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  3. Lincoln Cathedral is clashing with the default MSFS version as you can see both versions overlapping each other. Would it also be possible to add Howden Dam (Same model as Derwent Dam), and also move both Derwent and Ladybower dam to a lower position... they sit too high Great job with the add in though.
  4. Hi there... I've used Orbx for a while and love its scenery but over the last few days it seems that Orbx Central has been playing up. My EGNM scenery has, despite being installed, gone back to default P3D version of the airport and the whole of the UK has black squares and bodies of water appear all over my scenery (I have Orbx england installed). Also, when I have tried to un and reinstall any scenery, it comes up with an error and then suggests buying it again. Also, upon loading it, it goes straight to my product page which means I also have no way of logging out. I have even tried reinstalling Orbx central but this does not fix the issue. Really want to get this fixed asap as I want to get back flying! Thanks, Thomas Nobrega
  5. Hmmmmm, there is nothing in my spam folder so must be the ISP will give them a ring today, never had this problem before. thanks Nick
  6. Hello, sometimes, it seems that they are intercepted by the ISP or e mail client that wrongly identifies them as spam or malicious.
  7. Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback but still no email receipt, does it take a while to get through ?
  8. Hello, there is only one in the Orbx product, perhaps you have another addon still there?
  9. Hi, I've got London Landmarks, bought in the FS2020 Marketplace (a definite mistake on my part). It also seems to be causing me problems with CDTs when taking off from the default EGLC. I guess I'll have to wait for Orbx to come up with a fix, then another month for MS to pass it on to me in the sim.
  10. Hello, I have asked the system to send you another e mail and it tells me that it has done so.
  11. Purchased last night and still no receipt, have you stopped sending receipts ?
  12. Hi Was your Landmarks London City purchased via the Market Place or Orbx Central?
  13. Started a flight over Blackpool earlier to find that there are now TWO towers, a large and a small one!
  14. ... same with the swing bridge in Newcastle, only appears at the last moment.
  15. Landmarks London City is not compatible since SU5, it freezes the sim when loading a flight at London City airport. Others on the FS forum have reported it crashes the sim when entering London from outside. The London City Airport scenery is ok.
  16. Thats interesting, I've been crossing it the last few years from the car park and at silly o'clock in the morning I sometimes meet the staff, they were the one's that told me the times for opening. Good point I've not seen it myself as I'm working then. You always learn something
  17. Turning the number of world objects up to High did indeed bring back the Needles lighthouse - on the demo package.
  18. Same here. I don't like to fly with the points of interested enabled. I don't like anything on screen but the scenery and plane So it is tough to find them but I like that
  19. Thank you John. Thank you John. Thank you Iain. Thank you Taph. Thank you Wayne.
  20. I patiently wait for Orbx Asia LC. But I am approaching 80, and time is becoming more precious.
  21. i’ve not seen the swing bridge open in 25 years. Seen the Millenium Bridge open though. And I work at Newcastle Station
  22. On the Etihad STadium LOD problem I had exactly the same thing happen to me with Caernarvon Castle. I had to be very close to it before it suddenly appeared.
  23. Makapala - It's ok, I have found the York scenery at Flightsim.to. It all works just fine now. The York scenery is very good - if you have had anything to do with it then well done
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