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  2. Profiles in Vector?

    Hello, Alex. Thank you for your comments. I constantly am loading different scenery (by full fat region or by continent, etc.) depending where I fly, and see no need to have different Vector profiles for each scenery choice. The one profile, as you state, is fine for everything now, whereas before, FTX Central required us to choose where we were flying so that area could be loaded up and ready to fly. So we had to construct a Vector profile to fit that area which FTX Central had dialed up for use. I remember a few times when I forgot to change Vector profiles and I would end up at an airport whose elevation correction hadn't taken effect because the wrong profile was active! To have to do all that now, it seems to me, is unnecessary.
  3. Oooooh ... those Wasps!!!

    Nice comeback Adam...very nice indeed
  4. A great preset!

    Yes, Adam is the PTA preset Master, and I am thankful for his efforts. These are some eerily cool shots here over those mountains in the early morning hours.
  5. Pacer for Martyn

    That blue paint looks wonderful Paul! Is that like periwinkle blue or the like? It really stands out nicely. That yellow one looks alright too, I guess....
  6. new toy

    Interesting new toy Stewart, and some nice captures to show it off in
  7. new toy

    Great scenery to explore with your new toy Stewart, I like how sleek it looks compared to its military counterpart. I like this plane.
  8. Travelling in Terry´s Territory

    Gerold, that is hardly old fashioned. In this GPS era, staying proficient with map and compass navigation are skills that are back in the forefront of training. There are many 'threats' to the modern day GPS systems that our lives rely on now, and they can easily be taken down. Having those map and compass skills are very important.
  9. Leaving Lord Howe Island

    Oops, sorry John!
  10. Up the Western Wilderness Coast

    Again, nice little tour of another corner of Aussie that I knew nothing about. Wonderful Gerold! I was about to ask who the heck Deny King was, when I cam across John's comments above...Wonderful little learning thread here Nice paint on that Cessna too, she looks perfect for this little tour.
  11. Travelling in Terry´s Territory

    Thanks Gerold.
  12. new toy

    Cool shots, and a cool toy, Stewart!
  13. Travelling in Terry´s Territory

    I assume this might have been a little add-on by OZx... Thank you Jack. She´s not on the phone either (no connection down there )! My navigation is the old-fashioned way: I have a detailed Tasmania map... and some places I know already by heart. Sorry to be of no reproducible use !
  14. Snow in Canberra?

    Some real interesting shots Paul, and you're right, that plane and livery blend in well with the weather in your shots And hey, you never know about the weather. I remember driving through New Mexico in the mid 1990's, in July, and as I was crossing the Great Divide, a major snow storm hit. Dropped like 4 inches of snow in less that two hours. Of course, it didn't take long to melt. That area of the Great Divide is like high desert or something, basically a plateau at high elevation, but I wasn't in any mountains. Strange things can happen. Of course, the odd snowstorm could have been caused by a shift in the weather patterns due to a UFO overflight...I mean, it was New Mexico, not too far from Roswell
  15. Leaving Lord Howe Island

    I got a little misty eyed looking at those beautiful shots! Loved the video too!
  16. Up the Western Wilderness Coast

    Wow, John, thank you for posting this great video!
  17. Hi Folks, Because my new Lear needs its hub... Columbus, Ohio Rickenbacker International Airport LCK/KLCK Regards, Scott
  18. Up the Western Wilderness Coast

    Thank you, Paul! Interesting what men do & did, Roger. Thanks for watching & reading! Thank you Jack. No aerobatics here, but a peaceful flight. Thank you, Mr. Navigator. But I have to disappoint you: I do not own a Beaver, this is a Cessna 185F.
  19. Up the Western Wilderness Coast

    More great shots from Tassie Gerold plus I enjoyed reading up on this mate Deny King . Lot's of YT video's out there of him and his life : Cheers John
  20. Today
  21. Snow in Canberra?

    Our little sim worlds are just like the fast food franchise Burger King, “Have it your way”! Nice summer/winter shots!
  22. Leaving Lord Howe Island

    Nice Paul - Yep I love his screenshots too , just don't call me Shirley . John
  23. Pacer for Martyn

    Most impressive shots Paul great color quality! I have this airplane in V3, can I just copy it over to V4? Or is there more to it than that?
  24. new toy

    Stupendous shots Stewart , enjoy your new tiltey bird . Cheers John
  25. A great preset!

    Marvelous shots Walter , Adam's new preset is doing it's magic on my Sim also . Cheers John
  26. Up the Western Wilderness Coast

    A great flight Gerold! Well done!
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