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    Press Release – For Immediate Release Toowong Australia - June 19th, 2018 Orbx sponsors Max Bird Racing Orbx is pleased to announce our sponsorship of young 18 year old racing prodigy Max Bird. Winner of his class in the Dubai 24 Hours and recently a race winner at Thruxton UK, we are thrilled to have our company's logo on his Ginetta GT5 race car! Max is a professional racing driver currently racing in the Ginetta GT5 championship and hoping to progress into British GT in 2018/19. You can follow his season at his personal website to see his results and important updates. http://www.maxbird.co.uk/MaxBirdRacing/ . Be sure to follow his FB and Twitter feeds to get live updates from his events! Max and the Orbx logo at full speed at Silverstone last week Orbx CEO John Venema today said "I've known Max for a few years now (we train at the same gym) and after being invited to see him race at Thuxton recently where he impressed me hugely with a spectacular race win from 8th place on the grid, we agreed that Orbx would be thrilled to provide a modest sponsorship to support the rest of his 2018 season" "Max shows a maturity and level head way beyond his 18 years and I am confident he will have a stellar racing career ahead of him". Max's history Max started karting at 8 years of age racing at local kart tracks Camberley and Forest Edge, building up a good selection of trophies. As a father and son team he first raced at a National Level in 2010. Max continued racing at a club level in 2011 becoming vice champion at Forest Edge, and taking 4th in the club championships at Shenington and Whilton, before joining Fusion Motorsport for 2012 to compete in S1 and Formula Kart Stars. In this final year as a cadet, Max took a number of podiums and fastest laps at National level before moving onto Mini Max in 2013. Competing predominantly at National level Max was 10th in the S1 Mini Max championship, after achieving a number of top 6 finishes. For 2014 Max moved to Rotax Junior Max and again competed in the National S1 championship, finishing 12th overall once again achieving top 6 finishes and fastest laps during the year, including at the Britsh Kart GP at PFI. After winning the prestigious TVKC karting championship for Junior Rotax in 2015 Max entered car racing in 2016 competing in the highly competitive Ginetta Junior championship before moving on in 2017 to the Ginetta GT5 championship where he finished 4th overall after 1 race win, 4 second places, 2 third places a pole position and 2 fastest laps. Max says "2017 was an extremely good learning year for me as I had a 1st in the opening round of the season, then followed by 6 further podiums across the season and also 2 fastest laps and a pole in the final round. A productive learning season with limited testing to ready for the 2018 campaign." Max’s aim is to become a professional racing driver and race sports cars worldwide with his ambition to compete at the Le Mans 24 Hours. Some of Max's races are broadcast on UK television when the Ginetta championships joins the BTCC races. We hope our sponsorship will provide funding for to have a successful 2018 and move to a higher level championship series in 2019. Good luck Max, and we'll be watching your performances keenly and of course enjoy seeing the Orbx logo whizzing around the circuits of Europe!
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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 29th, 2018 - Toowong, Australia ORBX APPOINTS AIMEE SANJARI AS MARKETING AND COMMUNITY MANAGER Orbx is pleased to announce that it has appointed Aimee Sanjari as its Marketing and Community Manager effective July 1st 2018. Aimee is a respected flight simulation industry figure having had two successful tenures at Dovetail Games and Flight1 Europe over the past six years. During her time at Flight1, Aimee co-founded the highly attended Cosford Flight Simulation Show, the largest of its kind in the UK. Orbx CEO John Venema today said "I am so very pleased to welcome Aimee to our team! She is a popular flight sim community participant with active business and social relationships with almost every developer in the business, both on the software and hardware front. I don't think there are too many people that Aimee doesn't know and we all agree she brings her welcome smile and unique approach into the flight simulation industry". Aimee added "I am incredibly excited to join the Orbx team. They have completely dominated the flight simulation scenery market, and I'm looking forward to the new challenges and experiences that this job will bring. The company has gone from strength to strength, and I believe we will achieve amazing things together moving forwards. Venema continued "It helps that Aimee is a complete and total flight sim nerd and aviation enthusiast. In other words, she lives and breathes the tech and the culture; for Orbx that is a perfect fit for our team." Aimee will be in charge of Orbx's marketing, social media, community management, press liaison, communications and event management. She can be contacted on aimee@orbxsystems.com
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    We are delighted to welcome back to Orbx the Mountain Maestro himself, Frank Dainese, who produced the much-acclaimed Monument Valley, Devils Tower and Yosemite National Park sceneries for FSX and P3D. In collaboration with development partner Fabio Bellini, Frank brings a completely re-done Monument Valley experience for XP11, adding entirely new tech and many new features not previously seen One of the most iconic landmarks of the American West, Monument Valley is a natural wonder situated along the Arizona/Utah border, in close proximity to the Grand Canyon, and just a short flight away from other well-known destinations such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sedona, Telluride and Flagstaff. Known as the backdrop to many well-loved films from the Golden Era of Hollywood, the park is situated within the Navajo Nation and is visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year. The scenery features 21 3D models of the main peaks, with the data being derived from digital elevation model (DEM) and then reworked and finished off with 4K textures! The mesh for the scenery has been recompiled as well as with the terrain being rebuilt with texture polygons and does not rely on any orthoimagery. This scenery is a must have for VFR flyers as well as those that dabble in a bit with the Aerolite. With Monument Valley Airport (UT25) which is included, 4 helipads have been added at Monument Valley Airport, the View Hotel, Oljato and John Ford Point. Stay tuned for more screenshots over the week!
