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    Orbx is continuing business as usual through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Essendon (AU) office has been in quarantine for a few days due to one close contact, and staff have been working remotely. Everyone will be physically back in the office next week. Staff at our Havant (UK) office have this week taken the precautionary measure of working from home for the time being as well. Our Company is very used to, and prepared to work remotely. We are lucky in that regard that something like this has not affected us much, but our thoughts and best wishes go to all who are going through some difficult times. We hope all of our simmers are keeping safe and are looking out for their friends and families.
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    Hi all, The past month has been pretty rough, hope everyone is staying safe! Since we're all cooped up indoors and playing flight sims, I thought I'd take some time to finish up the Californian Channel Islands that never made it into the first version of Santa Barbara, so that you all have somewhere new to explore This update adds over 700 square kilometers of new coverage to KSBA, more than doubling the original coverage area. It also adds 3 lite airstrips for you to land at. These airstrips are super fun and challenging to fly into, and are a nice short flight away from KSBA. Alternatively, you can load your flight at CA97 Cristy Airstrip, but the other two, you'll have to go and find them! This will be released in the next couple of days. For all that have purchased KSBA already, hope this gives you something new and interesting to explore! For those that haven't, KSBA is still on discount until the 12th April, so make sure you don't miss out and pick up a copy here: orbxdirect.com/product/ksba The update will be free for all customers, so as long as you have the product you'll be able to get it COVERAGE MAP SCREENSHOTS Cheers, Misha
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    Our most anticipated and expansive openLC region yet - Africa has been released! openLC Africa is a truly a revolutionary overhaul of your simulator, opening up a vast new region of the world for simmers to discover. Covering a huge number of countries, Africa is home to some of the most diverse and varied landscapes on the planet. openLC Africa covers 30.37 million km² of land coverage and includes many popular areas of the world including popular cities such as Cairo in Egypt, Cape Town in South Africa, and Marrakesh in Morocco. If they don’t tickle your fancy, try the lush jungles of Madagascar or see Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. With some of the most remote bush flying in the world, Africa is the perfect test of your bush piloting skills. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to soar across the Serengeti Plains or see Mount Kilimanjaro up close and personal at 19,000ft? With openLC Africa, you can now explore those incredible environments with a level of detail you’ve never seen before. openLC Africa transforms the landclass in your sim to better match the real-world, and provide a much richer experience for detail as you fly over the stunning landscape. Adding openLC Africa greatly reduces repeated textures, improves the variation in land class, modelling and more. This makes Africa much more representative to the real-world, regardless of the type of flying you do in the region. FEATURES Over 30 million km sq of new landclass 6GB of new landclass textures! Greatly reduced texture repetition Additional vector landclass data for 216,000 settlements All seasons depicted Includes optional LED city night lighting Made for Orbx Global and Vector Includes 76m mesh 7 photoreal areas of famous mountains and craters Take advantage of the launch special - 20% off until April 1* $47.16 AUD Approx. US$28 | €26 | £24 *Normally $58.95 AUD Ends 1 April 2020 1am UTC Here are some comparison screenshots comparing Global Base & Vector with openLC installed. Bab al-Mandab Strait Nile Delta Ogo Mountains, Somalia Addis Ababa Buffels Bay, South Africa Victoria Falls Antananarivo, Madagascar
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    Welcome to Vienna! We are thrilled to introduce you to Austria’s capital: Vienna! After a long and exciting development period, we're delighted to showcase this major European airport. Working closely with active airport staff, airline pilots and local experts, we've created an incredibly detailed rendition of this beautiful airport. You will have an amazing time exploring everything on offer in Vienna. Join us on our latest adventure to Austria. Situated just 18km southeast of the capital of Austria, Vienna International Airport is an exciting destination in central Europe. Numerous airlines visit the airport including KLM, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Lauda, Level and of course, Austrian Airlines. The 2 long runways and multiple terminals mean that there are plenty of opportunities to reach new destinations from Vienna International Airport. You have complete control over the choice of aircraft you want to use to recreate your favourite routes. From short-haul 737/320 routes to long haul cruises in your favourite 747 or 787. All the buildings have been reproduced with an exquisite level of detail, including a highly detailed modelling of the main airport terminal's interior.. With photos, experience and guidance from staff at Vienna airport itself, this product features the current ground layout including the new Bravo cargo parking stands. Plenty of innovative new techniques have been used in developing such a large scale airport, including highly detailed 3D ground vehicles, immersive ground texturing and stunning HD buildings. A lot of attention was given also to the surrounding of the airport, and whatever is "beyond the fence": animated trains are included and amongst some of the