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  2. What a varied landscape, is this Kodiak, Alaska? The last two look more suited to Australia v2.
  3. Beautiful shots Bernd! I have always loved this particular British style of putting the engines in the wings so close to the wing root. It still looks futuristic!
  4. I never realized how large this lake was. Great shots.
  5. Great shots! I have the exact same error, 100% reproducible and even posted at Lockheed. Unfortunately no one there seems to care.
  6. What amazing scenery and a thrilling air show Phil, I loved seeing them all.
  7. Do people still live there now? I would love it as I grew up on an island and would love to go back.
  8. Martyn, this is contest quality right here!
  9. Excellent Herman, I always love to see approach shots from the cockpit. And what a wonderful plane this is too.
  10. It's nice Peter, and welcome. Have a look at the monthly screenshot contest, you can win a few Orbx. Can only vote if you enter.
  11. Cool shots John, I love that last one!
  12. Great shots Gerold. It's always amazing to see how well the Orbx guys modeled the scenery.
  13. Hi - the AFCAD in YBBN in v5 seems to messed up and I have a bunch of international flights docking in the domestic terminal. Using the AU traffic package. Any thoughts?
  14. Excellent shots Iain! Man that last shot, the scenery, it looks so photoreal it's fantastic.
  15. Menacingly beautiful Iain. I know a lot of guys love the WW2 birds, I love the modern fighters and this shot is fantastic.
  16. I wouldn't have known but I loved this shot!
  17. Me too, I have the same issue since this morning. I even did a Global Vector Verify Files. No change. My install has not changed and has been stable to date. Thanks for your help. Cheers Ron Hi,
  18. Excellent tour Gerold and my gosh, that river photo with the blocks of stone. There's a park right near me named Cochran Mill that looks exactly like this.
  19. Beautiful shots Iain, sorry about that last one. I had my very own, personal, just for me Harrier air show when I was stationed in Idaho. We were having an exercise so no one was allowed on the flight line. The flight chief told me and only me to go to a plane for something. I was halfway across the immense flight line when all of a sudden three Harriers came in for a landing. They were making a normal approach, not vertical. Yet when they saw me they all stopped in mid air and rotated their planes around 360 degrees and then went on to land. It took a while to pick my jaw up off that flight line.
  20. I will ask the developers on your behalf but as the solution is there and not complicated. I think you are overstating the problem, a different format of the terrain.cfg file is a long way from
  21. Smashing Iain. Practice makes perfect. Cheers Graeme
  22. Hello, this is a "known issue" but a resolution has yet to be found.
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