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    A 180 mile flight from Busselton (YBLN) to Cunderdin (YCUN). These two airports are excellent ORBX freeware. The Aztec has been sitting in the hanger for too long. Time it came out to blow away the birds nests. Busselton - a nice little airport Climbing out The coastal town of Bunbury I wonder who these characters are! Nothing but barren land Perth (YPPH) is 47.6 miles to the north I think this is the town of Quairading Flying adjacent to the town of Cunderdin ... and the airport is in sight Turning on to finals for Runway 23 Cunderdin airport. It seems there's a bit of gliding going on here. The home of the Western Australia Gliding Club I wonder what this guys has to say for himself Bruce R
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    Good morning! Turbulent Designs is incredibly excited to announce FTX Big Bear City Airport for FTX Southern California is almost ready! Big Bear airport is one of our favourite and most popular airport projects. This all-new version for Orbx has been a joy to re-visit. Turbulent’s Big Bear airport has been completely re-worked to provide an even better experience with all new, 2017 imagery plus the addition of Orbx’s flow technologies. We’ve also added a bunch of new custom buildings and objects. The primary airport buildings, groundpoly and surrounds were built by the legendary Russ White and his texturing skills really shine here! Combined with new static aircraft, PeopleFlow and CreatureFlow, the airport is an exciting place to visit! Big Bear City Airport is situated at the eastern end of Big Bear Lake. At an altitude of 6752ft (2058m), surrounded by hills on both sides and in a mountainous area of over 11,000 feet, Big Bear provides a challenge to any pilot. It has a 6750ft runway and is frequented by small GA aircraft, private jets and military/emergency service aircraft. FTX Big Bear City Airport includes a massive 1405km2 coverage area from the desert foothills in the east stretching all the way to Lake Arrowhead in the west and including huge mountains and deep valleys in between. As a bonus, the coverage area seamlessly links up with Jarrad’s phenomenal Palm Springs airport which is just 30NM southeast (not to mention 6500ft lower!). Included in the package is Lake Arrowhead airport, a private airstrip and associated homestead, located just north of Lake Arrowhead itself. Here you’ll find a 3170ft, gravel airstrip carved into the landscape. The airport is currently closed in the real world, but we’ve reopened it here for your enjoyment! The imagery for the whole coverage area is entirely new and now reflects the current drought conditions of Big Bear lake and surrounding areas. The huge expanses of newly exposed shoreline, while not great for boat-owners, make for a strangely beautiful departure or approach to the airport itself. We’ve also added hundreds of jetties, docks and boats on the lake to really bring the area to life. Although designed from the ground up with FTX Southern California in mind, Big Bear will blend quite happily with the all the FTX Global range. FTX BIG BEAR CIY AIRPORT FEATURES: · Incredibly detailed high-resolution rendition of the airport by Russ White · Huge 1405km2 coverage area · Ground textures at 60cm/1m · Custom 3D grass and trees · Bonus Lake Arrowhead airport · Bonus Bear Valley Hospital and helipad · Seamless connection with FTX Palm Springs · All new and up to date 2017 imagery · Custom POIs · Hundreds of lake objects · Detailed static aircraft · Animated PeopleFlow2 and CreatureFlow technology · Dynamic airport lighting (P3Dv4 only)
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    Hi again, now I did a little jump from Monterey to San Francisco flying the stock Q400. This is interesting for me to practice an simple ILS-approach in this sim and using this fantastic aircraft model. 19 images, sorry, but I hope you like it. Thank you very much for viewing and always happy flying! Cheers Andreas
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    Here are some shots from my first look around I hope you enjoy these.
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    Well, I found the oil rig, many thanks to Roger. I don't know if the oil rig is P3D or Orbx but it's alive, it makes noise, things move and it's very cool. And going back to NL TE with the new PC is amazing. Orbx did an amazing job here, I hope to see more TE soon. This is my new Cherokopter!
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    The 'Eurofox' not the 'Kitfox' - reynards everywhere. Sporting a 100 hp Rotax, it cruises faster than a C152. Out of Plum Island on this one.
