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    P3D 4.5 Hotfix 2 Orbx Aus v2, Global, Vector, Buildings, Trees. AS4 weather. A2A 182 Recommended flight, Cairns, YBCS to Townsville, YBTL. I have to say, I forgot how lovely Australia looked. This was done in real time, so it's morning in their summer. Sorry for so many... This area was strikingly beautiful. There's the airport. ILS approach to runway 01.
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    Located closer to Cuba than Miami, Key West benefits from year-round sunshine, tropical delights and stunning sunsets. Key West Airport is sat along the stunning Smathers Beach providing you with great views on the wing as you come into land on the short runway. Watch as the waves roll in and sea sparkle ahead of you. Situated on an island that is only 8-square miles means that the airport is relatively small. Only a 5,076-foot runway is used to get your aircraft into the air. The largest aircraft to visit the airport is a Delta Air Lines 737-700, with American soon to have an A319 visit frequently. This short runway, along with regularly high temperatures, often means pilots face a challenging take off with a small margin of error. Key West Seaplane Adventures is also based out of Key West offering scenic flights around the islands on tourist trips. Sparing no details, we have included all the buildings, hotels and major landmarks surrounding the airport, along with smaller details such as road signs, benches and much more. Extra attention is paid to ensuring the ultra-high-resolution satellite imagery blends seamlessly into the water and surrounding area. You can even see the detailed reefs under the water near the runway. Combining our experience of X-Plane development with our love for tropical and sun-drenched destinations, Key West is the perfect blend of visual delight and silky-smooth performance. The carefully crafted airport comes complete with PBR materials on all surfaces in the airport and finely detailed static aircraft in the airport for the ultimate Key West experience. With the unique Caribbean atmosphere and vibe, be sure to take a Cessna around the island to indulge yourself. Escape the winter chill and head to tropical Key West Airport. FEATURES Ultra-high-resolution satellite imagery surrounding the airport Plenty of detailed 3D models from terminal buildings to road signage Includes surrounding buildings such as hotels and major landmarks Fully PBR compliant for the most realistic looking models Visually breathtaking approach along the coast Several static aircraft bringing the airport to life Seamlessly blends into the upcoming TrueEarth US Florida KEYW Key West airport is due for release at the same time as TrueEarth USA Florida, and we will offer a bundle deal discount on KEYW for customers buying both at the same time. Stay tuned for more screenshots in the coming weeks!
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    Rocky bush in Québec/Labrador near Makkovik, late afternoon at fall : realist rocks details thanks to Open LC +Global + vector (I hope to be in respect of rule 4 as these details are only possible with OPEN LC - otherwise tell me I will change the shot)
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    Its been a bit cold where I live and I needed a little something to warm me up Beautiful scenery, ocean mist and blue ocean - TE Nor Cal to the rescue Cheers Renault
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    Thanks for looking
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    Honestly, the holidays I don't care, lost to many people lately... So giving to others help me in some ways, for whatever it mean. In Canada, where I live, it's not even midnight here.. I will have a beer now gentlemen.. And yes I am alone, and fine. Bonsoir
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    A quick test flight in the delightful little PC-6 from Milviz. It's a stunning looking aircraft (inside and out), fully featured and very professional. A worthy addition to anyone's virtual hangar! Available with just a couple of clicks from your ORBX Central Control Panel! Now to try out some different liveries and locations! Adam.
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    We went from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra to Singapore... ... and had 7 hours of layover at that location. Luckily WSSS is well equipped for this type of travelling - while our plane was being prepared... ...we spent some time at the (nearly private!) pool in T1. Finally we got off, over the ever-impressing strait of Malacca. Some movies and the Bay of Bengal later we reached India, ... ... Delhi to our right: Chasing the sun over Afghanistan. It really looks this way, not too much work to invest in any OpenLC product here. Over Germany South the Orbx lights showed their magic. Frankfurt airport has set up some sausage-like STARs. Well, Frankfurter Würstchen are famous and tasty! They had even placed a good runway indicator just over the horizon. Touchdown with a dark triple-seven. Wake up, paxes, time for another plane change!
