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  2. Are Orbx making the Isle of Man Airport.
  3. As N. Ireland is part of GB I would of thought it would all be included in this product.
  4. Good memory, Petfy. This is the terminal building placed by an OZx enthusiast exactly where you guess. Thank you Jack. The Outback has gotten more structure in AUv2, probably due to the improved mesh and a diverse landclass. Not too boring to fly above it, though there is still enough desolation, heat & loneliness...
  5. In the unique Adam style, always a joy to look at. That last one is perfect.
  6. Nice JK, a true artistic master.
  7. Unreal shots Dario! Man do I love that second one especially though!
  8. Quite nice shots of the Outback lately Gerold, all I keep thinking is it seems so desolate and hot and lonely. But it has a real stark beauty doesn't it?
  9. Very cool, I was in almost the exact same place the other day, I love it!
  10. Thank you kind sir, I agree, it would take a while to see everything, I've only started to scratch the surface.
  11. Thank you Bernd! The map is a freeware plugin called AVITAB. It's amazing at what it does at no cost.
  12. Thanks John, this was done a week or so ago and I remember it well. Talk about low and slow, it was exceedingly serene over this beautiful scenery.
  13. Still looks great for a TE default airport.
  14. It was done as a PM between me and Renault and someone else. I asked Pete to somehow post it in the open forum as this would make a fantastic sticky. There's so much to it, I could copy and paste it all but it's very long. It's a LUA script he's modified.
  15. Hi there! I used Reshade for a while, interested to make another try. Do you have anything that could point me in the right direction? Cheers, flavik
  16. Some good visuals, does this include seasons like the original ES scenery? There are some slight issues with beaches climbing the cliffs in the second shot though... Are the soundscapes and living world elements from the ES version retained or updated as well please?
  17. Today
  18. Stunning shots! Bit addicted to low (not necessarily slow) flying since WA and OR was released. So much to explore!
  19. se nota que este vuelo non e cancelado
  20. No, I put my plan to build a new computer on hold waiting for a little more infos on next gen flight simulators.
  21. Looking forward to this Iain, and I agree, your shots are amazing!
  22. Heck of a shot mate !! . Cheers John
  23. I recognise that green container. Kings Canyon?
  24. Excellent shots, Ian, as everytime! Wow, maybe I'll use one of them as a background on my PC! Hopefully these are your final shots? Kai
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