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    In another topic about future regions I hinted about an Orbx Netherlands. Since this will soon be in early beta testing I've decided to show these alpha build shots to get people excited about our very first completely photoreal FTX region! This incredible region will feature every house, building, tree, mast, power line, windmill, industrial area and wind farm in the entire country in 3D and perfectly annotated and positioned. Many POIs. Every water body. Every airport upgraded. 5 Seasons. Night lighting. Vehicle traffic. 5m mesh. And more ... And a few screenshots of the amazing night lighting. Emmsie, John and the beta team will be doing proper previews soon enough.
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    Yes it’s an active project. Australia V2 will be next year and be a paid upgrade (big discount for existing customers though). New tech, new textures, new vector, every airport upgraded and possibly photoreal Great Barrier Reef as well.
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    Kia ora, welcome to NZWR Whangarei Airport, Orbx's first North Island airport; located in the northernmost city in New Zealand in the Northland region of the North Island. Whangarei has been on my radar for several years now, and with the assistance of one of our forums members (tuisong) for on-site photography this beautiful NZ destination has been made possible. This project includes the airport itself along with a large amount of photoreal coverage of the bay and valley that the city of Whangarei itself is in. There are some additional locations included in this package, including 3 helipads and many important points of interest for navigation and visiting. Whangarei is the northernmost city in New Zealand, and the regional capital of the Northland region. Situated in a river valley at the back end of its large harbor, Whangarei is an important industrial area producing cement, refining oil, and shipping industrial goods via its ports. The city is host to Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) which operates helicopter rescue operations in surrounding Northland. The NEST Helicopter Base north of the city, NZJR Whangarei Hospital Helipad, and McLeod Bay Rescue Helipad have all been modeled in addition to the airport. Whangarei Airport is situated on the Onerahi peninsula, southeast of the city center. While limited by the geography of the area, it has two runways, a sealed asphalt runway of 3,599ft and a grass runway of 1,558ft. The airport is served by regular flights to Auckland operated by Air New Zealand Link on Dash 8 Q300 aircraft. A smaller air taxi service, Sunair, operates flights to Claris, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Rotorua using Piper PA-23 Aztec's and Cessna 172's. The airport has been previously served by Beechcraft 1900's and ATR 72's. This project has just entered beta, so all going well it should be available this holiday season. Compatibility Available for FSX, FSX:SE, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3, and 4 Requires FTX NZ New Zealand North Island (NZNI) Coverage 60sq mi/155sq km of photoreal coverage at 10cm/30cm/60cm/1m Airports and heliports NZWR Whangarei Airport - HD airport NZJR Whangarei Hospital Heliport - helipad atop the city hospital, west of the city center NEST Helicopter Base - rescue helicopter base north of the city center McLeod Bay Helipad - new helipad at the entrance of Whangarei Harbor, built for rescue operations Features Detailed rendition of NZWR Whangarei Airport Three additional helicopter pads around the city and surrounds Color blended and fully autogen annotated photoreal coverage of Whangarei airport, city, and harbor Advanced rendering techniques for realistic materials at the airport, including precipitation effects on the ground surfaces, specular shine, and bump mapping Dynamic lighting in Prepar3D v4, provided by Jon Murchison APX designed for AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand package, designed by Graham Eccleston POI's including Marsden Point refinery, Portland cement plant, Te Matau bridge, and detailed city center ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, TextureFlow, and StaticFlow included Airport modeled with on-site photography provided by Roger Alchin. And without further ado, screenshots. Many of these shots were produced for these previews by our very own Adam Banks. His New Zealand screenshots are finely tuned to reflect the real locations and as such I wanted to have his input by providing preview images that look the closest to setups that flight sim users from New Zealand might have for their daily flying. NEST Helicopter Base NEST Helicopter Base NEST Helicopter Base NZWR 24 Approach NZWR 24 Approach Advanced materials for precipitation on sealed surfaces NZWR terminal area NZWR terminal landside entrance NZWR landside parking area NZWR fueling NZWR Air New Zealand Link gates NZWR Sunair terminal and parking NZWR Skywork Helicopters operations area NZWR general aviation area NZWR 06 holding point NZWR 24 approach NZWR overview NZWR 06 overview Te Matau Bridge Whangarei city center, looking south Whangarei suburbs, looking north NZJR Whangarei Hospital Helipad NZJR Whangarei Hospital Helipad Marsden Point refinery Marsden Point refinery McLeod Bay helipad area (helipad is by the road on the right)
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    Just wanted to show you some of the new custom regional facades for Germany North (shots taken in P3Dv4.1).
