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  2. Great tour of London!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoyed the screenshots.
  3. Enjoyed your screenshots Chunk, that is always a nice area to fly in.
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  5. Not to sure Orbx would have the time to manage this probably best for an individual to set up & post details. Give some thought to; Time window to account for different time zones Which multi player, needs to be cross platform to cope with different sims eg JoinFS Method of communication eg TeamSpeak (DigitalThemePark have a very active FlightSim Community http://digitalthemepark.blogspot.com/
  6. Looking real nice Chunk . Cheers John
  7. Just to make sure, is this the best Weather engine for Xplane and is it easy to set different weather themes. Derek.
  8. Wish I knew what you clever guys are all talking about. If I can get the prop' going round I know I'm going to fly....somewhere!
  9. You had me laughing and crying at the same time with that one!
  10. Great stuff! You have a tiny bit of magenta in the Rayleigh scattering effect which won't be helping, but the sky itself looks damn' good!!! Looks like it *is* possible to control in UWXP Adam.
  11. Thank you for very nice screen shots. Cheers Karoly
  12. I think I have got rid of the blue and/or purple/magenta coloured clouds in UWXP v2.5.1 while also using a slightly modded renault Natural Colour xvs in xVision. These tests are for colour only and not any "repeating" cloud texture observations.
  13. Grand shots. cheers Iain
  14. Grand shot. cheers Iain
  15. Great shots. cheers Iain
  16. Ah here, I give up!!!!! I could never get screenshots like the above. Brilliant stuff as always Mark. John.
  17. Just four shots of a very short flight from Orcas Island to Concrete, in the piston Duke. Not much time for flying lately, but this was a fun flight. Enjoy!
  18. Outstanding shots as always, my friend.
  19. Another great video showcase from The Flight Sim Deck
  20. Hello, It is to be expected that in due course any forum that allows the posting of links will amass a number that no longer work and posts that have become redundant. We do however have a policy, usually followed, of not deleting anything. There are of course large parts of the forum that customers cannot access. This seems to be the stated purpose of the Flight Plan forum. and it seems to be fulfilling it.
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