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    Happy Easter everyone! Whilst we are very excited to bring you Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth for FSX/P3D in April, we are also hard at work on many other TrueEarth regions for FSX/P3D, AFS2 and X-Plane 11. This teaser trailer shows EGCB Barton Manchester Airport fully integrated into Orbx EU England TrueEarth, the first of our UK+Ireland TrueEarth series for X-Plane. When our company decided to commit to the X-Plane platform, we meant business. EGCB is the first Orbx product we are releasing first for X-Plane. Expect dozens more X-Plane 11 products from us in 2018 and even more in 2019! We commissioned renowned video producer Thomas Rasmussen to create this teaser trailer, and I hope you enjoy it!
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    G'day All, Whilst John has been mercilessly teasing you all with early alpha shots, the team are very proud to officially present the first of our next generation of region products; ORBX Netherlands TrueEarth! This is a game-changing product for the team; for the first time we are combining the full suite of features from our FTX Region sceneries, with a completely photoreal terrain base, a feature previously limited to our airports. It is important to understand that Netherlands TrueEarth is far more than a traditional photoreal product; comprehensive (and complete) building and vegetation placements, thousands of hand-placed landmarks and POI, complete seasonal and night variations, integrated GIS components and hand-edited textures only scratch the surface of the complete feature list. Ground-breaking technology has gone into bringing you the most detailed and accurate terrain product ever seen in a flight sim to date; we are very excited at what this product represents. ORBX TrueEarth TrueEarth is the name that we will be giving to our new line of photoreal region products. An ORBX TrueEarth scenery will combine the best features found in existing Region products, with the added benefit of full photoreal terrain. Many of the components found in TrueEarth packages are a natural evolution from our existing lines; for example we are leveraging CityScene technology found in CityScene Gold Coast, expert GIS technology found in our latest Regions, advanced night lighting from ORBX Global Base and openLC, propitiatory autogen techniques previously seen at Innsbruck, Berlin (GEN) and Munich (GES), and many more. TrueEarth regions will also sit alongside landclass-based regions; both types of Regions will be continued to be developed into the future. As John has already mentioned in other discussions, several other TrueEarth titles are currently in production for locations in Europe and the United States. ORBX TrueEarth pricing will mirror our existing regions; Netherland will be released for AUD$54.95 (~USD$42 / £30 / €34 ) Netherlands TrueEarth As our first TrueEarth photoreal region, Eugene and the team have pulled out all the stops to bring the best product possible. Rather than describe all the details (there are just too many!), please find a partial feature list below: The entirety of Netherlands depicted in complete detail! 85,000km2 of photoreal terrain at 1m resolution (nb the same resolution as traditional landclass textures) Complete seasonal variation: 5 hand-coloured seasons! Full 3D night lighting and night ground textures 43 updated airports, including 18 not found in the default scenery. CityScene building technology for all major cities, towns, villages and urban areas. CityScene tech improves on traditional autogen by adding unusual footprints, higher detail (roof details etc) and better long-range visibility Incredibly dense autogen vegetation. Far superior to automated OSM technology, our agn is compiled from multiple data sets, and hand-edited to ensure maximum fidelity, accuracy and density. Beautifully edited terrain textures - colourised, edited, cleaned up. Blemishes such as cloud cover, water sun glare, seamlines, discolouration and some vehicle footprints have been removed. Colour palettes have been edited to match ORBX Global texture sets. Custom-painted rural variations, including tulip fields during spring Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution. Netherlands may be flat, but incredible details such as tailings dumps, sand dunes and even highway overpass ramps are visible Accurate road, waterway, bridges, transmission line and other vector/GIS components. Road AI traffic also included to regular Region standards Beautiful custom building textures for all autogen buildings Hundreds of custom landmarks and POI Traditional Dutch windmills Major churches and cathederals custom modelled Custom models for all major TV and radio masts Many major bridges custom