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  2. Approaching the Rock

    Heck of a shot Taph !! . Cheers John
  3. Stupendous shots Greg !! . Cheers John
  4. Mount Whitney and Kings Canyon area.

    Hard to mesh these shots up John , they look fantastic . Cheers John
  5. Spirfire in Norway

    Sweet set of shots Paul . Cheers John
  6. Part 2 of - 5 Countrys

    More lovely shots from your trip Stewart . Cheers John
  7. Part 1 of 2 - 5 Countrys

    Real beauties Stewart . Cheers John
  8. Spitfire in NZ!

    +1 - I need my sunglasses on . Cheers John
  9. Cherokee SoCal

    Have fun with your new bird Chunk !! . Cheers John
  10. Kakadu

    Superb shots from OZ Gerold , hopefully someday we will have another update for AU . Cheers John
  11. New forum up vote/like system question.

    Thank i have one yeppppiiii !
  12. Today
  13. Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Hi FSRobert Great video-makes me want to get out there and fly that flight Do you ever post these videos at RTMM? xxd09
  14. Yesterday
  15. Cherokee SoCal

    Dandy set of captures!
  16. Running Out Of Space

    I prefer the very slightly quicker method of moving the aircraft panel folder into the aircraft sound folder. It has exactly the same effect.
  17. Migrate FTX DVDs

    No you can not. Write DVD in the search field and you will find lots of threads about this topic. Jack the Swede in Spain
  18. Spitfire in NZ!

    Hi Stewart, I could not wait until tomorrow so I took two test flights in the Spitfire in P3Dv4 . Details - Mk IX (not clipped wings) , reduced weight to 7,077 lbs by setting fuel at 30% and removing ammunition. Took off, flew a little at around 2,000ft, turned around and lined up for a landing. Gentle descent. Once lined up, reduced speed to 160 mph at which point I lowered undercarriage and flaps and opened canopy. RPM around 2,400 or less. Gentle descent. Reduced RPM and speed to 125 mph. Gentle descent. Reduced RPM to achieve a final approach speed of about 100 mph at 'airfield boundary'. At this point full back on stick aiming for a three pointer and reduced RPM as appropriate. Both times I had one small bounce before the aircraft settled. Allowed aircraft to slow down a little. Still keeping stick full back VERY GENTLY applied the brakes. Only reduced backward pressure on stick when aircraft had properly slowed down. Sorted! So, yes, I can confirm that the RealAir Spitfire lands OK in P3Dv4 (even though I didn't achieve a three pointer! ) Cheers Paul
  19. Running Out Of Space

    Thanks Smudger.
  20. Migrate FTX DVDs

    Am I able to migrate FTX DVDs into FTXC 3.1? Thanks. Cal
  21. Running Out Of Space

    Hello, Instead of deleting the default aircraft you can set the panel to OFF for as many that you do not want to see, in the aircraft.cfg as per [fltsim.0] title=Lockheed Martin F-16C - Blank Gray sim=F-16 F110 CAT-III model=F-16C_GE panel=OFF sound= Because the panel=OFF the sim will not load them saving a fraction of time, and you only see the ones that you like in Selecting an Aircraft.
  22. Kakadu

    My pleasure Gerold - you always make an effort with your posts. Yes, I agree that Cessna paint is very attractive and really suits such a flight.
  23. Germany South Munich.

    Could you treat us with a screenshot of the Moselle area ? Thanks!
  24. Kakadu

    Great shots indeed as always Gerold. And yes very nice paint on your bird. Nice trip.
  25. Kakadu

    Thank you, Stewart! Many thanks, Paul, for the compliment. The Cessna paint is totally fitting to such a Aussie flight, isn´t it? And yes, you are right: After seeing so many areays beautifully populated with POIs by Orbx and OZx, I am a bit disappointed in Kakadu NP. One of the worlds biggest Uranium mines, an iconic hotel, some waterfalls (ok, dry season, as mentioned) - there could be more around here. At least the natural impression with plateaus and billabongs is already quite detailed.
  26. Cherokee SoCal

    Great shots Chunk. Very nice plane.
  27. Cherokee SoCal

    Finally, finally, finally picked up the A2A Cherokee, and she is a joy to fly! Just a quick jaunt from Agua Dulce to Burbank (Bob Hope).
  28. Running Out Of Space

    Thanks everyone for your valuable input. I bit the bullet and reinstalled P3DV4 on my D drive which has 931GB of spare space. Pleased to say all went well and P3DV4 is running like a dream, especially with the PTA shaders which have totally taken flight simming to another level. I'm getting frames consistently in the 80s and often well into the 100s and I haven't had to tweak anything. The only slight negative is that the loading time, while streets ahead of FSX, is still a tad on the slow side. Also, I wouldn't mind deleting a lot of the default aircraft which aren't to my liking but not sure whether that's a good thing.
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