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  2. UPDATE: You need to remove the add-on.xml for UK2000 Bristol Xtreme from the C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\[ProductName] folder if you originally installed it this way. Can you check to see if this has been done, Rick? It may not matter, but it is worth checking.
  3. wonderful captures!
  4. Thank you Steve I will try that ,well done on the spitfire don’t fancy that my self I have managed to fix EGNM with help from other thank you it was the apt.dat file I think was corrupt in my installation .
  5. it is not satisfying, that i am not able to install any other Orbx Prodcut anymore, because it would corrupt my whole Simulator!
  6. Hello, even using only the addons that you list, I cannot replicate this. Also, I do think that your video is of the freeware Orbx KHQM and not just "Orbx Global Base Pack, Buildings HD, Trees HD, OpenLC North America, FSGUN2020". However, if I add the freeware airport, I do finally see the same. I wonder if you were to install the free PNW demo, that would solve the problem for you?
  7. Great shots! We're glad you are enjoying the scenery!
  8. That's actually not the Fastlane option, the opt-in button for Fastlane is under "My Account".
  9. Have tried ticking the options do not get a button called vote, it could be I voted previously, which I don't remember doing or the mechanism is not working correctly
  10. Isn't that what I wrote? Orbx Central will not touch the terrain.cfg file unless you ask it to with Sync Simulator or install a scenery product.
  11. Yes indeed, a superfast correct guess from Lain and confirmed by Eberhard....
  12. Restarted the PC and still got the errors, here's what the log file says: I've attached the log file in case that is needed. Log.txt
  13. I have encountered this issue last night and this morning..... I fixed the issue with the terrain.cfg file and got BM working as it should be. This morning I ran Orbx Central to check for any updates, as I regularly do, and it has reset the encoding BACK to the original UTF-8. Now on starting the sim I find that the water has AGAIN been replaced by houses and land tiles.... Orbx has great files etc that make P3Dv5 really look amazing, and BM makes the sim look really good at night. These two SHOULD be able to work together.... Since it appears LM changed the required encoding on cfg files, and Orbx havent altered their etup this issue could crop up again and again unless Orbx fix their end......
  14. Great looking tail shot! Interesting angle.
  15. Great looking shot, Iain. Great angle!
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