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  2. Over Aukland

    Nice set of Australasian pics.
  3. switzerland

    Looking good
  4. Leaving Big Apple

    what a super set of shots regards stewart
  5. OK I found what happened, I originally posted this screen and Doc seemed to have liked it to the point he posted an edited version but then he probably forgot it was not his shot (I hope so) Here is the originally thread -> https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/129886-next-day-delivery/
  6. Over Aukland

    Well you have done it again Paul what super set of screen shots and the shots look fantastic well done regards stewart
  7. Over Sydney

    Love it!
  8. Night cargo arriving in Milan

    What a super shot my friend I live the sky regards stewart
  9. Over Sydney

    What a super set of screen shots Paul the city looks so real looks like a photo well done regards stewart
  10. The other story.

    What a super set of screen shots Martyn looking good regards stewart
  11. OF2 beta bliss in the PNW

    Wow Jack looks like you had a very enjoyable flight I now I got a lot of pleaser looking at your screen shots regards stewart
  12. Up the Adriatic

    Well Martyn looks like you had a super flight and your screen shots look fantastic and I did enjoy your flight thanks regards stewart
  13. Taking the plunge

    Wow fab set of screen shots Martyn and who said you cold fly through the hanger I suppose it was Jack you where very lucky one of the doors want shut regards stewart
  14. On to Pula

    What super set of screen shots Martyn and I enjoyed your journey regards stewart
  15. What a super shot you should be onto a winner there regards stewart
  16. Page (lake Powell) to Sedona

    What a super set of screen shots Patrick look fab regards stewart
  17. XB-56 at Area 51

    Super set of screen shots regards stewart
  18. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    Hi Bernd, many thanks for the comment It's easy to make previsions when you are very near to finish a big scenery, i have learnt this, so for the moment i don't make previsions. I hope faster than what i think
  19. switzerland

    A trip in Switzerland from Geneva set in the spring at dawn and with p3dv4.1 and rex essential and rex texture direct and pta and Adams new preset I hope you enjoy regards stewart lausanne
  20. Today
  21. XB-56 at Area 51

    No, he is much younger than me! In the FS2002/2004 days I worked on aircraft and repaints. We even had a few payware issued by Alphasim.
  22. XB-56 at Area 51

    Ah! so you're JAFO? In which case I have a load of your repaints for various things, I think. So - thank you!
  23. XB-56 at Area 51

    I did a few repaints for it, including some RAF ones (flightsim.com).
  24. Page (lake Powell) to Sedona

    Hi Yes VH-KDK the effect dam thinking is wrong in V4.1 but at 130 kts is a short laps insight Thank for your comments the route Patrick
  25. XB-56 at Area 51

    Yep, that was one of the ones I got hold of, in fact the one that kicked it off. Lovely bit of work.
  26. XB-56 at Area 51

    Well 2002 was where I started using his aircraft. My all time favourite (which I still use today) is his A-29 Super Tucano. But they are all excellent.
  27. Not under 18

    Forget it guys. She's mine
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