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  3. Genial vuelta del aeropuerto ... Salute
  4. It's funny, I thought the sky and clouds looked great while I was flying, and even looking at the screenshots now, they still don't look bad to me, although I do of course see a bluish hue, with a dash of purple, through the clouds and atmosphere, which I don't mind. I have my PTA set up (in P3D) to be quite blue through the atmosphere in the distance because to me that seems realistic and on certain days there is quite a bluish hue in the real atmosphere, and it gets more blue the further you are looking through the atmosphere. That being said, I looked at this thread on my phone earlier today, and boy did those clouds look purple! I suppose there is a different colour profile on my monitor compared to my phone.
  5. great orientation & lighting - an exciting shot... curious as to which XP11 aircraft model this is?
  6. It is even harder to wait for releases which were put on hold for the TE dawn...
  7. So it should be pretty easy to see that he is asking for the P3D release. Btw until some months ago it was totally fine to not express this since 99 % of what was discussed here was not for X-plane. Hopefully not before the OpenLC series is completed.
  8. Hello, welcome to the forums. There are both P3D and X Plane 11 discussion forums and posting this topic into one or other of them would remove the likelihood of an X Plane 11 user answering a question clearly destined for P3D.
  9. Not sure what you are asking since TEGB South/Central and North cover the whole of Great Britain and are available already in the Orbx Direct store.
  10. Just one for now. Early morning fun.
  11. Tremendous work on the TrueEarth series. I was wondering whether/when you plan to release other regions of England, in particular England Central please?
  12. Thanks John, me too. Just checking my hanger to see whats good top keep and this is a keeper.
  13. Thanks Adam, had to keep her in her homeland.
  14. Thanks Adam. I'll also give your preset a try and I book marked the website too!
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