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  2. You may well be right. I've had XP11 installed for quite a while but I've never really used it. Thanks.....I'll give it another try..............
  3. Hell, I have merged your two topics. BradB has kindly replied to this one with your answers.
  4. Thank you all for the feedback. I'll consider each one and try to narrow my choices to three or four.
  5. I am going to purchase the Global Base, Vector and North America LC pkg. Three Questions; 1. Do I need to uninstall any Demos? (Olyp. Penn) 2. Any order that needs to be followed in installing the packages? 3. What is, if any, difference between the North American LC and any NA packages such as "Pacific Northwest NA
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  7. Hello, my thanks back to you both, Sherman. You and your wife are the most charming couple and it was an absolute delight to meet and spend the afternoon with you. I am not so sure about handsomely dressed, but I'll take it with thanks
  8. Strap yourselves in, this is a long one. I took off from EGLC. Had to fly around a bit to get my speed up and align with the bridge, but this was a nice practice run. And a nice shot of the city as I climbed out. I then headed north, stopping at RAF Waddington to refuel, and passing by the Humber Bridge. Figured that one didn't have the clearance for the shark fin, so pushed on up to Scotland... First up, the Forth Rail Bridge. Then the Road Bridge. And finally Queensferry Crossing. Oh, and two gratuitous shots of the climb out, with wings folding back and burners. (Why yes, it was raining again.) And, to prove it was all in the same pass, here's a little vid of the Forth Bridges as I went through:
  9. Great shots...but are you asking what are these strange shapes or just highlighting their unique look from the air?
  10. Absolutely fabulous shots Mark. Where can we find your latest xVision preset?! Also, what cloud/weather settings do you use?
  11. Excellent shots. Would you mind sharing your preset?
  12. Just curious will the TE - Washington Airports be "enhanced" in the same manner they were for PNW - P3D or will it use default x-plane airports?
  13. XP11 or P3D? I love both. But these ORBX UK airfields for XP11 are a jewel...
  14. Must agree here. And I'm an avid P3der. I have XP11 (latest) and its here where I enjoy the TE scenery. And you best believe I'll have Washington as well. TE is truly designed for Xplane.
  15. There's a simple solution Doug. Switch to XP11 like I did - TEGB works like a charm there!
  16. OK...here's the deal. I'm finally done with all TE products. Fresh install of Windows 7. Fresh install of P3Dv4.5.12.30293. All I wanted to do is see what's the best performance I could get from GBS TE. No other add-ons installed.The result of the GBS TE install? Three hours of "scanning"! It refuses to install. I'm done with any TE product, ever. Back to flying and enjoying life. End of rant and flame suit on..........Doug
  17. My favorite airport is YBRM Broome, YBUD Bundaberg, YCNK Cesnok, YPEC Aeropelican, YSCH Coffs Harbor and more. Cheers Karoly
  18. nice livery ... they had not enough red color pots it seems
  19. yes great scenery and wonderful shots
  20. Very nice shots, thank you. Cheers Karoly
  21. Fantastic shots and paint mate . Cheers John
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