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    Hello, the next sale will take place the day after some customers have just bought a product at the full price and it will end the day before some customers decide to buy a product at the sale price. That much is certain.
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    We are working on a major Australian airport and also a CityScape right now. The CityScape joins the airport and will be released before Xmas. The airport will be in the new year.
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    Netherlands. Watch this space, announcement and preview shots soon. Completely new tech for an FTX region too.
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    Just some more shots of very early conceptional and proof of concept Netherlands in XP11 using Ortho2XP and Tony’s W2XP. This work was a predecessor to the FSX/P3D work we are doing for the Netherlands now. Apologies if this post originally gave the impression this was P3Dv4.
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    Thanks you to you all, my face is as red as my name has become. I am perhaps most often here but I am still only a small part of a team. If you are happy with the products and the support that you receive when you need it, it is to the credit of the whole team, without whom I would not have nearly as many answers as I do and who soon step in when my knowledge is exhausted. Thanks are due to you too, the customers, without whom none of this would be possible and for your patience when things occasionally don't happen as expected. (As if such a thing were possible. )
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    Alex has excelled again with NZWR - it's absolutely, jaw-droppingly, *stunning*: Starting with my favourite shot: The airport has masses of detail ... ... with a few heliports thrown in ... Arrrgh ... can't stop!! Here's a few more ... Believe it or not -- that DC-3 is a static object! If NZMF is the showcase for NZSI, then NZWR has to be the one for NZNI. I could fill a hard-drive with screenshots: this is just a tiny sample - there are *loads* of local POIs and landmarks (I'm sure you'll be seeing them posted soon)! Watch this space! Adam. BTW, folks, I can't make any replies in this part of the forum. If you have any questions, one of the devs may respond (I'm only a tester!). Editing by way of a reply - this is a "catch all" edit to say that I only took the pictures. Apart from the bits nature did, most of what you see is painstakingly hand-crafted by Alex. This isn't false modesty on my part - I could point the "camera" almost anywhere and get a great shot. I suppose I could take a bit of credit for the lighting - but then PTA makes all that relatively easy. More fun: Technical: All the above shots are from P3Dv4.1 using my PTA preset (26_01). Other than simple cropping, the images are not edited in any way: no sharpening, colour or tone correction.
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    Hi guys, the new regional village facades and roofs cover all of Germany North. Currently, all village polygons use the same suburban landclass, which will be replaced by the new village ground textures and autogen (as already implemented in Germany South) and then divided into four regional subareas based on traditional building styles as shown in the map below. Germany South already has its own set of four regional village types (A-D) and will receive a fifth in the upcoming service pack (E) that it shares with GEN and features the typical grey slate facades and roofs of the central Rhein valley and Mosel River area. Cheers, Holger
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    An 'atmospheric' arrival into Whangarei Airport, bit of a teaser rather than a promo video as such:
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    You will easily discover the reason for this post title. It is an honour for me to be part of this great forum. It is fantastic entertainment, continously informative, helpful if needed and always filled with more than a good sense of humour. Thanks to all of you.
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    As always great submissions so far. Here is mine for November, hard winter setting in around Valdez. Time to take my Cirrus south to some warmer weather. Good luck all!
