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  2. I also forget to mention I need an attached copy of your XP log file as well please
  3. You need to make the current folder that has your Orbx scenery in it a Library or drag all your Orbx addons into the Custom Scenery folder of your new XP installation. If you keep the folder that houses your Orbx addons then in Orbx Central you need to edit the path to that folder by opening Orbx Central/settings/libraries and Add new library, name it the same as the folder that is housing the addons (you can name it anything but not Custom Scenery, so make it Orbx Addons or similar) and then via the Edit option Create anew library, and then it will offer the option to change the library
  4. Soooo, I revisited this just now after having an aha moment just now while thinking about a problem I fixed yesterday. I was having crazy FPS issues with trying to run OBS studio and the popular freeware EGKK addon. I fixed that after realizing I was using all my VRAM due to having texture resolution on Ultra and causing my 2080 Super to choke on itself. Part of the symptoms there were randomly the FPS just dropping like a rock out of nowhere which was similar to this problem where FPS might be ok then it would drop and that was it. Sooo, now that my texture resolution is still reduced to
  5. @Nick Cooper for your attention and advice please Nick.
  6. Please attach your scenery_packs.ini for checking. Not a pic but as an attachment pleaae
  7. Do you have the setting of Runways follow terrain contours enabled in XP/settings/general? If not then enable and report back please. Also confirm that you have TEGB South installed.
  8. Wow y'all rattled a lotta tea cubs with that nasty little screaming bird and I heard someone say: "We're not amused". Great shots Andy
  9. Oh Benny you are breaking my heart and I will miss you and your great videos. I hope you change your mind my friend.
  10. Today
  11. Whenever I activate a jetway, either through GSX, or ctrl-j, the bridges twist and turn and the shoot upwards. See attached photo. Please help. Thanks!
  12. Fine shots. cheers Iain
  13. What I really enjoy about this airport are the people. It really adds to the immersion . The craftmanship of the object rendering is extremely well done . It sets a new standard for quality addons. In addition , although it has been a few years since we last visited Norway, the airport captures the "Norwegian style" extremely well just as I remember it. It is just a delight to go exploring Cheers Pete
  14. Good luck to Orbx, It's the end for me after so many years. No more videos for you, no more time spent here, I will miss a few member here. The company as change, the spirit is gone.. Yes Nick, block this post, pretty easy to see that it's your job here.
  15. Thank you much John. Much appreciated John. San Jose is a nice place to fly around Jack, great scenery. Thank you Jack.
  16. These shots were taken in MSFS 2020. Mike
  17. Hello, I have noticed I have been having some issues with my Orbx products as of late, (for example, San Diego missing building textures and having weird airport elevation issues, and night lighting textures that look as red as lava) and I believe I know why - Orbx central still thinks that I have P3D v4.X installed when in fact I upgraded to v5 several weeks ago. When I install all my Orbx products from Central for v5, it also installs about half of them into my old P3D v4 directory. I have removed all my P3D v4 registry entries, etc, but Central still thinks it's there and is try
  18. Thank you John. Thank you John. Copy and paste. Thank you John. Thanks Jack.
  19. The third guy looks like me. Great job as always Iain!
  20. Thank you guys for your kind comments Glad you liked them. It's an awesome product Cheers Carlos
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