designed Custom ship models unique to Netherlands Thousands of hand-placed wind turbines, refineries, harbours and other library objects Hand-edited and colourised water textures, including complete watermasking Fully compatible with neighboring regions (GES, GEN), ORBX Global and OpenLC Europe Netherlands will launch for AUD$54.95 (~USD$42 / £30 / €34 ) The Netherlands TrueEarth Team As to be expected from such a huge project, many developers have been working tirelessly to get Netherlands prepared for you all. First and foremost, Netherlands TrueEarth is the brainchild of Eugene Krikunov, the lead developer of many other best-sellers such as Global Base and our Open Landclass series. Holger Sandmann has contributed his considerable GIS expertise to the scenery, in between his long list of other projects. Chris Clack and Neil Hill bring the airports of the Netherlands to life; as our regular "region airports" specialists, their work can be found at each landing zone around the country. Richard Bui, Frank Schnibben and Sylvain Delepierre are the "special detailing" team; the custom landmarks, ships, bridges, radio towers, windmills and thousands of other custom placements are their work. Frank has also designed the custom building autogen texture sets found exclusively within this region. Finally, Allen Kriesman has brought components of his CityScene technology over to the urban and city centres of Netherlands. Iain Emms and John Lovell have been hard at work capturing many facets of the Netherlands, please find a small taste of the screenshots below. As always, we don't give any release dates. The team are working extremely hard in the background; we look forward to sharing more info with you over the coming weeks. Most importantly for you guys, Emmsie and JL will be posting even more shots later in the week... but in the mean time, enjoy! Cheers, Jarrad
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    Hello everyone, I know BuildingsHD was announced and indeed previewed at FlightSimCon almost two years ago and we had initially expected a release last year but as with many such projects sometimes real life gets in the way. In Scott Armstrong's case he has a day job as a commercial pilot and he's also renovating his house, so the project has been on the back burner for some time, However I'm pleased to inform you it is back on track and Scott has enlisted the help of Bill Womack to now crunch through the meaty part of the project to get it onto your hard drives sometime this year. We won't make any promises as to release timeframe other than he and Bill are working on it actively. In the meantime let me show you some screenshots from the current WIP build and this will be followed up in the next month or so by Scott to do a proper reveal announcement in great detail for you. These are just a small fraction of what to expect in the final product and obviously there will be regional building styles for all continents to reflect local architectural styles. I think you will agree with me that it dramatically improves the appearance of cities in the sim. These shots are from P3D.
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    Hi all, new pack is available with another 27 airports added. John Barner K07, Rolla, MO KDUA, Eakur, Durant, OK KMLC, Mc Alaster regl, Mc Alester, OK Larry Isenor CYOJ, High Level, AB CYZS, Coral Harbour, NU MMSL, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico SDJO Sao Joaquin da Barra, Brazil (Disable AEC) TLPC, Castries, St. Lucia Neil Hill 4NY8, Harris Hill, Elmira, NY KABR, Aberdeen Regl, Aberdeen, SD KATY, Watertown Mun, Watertown, SD KDNL, Daniel Field, Augusta, GA KDRO, Durango-La Plata Co, Durango, CO (Disable AEC) KEKN, Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Field, Elkins, WV KELM, Elmira/Corning Regional, Elmira, NY KERI, Erie Intl, Erie, PA KFFC, Peachtree City-Falcon, Atlanta, GA KFNL, Ft Collins-Loveland Mun, Ft Collins-Loveland, CO KFWA, Fort Wayne Int, Fort Wayne, IN KGAI, Montgomery Co, Gaithersburg, MD (Disable AEC) KGWO, Greenwood-Leflore, Greenwood, MS KHDN, Yampa Valley, Yampa, CO KLUK, Lunken Mun, Cincinnati, OH N30, Cherry Ridge, Honesdale, PA Tom Campbell KAIK - Aiken Muni, Aiken, SC KAND - Anderson Regl, Anderson, SC KUZA - Rock Hill/York Co/Bryant Field, Rock Hill, SC Updates: MM15, Cabo San Lucas Intl - disables old ICAO files CYQY, Sydney, NS - Change rwy designations 8A1, Guntersville Mun-Starnes, AL - add rwy 7-25
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I thought it would be apt that we ask a Dutchman to create the launch trailer of this groundbreaking product of his home country, so I’ll let Jeroen Doorman’s video do the talking ... EU Netherlands TrueEarth will be released very soon, we are in the final testing phase now.
