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  2. Thanks, Aussie More like craps, two dots, snake eyes. Hey Stewart, how did you know my wife's nick-name for me?
  3. screenshot attached, Each time I activate/deactivate a new scenery into the sim it jumbles up my orbx entries, I have to go back to orbx central and sync simulator to get proper orbx entries..any clue on what am I supposed to do here? i've tried different insertion points, It used to work fine before when I migrated to orbx central, but now after a fresh install of windows and all addons
  4. Looks like a great day for fishing OND. Quality captures of your trip!
  5. I am as well still unable to get the insertion points correct..it's all jumbled up and each time I save a new scenery it jumbles my orbx stuff again
  6. to add to this, I also have this issue where when I activate/deactivate a new scenery using a config manager the placement of all orbx addons get jumbled up I need to each and everytime go to orb central and sync simulator for the entries to be aligned again..
  7. UPDATE: I was able to solve my P3D not shutting down completely ... disabled WideFS per Pete Dowson's suggestion. See thread: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/88591-fsuipc-shutdown/?do=findComment&comment=537575 So nothing related to ORBX, but my request to installed CP and Immersion into the ORBX Library location is still something I'd love to see implemented. Cheers, Rob.
  8. Today
  9. yes-yes-yes! next level! (oh please, give us proper winglets now)
  10. Thanks What are your P3D autogen settings at? You could also do a verify files of the Orbx Libraries. I would then go to settings/help and run the Sync Simulator function.
  11. Also attaching my log file. @Jon Clarke Was the clipping an issue with an airport loaded on my machine or an issue with ORBX generated layer? Log.txt
  12. amazing i use that version & you made it shine!
  13. When to lighting is just right and you see the ripples in the water and what's underneath it's an amazing sight. I think this is the best flight sim scenery I've ever experienced.
  14. Hi Doug, Here are a couple of screenshots from the western side of KSAN. The first one is looking NNE toward KMYF. Plenty of autogen, but essentially no vegetation in sight until you get closeer to KMYF. The second image is looking SW to Point Loma. There are a few trees by the naval base in the foreground, but beyond that it's barren. Still the same issue as back in September. Vegetation is fine everywhere else and even in San Diego if I uninstall KSAN. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. Not sure what else to try.
  15. This is the freeware Bell 429 by Tom Woods available on the Org. Amazing piece of work. Still getting to grips with all it has to offer. Thanks for the comments!
  16. My dream showed me owning this nifty little float plane. My fellow fishermen and I fit perfectly with all our gear and supplies. Where to go? Reports said they were biting at the sinkers over on Baker Lake - a few clouds but nothing untoward so it was time. Lake Whatcom (don't ask) where the bird is docked. None of us avid fishermen lives on a lake so go figure. The Nooksak Valley with the river of the same name running through. Also running through is SR542 (Mt Baker Highway). We've reached 'Yogi's' fork in the road. To the right goes SR542 up to 'Artists' Point, a viewing area for Mt Baker. On the left a hikers trail, groomed well enough to be seen on Orbx. Getting more serious - may be time to go off AP. Destination in sight, cancel IFR. Mt Baker is being coy with her necklace of clouds. Baker Lake, an appropriate name - look out fishes, here we come.
  17. Thanks for trying to help! If you fly from KECP, heading 251 for 12.1 nm to intersect the coast. This is just west of Phillips Inlet. That is the transition of the tile . West of this is ORBX and East is default without overly except at airport. I deleted the file you suggested and then ran the Verify Files option but nothing changed. I am including my .ini file as this is usually where things like this get strange. I can usually solve it in Ortho but I'm not sure how ORBX plays! Do you think a full TE Florida, uninstall, reinstall might help? Hoping it is just a scenery conflict. Thanks again!
  18. Getting closer to Key West. Here's five more, I still have a bunch left because I was so stunned by the quality of this scenery.
  19. Very nice flight John, I really love the third one.
  20. All fantastic shots, I love that NGXu.
  21. Fantastic set Ryan, love the yellow and that last shot it really cool.
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