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  2. I just upgraded my Navigraph and noticed on my FMC that the Runway 01 and 19 has been renamed to 01R and 19L . Since they calling runway 01R , I was curious to now how they could squash a future runway to the left of it . So I check further and searched for some explanation ( as below ). It is quite interesting to see that the Domestic Terminal will be in the centre surrounded by runways . Looks like Town Planners were hard at work. When the time comes will ORBX revamp the existing YBBN ? In the mean time I keep enjoying landing and take off from Runway 3 or 19. Charles
  3. Julie Andrews in "The Americanization of Emily" - as good as it gets. Then there's Kate Beckinsale. Oh and your shots were peachy keen.
  4. Learned to fly in one of them and later on had a 120. Lot of performance from 85 hp. Worked a couple of years at Kenai Tower, in fact made the opening announcement in January, 1974.
  5. I can say you are dramatic in your pictures Very nice ones
  6. Lovely set of shots, captures the feel nicely
  7. Great scenery and love them Cubs especially with the belly tank. Whose version is that?
  8. My first fourteen years were spent in and around Edinburgh and I never saw lightning. That was a long time ago and with this global warming thing, everything's subject to change. Spectacular weather - the lightnings brighter than your Navion .
  9. The Isle of Wight looks like a LARGE Egg Fu Yung with lots of veggies - one of my favorite things to eat.
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  11. I can hear Sir Harry Lauder singing now "Ah belong to Glesga, dear ol' Glesga toon".
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  13. That haze and low clouds really make these look perfect Dario!
  14. Such beautiful scenery with the contrasting colors. What a beautiful country!
  15. I really love that first one R, it's so detailed even at altitude
  16. That last one has al the makings of a PC's wallpaper.
  17. Really nice Dario! I'll bet your instruments went a little haywire in #5.
  18. All I can say is wow, the wow factor is high in these cool shots!
  19. Cool plane over some very rugged terrain.
  20. FAQ Fitiuta Airport is part of the ORBX Pago Pago Int package. 100% advisable for STOL planeĀ“s pilots.
  21. The last of the 3 new XP11 WA airfields - a Super Cub leaving Darrington Municipal at dawn for Anacortes. Got away just before the mist came in. All the new airfields are worthy additions to the TE WA region. TTM
  22. Hi, from reading Richatd's reply, you can go ahead with sharing your videos. Just don't take the credit for creating the sim or scenery. Cheers Graeme
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