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    Taken in P3DV4.1. FTX Trees HD. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition. No PTA used in any of my preview shots just straight v key shots. Yours to Enjoy very soon. cheers Iain
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    Taken in P3DV4.1 FTX HD Trees. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition used. No PTA used in any of my previews Just straight v key shots. Now then the shipping at Rotterdam.
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    My try for this month's competition, a very low flight over Monument Valley by sunrise:
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    Since Orbx does not publish any addons for FSW this is not a topic for discussion on our forums. I am sure there will be many active discussions on other forums around the place. My thoughts are with the employees and directors of the company who have spent quite a few years, hard work and a lot of funds trying to create another viable platform. It is sad to hear this news and we need to be considerate and graceful in remarks that we make around the internet. Seeing a sim platform close is never good for our industry and your hobby.
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    Taken in P3DV4.1 FTX HD Trees. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition used. No PTA used in any of my previews Just straight v key shots.
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    Holger and the regions team are currently working on Australia V2 as the next landclass based full-fat region. It will be a substantial upgrade and include CityScene Melbourne as a bonus as well as the Great Barrier Reef. Following that we are looking at another Alaska LC region or New England Martimes, not decided on that yet. There are already payware products covering Switzerland and Austria; we would likely do Italy or France as TrueEarth regions if we can license source imagery. We will be making a lot of TrueEarth regions in the USA as well.
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    Taken in P3DV4.1. FTX HD Trees. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition. No PTA used in any of my preview shots just straight v key shots.
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    Hello all, Here is the second (and final) sneak preview trailer for Orbx EU England TrueEarth for XP11 before we turn our attention to the release of Netherlands TrueEarth for P3D. This shows footage purely from the midlands and south of England in the current alpha build. We plan on adding much more detail and features in the coming months, We won't be showing any more previews of this product until it is in beta testing a little while from now. I am sure Emmsie and JL will be serving up many screenshots and I will again ask Jarrad to do a detailed announcement topic once we are closer to release. For now though, enjoy these scenes ...
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    There is no aircraft in the sky around the Port Moresby Jacksons (AYPY) virtual airport today. No aircraft in the sky but one, a medevac flight. The winds blow from 240 degree at 50G60 kts and the runways are oriented 14/32. It is way above the maximum crosswind authorized for any aircraft. But the Rockwell Shrike Commander’s crew cannot wait until the wind calms down. They must land in the next few minutes in order to save a patient’s life. As there is no traffic around, the captain has told ATC he intends to do a safe, efficient but non-standard approach. Arriving straight across the runways, facing the wind, the crew intends to land the aircraft a few feet short of a hangar. The captain requests that someone opens the hangar doors right away. The captain will terminate the approach in the hangar, protected from the wind. It is safer to arrive facing the wind and immediately enter the hangar, straight ahead. No taxiing with a 60 knots crosswind. Useless to say, ATC has already refused the request. But the pilot is the only one who decides of the best landing surface, for the safety of the passengers and himself. He proceeds with the approach after having clearly indicated which path will be followed. The main problem for the approach is the low level mechanical turbulence caused by the gusty 60 kts winds. If ATC wants to file a complaint, now is a good time to take a picture of the aircraft and its registration to support the case. The actual ground speed of the airplane is around 20 kts. The steady high wind speed is actually safer for the crew than if the winds were 240 at 35G60. Still a bit above the runway and with a 10-20 knots ground speed. The airspeed indicator shows the strength of the wind itself plus the ground speed. Floating like a hot air balloon or almost! As the aircraft touches the ground, it stops almost immediately. It is necessary to apply power to reach the hangar, as you can see with the white trail on the ground behind the aircraft. In real life, the touch-down would have had to be as soon as the asphalt start since the presence of the hangar lowers the wind speed a bit. A few seconds after the touch-down, the aircraft is in the hangar, protected from the wind, and both doctor and patient can quickly head out to the hospital. Once in the hangar, the winds were adjusted to zero, which is kind of logical, unless the opposite wall is missing! It was now time to brace for another storm, which was the inquiry that would possibly follow the landing! Cheers!
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    ... A cool cub flying around Keka Murray Field (NCA) ...
