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  2. My name is Buffy, and I was an IDIOT, too. For me it was Windows Defender that I had to put exclusions for. Since I did that, it's been real nice. :D
  3. Winter Night Scenes 2019...the Orbx Version Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  4. Stunning shots these Mark, Don't suppose you would share your xvision preset. cheers Iain
  5. Over on another forum there is talk that UWXP 2.5 makes X vision redundant... Will uninstall later and see the effect..
  6. Super set of shots, I updated to 2.5 and also see a lot of improvement...
  7. Excellent set of shots here with no aircraft!...
  8. Hi All, I just wanted to let you all know that I am an idiot. Whats the reason you ask, well, I have a secret, I have been using P3D with TEGBS since release and I kid you not its been taking 30 mins to load a flight. Now for those who know me, you know I have a very powerful laptop, so I was thinking, is there a fault. What have I done to it etc. Well the answer is simple. I use Acronis True Image - AHA some can see where I am going now. With Acronis you get ADP and this is meant to stop ransomware. So when I started a flight my throughput from my 2TB SSD was 0MB, therefore loading all my terrain was taking 32 mins.. So I first added the D: to the exclusions and my time went from 32 mins to 9 mins and throughput of 3 to 4 MB/S and then when disabling time dropped to 5mins throughput of 9 to 11+MB/S So as you can now see I am an idiot - So dont be like me I am running EU_ENG/WLS/IR/NIR/TEGB All Orbx UK airfields MAIW (Airfields and Traffic) UT Live UK2000 (Southend/LCY/Jersey/Guernsey)
  9. Grand shots these Martin. cheers Iain
  10. Very nice indeed will have to update mine. cheers Iain
  11. It will be my pleasure, John! It seems so... though I am prepared for surprises, like the RealAir Legacy where the autopilot freezes the sim now. Thanks, mate! And the canarian banana liquor is needed as well. Unique & delicious! Thank you Laurie!
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  13. Dang, I’ve been holding off upgrading this for your preset FILOU
  14. I would not make xVision preset for this version ( 2.5 ). It does not correspond to the overall result I expect.This concerns only "my personal" opinion and a lot of people find this version very good.
  15. NA Pacific Northwest, CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodrome, LR_PNW_ferries.
  16. Thank John Hi Jack this line is due from the 3_Aurore.bgl of the scenery made by Richard Bui .. now i isolated in safe , and sky is free of limit Aurore effects Thank you My friend regards
  17. yep, I like.....great shots.......need to sort out my water as I currently don't like mine....yours looks great though....
  18. Have not posted any shots in ages so A real mix of sorts some using the New UWXP 2.5 which looks fantastic but a lot to learn and apply me thinks hope you all like. M
  19. Many thanks and much appreciated Wayne!
  20. I like it but why such a straight horizontal line?
  21. This is awesome but how do you get it so large? Are you using a Sony Jumbotron?
  22. Thanks Jack, I deleted the old folder completely, downloaded the new version, copy / paste and then started the sim....look for UWXP in the top toolbar, fill out email and order number, they ping back new serial, paste that and away you go....there are so many things on this I feel getting it right is going to take awhile...
  23. These are incredible Mark but I have to admit, I'm green with envy. I'm glad some people can fly over their homes and see so much recognizable detail. I would write Orbx a serious check for big $ if they could do my home right this very minute.
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