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  2. Yes. Says it's for FSX, but runs fine in v4.3 Can't remember if I had to tweak anything. If you try it & doesn't work, sing out & I will see if there were any tweaks. TTM
  3. Super shots, one of my favorite warbirds. So it works in P3d V4.3?
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  5. Hi Rob, That post was just before we started on the project. It's only a few weeks away from release.
  6. Nice shots!! A great combination featuring an appropriate Aircraft paint job and scenery Adam. Certainly a good sight seeing platform. How long did it take you to get out to the Rock and back? Aussie
  7. Fantastic shots, Adam. It will take you some time to get anywhere from Alice with the 152, I fear.
  8. Performance in YMML is ok (even with my computer). I´ll have to put a warning to YBBN, that scenery brings systems to their knees.
  9. Hello Traveller, A very important question. I have a Corsair Hydro H80i Liquid CPU cooler. I also run a "fluid gaming" A120 water cooling system for my GPU GTX2080Ti. Cheers Sam
  10. Fantastic shots !! . Cheers John
  11. Neat shots !! . Cheers John
  12. Wonderful shots Adam . Cheers John
  13. Grand shots Adam . Cheers John
  14. Amazing shots Adam . Cheers John
  15. Very nice shots Dolf, thank you. Cheers Karoly
  16. Fine set of shots mate . Cheers John
  17. Terrific shots Jose . Cheers John
  18. Wow - Fantastic shots Dolf !! . Cheers John
  19. Hornet, always a nice view. Good shots mate
  20. Thanks, @Almedin ! You will be amazed!
  21. P3D is alive and kicking. Australia V2 for P3D and PNW for XP11 in the near future? What an exciting time to be a flight sim pilot!
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