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  2. Hello, Running version 1.1.52. After importing my OldProp's Presets I noticed that my camera views were no longer working due to my numpad key commands missing. When trying to assign a numpad key to my presets, CP crashes. I've attached the the log file that was produced. Regards, Karl ChasePlane_CrashLog_637155175921571453.txt
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  4. Hi, every 1 to 3 seconds there is a short tilt up stutter. I have all assignments for views in the sim and FSUIPC removed. Maybe it has to do with a complete vertical tilt down when switch to global disable? Looks like it has vanished after aircraft change and back to the previous one. Anyhow any suggestions? Regards
  5. So Réunion and Mauritius are indeed included, and apparently Seychelles, and Comoro islands as well. Basically, just about all important islands around Africa. Which is great! I'm really looking forward to this! If OpenLC was ever to be continued after this release, it would kind of make sense to split Asia differently than previously planned. Like, Asia West and Asia East, the division going to north from area between Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and then south along the eastern border of China, and India being in either in West or East. So, the "West" would have all the Middle East, Georgia, some of the missing Russian cities and the Caspian region as "attractions", while the "East" would include China, Koreas, Japan and other obvious areas as its. Anyways, that's just wishes and speculations, happy get the Africa added at least!
  6. @Ed Correia I wanted to send you a PM, but your message system is disabled (and I can understand why). Could you please contact me? Much appreciated.
  7. unfortunately, I have had the worst service from FS-FlightControl... the heart of the issue is I have upgraded my GPU, CPU & mobo on my only desktop flight sim computer... I have had zero licensing issues subsequently with Orbx, Aerosoft, SimMarket, FSLabs.............. on many, & unacceptable number of occasions, FS-FlightControl is demanding I $purchase another licence... as a genuine single license user - I warn all of you from these standover $tactics... jeez, if Orbx did this - I would be out of pocket $1000s of dollars & could not continue with the flight sim hobby... a disgraceful business practice, imo not happy!
  8. I will report the bug on avsim forum, maybe Keven will see it there sooner.
  9. Fantastic screenies and I thought that he had given up his license for good
  10. Three epic shots, Gerold. Just wishfull thinking, but how cool would it be if ORBX would sprinkle its magic on NZ with a TE NZ scenery for XP11 (and of course also P3D)
  11. Update seems to have worked. Excellent. Thank you so much! I do have a problem with resetting views though. For example, if I am in VIEW1 and i move the camera around, pressing the assigned key for VIEW1 does not restore the saved/default position for that view.....however in the past it did. Any advice?
  12. Plus Bahrain and Qatar. The other three aren't in, nor is Jordan or Palestine. Pity. I have many prop-liners scheduled for Beirut. But I'd much rather this than nothing, which is where we were a month ago.
  13. Thanks for your answer Nick. Do you know if you will work in a Prepar3d v4 A320 Aerosoft version soon?
  14. Wow, your settings make it look totally realistic! And a 737 is probably the best toy for low & slow flying.
  15. Can´t see his hat, but this is an absolute brilliant work!
  16. Absolutely stunning, Iain! With all these sceneries being released for XPlane made me take the plunge. Fortunately Steam has a 35% discount on the sim.
  17. I haver never encountered these city names, John, before you made it a shiny flight!
  18. 1:05 pm at Gisborne. The runway is in use. And the tourists are totally excited.
  19. Hello ! I just updated ChasePlane via ORBX Central to version 1.1.52 S clicked on Regenerate Airport Data and Recheck Configuration Files! but still no Static views
  20. Thank you Iain! Thanks John. Good to read it is worth to add some comments to the pictures. Thanks Jack. Sure you can. See below, and I hope it works. Thank you Martyn. I try to find the colourful views of the New Seeland as Abel Tasman saw it, but Summer makes it a bit brighter. Sure you need to, Adam. I installed it into a fake p3d on a different drive, configured it there with the Realair configurator and then moved it into my p3d. Realair Legacy All Blacks ZK-TVX Jaydor.zip
  21. Well done, squatter. No troopers to be awaited .
  22. Thanks Nick though did click on the name but did not see a message thing. Will check again. Derek.
  23. Hello Derek, click on their name to open their profile and select Message from the top
  24. I’ve forgotten how to message someone in particular. Did search but could not find anything. Thanks Derek.
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