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  2. Enjoyed seeing your toys and shots!!!!!!
  3. Seconded, even though I no longer live in Aus. Terry.
  4. Looks like a real picture!!!!!!!
  5. Good looking plane and scenery!!!!!!!!!
  6. When you realise you havn't installed Meigs Good luck everyone Cheers Graeme
  7. Great looking plane and shots Don!
  8. Nick: I do understand the problem: how does a company allocate resources efficiently and also not neglect needed sales arenas. Been there. What would Orbx think about getting together a group of reasonably long-term Orbx users (vet them/us as you might wish) to sort through the detritus, produce a list of probable deletions (maybe within a certain agreed-upon parameter) and let some member of the Orbx 'staff' (dunno what you have put together down there in Oz) make a final determination? Sure would save a bunch of time and clean-out - or transfer to some other background Folder labeled as such - much of what is now obsolescent. Maybe run it past The Powers - yes, I know you are one. Cordially, -=dcp=-
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  10. First time seeing one in a sim, great shots.
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