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  2. Thanks Dominique! I don't have Windows 7 Pro so I'm almost certain at this point that there will be no freebees. Anyway, you open another point that I all but forgot about; the new FS flight sim to come. If, (and I MEAN, “IF”), it's anything as good as they've lead on so far, I'm sure that the FTX software I've bought won't work in that. There were 2 prime reasons for why I never switched over to P3D. One had to do with the ‘Jell-O like’ appearance of their water, and the other was the fact that I spent, no, "invested", a lot of money in 3rd party add-on software for FSX. At this point, I have FSX setup to the level that makes you look twice at the screen because it appears to be real-time video of real-world flights. The only drawback to FSX is the program code. Like many people, early on I had an off-the-rack computer with a 3.0 CPU that I 'thought' was fast. As soon as I discovered FSX and 3rd-party add-ons, I discovered the sad facts about just how slow my computer was. It was then that I decided to learn as much as I could about desktop computers, how they worked, how to build them, what were the key components to making them fast, and ultimately, how to overclock. I have yet to even think about researching the third-party software for FSX and the compatibility of that same software for the new Microsoft Flight sim. I’m almost positive that there will be no compatibility and I’m sure that’s probably been covered here in this website and among many others. Still, the new, upcoming, Microsoft flight Sim, (I’m not sure what they’re going to call it) will really need to have some very unusual attribute/s before it’ll swing me over to a new flight Sim platform. I suppose it would take something like a very ‘computer frame rate friendly’ coding coupled with an already “knock your socks off” scenery, landscape accuracy, and mesh, for me to seriously consider blowing off a few thousand dollars in software already acquired during my ‘FS X years’. Thanks again, Rich
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  4. You have more chance than me
  5. Beautiful shots Rodger, thank you. cheers Karoly
  6. Nice shots, Patrick especially #1. Kev
  7. Thanks Martyn, I agree, I love the slope too.
  8. Lovely shots Adam. I’m always jealous of your P3D screenshots. Kev
  9. Lovely shots of a classic. I once flew out to the Far East on one of these and sat next to an engineer who serviced them. He spent most of the time over the Indian Ocean telling me about the metal fatigue in the engine mounts!! Kev
  10. Very nice shots and lifelike too. Kev
  11. Very nice shot, thank you TTM. cheers Karoly
  12. These "bars" (or whatever other similar system used) are here to keep the snow from falling off the roofs. Not for safety reasons at all, but because a thick snow cover is the best way to insulate from the outside cold (as strange as it may seel at first). It keeps warm/temperate air close to the roof, and prevents heat deperdition when the wind is blowing or during night time. All mountain houses and chalets feature this system as old as man lives in mountains.
  13. Cheers Gerold, it didn't take me long to weed out a few images from here! My brother knew of some of the places as well as recommendations by friends and relatives. There is also a wealth of information on the internet. Of course places like the Grand Canyon are well known and advertise themselves.
  14. Thanks Karl, one place I avoided like the plague although from what I heard you will soon be able to catch it there!
  15. Thank you Don, plenty of memories on my external HDD!
  16. Thanks R, it is very interesting to see how the scenery is depicted in the ORBX world.
  17. Thanks for commenting Adam.
  18. Thanks Jack, places I never thought I would ever see. I was most fortunate to have met you and Robin too!
  19. Cheers John, yes I have taken all of the snaps you will see in my holiday posts.
  20. I hate huntsmen as they are big and fast but we get plenty of Red Backs in the garage and garden which is our version of the Black Widow.
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