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  2. Dang, I’ve been holding off upgrading this for your preset FILOU
  3. I would not make xVision preset for this version ( 2.5 ). It does not correspond to the overall result I expect.This concerns only "my personal" opinion and a lot of people find this version very good.
  4. NA Pacific Northwest, CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodrome, LR_PNW_ferries.
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  6. Thank John Hi Jack this line is due from the 3_Aurore.bgl of the scenery made by Richard Bui .. now i isolated in safe , and sky is free of limit Aurore effects Thank you My friend regards
  7. yep, I like.....great shots.......need to sort out my water as I currently don't like mine....yours looks great though....
  8. Have not posted any shots in ages so A real mix of sorts some using the New UWXP 2.5 which looks fantastic but a lot to learn and apply me thinks hope you all like. M
  9. Many thanks and much appreciated Wayne!
  10. I like it but why such a straight horizontal line?
  11. This is awesome but how do you get it so large? Are you using a Sony Jumbotron?
  12. Thanks Jack, I deleted the old folder completely, downloaded the new version, copy / paste and then started the sim....look for UWXP in the top toolbar, fill out email and order number, they ping back new serial, paste that and away you go....there are so many things on this I feel getting it right is going to take awhile...
  13. These are incredible Mark but I have to admit, I'm green with envy. I'm glad some people can fly over their homes and see so much recognizable detail. I would write Orbx a serious check for big $ if they could do my home right this very minute.
  14. Looks very good Wayne! Lemme ask you something, I'm fixin' to update my UWXP, how do I upgrade it? Do I delete the folder it runs in and create a new one?
  15. great shots, you can adjust the colour and it seems to remove the blueness, lots of tinkering to be done with what I can see and there is a pdf that explains it all......not sure though if you have to restart the sim after making changes....seems that the sun is sorted now to....
  16. absolutely fantastic shots, they look amazing....spent a fair bit of time in that area myself as I am just up the M5......a pleasure to view them...
  17. Updated UWXP to 2.5, these shots are with all set to AUTO and random clouds and sky settings, not really played properly, there are so many options......all does seem to play well together though.. pictures taken on 2 different days...
  18. I have a Dell 34" curved screen, its nice, no doubt about it, this is now relegated to my second Sim/gaming PC now, for my main FS PC though. Went 4K for FSX/P3D/XP11 and other flight sims, chose a Phillips 43" screen, its not that expensive, forget the model name offhand, but another respected user on here has the same monitor ... my only regret is I never went for a larger screen for 4K. I forget the model name offhand, but if you google Phillips 43" 4K it should show up, was not sure about it to start with, but once I calibrated it there is simply no going back, between this 43" 4K screen and VR for flight simulation, am one very happy bunny. To drive 4K properly, you will need a fairly high end graphic card though, so please bear that in mind when you choose, the 34" utrawide (curved or not) will still need a good graphic card, but not as powerful as what 4K needs. You wont go wrong with the 34" curved screen ultra wide, enjoy whatever you choose ... look out for longest warranty when you do your research on reviews too, when I buy a new monitor I expect it to outlast much of my other computer components that get upgraded more often, so choose well.
  19. Another great set of shots Mark These colors are amazing! How do you get them, mate?
  20. This is great! well done ... would love to see the real thing one day.
  21. Thank you Mark We are blessed, are we not?
  22. Ok, these are undoubtedly the best screenshots I’ve seen. Stunning. (I suppose I ought to admit that I am somewhat biased, as, like Mark A, I live in this beautiful area and know all these places Mark has mentioned... )
  23. Home... Devon for me, although we are very close to the Somerset border, so a lot of the places we spend time are there too. Not long after take-off from Dunkeswell, heading north over Culmstock Beacon. Over my house, which is bottom left... Nice to see Orbx has given my studio a nice new blue roof... it could do with it Haddon Hill a few mins from home on Exmoor... a high spot and favorite place for us to go and blow away the cobwebs. Leaving Haddon to head deeper into Exmoor. Over Dunkery Hill, which is the highest point on the moor at just over 1700 feet. Minehead town can be seen to the top The distinctive patchwork quilt of Devon & Somerset's fields. Porlock and the Bristol Channel, with Wales just visible through the haze.... And a staggering amount of trees on display in the deep coombes. Heading towards Lynton & Lynmouth... Lynmouth suffered a devastating flood on 16 August 1952 when a huge storm overwhelmed the River, killing 34 people. A quick flick back around to see the spectacular Forland Point. The drive between Porlock & Lynmouth is stunning!. Heading back south over the bleached moorland. All pics taken with True Earth: South in XP11.33 B1... also using XVision 1.2.1 with my own preset. Thank you for looking.
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