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  2. The landmarks are well done. But some buildings are way too big in proportion.E.g. "DEKA Bank" Frankfurt-Niederrad, the opposite "Lyoner Stern" is normally as high. The Frankfurt "Eintracht Stadion" is no longer called "Commerzbank Arena" but "Deutsche Bank Park". Peter
  3. We are proud to launch the Orbx Community Discord server! Our Discord server is a great place to interact with other like-minded members of the community, as well as having informal (and perhaps off-the-record!) chats with our team. We have created a few channels for showing off your great screenshots, as well as joining in on some group flights. There are some Discord-exclusive events and competitions planned too - stay tuned! This is another community channel in addition to our forum. We’d love for you all to join. Rest assured, the forum isn’t going anywhere.
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  5. great shot Carlos, sleep! I've done it in 3 hour mini sleeps since I was born apparently......
  6. I did wonder what the scaling did, my screen has that setting so should I run at 80% scaling?....still using my trusty old 1070....
  7. Too bad you did not pick up two 1080 ti’s John , my twin Titans (16GB) run MSFS very smoothly .
  8. Sleep , it is overrated Heck of a shot Carlos !! .
  9. Hi, I deleted everything from the community folder except the Landmark and the Airport from Cloudsurf and it works fine. It should be having a problem with other add ons. What do you suggest?
  10. Hello, is this with only those two products in the Community folder?
  11. Hi, I have the same issue. I removed both the WSSS airport and the Singapure Landmark from the community folder, reinstalled both again from Orbx Central and the issue persists.
  12. Hello, if you have installed all your Orbx products into an Orbx Central Library and the Orbx Libraries are in the P3D add-ons list and ticked as active, then it does not matter that this file is untouched. If you have run Verify files for Global base and open LC Europe, deleted the terrain.cfg file and let P3D build another one and then run Settings\Help\Sync Simulator in Orbx Central which will write back the Orbx entries and finally Verify files for the Orbx Libraries and in that strict order, you should have solved the problem. If you miss out any o
  13. My system dates from 2015, a very low to mid range cpu these days. I've been getting reasonable performance at 4K with a 2yo GTX 1080 at High End settings with a few settings dropped a bit. Today I bought a 1080 ti and installed it to replace the 1080. Oh man what a difference! As I thought, MSFS seems to still be essentially a single core program, which means my 6+ yo i7-4790k CPU is still worth hanging on to. Here are my figures, identical settings and saved flights to ensure accurate test. First figure is fps fpr the 1080, second is fps for 1080ti. YMB
  14. I created this rendition of Alcatraz Island awhile ago for personal use. It may not be an accurate depiction of the island but I found it a lot better on the eyes than what is now offered.
  15. Hi Nick, the size is 31 kb. The last access was 26.10.2020. That is funny. It's impossible I never use this file in this time period,
  16. Same here, I have been also very lucky so far with MSFS. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  17. It is only an update for the airac cycle and water asking for the Baie du Somme area which featured in the promo video but not in game. Honestly I think I will give this sim a pass for the next few months as I am loosing the battle with it. After last update a stutter fest and I have tried all known remedies bar a complete reinstall. Hours lost searching and trying fixes.
  18. great shot, we have been having perfect weather for flying that to...
  19. great shots, I have there stuff in 3 sims now.....met them at Cosford a few years back, remember when we could actually visit sim events in person?...
  20. great shots there Iain, and we all know what your final shots means.......
  21. great shots there Gerold, thanks for the trip....
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