owner had filed, I would quickly call after takeoff and request to amend it to VFR. I knew exactly where I was going to fly this crate, ditch it and then takeoff again in a different plane. "Well Cindy, seems you got yourself a another trip with me. This time, you ARE going to tell me what's going on, or so help me, I'll take this plane up to 10000 ft and shove you out the door!" I exclaimed. She only looked at me sheepishly for a moment...then "Where are we going?" "Arizona.." I said. #3 I had been given clearance to line up and takeoff, and as I did so, I saw some suits out of the corner of my eye...I think I saw one raise a pistol and point it at the aircraft, but I was to focused on getting this Skyhawk airborne. #4 After takeoff, I was lucky enough to get the flight plan amended to VFR, with a new destination of KSEZ Sedona Arizona. I didn't think we would actually get that far because surely the Skyhawks owner was telling the authorities his plane was stolen. Well, lets see how far we actually could get, I thought. #5 #6 I settled the Skyhawk in at 9000 feet, and then, once my adrenaline had subsided, I looked over at Cindy. "IF we make it to Sedona, then I have a plane there we can jump in, since this one is obviously a hot potato now." Cindy looked out the window at the terrain below..."Where to then?" she asked. "That's classified" I said kind of smart assed. I was going to have to keep somethings to myself, until I knew much more about what was going on here. I thumped the glare shield with my hand..."Man, I thought I had seen the last of you..." I said through clenched teeth. #7 Not much else was said between us, so Cindy settled back in her seat looking out the window, and I focused on flying the aircraft. Not much to see for awhile, although we would be passing over the Salton Sea eventually. #8 As we approached the Salton Sea, the Skyhawk was surprisingly still flying...and alone! No law enforcement aircraft or radio calls, no military interceptors flying next to the Skyhawk. Very strange, but I wasn't going to question it. My mind started to run through the possibilities. Maybe the owner of the plane was killed by the suited goons. Maybe the Skyhawks owner was up to something illegal and didn't want to report the plane stolen. Anything was possible at this point. #9 We were starting to get close to Sedona, and still no sign of any authorities. Maybe I would be landing the Skyhawk into the local SWAT police force at KSEZ, for all I knew. Soon, we would find out. Would we be arriving to a sleepy, quiet Sedona Airport, or a welcoming committee of law enforcement folks armed with lots of weaponry? #10 Last checkpoint, now only 35 miles to go. I looked over at Cindy and just sighed...what has this lady got me involved in? Whatever it is, will it be worth the trouble I being drawn into, bit by bit? Who is she???? I had questions, and no answers at this point. 35 miles to go... #11 Despite the stressful thoughts going through my mind, I couldn't but help to take pause and enjoy the view in front of me. Amazing terrain here! #12 There was the airport, and it looked very sleepy...too sleepy. I saw no flashing lights, or much of any activity. Were we flying into an ambush? I could sense Cindy getting more alert and tense, as I focused on announcing our landing intentions and preparing for the approach. #13 On final, still no sign of trouble. I could see movement on the tarmac, but it looked like normal flight activity. Could we pull this off? If no one was there waiting on us, we swap planes and be back in the air within 45 minutes. Maybe, just maybe... #14 Touchdown.... #15 Taxi off the runway, and all....seems...normal. No sign of cars rushing the flight line, no suits and dark glasses...everything looked okay! #16 I pulled the Skyhawk up the row of hangars where I had something a little faster stashed. I looked over at Cindy as the Skyhawk engine shutdown and said "Well, so far so good...you've got about 30 mins until we are out of here. There's a restroom in that building. If you're not back here in half an hour, I am leaving without you." "I'll be here." she said sternly, and marched off towards the terminal building. It was a clear, very pleasant day here in Sedona. Too bad we had to leave right away. A cold beer would be nice...ah well, it was not to be.... #17 ..to be continued in 'Comanche Run in Arizona'
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    A Postcard from the Edge ....... Good Luck, Everyone !
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    Well JV, I am on the fence with this photoreal tech. One of the very best things I have always loved about Orbx scenery is the different seasons and weather looks. I don't want to lose those with Orbx products. I LOVE flying in other seasons besides summer. So for me, that is a HUGE factor on whether or not I will purchase a scenery product. I feel I might be in the minority on this as there seems to be no end to the amount of head over heels love for photoreal tech. Now, if I am misunderstanding the tech, and seasons ARE possible, then when/if a photoreal season is out with all the seasons, than I would be interested. Which brings up a side question...is the upcoming photoreal Netherlands package only going to depict one season, or all seasons represented? Thanks for pinging us customers on this topic JV.
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    For all you P3D/PTA tweakers, here's my latest preset - tweaked for Skyforce 3D. My favourite little yellow runabout: PBY Catalina over Catalina Island! P-40 in night fighter mode! All my presets can be found here! Adam. EDIT: Couldn't resist this one - for a certain ORBX forum member
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    Well @paulb I did it! I landed on that Coast Guard cutter. Ready Lieutenant? Aye sir, what's our mission. We're to rendezvous with a cutter to pick up the latest haggis recipe. What's the heading Captain? About five miles east of Pago Nice airport don't you think Captain? Yeah, but my mouth is watering over that recipe! Think there's any sharks down there Captain? Only man-eaters Lieutenant Is that it Lieutenant? Hard to tell from here, try the binoculars. Nah, it's just a fishing boat. Probably fishing for haggis ingredients. There she is Captain. Roger that. Yep, and she's moving fast, this will be tricky. C'mon Captain. If you can fly this thing upside down ou can land on that cutter. Gonna give it the old college try! Crabbing into the wind, gotta enter a hover and then try to match her speed. Easy Captain... Almost there! Touchdown! Now fetch that recipe Lieutenant! Aye aye sir! Hmmm...not a bad way to save gas. What's taking him so long?
