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  2. Albatross at Ganges

    Many thanks Adam!
  3. Evening does it

    Great shots and sky Adam!
  4. Evening does it

    Excellent set Adam and evening does make for some beautiful images.
  5. C-17 > KRDD > KNLC

    Virtavia C-17 "Globemaster III" at the Friant Dam *** Fresno *** *** *** *** Lemoore NAS (KNLC) The FTX Full Region (SCA), REX TD Enhanced/AS4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.2
  6. How to get thrown out of the RAF!

    Only one word: Wouawww !!!
  7. Evening does it

    P3DV4.1 Orbx REXSF F406 Caravan
  8. Needed some Porto

    Super set there Dolf!
  9. Albatross at Ganges

    Beautiful set there Paul!
  10. Albatross at Ganges

    Thank you! It is the old FSX Virtavia HU-16.
  11. Albatross at Ganges

    Many thanks!
  12. Albatross at Ganges

    Thank you kindly Landon!
  13. Taken to drink

    Great blue and yellow shots Martyn!
  14. Another Route 66 flight.

    Great flight John! Some super scenery there
  15. I won't say the obvious.

    Excellent shots and narrative Martyn!
  16. Today
  17. Placerville, CA KPVF has only 1 runway not 2. lol It needs some work, not anywhere true to life.
  18. I tried to get to instal in P3D v4.1 with no luck. Has anyone been able to do this? Tks John
  19. I won't say the obvious.

    Obviously you put a lot of effort into these screenshots Martyn.
  20. I won't say the obvious.

    Well I will state the obvious , these shots look amazing Martyn . And this just in , a news flash : Cheers John
  21. CEN4 – High River

    Some real beauties for sure, very nice colors and angles!
  22. If you look in your UserName\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX folder there should be a LWcfg.SPB file. I just found this with a google search, and I assume you have FSX or FSX Steam ver. Hope this helps and remember Google and Orbx forums are your friends!
  23. Having installed the program I am instructed to delete LWcfg.spb from the Living World configuration directory. I have searched, hoe do I find this file.
  24. I won't say the obvious.

    Well the obvious is obviously that these are some fine shots of your flight Martyn! It has been 50 years now since I was in Vietnam and Tonsonnhat was part of my regular truck route hauling aviation fuel (amoung other items) as a 5 ton tractor trailer driver for 9th Infantry Div, 9th Supply & Transportation, the specifics have long slipped my mind but I do remember having to get up early and staying late on those routes. And of course it was called Saigon back then, I have a 2 x 3 full color map that I sent home in 1966 and it's still in really decent shape.
  25. A short early morning flight from VVCR Cam Ranh to Ho CHi Minh VVTS Tansonnhat Airport. 1. At Cam Ranh International Airport VVCR. 2. Heading out over Cam Ranh Bay regarded as being the best deep water shelter in SE Asia. 3. The popular tourist resort of Nha Trang is over the other side of the mountains. 4. Leaving Nha Trang Bay in the distance, regarded as one of the finest bays in the world. 5. Over Nihn Thuan province with the ocean on the horizon. 6. Fan Rang Bay can be seen under the tail to the left. 7. At Bao Loc 8. Into our descent and getting hazy. 9. Tri An Lake is paert of a hydro electric scheme and was finished in 1986. 10. Over the Saigon River at Phu oc Bin. 11. The runway now is sight and I will have learn to use the ILS on the A320 which would have made life a bit easier. 12. Made it safely down and very pleased with the manual landing. Thanks for flying along.
  26. CEN4 – High River

    Super shots Magic, excellent color in these shots!!!!!!!!
  27. Another Route 66 flight.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!!!!!!
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