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    A feature we have added to both the XP11 and P3D versions of EGPH is fully animated moving trams arriving and leaving the terminal station (yes and they are PBR and have lighting ).
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    Its been a fair while since I posted any screen basically got a whole new set up main thing being a next level racing Motion simulator cockpit and a yoke from Honeycomb, a new cockpit and to top it all bought a super wide screen curved screen which I think has made the such a big difference have a look see what yet think and thanks for looking. M
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    Only made now a 2nd flight in this new gorgeous scenery....have to spent more time for exploring so much more...
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    From Twisp to Darrington over some of the more spectacular peaks in the Cascades. Twisp - a town on the Methow River and WA20 as it heads down to Wenatchee. The Carenado E33 Bonanza. A glimpse of WA20 as it snakes westbound. Starting to get serious. Altitude 9500 - looks like I'll just clear. A good mesh . There's Mt Baker off to the right so we're getting close. Darrington on the Sauk River. Look closely, I'm a mile final just behind the little cleared area.
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    V4.5 Orbx - Nantucket REXSF Carenado - FA50
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    Just the one …. As always thanks for stopping by. It is appreciated Cheers Renault
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    Had an emergency at the weekend our dog - one of them, Stella, threw up eight times in 45 minutes, so a rush to the vet - turns out she had a twisted intestine and we could have lost her had we not acted quickly, so surgery and a stay at the vet to recover. We brought her home today, she still has a way to go but she's going to be fine - but not our bank account, it's now minus $900. Don't care though, we would have paid twice that to get her better. She's a beautiful big Bassett girl (37 kg) LOL, and we love her lots. Don
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    Our morning flight ... ... brought us to the lovely small airport YAYE Conellan. Where passengers walk right off the planes and are welcomed... The Pitjantjatjara word "Palya" means "hello", as well as "have a safe trip" and also "thank you". Just depending on the context. Yes, we took a bus from the airport... ... but our was much smaller than the usual looking ones. And as we don´t go for bus simulation here, I´ll take you with me in the trusty MD-530. Below you see the control point of Uluru-Kata Tjuta NP, you got to show your entry passes there. Mutitjulu waterhole, one of the many sacred places around the rock. By the way, now it´s time to put on some well-suited music: With the helicopter you can shortcut some time and include a little visit of the second rock formation of the NP: Kata Tjuta. Crossing Weipa Gorge. Kata Tjuta means "many heads", and you can guess how the name was found. This is, indeed, the parking lot for cars. But there is also one for copters, perfectly marked. Be careful not to miss your way here... ... and have an eye on temperature and water load. This is the entire "Valley of the Winds" area, seen actually from the "you are here" location. A magic place. Let´s go to the official Sunset Bus Park... ... and watch the expected. Before we come to the unexpected: The coach campground. Just too dark for a good picture. Some memories you gonna keep other ways.
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    I like to set AS weather on Real Time & go & see if it is accurate. This time looking for snow between Des Moines & Omaha, USA. It was accurate. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Haida Gwaii but known as the Queen Charlotte Islands until 2010. Part of British Colombia, it is about 40 miles off the coast separated by the Hecate Strait. 1. Graham and Moresby Islands are the two main Islands with another 400 smaller ones making up the archipelago. 2. The Holland America Line Eurodam is approaching on it's way south, probably to Seattle. 3. The islands are about 170 miles long by 60 wide at its widest point in the furthest north. It has a population of about 4500. 4. The Eurodam is 935 ft long and carries just over 3000 passengers and crew. It commenced service in 2008.
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    SOMETHING DIFFERENT #8 part 4 : An Artic Inuit Pilot Life in Baffin Island For the beginning of this long journey : here is the link https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174300-something-different-8-the-life-of-tioralak-artic-bush-pilot-part-1/ For the previous part 3 : go to https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/182067-something-different-8-3-the-life-of-tioralak-artic-bush-pilot-part-3-ellesmere-to-baffin-island/ Let's continue to explore the great artic world, followingTioralak, inuit bush pilot (thanks to Orbx with FTX Global + vector + openLC for accurate details of the icy ground, mountains and seashore !) #157a #157b #157c #157d #158a #158b #158c #159 #160 #161 #162a #162b #162c ARTIC BAY #163 #164 #165 #166 #167 #168a #168b #169a #169b #170 #171 #172 #173 #174 #175 #176 #177 CLYDE RIVER #178 #179 #180 #181 #182 #183 #184 #185 #186 #187 #188 #189 #190 (The next Grand Journey - will start with in part 5 & 6...) #191 #192 #193 QIQIRTARJUAQ #194 #195 #197 (yes not #196 - a numbering mistake !) #198 #199 #200 #201 #202 #203 PANGNIRTUNG and the flights over the great AUYUITTUQ National Park ( where maybe we will meet Odin or Thor :-) ) #204 #205 #206 #207 #208 #209 #210 #211 #212 #213 (yes the park is really beautiful and sure it is a really great place to flight in RL and in the sim !) #214 #215 #216 ouf ! Sorry it was a quite long journey ! Hoping you liked the story and the (many) pictures Do not hesitate to leave any comments :-) See you soon for the next part in Southern Baffin and Hudson Bay... #217
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    TE NorCal SD, headed out of San Jose. TTM Headed North North West. Turned & heading inland, due East. The moon shot, at San Jose.