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    From Tara Ross' facebook page today: On this day in 1886, Glenn L. Martin is born. He’s possibly the biggest aviation hero that you’ve never heard of. He is the “Martin” in Lockheed Martin. He designed America’s first twin-engine bomber. William Boeing was one of his students! His first company merged with one of the Wright Brothers’ enterprises.All of this from a man who began life as a boy, cutting up his mother’s bedsheets so he could make kites and sails. Entrepreneurs will use anything that they can get a hold of sometimes, won’t they?! A few stories are often told about Martin. The first involves one of Martin’s early attempts to fly a plane that he built himself. He’d been spurred to give it a try when he read of the Wright Brothers’ famous flight at Kitty Hawk. If they could do it, then he could, too. Everything was going okay at first. On its first attempt, the plane bumped across the field a bit before stalling. Undeterred, Martin jumped out to give the propeller a spin. Big mistake! The engine gave a sudden start and the plane began hurtling down the field—even though no one was at the controls. Instead, the plane launched over Martin’s head, nicking his hat and finally crashing in a heap. Martin wasn’t one to be stopped by a little thing like getting hit in the head by a plane, of course. He promptly went back to work—and, yes, by 1909 he’d made a plane that could successfully fly. Another story involves the 1914 event that launched Martin as a force to be reckoned with in the military aviation industry. Martin needed capital for his manufacturing business. And he needed to convince the army that airplanes had a military use, too. He ended up staging an event at a two-day air show in Pomona. He created a fake fort! He used his planes to dive at the fort and drop “bombs” on it. He even had National Guardsmen rush in to “capture” the fort once the bombing was complete. “It was a fake, of course,” he told a reporter many years later. “We couldn’t take that kind of chances with an audience as close as that. The bombs we dropped contained no explosives. But I had mines planted under the forts. Every time we dropped one of our harmless bombs, someone would throw a switch and detonate one of the real ones.” Needless to say, the event was a sensation. World War I was looming, and more than 12,000 people had gathered to watch Martin’s demonstration. They suddenly saw exactly what an airplane could do in a military setting. Indeed, Martin predicted the importance of air power in military conflict early, long before the World Wars proved him right. “The aeroplane will practically decide the war in Europe,” he said. “Veritable flying death will smash armies, wreck mammoth battleships, and bring the whole world to a vivid realization of the awful possibilities of a few men and a few swift winging aerial demons. For the old time war tactics are no more. The generals who realize this quickest and fight first with the flying death will win.” How right he would turn out to be. Perhaps fitting that one of his companies would eventually go on to merge with the Lockheed Corporation, making Lockheed Martin one of the largest defense contractors in the world.
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    Hi guys, great discussion and apologies for being a little late to the party. This exact question is something every airport developer wrestles with for each project, and at the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste, balancing external factors (performance of surrounding area, what type of aircraft are likely to be flown in, etc), development schedule and quality of resources (airside photos, ground imagery etc). My preferences as a simmer strongly affect how I make scenery, and you guys tell me whether the decisions made are right or wrong. For me, the biggest priorities are: - Performance. Always performance. - The surrounds, as seen by the pilot: approaches, circuit, general vicinity of the airport. These need to be accurate and in balance with the airport scenery. - Airside needs to be bang-on: as high-fidelity as possible, within the performance parameters of the project. - Level-of-detail transitions have to be subtle: having a super-detailed scenery component parked next to a low-fidelity component is as jarring as a bad colour blend. Concentrical levels of detail extending out as far as possible from the airport is important. Airside parking positions and runways have the highest level of detail, the outer border of the scenery has the lowest. - Airport atmosphere: any details (airport vehicles, clutter, people, statics etc) need to match what is expected for the type/size of the airfield. These also need to be placed naturally and in balance with both each other and the surrounding infrastructure. - Performance, again. Always, always, always, performance is a priority. Again, these are only my preferences. As you all are discussing, others have different priorities and part of an airport developer's job is to incorporate these into a project too. Cheers, Jarrad
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    Here's my entry for this month. Good luck everybody! Departing KSAN Cheers, Mike
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    De Havilland 60G, (Gypsy Moth), at S43, Harvey Field. TTM
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    My last flight took me to Leongatha, and from there it is not far to come back into my own footsteps. Heading west ... ... towards Philip Island with its lovely little airstrip... ... and the museum. Not much time to spend, as it was already dawning, so we took off... ... headed across the Philip Island Race Course... ... towards Penguin Beach. I have been there in 2003. Time flies, in contrast to some birds. These make landfall every evening. Not sure if this PenguinFlow needs to be seen from an airliner - but isn´t it the same with any NatureFlow? We went on to Mornington Peninsula... ... followed one of Hendriks ships heading out of Port Philipp Bay... ... and turned just left to Point Nepean Airstrip for the night.
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    Many thanks to @Bluebear for helping me get the Lancair working in 4.1 with the 750. I'm a happy camper. Made a test drive first at Nottoden in winter but then changed to the Lancair for a flight in summer. So much fun, gosh did I miss this plane! Real time and weather She's back in my hangar, ready for some fun flying! What a lovely airport this is too! Always looking for the nice details, not disappointed She's a lot smaller than the A320 I'm fixin' ta fly later today. Here's the happy... And here's the joy! Now to find this title grass strip! I like my new skies, thanks for the input fellas! It was tempting! There it is, a postage stamp What a charming and delightful place I never would have went to!
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    Gatwick to Orlando Florida yesterday. Flying Norwegian Air Dreamliner. Taken with her phone, cheers Iain
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    A merry Xmas and Happy Holydays to all of you