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    If you don't like the yellow & vintage plane neither the lady in red... well don't read this post I was very lucky this evening : I got a famous passenger...yes,...here are her suitcases, hat, beautiful red dresses probably, ... She will be soon at board... the engine is ready to run...I have put a nice music, decoration... Here she is...the Lady in red herself !!! Yes - see - there are also special lights for our take of ! Thanks to my buddy from the control tower ! well during the flight I have been very disenchanted ! Everything was ok - a very charming plane...the engine is not so noisy...some delicate biscuits and a very tasty red wine (of course red !)... BANG !!!!!!! Suddenly I heart a strong sound...the door ?????? Empty !!!!! ??????? yes ....she has decided to jump ! Why ??????? And what to do ? I heard at the radio my buddy : "Don't worry Jean Marc ... it is not the first time...She is so nice but also very strange... OK !! I see her parachute - a red one of course - she is ok - she is just an improbable character....." well well ... So take care with the red lady...sometimes she is quite strange... Best is to see her at the airport, around, but maybe not in your plane ! Or maybe I have just been unlucky ? Just a bad day ? I will never known ...
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    Some of you may know that I do a lot of film here (hi hi) but a lot with my drones also. I just did this one in my neck of the wood, I did it for all the people who feed us in the world, the farmer. Enjoy my good ORBX friends, hope you like it. Ben
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    With apologies to Lewis Carroll.
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    Mine for June: Just airborne from Victorville, CA heading Harvard CN23... (SCA) BugDani.
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    The stunning new Vega 5C by Vitus at Wing 42 over the Deception Pass Bridge, a lovely feature in the Anacortes package. More delicious ORBX art and this bird here .
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    hi all long time with no pics here, last time I leave the 206 in Canadian (lands/waters) but its time to move back to the south, some more flight are planned in the future and for sure will be posted here (also trying to learn another sim DCS, really funny combat sim for serious simmers) so here we go with the amphibian 185 need to learn about taxi signs on water off to the south cruise shot Vancouver intl... not flying heavies too much by now slight hich/short final to KORS but those boxes are not moving by themselves and someone has to take them to Skagit, they said something about a switching or something like that anyhow, just pick my plane and took off to Skagit toooooooo high, this was a power-off approach and landing from looooong distance skagit feels and seems very large coming from Orcas switching planes!!! could say no to C340, the bigger the airport, the bigger the plane anyhow its dark and this bird has to come down into Bowerman ASAP climb away and cloudy, i better turn on pitot heat out, but surrounded by clouds coming for a hand flying ILS final app this bird has to rest ready to go the next day checklisting the cheklist airborne! Siletz bay is donw there, really that's all by now, more to come!
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    P3Dv4.3 - with the updated PTA 2.62 (which I can't seem to live without!). The CS C-130 has to be one of the most popular/longest-lived FS add-ons ever. It's so great to have it revived for P3Dv4.3 - though it still has model and textures problems. Here's what it *should* look like after a bit of editing and merging (don't ask!): Just like the DC-3s that I grew up hearing very often (from Yeadon/Leeds/Bradford), the C-130 now occupies the same slot (from Whenuapai NZWP - a stone's throw away). Both aircraft are *classics* and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing them - in RL or in a sim. They just look (and sound) "just right". Adam.
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    Vega is the 5th brightest star. I brought the new Vega from Wing 42 yesterday but due to a few problems I didn't get it going until this morning. 1. Here it is sitting at Weed surrounded by all it's paraphernalia. 2. The nicely done cabin. 3. Mount Shasta with Mount Shasta Black Butte. 4. Following Interstate 5 at Paradise Craggy. 5. Along the Klamath River for a short distance. 6. Now at Ashland with S03 Sumner Parker Airport. 7. After passing Talent we come to Medford on the Bear Creek and KMFR Rogue Valley International. We are now in Oregan. 8. Looking across towards Mount Isabelle. 9. Leaving the small town of Hugo behind. 10. Now at Myrtle Creek and getting ready to land. 11. Too high and fast so as the wind is light we will try from the other end. 12. Elevation problems at 16S and the worst landing I have done since the last one. Much more practise is needed as that was awful. Anyway a very likeable plane with heaps of extras such as maintenance. Many thanks to Wing42 for giving quick and excellent support in resolving a small issue
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    Hi folks, Since YRC was released I’ve been working on what I hope is a fairly significant upgrade to CAC8. Below are a few screens of some of the new stuff. Newcastle and Protection Islands plus a large part of Nanaimo from Departure Bay to south of town are now annotated PR. The Harmac mill south of Nanaimo is modeled and the surrounding area now has annotated PR, including Duke Point where a BC Ferries terminal is located. https://www.google.com/maps/@49.139459,-123.8649714,2063m/data=!3m1!1e3 I’ll have an update for the PNW ferry system so that it will work with the new CAC8 scenery. The terminal model itself will still be a part of the ferry system. I also redid the Seair seaplane dock with a higher resolution texture that reflects the dock as it exists now. Many of the low res static boats have been replaced with either my custom boats or some recently acquired Orbx models. A bunch more minor stuff too plus a fair number of fixes. Performance should be roughly the same as before based on the efficiencies in using the autogen system in spite of all the additions but I don’t want to make guarantees for all systems. The CAC8 v1.20 update should be ready after I fix the problems found in testing.