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    Hi Holi, indeed, one of the advantages of these new village landclass types is that Frank came up with a very clever texture layout that makes the inevitable sharp polygon edges less obvious. That's what we used in GES and will now be implemented in GEN as well; we never stop learning Moreover, with GES we used a higher minimum-area threshold for forest, shrub, and village polygons (smaller polys were removed from the landclass files). The GEN service pack will implement the same threshold and my GIS software tells me that I've deleted >100,000 small polygons. That being said, most villages in the GES region are of the "Haufendorf" type, meaning they have more or less round outlines. In addition, local fields tend to be smaller and curved. By contrast, in the lowland areas of GEN, villages are often more rectangular and strechted out along roads (Strassendoerfer), which makes their edges much more obvious. Plus, fields tend to be much larger as well so it's more likely that a village or forest polygon sits right in the middle of it. In other words, I don't want to give the impression that you won't see any sharp edges anymore, GEN is more difficult to work with in that regard than GES. We may get around to posting some before/after screenshots from VFR altitude prior to releasing the service pack. Cheers, Holger
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    Hi all, The Aerofly FS2 version of KCGX Meigs Field has been updated to add the autogen buildings and trees to the Chicago area. This version (1.2) is now available through FTX Central 3. KCGX purchased via Steam DLC for AFS2 will be updated by IPACS shortly. ***New update - 1.21*** Street lights now added!
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    BREAKING NEWS FROM CANBERRA, A Royal Australian Air Force Pilot serving in the Defence Department narrowly escaped serious injury recently when he attempted horseback riding with no prior experience. After mounting his horse unassisted, the horse immediately began moving. As it galloped along at a steady and rhythmic pace, the pilot, who has not been named, began to slip sideways from the saddle. Although attempting to grab for the horse's mane the pilot could not get a firm grip. He then threw his arms around the horse's neck but continued to slide down the side of the horse. The horse galloped along, seemingly oblivious to its slipping rider. Finally, losing his grip, the rider attempted to leap away from the horse and throw himself to safety… However, his foot became entangled in the stirrup, leaving him at the mercy of the horse's pounding hooves as his head and upper body repeatedly struck the ground. Moments away from unconsciousness and possible death, to his great fortune a Royal Australian Navy Chief Petty Officer, shopping at K-Mart, saw him and quickly unplugged the horse!
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    Yes we do plan to do a photoreal PNW (excluding Canadian area) for FSX/P3D as well. Firstly however we will tackle it in AFS2.
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    Ok they are indeed screenshots from X-Plane using Ortho2XP and Tony’s W2XP. Again, apologies to Tony for not acknowledging this and also to everyone for misleading information. I should in future qualify screenshots sent to me before making them public - my bad These shots were sent to me some time ago during the conceptional and proof of concept stage, and let’s be honest - Ortho4XP is an exceptional tool which I myself have used to look at my home area in XP11. We experimented with W2XP - for data analysis, because it allows fast visualisation. In the Netherlands for FSX/P3D, we use very little OSM data because it has lots of errors, namely, if you pay attention to those screenshots, you will see inappropriate trees in the fields. So we refused to use OSM and have obtained other data sources and built our own custom scripts and tech to achieve a better result in FSX/P3D. I’ll leave this topic up but I’ll edit the title and move it to the General Discussion forum. I won’t shy away from the fact I made a bit of a PR stumble and I’ll leave it open to discussion as long as things remain civil ok? That said I guess the cat is out of the bag that Orbx is developing for XP (I revealed this in a recent interview at Cosford FlightSim show), and I would be interested to hear if there is interest in a NetherlandsXP as a payware product with all the usual Orbx 3D POIs modelled etc?
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    Yes the next region will be PNW for AeroflyFS2. The process is already underway between IPACS and Orbx.