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    V4.5 Orbx REXSF Carenado - King Air 200
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    just checking out TE NorCal SD - very impressive so far... there was a POI i wanted to check out - Apple Park the Orbx modellers have done it again! used to have Macs decades ago - PC nowadays - but find my iPad indispensable...
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    JF Curtiss C-46 in a Buffalo livery starting its engines at Southampton. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Just trying out a few ActiveSkyXP sessions near my birthplace ... Believe it or not, this was around 11am!!! Aerosoft ATR: Climbing up through the murk ... Finally!!! Adam.
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    Following our tours around 2 of the 3 sacred rocks in the Anangu lands... ... it is now time to follow Lasseter Highway back to the east. Navigation is easy, as there are not many roads out here. So get off Ayers Rock airport, ... ... across the campground. Under the tail of the Lancair you see a crossroad and a small parking lot? We enjoyed a cold morning at that parking lot with this view... ... before going on the road. First stop: Curtin Springs. There is an OZx airstrip, but I skip it on this flight. Nevertheless we enjoy the views of the roadhouse... ... and of the 3rd sacred mountain of the Anangu, Mt. Connor (you might have seen it on the sim screenshot). Just north of Lasseter Highway there is a huge salt lake. Now navigation gets complicated: The first (and only) road to the left, Luritja Road at Angas Downs. Some hours of driving later... ... (and significantly shorter flying time) ... ... we reach Kings Creek Station. The coach campground is just next to the runway - and I can say the OZx airstrip is 100 % accurate! I was totally overwhelmed. The only trouble: I could not take a picture from the driving truck, and we were too busy in the remaining daylight to walk back. So no real picture of the airstrip, sorry. At least a slightly different impression of the place we stayed for the night.
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    This is a bit of an eclectic collection of a few random screenshots during testing of Nvidia's DSR option. One of the issues I have always had with XPlane it seems is that I have never been happy with their implementation of antialiasing. Using DSR at 4K means that I don't use any AA settings resulting in over a 40% reduction in the load on my GPU (measured using MSI Afterburner) As always thanks for stopping by . It is always appreciated. I would also like to acknowledge my appreciation to Craigeaglefire and OlderNdirt for their assistance and encouragement during this little experiment Cheers Renault
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    Get ready to explore another challenging airport in the Swiss Alps! Developed by Andreas Hegi, Samedan Airport sees a vast number of general aviation traffic and private corporate jets frequent the beautiful airport. Situated in the heart of the Engadin valley, expect unsettled winds, low-visibility and plenty of turbulence. Even the most experienced of pilots will find landing at the 5,600ft above sea-level airport tough. The scenery features: Incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of Samedan Airport and surrounds Scenic mountain landscape with glaciers, lakes and rivers all make stunning visual approaches Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography to provide the most immersive experience possible Visually pleasing: 30cm per pixel coverage in the closer airport area, 60cm in the surrounding area Includes the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz with many custom hotels and churches - perfect for the VFR fliers Thousands of hand placed autogen trees and buildings to make the area feel alive 3D snow piles in winter (only P3D version) Seasonal variations Bonus helipad: Hospital Oberengadin Dynamic night lighting (only P3D v4) By veteran developer Andreas Hegi, author of the incredible LSPN Triengen Airport Developed for P3D & FSX, compatible with Global Base, OpenLC Europe & Vector Available now on OrbxDirect $34.95 AUD Approx. US$24.15 | €21,57 | £18.66
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    Global Base Pack Open LC NA Vector Global Airport Pack Eastern Utah - Flight from KPUC Price, Utah to KCNY Canyonlands The Real Canyonlands.
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    Flying by the Tower. A salute to Innsbruck a true ORBX Jewel.Cheers the Mule Team.
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    There are two ways to argue with a Woman. Neither one works
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    This is the JustFlight Turbo Arrow making a little tour of Courcheval.
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    Charles Hardin Holly. 1. The commemorative plaque outside The Buddy Holly Centre 2. Just under the tail to the left is the Buddy Holly Centre and the West Texas Hall of Fame. 3. Buddy Holly's statue at the West Texas Hall of Fame which commemorates the many local musicians. 4. Approaching Preston Smith International Airport 5. Outside the Buddy Holly Centre at 19th St and Cricket's Avenue.
