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  2. I think I'll answer this one Jack with a question - what, to you, is a study level aircraft, what does it need to have? I suspect it will be one where its a cold start & you have to flick a lot of switches to get it going & pretty well all the onboard systems are accurately modelled & if you don't treat them right they will bite you in the derriere? I don't have the mental acumen or patience for cold start. The MD-80 is easy to fly & probably doesn't have the system depth you are seeking. Addressing a wider issue, I suspect that currently the best study level aircraft are in P3D & the best scenery, (Orbx TE), is in XP. I am finding I fly about 75% XP/25% P3D at the moment because of the visually superior TE scenery. I go to P3D to fly a particular aircraft, eg, the L-1011, because I can't get it in XP. If Orbx did the Americas & Europe in TE I would probably never fly P3D again. & then there is the MS 2020 evolution in the background. TTM
  3. JV said on June 20 that EGNX will be available for p3d as well (https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174543-egnx-east-midlands-airport-coming-soon-for-x-plane-11/?do=findComment&comment=1529143). Could you make it available for purchase through FTX Central too, please?
  4. Thanks Pete - there are days I run the gamut.
  5. Jack thank you for next very nice shots. cheers Karoly
  6. Very nice shots Jack, thank you. cheers Karoly
  7. It's just incredible, isn't it? Here's a video of a real life approach to the airport which looks equally pretty
  8. Fantastic update Orbx! This was my only complaint with True Earth Oregon and I'm glad to see it's being fixed! I'm hoping it's not just the urban areas that are being looked at, I know when approaching KPDX from the east the trees do not blend with the hilly scenery because of a blue tint that was not color corrected.
  9. I've been posting with all the important information.
  10. Another question: The xplane 11 version of this airport had the following feature, and I quote: "Dynamic Fire & Rescue response - fire service will respond when an aircraft emergency is declared on approach. Fire trucks will deploy to your aircraft position once on the ground" https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/176628-london-calling-eglc-london-city-released-for-x-plane/ Will this version (the one for p3d) have that feature too?
  11. I agree with that for the screenshots forum. It would just be a good courtesy if the poster would identify what sim the screenshot(s) came from, preferably in the title of the forum post (like BradB indicated) so someone wouldn't have to guess or even open the post if it was pictures from a simulator they didn't want to see (or even own or use). If the forum mods don't want to enforce something like that, I can understand their reluctance. But if a user posting the pictures doesn't want to make ALL OTHER USERS lives easier, that in my opinion is a reflection on them then. We as users should be willing to make all other users lives just as easy as we would like it.
  12. Remarkable shots mate . Cheers John
  13. Wow - Awesome shots !! . Cheers John
  14. Yes I second that request by D2D. Would like to know how it looks in different seasons for FTX England
  15. Thank you Iain! It seems that Karl @flyingleaf is not monitoring the activities of the Mule Team associates thoroughly. At least he seems to miss this flight from his southern friends. Thank you John. A pleasure to fly in it and to fly above it. Sure it is, mate. I am always hesitating until things are settled, but with Australia I could not resist... You come to the essence of this flight, Rodger. And even you did not ask for the relation of loaded and unloadable cargo...
  16. Today
  17. A fantastic perspective, Julio.
  18. You have been chasing another storm successfully, as we all can enjoy.
  19. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Europe, LOWI, Trees. PMDG 737-NGX HIFI AS4 weather The approach and landing, very interesting STAR to land. SODE works perfectly.
  20. Okay so someone else in a different forum knocked some sense into me. My previous post in this thread ( https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/178691-introducing-eglc-london-city-airport-for-prepar3d-v4/?do=findComment&comment=1556609 ) is very probably foolish and uninformed and I would really appreciate it if the developers chime in a bit. I totally forgot that TE GB South doesn't contain seasonal textures. This means customers of this airport wouldn't have full seasons regardless of whether they have bought/installed TE GB South or not. So what I understand now is: 1. Say for example you have TE GB South and this airport for P3D and it's summer time. In that case things will look 'Summer'. 2. Say for example you have TE GB South and this airport for P3D and it's winter/autumn etc time. In that case things will still look 'Summer'. 3. Say for example you have ORBX Global Base, OpenLC EU, FTX EU England etc and don't have TE GB South and it's winter/autumn time. In that case the coverage area for this airport will still look like 'Summer' time but outside the coverage area it will all look like winter/autumn time I think I can live with that, and therefore I'm adding this airport to my wish/buy list. However, I'd like to make a request to the developers to confirm the accuracy of the three points mentioned above, and to show us some screenshots of how the airport looks like with only ORBX Global Base, OpenLC EU and FTX EU England installed in Summer and Winter time. Thank you devs.
  21. That's why this is the Preview Screenshots forum It is not yet released.
  22. I was referring to 29 Palms in the SoCal desert. There is a U.S. Marine base there, but as I served in the U.S. Army and not the Marines, I never had to be stationed there. Still, I competed against 29 Palms sport teams during my high school time, so I was out there many times. Also, I have driven through there many more times on my way to greener pastures Anyhow, I am sure that any scenery developer can make it look better than in real life. I am here to tell you Dominique, that area of SoCal is desolate my friend....desolate.
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