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    Just some more info, and the reason this looks so realistic: We're using licensed aerial photography taken from aircraft, not satellite imagery We have the position and height data for every tree in Wales and England We have the position and height data for every building in England and Wales We have an enormous amount of 3D objects modelled from our Orbx landclass regions in the UK, and we'll add more The teaser is not designed to push you towards any particular sim because the same fidelity will be available across all platforms. The only limitations are that FSX won't handle the huge amount of objects that well and AFS2 does not yet have moving traffic, but all versions will visually be very similar.
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    Departing PAHO Homer, Alaska early on a winter's day.
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    Just a reminder we don't tolerate "sim war" discussions on these forums. You're entitled to have your favourite platforms but arguing over which is better or worse does not make for a harmonious environment. Some posts have been deleted and the mods have been instructed to be diligent in keeping order.
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    Taken in p3dv4.1. FTX HD Trees. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition used. No PTA used in any of my previews Just straight v key shots.
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    Hello all, As we finalise the beta testing of EU Netherlands TrueEarth it has become evident that there are needs for substantial differences between the P3Dv4 and FSX/P3Dv1-3.X versions of the scenery. Differences in the scenery engines between the sims, coupled with more generous overheads in P3Dv4, have resulted in a larger-than-expected deviation in the development workflow for each. We thought about dropping support for 32-bit simulators altogether but we feel this is not fair on those customers who have not yet migrated to a 64-bit platform. Instead we will firstly release for Prepar3D V4 in the coming week and then follow it up with a object-reduced edition for FSX and P3Dv1-3.X a short while after. Netherlands TrueEarth will come in two flavors: 1. Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth HD for P3Dv4 - Exclusively for P3Dv4 - 77GB download - 1m/pixel ground resolution. - Optimised for P3Dv4 architecture 2. Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth for FSX/P3Dv1-3 - Exclusively for FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv1-3 - 24GB download - 2m/pixel ground resolution - Optimised for FSX/early-gen P3D platforms Please note that every single preview topic (except for two), and the release trailer, show the 2m ground textures. Orbx EU Netherlands HD for P3Dv4 will be the only version available when the product launches. The FSX/P3Dv1-v3 version will be released shortly thereafter. Netherlands TrueEarth for FSX and P3Dv1-3.X Work has been ongoing for weeks on this update, and shouldn't be too far away. This release will include core scenery content better optimized for the FSX engine. Aside from the ground textures, the majority of the changes will be "under the hood", though FSX/early-P3D users may notice a small decrease in some types of objects compared to P3Dv4. Whilst we could easily release this product as a simple conversion using the FSX SDK, we want to better make use of our technology by specifically tuning the scenery for the earlier generation sims. We strongly support our FSX customers and believe it is important to give you all the the best experience for this sim; we thank you all in advance for your patience. FTX Central 3.3 A new version of FTX Central will be released that has enhanced download functionality (including the ability to set the "temp" location for users with low disk space on their C: drive). It is recommended that you upgrade to this version before installing Netherlands. EU Netherlands TrueEarth FAQ: 1. I want to use Netherlands TrueEarth in both P3Dv4 and FSX, will I need to buy two copies? Absolutely not. Your purchase will enable you to use this scenery in any ESP simulator of your choosing (P3Dv1-4, FSX and FSX:SE) in exactly the same manner as all other Orbx Products. 2. Will you make your 1m textures (Netherlands HD) available for FSX, or the 2m set available for P3Dv4? No. Netherlands HD is exclusively designed for P3Dv4, and Netherlands exclusively for FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv1-3.X 3. What about XP11 and Aerofly? As has been discussed over recent months, development is underway for both these versions. As has been the case with other Orbx XP11 and AFS2 products, these will be sold separately, with pricing and discount offers to be announced at a later date. 4. I don't have a fast internet connection, and would like to use a download manager for such a big file. Is this possible? Of course it is! As with all of our products, you can elect to manually download the product as a zip file via your Orbx account. Our manual download option is fully compatible with download management software. Info on how to do this can be found here: https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000096555-Installing-from-a-manually-downloaded-zip
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    Taken in P3DV4.1. FTX HD Trees. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition used. No PTA used in any of my previews Just straight v key shots.