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    On a suggestion from "Renault", I set Nvidia DSR to 4k/33% smoothing. In game I'm using Full Screen 3800k. Of course for the forum they're sized back to 1280. Double click the magnification. My ride - Carenado PC12
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    Thank you very much, Jack. Indeed Orbx has made this continent in a brilliant way. Thanks John. Always a pleasure for me to create this! Thank you Joe. Simming makes it possible to enjoy travels much more than just one time. Thank you Karl. Maybe Martyn can make similar tours with Mule Alaska Airways? Thanks Iain! Can you imagine how much I enjoyed watching the country below me and take all these photos? And how good the memories came up while repeating it here? Thanks Adam. I was lucky I captured a window seat... Thank you TT. Great to see the Orbx scenery, and still with the need for some OZx fields, stay "tuned"... Thanks you Laurie. Good to read you enjoy it! My pleasure, John... Merci, Jean Marc. Simply unbelievable to finally see these places after reading and simming so often around them.
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    Testing the Milviz PC-6 Turbo in Southern Nepal after an aircraft reload. TTM
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    We are pleased to announce the simultaneous release of EGPH Edinburgh Airport for P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11! Key Features for X-Plane 11 High-resolution photoscenery surrounding the airport Detailed and performance-friendly 3D modelling for the airport and beyond Superb ground textures with environmental wear-and-tear for that realistic effect Fire station, hotels and offices all fully modelled with impressive detailing Dynamic lighting across the whole airport bringing the airport at night to life Impressive rendering of the iconic ATC tower at Edinburgh complete with accurate lighting during night Edinburgh comes to live with a range of animated traffic including firetrucks, fuel tankers and more SAM jetways to make it easy to connect to your aircraft at aircraft stands Key Features for P3Dv4 High-resolution orthoimagery surrounding the airport Detailed and performance-friendly 3D modelling for the airport and beyond Superb ground textures with environmental wear-and-tear for that realistic effect Fire station, hotels and offices all fully modelled with impressive detailing Dynamic lighting across the whole airport bringing the airport at night to life Impressive rendering of the iconic ATC tower at Edinburgh complete with accurate lighting during night PBR materials used across the airport, with wet texture appearance during rainy weather (P3Dv4.4 or higher) SODE jetways to make it easy to connect to your aircraft at aircraft stands And for a limited time you can take advantage of the multi-platform bundle discount deal that will run until 1st December 2019 - save 25% when you purchase EGPH for P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11! Available for $39.95 AUD (approx US$27.25 | €24,60 | £21.25) on Orbx Direct.
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    We are pleased to announce the release of a new Freeware airport for you from new developer, Sandro De Sarro - EG20 Clench Common Field. Sandro is a real world pilot that flies at EG20 and has recreated the airport with a high level of realism and has been designed to work with TrueEarth Great Britain South. The airport features some tricky runways to land and takeoff from, so be careful! Add it your Orbxdirect account from here.
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    A wonderful post Gerold and some beautiful images of Ayres Rock and The Olgas when you were taking off. A shame about it being dark on your approach to Cairns but a great image at the end. I can relate to you getting blurry photos too, annoying isn't it! FYI Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services!
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    Long time no C. Flying into Brisbane from Singapore at the end of my trip the other week I saw a Pel-Air SAAB parked up. The first Pel-Air freighter I had seen. What a great surprise to see my old favourite plane after so many years. An image from 2007 at Mildura, but now 34 years old and still going strong!
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    VskyLabs C-47 on its way from Oregon to Washington State. I didn't realize it was ski equipped until it was in the air! The 2nd shot is way up the coastline of Washington State. Not sure where the haze came from as Ultra Weather was set to zero fog. TTM
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    I needed someplace close to KROC Rochester, New York for departing and arrivals. KROC was just to big and I prefer the small town little airports anyways. It's less than a 30 minute commute out of Rochester heading west. Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Toronto which is just across Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes) are just a few minutes flight. It's just a plain Airpark with fuel and a few buildings and some hangers but no static or AI aircraft. Not even a flagpole and I don't recall and light poles. Well anyway, I will be conducting local flights from here now. Just a few for now trying my hand at ASCA.
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    Fantastic shot Martyn! Thanks for the info too. I had no idea who Puget Sound or Vancouver were named after. You learn something new every day, especially with the likes of you and Gerold around. Cheers,
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    thanks for devoleping .
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    Thanks to Wycliffe Barrett from X-Plan dedicated for the glowing review of Edinburgh airport
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    P3Dv4.4 - Orbx Santa Barbara Some shots taken to test a new texture for Dino Cattaneo's TA-4J.
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    Thanks Iain! Cheers Pete Thanks Adam Appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed it Cheers! Thanks Laurie Thanks JM. & the moles thank you as well Thank you John
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