areas that you will be able to explore! Another example are the bright purple tones of the Moxy hotel just down the road from the airport are there also, as they represent a well-known landmark to pilots. For the ultimate experience, Petrochemie Danubia is fully modelled just North-East of the airport, and it ensures a spectacular approach. As the seasons change, so does the airport environment. From the hard winter of Central Europe to the colourful spring, Vienna is a destination for year-long travel, offering rich views on all the arrivals and departures! Vienna has been tested and optimised for the best possible performance, keeping in mind the medium and lower end specced PCs. You will have a smooth approach into such a big and busy international HUB. Gaya Simulations has collaborated with an entire team of experts to provide flight simmers the best balance between detail and performance, in a very immersive and realistic product. Whether you are gearing up for a long-haul trip, or you are preparing for a multiple sector day across Europe in your favourite airplane, the all-new Vienna International Airport is for sure a must have in your simulator library! FEATURES - Prepar3D Authentic and complete rendition of Vienna Schwechat Airport in its current state including the extension of Bravo cargo parking Highly detailed 3D modelling of all buildings, with interior modelling in the main terminal Superb quality texturing and PBR usage for most buildings and assets across the airport Realistic and custom made ground service vehicles including pushback trucks, service and Vienna Airport specific taxis and buses. Completely custom groundwork with high-quality and accurate signage and markings. Animated 3D people at various parking stands (can be controlled via the control panel) Seasonal variation covering all types of weather including hard winter Full integration with SODE jetways including VGDS Custom made and optional static aircraft throughout bringing the airport to life Superb modelling outside of the airport including realistic hotels, Petrochemie Danubia and even animated trains Precise parking positions for airlines in their correct real-world gate assignment based on current data Perfectly blends with Orbx Global, openLC Europe, Austria Professional and others for a seamless experience. Developed with close assistance from real world pilots, airport workers and staff for incredible authenticity Created by Gaya Simulations (Kos Airport)
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    We plan to release this week. We have the final build and so far final checks are good.
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    I am very excited to announce a new major project from legendary developer Ken Hall - Boulder City Municipal Airport! A true labor of love for Ken and meticulously crafted over two years; Boulder City sits 2,203 feet above sea level surrounded by vast desert to the south and Boulder City to the north. Situated just south of the fabulous Las Vegas, Boulder City Municipal Airport is the perfect base to start your sightseeing tours of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Those who love to explore natural beauty within the simulators will be fully immersed with the extensive coverage area provided by this vibrant airport. Ken has brought his obsessive attention to detail to this locally iconic airport, ensuring each uniquely textured static aircraft, hanger and airport building is truly authentic and realistic. Everything has been designed specifically for Boulder City to give you a taste of what it really feels like to be in the humid desert. All primary features are modeled in full PBR glory, with ground textures hand-drawn and dozens of unique vegetation types created solely for this project. Each year, over 100,000 departures take to the skies from Boulder City Municipal Airport offering scenic tours far and wide, including over the nearby mountain ranges. Whether you choose to take a light aircraft across the desert plains or a helicopter, the airport functions perfectly for both. Boulder City Municipal Airport features a comprehensive coverage area outside of the airport, encompassing the entirety of Boulder City, Hoover Dam, sections of Lake Mead and even the outskirts of Las Vegas. Explore local golf courses, casinos, hotels and more, leading to a seamless experience as you depart for the Grand Canyon. COVERAGE MAP AT A GLANCE Meticulous depiction of Boulder City Municipal Airport, Nevada Hand-crafted PBR texturing for all major assets and ground poly Immersive and extensive coverage area, encompassing Boulder City, Hoover Dam, portions of Lake Mead, outskirts of Las Vegas and more The major gateway airport for tourist flights over the Grand Canyon Interior modelling Dozens of customized static aircraft, helicopters, GSE and vehicles unique to this product Colour-corrected coverage area at 15cm, 30cm & 1m resolution, with hand-placed autogen Stunning night lighting Tens of custom POI and landmarks Depiction of the old Boulder City Airport (closed) A short hop to other scenic destinations such as Vegas, Sedona, Palm Springs, Monument Valley and St George Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Southern California, also works with Global Base Painstakingly optimized for very high performance, even with high-end aircraft. The latest from legendary developer Ken Hall (KAVX Catalina, PNG Experience Packs) COMPATIBILITY Boulder City Municipal Airport is designed to best blend and be used with Orbx Southern California, however it has also been designed to work with only Global Base, or Global Base + OpenLC North America. It should also be noted that, alongside other Orbx products, Boulder City uses a legacy ICAO code (61B) due to limitations with the Prepar3D scenery engine. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums and our social media over the coming week for even more details and info on this expansive project!