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    The pilot wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. As for him, he decided the use the street as a runway for a quicker arrival to the Salty Dwag Saloon in Homer, Alaska. Time to celebrate!
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    Over here, in The Netherlands, it's in the news every day too. I've been in Australia in 2018 and saw what fire can do with the landscape. I wish everybody involved all the strength to counter these horrible fires and I hope everybody stays safe.
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    hi all, has been a lot of time without posting, i've been busy with countless issues, however today i managed to do some simming, So i decided to continue this old series of stories. last time I left an DC-3 parked in the Ramp of Nantucket, pretty atlantic destination, however still have some trips to complete. Grab this beauty in a recent sale, C421 Golden Eagle Getting everything done for taxi, very friendly ATC, kindly provided by the Boston ARTCCv, I love flying VATSIM, note the cherokee on his way to the runway Engine run up Cleared for take off, once airborne fly runway heading, then direct to ACK VOR, climb to 2000 expect 6000 later.... Above the clouds, lots of IFR in front of me.... winter in New england seems to be quite a serious thing descending, some place near 6B6. Fortunately my beloved air nav pro ipad app, can be connected to p3d, outstanding help to navigate Gear down, flaps down, we are fully committed to land, god bless RNAV approaches must confess, not very stable, but final at least Rwy vacatedtaxi everyone get down of my plane, thanks! Aircraft secure, time to have some rest, since tomorrow i have to take an Arrow to 2B2 Early morning Walk Around and preflight Engine Running, after a few checklist steps, we are ready for taxi Sadly i don't have mor screenshots from this particular trip. it was quite a difficult flight (mostly because i didn'tt know how to properly operate the Autopilot) anyhow screens should be quite boring gray clouds, grey sky, grey plane, to much IFR i think... about the arrival, i Managed to find the runway (thanks to GNS 650) Downwind Little high but, just like the arrow IV, younger t-tail brother.... this plane will fall like a piano when you let him.... and here we are in a rock solid short final to rwy 28 and quick jump to the next plane, the old trusty Seminole you may have seen in my older series of flights in the PNW.... Taking off rwy 10 Positive Climb and gears coming up...!!!!! Solid IFR approaching Bar Harbour we are going really fast, gear down and just one notch of flaps to decelerate the plane, the remaining flaps will follow later...but only with runway secured and in sight Runway in sight! way above the minimums, time to disengage the AP and the FD, full flaps, throttle back, nose up to reduce speed, we are really fast anyway, however, the runway is large enough Landing roll! And parked! this is all for now, expect to continue the series, since all of this started I have acquired a few other ORBX products in the Americas... if you follow this series to the very beginning (PA38 near Lake Tahoe) you will find this was intended as a road trip diary through all of the american sceneries of my, always growing, ORBX collection. Bonus Track, last week I took (for second time in my life) the CPL+IFR Checkride in a lovely 172. the instructor stated at the very beginning of the briefing he was not allowing the use of any electronic device, so i have to managed the navigation using my old and trusty E6B, my paper charts and my plotter... hard work to be honest, however, i'm really proud about myself since i'm still perfectly capable to calcule everything without any electronic device, so.... this is me with a very large smile just a few minute after signing calcification sheet posing with the C172N Happy new year to all and be sure to check the previous chapter )
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    Out of Old Warden but the weather looks iffy. Not as peachy keen as I'd like - let's save the petrol for a better day. Good decision.
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    Bristol 170 Mk32 at Southampton. Taildraggers don't come much bigger than this!
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    I love the perfect rendition of Catalina island coastal areas. What a wonderful scenery...
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    Hard winter in Nth Scandinavia and Santa Claus has collected the presents to distribute, these are mine in snowy conditions: Dala airport - ESSD Sweden Kiruna airport - ESNQ Sweden Hammerfest airport - ENHF Norway Narvik airport - ENNK Norway And finaly my End-of-Year greetings
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    I bought LOWI for XP-11 a few days ago but I keep forgetting to try it out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Worth the wait I think!
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    Who said penguins cannot fly. 1. Our friend here has offered to fill the cockpit on a flight to Southampton. 2. Unfortunately we had to empty the cockpit after he had landed and left. Damned Krill!
