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  2. Hi @gregmorin If you want but they are just slight adaptation of the default K2 livery. I use this in airhauler2 for my fleet. I also have a beaver paint. You can see it here I'll package them and put them on google drive
  3. Very nice Mikee! You must tell me your secret of being able to change aircraft in mid air?! I presume directx12 is the main positive performance influencer in v5... am still using 4.5hf3 and to be honest am very happy with it. I've noticed that Truesky is still a little fuzzy but as it is still in a beta stage its bound to be improved upon. Herman
  4. Great shots of a great aircraft! Interesting repaint. Are you willing to share? Greg
  5. I think it is time to give this topic a rest. I will open another and perhaps the pointless and speculative posts can be kept to a minimum in that.
  6. Many thanks for your kind comments. Keep safe
  7. Hello, have you yet visited the Insertion Point page in Orbx Central?
  8. I think you should try the fix, taking note of what you do, in case you want to reverse the 'fix'. The FTX_AA_EGHI\scenery folder is buried a bit deeper in the library structure but still easy to fibnd and should act just the same way. If it breaks anything simply reverse what you did.
  9. After uninstall and reinstall, the "Chase Plane failed to update" error went away, but the UI still won't run.
  10. Hello Orbx. Can some one shed some light and tell me if this error will be repaired please? Thanks
  11. This morning I updated Orbx Central to version 4.1.1 and now Chase Plane won't run. When I start it, as admin, it shows "Chase Plane (32 bit)" in the task manager, but the UI never comes up. It's the same whether Orbx Central is running or not, or whether P3D v5 is running or not. I've verified files through Orbx Central, and once I did that, when I start Chase Plane it says "Chase Plane failed to update. Please update it through Orbx Central". I'm going to try to uninstall and reinstall Chase Plane. I'll update once I do that.
  12. Ed, that sounds good (or at least better than before!). What must I do now on my end to remedy the windsock problem in the regions of Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?
  13. Ta y'all very quiet one I can tell you too old for bdays now
  14. Hi mate, I had a similar situation last year, laid me up for months, so I know what you are going through. With care and help you will get through it. Even now I can have very short sessions on the computer, (flight sim), but I'm getting stronger every day, so keep fighting, keep positive. My best wishes and thoughts are with you. Don
  15. Hi Jack, Thanks that did the trick. All I had to do was remove the Config64 phrase from the name and plop it in the TF folder in FS AddOn. Sherm
  16. Today
  17. Happy Birthday John, have a good one
  18. Many Happies John hope you have a great day Don
  19. Thanks Jack, yep, me too, the older you get the shorter the days seem to get. Don
  20. Can you subscribe what you mean with blurries? Is it that the rendering of P3D is blurry or the sharpness of the scenery?
  21. HI Nick, Finally, I managed to have some time and do a couple test flight with the sim. As you suggested I landed at LOWI airport with very fade surrender scenery as previous pic sent (the actual general airport scenery seems to be ok), then I stopped the aircraft on the runway and I went for dinner. To my surprise when I back to the sim after dinner, the surrounding scenery improved dramatically except for some buildings (houses) on the foothill which appears floating on the air., just about the other buildings. Another problem is when moving in a taxiway, the yellow middle taxiway line appears clear and well define just about five meter on front of the aircraft, but very diffused the rest ahead, the line definition moves as the aircraft moves. This issue did not improve from “before dinner” to “after dinner”. Probable there is a problem with my PC characteristic, but it seems there is also a problem with the scenery order. Any suggestion/comment? Thank you again. Best regards skywalker
  22. Hi Rob, Thanks a million my friend. I did have to create an exception for the firewall, but afterwords it worked just fine. Again thanks a lot, many safe landings and stay healthy! Kind regards, John.
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