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    Plum Island & Minute Man Field - 2B2 & 6B6 Two for the price of one and jam packed with Charm. Bill Womack's Plum Island and Minute Man Field are just that! Hope you enjoy these shots!
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    Finally installed.. Holy disk space.. You're gonna need more than the 77gb available as mentioned in the release post. Yes, that's roughly the install size, but you're gonna need an additional 40gb or so for the download itself so it can install it. You regain that large chunk during the cleanup process though but collectively.. A good 120gb available needed to download + install the package... As with any Photo Scenery.. Even with Orbx, you're not gonna get stunning (terrain) visuals on ground level.. Nature of the beast (with photo scenery) but I will say what Orbx has presented is the best visuals of photo scenery I've ever seen at ground level.. At or above 3k ft is where she really starts to shine. Overall very happy with this. The auto gen integration is where this really shines.. It's one darn nice complete package.. It combines the best of what the former regions has to offer with the best of what photo scenery has to offer.. It's darn impressive. Those who usually aren't fans of photo scenery... This might be the product that finally sways you to give it a shot.. Flying out of EH09
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    Shots taken in P3D v4.1 in FTX AU scenery with Active Sky weather and some PTA stuff going on. So here are a couple of not so exciting shots that highlight the exact reason why, many years ago, I fell immediately in love with Orbx scenery once I discoverd it. I know the AU scenery is a little long in the tooth now, and never mind the livery of the aircraft, but instead notice the winding road below with the trees that line the road. They are on either side, and follow the curvy road as it heads towards the wood line. It was this exact level of detail that I saw on an FTX add on the back of a flight simming magazine, I think for AU Blue, that grabbed my attention. Back then I remember wishing many times how I wanted the trees to actually be on the sides of the roads, and not in the middle of them. As a low and slow GA flyer, that was a huge deal back then, and Orbx came to the rescue. They have been doing nothing short of consistently amazing work since then, and have come a very long way. Still, it's moments like these two shots that make me remember why Orbx scenery has always had that magic pull for me, and so many others on here. I think these two simple screenshots speak volumes. Cheers!
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    Following my recent flight towards Seattle I just "had" to inspect some older sceneries that I did not fly in p3d yet - or even did not own before the last sales. So I set up a flight plan with a little loop, ... ... went out of KPAE... ... over Everett... ... and into the valley of the "North Fork Stillaguamish River". It should be possible to give it an even longer name, but I see it would not be easy. Fantastic mountains around Darrington... Heading on northwards over the Sauk river... ... into Concrete. These Washingtonians seem to be very resistant against cold & wet weather. Nothing more than T-shirts here... Climbing to the west over Skagit river... ... but not for long, as Israel´s Farm is waiting to be found. And finding it is a real challenge... Even on the ground the runway can easily be overlooked. It is only a short hop until the Anacortes refinery comes into view, ... ... which means the sim pilot has to make the little detour south to Deception Pass bridge. Paul was polite enough to leave the signs installed at Anacortes airfield. You´ll probably see a little anomaly here - which I will report separately as well. Downwing over San Juan Island into KFHR... ... where I naturally stop directly next to the Café for a little burger. But the windows are dark, and no guests there - did I arrive out of business hours?
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    Having some fun with good ol 80991. Heading out of San Marcos TX for a quick flight around Canyon Lake. Global, Vector and NA LC.
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    Here is mine for April - Arrival into Nantucket : Good luck to everyone !! . John
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    Two more of Bill's offerings in Massachusetts. Minuteman Field near Stow, MA Overhead Plum Island Airport Newbury Port, MA Landing on the grass runway at Plum.