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    A couple of pals and I near flew north from Carlsbad (KCRQ) to Santa Paula and we got this picture near Newport Beach. (Our real-life SNJ was reproduced as a skin for the A2A T-6 in amazing detail by crazac. Download the texture here. The weathered interior is true art, and the exterior has every detail right down to nicks in the prop paint.) If you take her flying be nice, that my wife in the back seat. Planning a vacation in northern California I remembered my Dad's adage to never buy (or rent) a house until you've seen the area from the air. So I borrowed a DC-3 and headed up there. It actually was kinda spooky when we drove because I felt like I'd been there before, and in a way I had. A friend asked if I'd let a photographer ride along in our SNJ so he could get some pictures of his Lockheed. We flew out of Sonoma Valley Skypark (KSTS) just south of Sonoma, and this one turned out rather nice, I thought. Another photo hop, this time I was shooting from the right seat of an A-6 as we flew up the beach near Monterey. VA-72 (Blue Hawks) had quite a history. They cross-decked to the HMS Triumph back in '49 when they were flying Bearcats, flew courier missions off the USS Wasp in their A4D-2 Skyhawks in support of Project Mercury, and flew A-7Bs on the first attack of a North Vietnamese SAM site in 1965. An A-6 from VA-75 led the strike using the sophisticated Digital Integrated Attack Navigation Equipment (DIANE) system. When it worked it was amazing, but it required 240 manhours per flight hour to keep an Intruder full-system capable. (Todays F/A-18s are more like 10 hours per flight hour. For more on the A-6 system and a hair-raising RL experience I had in an A-6 go here.) The Pacific Northwest is noted for it's weather. The Cascade Peninsula to the west gets more rain than the Amazon jungle and the Cascades to the east almost always have a veil of clouds. Flew my friend's DC-3 up that way to visit Victoria (the city), and we weren't disappointed by the display the weather put on for us. On the way home, we stopped in Astoria and another friend with a restored PBY invited us to ride along on a jaunt up the Oregon coast. The weather was awesome and sightseeing was fabulous from the cockpit and from the bubble back aft. (A friend with a cool airplane is much better than owning a cool airplane yourself, trust me.)
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    For November, the Russian Shuttle over Moscow. Good luck to everyone!
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    GES Germany - Standard Airport EDRK - Koblenz Winningen
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    Just to address some questions about loading, performance, texture blurring etc. I just installed an alpha build and flew a bunch of circuits around EHAM and Amsterdam city. - It looks absolutely fantastic! - Loading is very quick - Performance very good (30-40fps most weather, GA aircraft, most sliders maxxed) - No texture blurring at all (P3Dv4.1) - Great performance in VR with Oculus Rift (not getting 45fps but no need to use ASW, it's smooth enough).
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    The parking lot at Lana's was a complete circus today ! Good Luck, Everyone !
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    Scud running down the coast from MCAS El Toro. Turning inland at Torrey Pines for a right downwind at NAS Miramar. Two friends, both pilots who also fly over SoCal and around the San Diego area, thought this was a photograph. Ain't the first time that's happened. Yup, that's why I fly ORBX/FTX.
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    What a charmer of an airfield this one is. Here's my first few previews
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    Heading East out of the Springs (KPSP) over I-10 : Good luck to all . Cheers John
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    Thanks Orbx team for the update to the Meigs - Chicago scenery update for AFS2 : Have a great weekend mates !! . Cheers John
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    Morning fog south of Quito, Ecuador (openLC South America).
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    This is my second attempt. The first ended in disaster. I used the L-39 Albatross and was loving it and was about ten miles away from Coffs when the entire sim just went poof! Closed to desktop and no waning. So I deleted the pix, rebooted and started with this plane. I wonder if I now have to uninstall the L-39 because it's way old and might not play well in 4.1? I should have flown Qantas Link's 717 Angry Puppy there.
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    To me Orbx's details are second to none. This flight was from YBTH, Bathurst to YWOL, Wollongong All sliders in 4.1 maxed, Chase Plane, AS4, REX TD HD, & PTA Ok, I'm gonna let you cows off easy, no steak tonight! Ready to fly to Wollongong (love that name! ) The Go Pro is working good.
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    Exploring the Castles of Hohenschwangau in the German Alps(Bayern). Detail of the recent GES scenery. The plane is a vintage Boeing Stearman:
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    ... is Thank you for looking.
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    Yes Netherlands for FSX and P3D first, then we port to AeroflyFS2
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    Who said anything about landclass? I could show dozens more screenshots, but it's a little premature. Every house, building, tree, mast, powerline, windmill, industrial area and wind farm in the entire country in 3D and perfectly annotated. Many POIs. Every water body. Every airport upgraded. 5 Seasons. Night lighting. Vehicle traffic. 5m mesh. And more ... I'm Dutch born, so it's important we do my mother country right. As I said, this is entirely new tech
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    OMG,how could this happen?I am so sorry,but with thousand of screenshots in my folders, I must have chosen a shot from ydelta .Looking a little bit more concentrated on the shot,I should have seen the "ydelta" on the fuselage. Here is my "own" shot for this month
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