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    God dag! I figured it was time for a second round of previews for my upcoming ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport, and to share a little bit of a background story about how we took on this project. But before I do, I would like to thank you all for the great feedback from our first announcement last week. Work is progressing very well, and we are entering the final stages of development shortly. Every year when I grew up (which is close to ESSD Dala Airport), we went to my family's winter cabin in Gördalen, roughly 80 km from Sälen. Depending on my dad's mood, we took the route via Älvdalen, or we took the one via Sälen. If we went via Sälen we had to go into Norway and then back into Sweden to come to our cabin. The road markings switch to yellow and the roads become worse (as my dad used to joke), but aside from that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Scandinavian Mountains Airport didn't exist when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, it didn't exist until just a few days prior to Christmas last year. But I know the area well, located just a brief drive from Sälen, but also conveniently enough from Trysil, over the border in Norway. Hence the name - an airport covering two of the biggest ski-resorts in two countries. When I heard about that the airport would actually take off, it seemed like a very obvious project to take on. We were lucky to get some great help from the airport management, who simply said "that sounds cool", when we explained what we intended to do. Pierre Engblom (who made the autogen placements you see in this scenery) and I took a day trip out there in October and got all the reference material we needed. A unique issue with a completely new airport is that up-to-date satellite imagery is almost impossible to acquire. So after a great deal of deliberation on how best to proceed, we had a conversation with the airport management, to see if they had any leads; "Sure, we've got the whole airport shot with a drone in 3cm/resolution, you can use that if you like". The result? Welcome to the first Orbx airport with 3cm/px aerial imagery! A special feature of the 3cm ground imagery is the added advanced materials that come with it - you can watch the soil and grass realistically morph as the lighting conditions change. Combined with the snow and rain variations, this creates a far more dynamic environment compared to traditional flat orthoimagery. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information and previews coming out both here and on our Facebook page over the coming week. Mycket nöje!
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    Larry’s longstanding community scenery project, PNW Ferries and Terminals has made the cut and is now Orbx Freeware. In order to do so it has undergone a major upgrade. Many new terminals have been added in Puget Sound, all quite detailed, including adjacent marinas. Terminal areas have been enlarged, annotated with autogen and have seasonal PR and night lighting. Shorelines, roads and road traffic have been adjusted where appropriate. All the large terminal models have been rebuilt and new ones added. Port Townsend is now a mini Townscape which includes 2 large marinas and an adjacent pulp mill. A number of POIs have been added or fixed up: Point Wilson lighthouse, Mukilteo lighthouse, Smith Island, DeltaPort near Tsawwassen, Entrance Island with lighthouse and helipad and more. Lighthouses are based on authentic models with custom light effects. All terminals integrate with the Orbx airports and seaplane bases in the area; CAE3, CAC8, KORS, KFHR, and 74S. The large marina and ferry terminal at Point Defiance serves as a point of interest for Orbx KTIW as you approach from the north. It’s worth a closer look too. There is a lot to explore; 47 terminal areas plus other features of interest. Besides the WSF and BC AI ferries, there are a number of ancillary AI boats; tugs, a couple of cargo ships, cruise ships and a large tanker all quite detailed. And of course there is the usual Extras folder. Among other things it has a pilotable version of the WSF ferry MV Kaleetan as well as a small xml add-on that will enable all new Orbx wave effects. The entire installation is managed by Orbx Central so no more fiddling around having to disable default traffic files. The new wave effects have been anticipated for some time and we have chosen this method of distribution to let you try them now if you wish rather than wait an unknown period of time for technical issues to be solved. As was the case for CAE3, Pacific Northwest Ferries is built for Prepar3D v4. It will be offered as Orbx Freeware via Orbx Central. Orbx Pacific Northwest is required. https://orbxdirect.com/product/pnw
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    Over Orbx's TrueEarth UK. Best of luck everyone, I wish ya'll the best.
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    Just messing about with P3D. Kev
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    Hi all, an update for KSBA has now been made available on Orbx Central This update adds over 700 square kilometers of new coverage to KSBA, more than doubling the original coverage area. It also adds 3 lite airstrips for you to land at. These airstrips are super fun and challenging to fly into, and are a nice short flight away from KSBA. Alternatively, you can load your flight at CA97 Cristy Airstrip, but the other two, you'll have to go and find them! For all that have purchased KSBA already, hope this gives you something new and interesting to explore! For those that haven't, KSBA is still on discount until the 12th April, so make sure you don't miss out and pick up a copy here: orbxdirect.com/product/ksba COVERAGE MAP
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    Hello, So glad to see OpenLC Africa being released, just bought it (instabuy). We're so close to have a full worlwide cover of Orbx regions with seasonal support it's sad to know OLC Asia has been dumped. Maybe you should run some polls or asks for interested people to prebuy / preorder a possible OLC Asia region ? Or use crowdfunding ? I would gladly buy it full price to make sure my P3DV4 has a worldwide Orbx cover, especially since I am afraid FS2020 will soon become FS2022.... Keep up the good work and stay safe at home ! An happy customer from France, Romain
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    Well then chaps Thank you all for taking the time to enter the contest and vote so many great shots by the way. Now the winner is........ Mikee. Now then Mike if you shoot Ed an email ed@Orbxsystems.com Saying which prize you would like with your OrbxDirect account details Ed will add your prize to your account. Well done to you mate a great shot this. cheers Iain
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    This is mine. P3D V4.4 - RFN F8 - Anacortes Richard
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    I am really impressed with the diversity and quality of Orbx work for this huuuuge continent.