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    I hoped to bring you the second instalment of the attempted flight from LOWI to EDDM in the LH DC-4 but tragedy has struck On going to my external HDD today I found there was a problem and all my screen shots had vanished including the second part of the flight. So instead here is a video of kittens. A bath full of sulphuric acid and razorblades would have been more fun! Just kidding, read on where all is revealed. 1. Captain Blähung and first officer Hodensack have miraculously avoided the mountainside but with the possibility of overstressing the drinks cart the flight is now in danger. 2. Still straining to make safe height the DC-4 the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen can be seen in the distant valley. The occupants of the DC-4 don't have to strain at all. 3. At the edge of the Alps over the Walchensee the crew can breathe a little easier although the opening of the windows would make the atmosphere more pleasant. 4. At Sindelsdorf with the AH95 the decision was made to continue to EDDM with the mountainous terrain around LOWI being unsuited to a plane in distress. 5. Antdorf and Penzberg are approached with the Starnberger See at the top of the screen. 6. ATC asked the DC-4 to report its position which was Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried, I kid thee not. By the time they had reeled this lot off they were parked up at the terminal. I have never seen such a long name! 7. Over the Isar River at Sendling-Westpark. 8. The Munich Highlight Towers which are inhabited by Fujitsu, IBM and Unify amongst others. 9. Close to Dieterscheim and the AH9, the weather has taken a turn for the worse. 10 At Eching-Ost the AH9 and 92 cross each other as the crew crosses themselves hoping they can land safely. 11. Passing Neufahrn. 12. The lights of 08R are a welcome sight. 13. On short finals and it looks like the flight will have a happy ending.......... 14. ..........apart from the Lufthansa cleaners who now have the unenviable task of mucking out the cabin and cockpit after the earlier scare. I hope you have enjoyed the second half of my flight and many thanks for the interest you have shown.
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    Taken in P3DV4.1. FTX Trees HD. Rex TD and Rex TD Enhanced Edition. No PTA used in any of my preview shots just straight v key shots.
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    Super flight from Valdez to Kenai.
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    My first entry for a few months. 18. Good luck everyone.
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    We intend to release England, Scotland and Wales as TrueEarth regions for X-Plane 11 this year. At the same time we will begin development on those same TrueEarth regions for AFS2 and FSX/P3D. We hope to release some of those regions this year for those sims but there are a LOT of concurrent projects in play so we have to balance our team’s resources. Will they all look identical? No, simply because each simulator has different methods of rendering lighting, sky, clouds, terrain, roads, traffic, trains and many other aspects of the scenery. Some sims have features that others do not and vice versa, such as moving road traffic, trains, cloud shadows, dynamic lights, ATC, proper weather systems, water, great FPS, great VR - it’s a long list. Ultimately it comes down to which sim you prefer, how much you have invested in it, and what type of flying you prefer to do. We will offer a cross platform discount so you could for instance buy a TrueEarth region for all three sims (when available) to see the difference for yourself. At some point we may also offer small demo regions for all sims so you can compare for them for free.
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    Now that I have access to some ferries and since Jack is such a good friend of mine, I decided to haul his BMW to the next race for just the price of a ticket to the race!!
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    This is the scenery that made me moved to Orbx. After I saw the promo in Youtube I ended speachless. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was seeing exactly what I wished and waited for years to see in my flights. Made the necessary arrangements to get a good computer, suitable for ORBX. My favorite places: Norway, New Zeland, Alaska, NA Pacific Northwest. Airports would be Narvik, Milford Sound, Juneau, Telluride, Lake Tahoe, Lowi, Bowerman, Dubrovnik, Kasan, Gosh so many they are... It captures me to the point I decided to plan a trip to Norway. Was it like this for someone else? Cheers
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    As far as I know EGFF, EGHI, ESSA, LOWI, LDPU, LDPL, and LEBB are *all* airliner capable international airports we have released in Europe, and in fact we give EGFF away for free with Wales when we could easily have split it off into its own release. So seven international airports in Europe is hardly “selling out to the Americans” who have only been provided six of them. The UK TrueEarth series will have hundreds of CityScenes added as part of the cost, including major centres such as London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, York and much more. Perhaps do some research first before making passive aggressive statements which may offend other forum members? Posts of this nature also won’t endear you to the dev team and won’t make us rush out to appease your needs.
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    OK here is a quick video from my laptop running P3D v4.2 and even with zooming and fast panning there are zero blurry textures. In fact, textures remain nice and crisp even when zooming to the horizon. This is over EHDR Drachten. PC Specs and P3D settings: And the video (apologies for the poor capture and sound, I used the Windows+G method in Win10).: EDIT: YouTube processing added flashing to the encoding, no idea why, sorry about that. NM, seems to be sorted now You can see the textures remain crisp and FPS varies from 30-55+ with these settings. I get the same performance around EHAM and Amsterdam as well.