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  2. Yes, it's the "Configure" button in between the "Store" and "Verify Files" buttons for those who haven't found it. Just installed and looks great.
  3. Yep. totally agree, many thanks for a high quality and speedy update. Great work.
  4. Hello, welcome to the forums. There is now a control panel, have you set that yet?
  5. I just installed the new update but it still looks the same. Flat scenery where photogrammetry is supposed to be, flickering textures, and still got two London Eyes.. Should I perhaps delete my rolling cache file? To force the photogrammetry to download again ?
  6. Hi I actually put a folder off can't remember which airport it was at this moment but when I launched the sim it notified me that that airport was missing that the III update has not been completed and therefore needed to be installed for all to work fine so I had to install it otherwise could not continue Here is when I realized the items to put off are the ones inside the airport folder and not the airport folder itself I think this sim does as Central, it checks the integrity of the structure and if something is missing it will place it back Cheers Carlos
  7. Thanks. If I was asked to guess, I would say that is a photogrammetry addon that has excluded the Asobo version of the airport. It certainly is no part of the Orbx product, all of which is made up of models that do not melt in that way. This is the default, gate A3: and the Orbx version.
  8. All of their products will show up in the market place in time. It just take some time for MS to add them Cheers Carlos
  9. Interesting I thought this sim had more allowance Great
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  11. Nice flight and shots, Bernd. I remember the traffic jams on those streets in real life, MSFS looks a bit different in this respect...
  12. Got to be honest Nick, I have only removed one Asobo airport and it has never been reinstalled again to date. This sim moves in mysterious ways it seems.
  13. Hi I am looking for some help & advice please. I am having difficulty choosing which product to purchase here. 'Global Trees HD' or 'Global TerraFlora v2' I use P3Dv4.5 and have been looking at these for a while, they are both the same price but one is 30Mb's and the other is almost 1Gb what are the main advantages over the other??? thanks!
  14. Hi Ken In my case, I removed the landmarks before installing UK update And installed yesterday the Landmarks update But your question is interesting as it would be good to know if the uninstall is mandatory. In most of freeware products they recommend the uninstall first. Let's wait and see if we get an official reply Cheers Carlos
  15. This is the O. Fischer FS9 Ju 52, which I ported to MSFS. Thanks for viewing
  16. Sorry to reinvigorate a dead thread, but, are there any plans to sell this on the MSFS internal market place? Cheers for your work into the SGP Landmarks though :-).
  17. Hello, this is all true, however following the latest update, it is widely reported and in my experience, that MSFS silently reinstalls Asobo airports removed in that way.
  18. Cant see anything sorry. cheers Iain
  19. https://i.imgur.com/wCcs5bl.jpg
  20. I am not sure, why the new logo should not fulfill the criteria you mention the same way or even better than te old logo did. Old New Okay, the old logo contained the writing "simulation systems", but this could have been any kind of simulation. And even if you assume simulation is only flight simulation, you couldn't tell from the old logo if Orbx created sceneries or perhaps aircraft or maybe is a weather engine. I personally think, he name Orbx is so well known
  21. YES pls i have been searching for a couple of days, so pls anyone
  22. Hey, im just curious to know, is there like a changelog for the latest openlc eu? 1.3.1 i cant find any i mean ...
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