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    Big Nose at Coffs Harbour. Whilst it is not the most elegant of planes it is nothing to be sniffed at! 1. 2. 3. 4. Now off for a sedate trundle down to Port Macquarie.
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    TE GB (this is TE GB North, over Glasgow) for XP11 is spectacular. I love every single flight.
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    Continuing the PC-6 blitz, here we have a set from Walter Sutton's and thereabouts ... Adam.
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    Hello All, I live in a town called Harrietville, which is in North East Victoria, Australia. My wife and I and many other communities in the North East of Victoria have been devastated by the events this summer due to bushfires. We had to evacuate our home on the 2nd of January and have been allowed to come home today, 8th January, after many days of worry. We have now been advised by the CFA, that we may need to evacuate again and as the tempratures soar once again, and high winds causing more issues, it is a very stressful time, and if it was not for the brave firefighters and the pilots of many types of aircraft, then our house could have been lost. The community spirit at the moment is high but we are also on the edge. The help and support from everyone has been overwhelming, and I would like to say thank you to everyone for your assistance and donations. It has also impacted in a massive scale to our wildlife as well. As a grown man it is hard not to cry just seeing so much loss of some of our most vulnerable species. Kangaroos, wombats, sugar gliders just to name a few. Thank you Nick for starting this post as many many people need as much help as they can get, especially those who have lost there houses and live stock. Regards Sam Craig Harrietville, Victoria, Australia
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    Climbing out of Missoula KMSO en route to Bozeman KBZN REX SF 3D | ORBX CRM | JF DR400
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    Bradford Rgnl - Wilkes-Barre - Chester Following the Susquehanna River Really brings HD trees and buildings to life among the snow clad ground Crossing the Hudson River Light starting to fade on me Automated weather said 10kts, pretty much straight down the runway... I beg to differ Going around... Down safely (enough) Still a long way to go to Plum Island
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    jk4122 jk4121 jk4120 jk4116
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    jk3382 jk3374 jk3377 jk3383
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    Thanks guys. I don’t really know who I’d buy one for a few people have crossed my mind in the past because you can tell they don’t have too many. I like to surprise people like that, I just like to help people.
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    V4.5 Orbx REXSF Just Flight My new furry buddy is upside down on my lap with his feet up in the air and I can't hardly see or reach the keyboard.
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    After leaving Queensland... ... that day also included some more departures for us. At least such a trip is so tiring, you don´t have enough time to become melancholic. And: Duty free provided some Australian memories into our hand luggage: If you have to travel for many hours, do it in style - and with the right plane for @Captain Lars: Unfortunately we did not see much of the scenery, neither in real nor in the sim. Leaving New South Wales... ... for an intermediate stop in the Capital Territory: Restarting after one boring hour in transit... ... to finally leave Australia. Some hours and one continent later we were provided with the best airline breakfast I ever got . Right in time for some shaking on approach to Singers. At least the runway was clear. Now - try to wake up and get ready for the next flight....
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    V4.5 Orbx Carenado Can"t do any in flight shots my joystick crapped out.
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    Another of JanKees wonderful repaints. 1. 2. 3. 4. Departing from Essendon and heading west.
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    It is so great to see the response from all over the World and the best wishes offered, We - here - in Queensland had our share of the fires a month ago and they came close to the Gold Coast. I am particular sorry to see the plight of the people in Mallacoota Victoria - and joint fires in the SE corner of New South Wales In this area are very popular airfields for VFR weekend flyaways - and Malacoota was a favourite - because one stayed at Pub/Motel we flew low over the Pub - cut the Engine 3 Times - and when we got landed - there was always someone from the pub to give you a lift into town --- Have look at the strip in Av2. Also on that corner of OZ is airfields at Eden - Merimbula - Nowra - recently visited by Jack Sawyer - (@Jack - if you read this - almost the whole area you flew over - from CB to Nowra is on fire)
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    Citation Mustang in FTX Northern California
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    Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault Just a bit of fun ...
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    good evening I just flew over the city of Melbourne in YMF5, it's great Schtroumf
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    Late afternoon flight to Brighton. TTM (P3D v4.5.13)
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