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  2. My home airport KUGN has a windsock smack in the middle of the RWY 23 taxiway. It has been there since I first began simming starting with the early editions...All I can do is ignore it and turn of crash detection. Sherm
  3. Super shots and narration Gerold. I love to go there someday.
  4. Hope to see many more, Peter... welcome! Herman
  5. Thanks Adam. Glad you like them!!!!!!!! Thanks Jacks!!!!!!!!
  6. super set, great to see the terminal building getting some love ,thanks for sharing
  7. Hello, is there an estimated date, when the Barcelona Cityscape is working with P3Dv5? Is it already? I cannot find any information on that. Thanks in advance, Dan
  8. Want to get annoyed, I mean really annoyed? Try aerobatics in a Citation Jet.
  9. Yes I taxied around and after passing a hundred or so gates I got a crash. I don't think the advice to turn off crash detection will change. The vast majority of simmers accept it is a broken feature unsuited to the high fidelity scenery and aircraft of today's simulator.
  10. I have X-Plane version 4.12r1 running on Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6. I purchased and am attempting to install TrueEarth US Washington SD-X-Plane 11. I downloaded Orbx Central Mac OS and successfully installed it. However, I get no response when I click “Download via Orbx Central” on your web site. When I click “Orbx Central Manual Download” I receive a document “us-washington-sd-xp11-18cbde4d-ca3e-4c3d-bcac-aa6688ea4a28.f(1).c4. The 46.36 GB document I download yields no scenery files. When I attempt to open it I get the message, “There is no application set to open the document ‘us-washington-sd-xp11-18cbde4d-ca3e-4c3d-bcac-aa6688ea4a28.f(1).c4’.” It is not a zip file. I have tried downloading the files through Orbx Central. “Open on OrbxDirect” open the US Washington Enhancement Pack. Nice, but not what I want just now. Clicking “Install” and selecting the X-Plane 11 folder as the option and the option to install Orbx Libraries yields an error message, “A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action. The same thing happens if I skip the libraries. I'd welcome any help. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  11. Thank you very much Dario. cheers Iain
  12. Thank you Jack, ive wanted to get a Harrier for a long time. cheers Iain
  13. Totally jaw-dropping shots, Iain! It’s hard to get better than this! I agree with Jack, the last one is mind blowing!!!
  14. Thank you chaps, Jack that was a sight to behold i bet cheers Iain
  15. Spectacular shots, Iain! Lovely terrain, lovely aircraft, everything looking incredible. I just hope you were able to eject
  16. That can happen if the appropriately coded spot is already occupied. Having said that, the allocated parking at YBBN should be adequate for most times, even with AI traffic set at 100%. Do you have another traffic package installed? The Jetstar aircraft in those shots is not part of the FTX AU AI Traffic pack.
  17. I was getting KERNELBASE.dll errors left, right and center in P3D V5. Uninstalled ENVTEXT (and restored the ShadersHLSL folder) and all the errors are gone. YMMV
  18. What a varied landscape, is this Kodiak, Alaska? The last two look more suited to Australia v2.
  19. Beautiful shots Bernd! I have always loved this particular British style of putting the engines in the wings so close to the wing root. It still looks futuristic!
  20. I never realized how large this lake was. Great shots.
  21. Great shots! I have the exact same error, 100% reproducible and even posted at Lockheed. Unfortunately no one there seems to care.
  22. What amazing scenery and a thrilling air show Phil, I loved seeing them all.
  23. Do people still live there now? I would love it as I grew up on an island and would love to go back.
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