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  2. Welcome to the forums. I need to pass this over to @Richard Lincoln or @Nick Cooper for a reply.
  3. I believe Pacific northwest is corrupt. trying to uninstall and reinstall. however, Orbx does not recognize that I have P3Dv5 and wants me to install PNW as V4. I have no V4 on my system. What's going on? All Orbx was installed as V5 but now, no choice for V5, just FTX or P3Dv4. ?? -Jim
  4. No problem Gerd and many thanks for your decision to reply. By the way the horrible looking tree colours only appear at dawn & dusk. You can resolve the tree colour effect with X-Vision v2.0 and increasing the option in that addon of the PBR setting to 3.
  5. so you advice me to redownload the Orbx scenerys since i got this library from p3dv4 sim ? i wanted to avoid this cause its a total of 145gb scenerys. anyway i guess i have to try it anyway one last question mr nick. should i leave the Orbx settings like this after the scenery redownload ?
  6. Hi Bouwe, Thanks for the report. Sadly I can confirm this. I'm not seeing them either. Will report the issue. All the best, John
  7. Hello, welcome to the forums. I expect that the cause of your problem is that you have added the P3D v4 version of Orbx Vector to P3D v5. Try uninstalling that first and see if your airports then look as they should. If they do, you can buy the P3D v5 version of Vector for 0.00 AUD, as you already own the P3D v4 version.
  8. I think it is time for some selected shots, isn't it? It's been quite long since last one Bonus COLOMBIA Cheers Carlos
  9. Hallo Jon, I have to ask you for apology. In the meantime I found that at all airports which are surrounding by mountains, there is this display error. At airports in the flat country there are only thin blue lines near the horizon. So that error in not an error in the Orbx LOWI scenery it must be an error in my XP configuration. I’m sorry to waste your time. Regards Gerhard
  10. Hello all, I will apologize in advance if this has already been addressed, but a brief search of the forum came up short on the issue I am having, so if this is a repeat, again, my apologies. I have been having consistent issues with True Earth Florida crashing either on descent along the coast inbound to KFLL or KMIA, or taking off from those 2 airports. I mention those airports because along with TrueEarth Florida, I am running LVFR KMIA and LVFR KFLL along the coastline. I am not having this issue with True Earth Washington, Oregon, NoCal and SoCal, and
  11. I need some help with Orbx scenerys . i moved to p3dv5.1 and i am not able to fix the aerodrome scenerys. to be more specific all default aerodromes around the world have no runways or the runways are bellow ground elevation. the aerosoft aerodromes are also incorectly displayed. Below i will post some pictures and i hope someone would be able to help me. EDDF EDDM LGMG RPMD https://imgur.com/a/T8JwCxP
  12. Here is an older comparison video I remeber watching. Its mainly a matter of taste I belive. Its been a while since I watched the video but I think I remeber that I personally liked Tera flora better. (Based on the video - I dont have either addons) I find it interesting now that they are partnered, they sell both companies directly competing products on the same website....
  13. Today
  14. Yes, it's the "Configure" button in between the "Store" and "Verify Files" buttons for those who haven't found it. Just installed and looks great.
  15. Yep. totally agree, many thanks for a high quality and speedy update. Great work.
  16. Hello, welcome to the forums. There is now a control panel, have you set that yet?
  17. I just installed the new update but it still looks the same. Flat scenery where photogrammetry is supposed to be, flickering textures, and still got two London Eyes.. Should I perhaps delete my rolling cache file? To force the photogrammetry to download again ?
  18. Hi I actually put a folder off can't remember which airport it was at this moment but when I launched the sim it notified me that that airport was missing that the III update has not been completed and therefore needed to be installed for all to work fine so I had to install it otherwise could not continue Here is when I realized the items to put off are the ones inside the airport folder and not the airport folder itself I think this sim does as Central, it checks the integrity of the structure and if something is missing it will place it back Cheers Carlos
  19. Thanks. If I was asked to guess, I would say that is a photogrammetry addon that has excluded the Asobo version of the airport. It certainly is no part of the Orbx product, all of which is made up of models that do not melt in that way. This is the default, gate A3: and the Orbx version.
  20. All of their products will show up in the market place in time. It just take some time for MS to add them Cheers Carlos
  21. Interesting I thought this sim had more allowance Great
  22. Nice flight and shots, Bernd. I remember the traffic jams on those streets in real life, MSFS looks a bit different in this respect...
  23. Got to be honest Nick, I have only removed one Asobo airport and it has never been reinstalled again to date. This sim moves in mysterious ways it seems.
  24. Hi I am looking for some help & advice please. I am having difficulty choosing which product to purchase here. 'Global Trees HD' or 'Global TerraFlora v2' I use P3Dv4.5 and have been looking at these for a while, they are both the same price but one is 30Mb's and the other is almost 1Gb what are the main advantages over the other??? thanks!
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