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  2. Terrific angles, colour and sharpness. Just makes you want to get up in the air.
  3. Super realistic Iain, great shot.
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  5. Thanks Rodger. For me emoji's represent a dilemma. They shouldn't really be necessary but I have to admit they do save words in expressing feelings. By the way I tried that and it really wasn't successful. They ended up with a black background. I do know that Matthew but for me it packed up working long ago. Like me!
  6. Cracking shots of some fine birds...I am now really struggling to leave xplane/TEGB...it really is so immersive. Am hoping to continue to use P3D for tube flying with all the high end airliners I have ‘repurchased’ for it!...but...I get the feeling that when True Earth Washington appears I will be lost forever to x-plane
  7. Great shots, that bus looks like it’s ‘bottomed out’ with all the weight!
  8. Adam those really are nice shots and you mentioned they are freeware, sure would like to know where you found those, wow! The lighting in X-Plane is very nice I recently broke down and picked it up to give it a try and really do like many of the features it offers! I am still heavily invested in Prepar3D and certainly with ORBX! When one sim suffers from some updates the other sim gets some love! Good to have both even though I probably cannot afford it. Something about X-Plane and the flight dynamics and as you mentioned the feel of the cockpit is fantastic. Thanks for sharing those pictures now I have to find that beautiful Vulcan!
  9. Amazing shots and freeware bird, does she sound as good as she looks?
  10. Wow! great shots and colour...
  11. Looks like the real stuff on the glass Iain...grand shot
  12. Hi all, scenery works absolutely great, no problems at all. I am totally happy with it. Next I will use a more complex aircraft and try a little car traffic and check my hd airports. There are really a lot of POIs modelled, you can see the Canterbury Cathedral here, or the Battle Ship HMS Belfast near the Tower of London, it's all there. A lot of shots again, but I really like it. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  13. Nice one Iain!!! Don't know about where you are buts its a, for once, sunny day in Ireland. John.
  14. ENBR to ESNQ Good day and Happy Easter
  15. She's seen better days, I'm sure ....... but IMHO she looks and flies like a dream ! It sure is nice to get some free time this Easter for Orbxland ! Happy Easter everyone !
  16. Very nice shots. cheers Iain
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