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    Dear Orbx team, Yesterday I made a flight from Nairobi HKJK to Cairo international HECA, the flight time was about 4:30 hours, crossing countries like Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. For the first time in my almost 12 years of focused FS, I was at the cockpit most of the time enjoying geological features that I can directly relate to maps, google earth or my personal knowledge, before this I avoided flying over Africa because it's such a huge continent and endless textureless mesh - beige or green - with blue streets that you realize it supposed to be rivers, the approach to Cairo- my home town- was amazing. I will finally be able to explore my continent again, BTW thank you for the photo-real 7 areas it's a nice treat. Ps. for those of us on the prowl for mistakes, you still won't see your house, your street might look different some important monuments or buildings might not be there but in my opinion, it's a huge step forward and don't forget about how vast Africa is. So thank you Orbx again and can't wait for your next product, you made flight simulation more exciting than ever. Alaa
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    Went past while flying from Nairobi to Dar-Es-Salam, in a massive electrical storm. Hard to capture lightning with the V key, it's too quick. Photo-real Mt Kilimanjaro is spectacular. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Do You like bush flying, weathering, scratches and dirty pit of working horse in rough terrain? This plane, region and skin will be for you. Due to the situation with COVID-19 I am at home, I have a little more free time now ;> and I did something for this kind of flying (my favorite kind btw.). Here is a little different set of screenies ;). Not only screenies but the repaint for MV PC-6 also. This plane was used by JAARS operator: Indonesia / West Papua so its perfect plane and skin for FTX Global, Vector, PNG Holgermesh (free), AYEO Emo Mission (free), AYPY Jacksons with 10x bush strips and 20x enhanced regional airports and TAP Tapini Airport for sure. A lot of ambitious and unforgettable flights on this Region in P3Dv4.5! The repaint (textures only) for Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter B2-H4 model (payware addon for P3Dv4.4+). You need to have this great model of this legendary PC-6 plane. The repaint of Porter PK-UCF of JAARS organization. In aviation, JAARS helps its field partners start and run local aviation programs. This help comes in the form of training staff, setting standards, equipping aircraft, research, and more. In turn, these partners provide a range of transportation services to a variety of people, including translators, support personnel, consultants, trainers, linguists, Christian mission organizations, hospitals, local people and governments. These services can also include medical evacuations and disaster relief work. The real plane is used in JAARS Indonesia / West Papua - because airplanes are the only safe way to reach many isolated villages and communities in Indonesia. Textures set (outside and inside) was tested in P3Dv4.5 HT2. The package contains external textures, many tweaks and improvements and interior modifications. Enjoy of bush flying and new adventures! The skin was uploaded for SOH and soon on Avisim/Flightsim also.
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    P3Dv4.5 Orbx REXSF/TD4 Freeware
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    P3D Orbx's new EGPN. Did a quick out and back at Dundee with the Airbus. It's a beautiful airport and area, frame rates perfect, and the ILS works great too. Well done Orbx guys!
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    XP11 Khamsin T-6G Texan over Northern California. TTM
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    I installed the new Ferries freeware, very good, well done Orbx My ships slider is set to 60% Here is one at Nanaimo And I had to sit in my seaplane and watch this one charge past me. I is making a difference to simming Cheers Ken
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    One of my favourite airports in all of Orbx is London City Airport, so that's where I am starting. I hope to take a somewhat , more in-depth look at all that the Orbx designers have included for us to enjoy. If folks enjoy this approach, my plan is to do more of the same with my collection Thanks for stopping by. It is appreciated ... Cheers Pete
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    I want to share some screens I wanted to make for a long time now, even before TE GBS. This is London but the FTX England version. Still a nice place to fly low. I normally fly at about 2000/2500ft over this city but I decided to go on "Thames" level. 1. The R-66 is a great helicopter to make this flight. 2. Not the every day weather, I know. 3. Just look at all the details and this all with a decent frame rate. 4. Ok, gaining height for the flight to Elstree. 5. Inbound. Amazing LC scenery here. 6. Hover taxi to my spot. Cheers, Ben.
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