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  2. GA Twins in OZ

    A few shots of some GA twins in Australia (P3Dv4). Alabeo C310R at YSCH Coffs Harbour Alabeo PA 44 Seminole at YPMQ Port Macquarie Alabeo PA23F Aztec 250 at YBRM Broome Carenado AC500S at YCNK Cessnock
  3. Hello, you cannot, but you can if you open and read the link I have posted.
  4. TrueEarth first flight, first shots

    Hello J van E. When you were busy copying and pasting my reply to you here onto the Avsim forum, you completely missed this part: presumably because it did not fit the way you wished to portray my reply. Perhaps, now that Jarrad has gone to all the trouble of posting a very detailed and reasoned explanation you might stop your campaign and instead post your support request for an improvement to the portrayal of that part of your home town.
  5. Hi Don, I will post some twin shots in the Community Screenshot forum in the next hour. Look for GA Twins in OZ
  6. Many thanks Nick, I had deselected that option but didn't restart the sim, now the colours are excellent. And after tearing my hair out I've just managed to have Norton ESED (which I had updated), stop from deleting a GTN 750 Trainer file which of course stopped the GTN 750 from working, so I'm a doubly happy chappy.
  7. Thanks Nick, But how do I change the download folder location in version . I cannot find that option. Joop
  8. Good tip Sniper I woke up yesterday to see this was now released so purchased straight away, however I never had enough free space on C:\ too, was short by a tantalising couple of GB or so, un-installed Google Earth and an Astronomy program (and installed them again later) and it all downloaded very quickly I was pleased to see, on fibre optic 76MB down 20 MB up here, far faster than my Sunday download of X-Plane 11 on Laminars own servers that was a similar sized large download. Next time I'll know what to do though, Thanks Nick and Sniper.
  9. Hello, you are seeing P3D v4 "speed trees". To avoid seeing them, please deselect "Dynamic 3 D autogen vegetation" on the Options - World settings page. You will need to restart P3D to see the change, sometimes more than once.
  10. Looking for a nice twin.

    Thanks Paul, I'll definitely look at those. Don
  11. Hello, I don't know why you are not seeing version but the means to change the temp download folder is still there, as it has always been. I have asked why some customers have the new version and some not. I am awaiting the answer.
  12. Looking for a nice twin.

    Thanks Chumley I'll give it a try. Been a bit hesitant to try anything that's not rated for P3D, after all the trouble I had with FSX, I scared to stuff up my P3D sim. Don
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  14. Looking for a nice twin.

    Thanks Martyn, I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what happens, if I'm lucky I might get to Install their B60 and Legacy. Thanks for the tip on VH repaints. Don
  15. Looking for a nice twin.

    Hi Ken, do you have the 310R, I have and I can't get the damn thing to taxi or take off in a straight line, Changed settings a dozen times, recalibrated my rudder pedals, nothing works. Makes my passengers ill, I've run out of barf bags. Don
  16. TrueEarth first flight, first shots

    thank you! hahah. no, I And thanks @Jarrad Marshall for your explanation! Cheers Well, service pack it might be then for some. We Dutchies are picky.. hope you realised that Thank all of you for the great work on that small country!
  17. Looking for a nice twin.

    Thanks VH-MNB, I'll have a look at that
  18. Bonjour, bienvenue sur les forums. Votre compte n'est plus commercial.
  19. Flying this addition now, Holland certainly is very flat ! settings as suggested with frame rate at around 30and nice and smooth but...... The scenery is very green, especially the trees which seem to be a rather odd lime green shade. Is this just my rig and if so might there be adjustments I can make, or do others have similar concerns re the colours. This image is substantially darker than my screen !
  20. TrueEarth first flight, first shots

    There are a LOT of good things about this scenery (wont list them all!) IMHO and from knowledge of how Earth Simulations approached things, I think there may be scope for simulating the kind of buildings that Jeroen initially referred to (blocks of flats basically) more accurately? The cityscene areas are very good (possibly overbright in low light scenarios, but that may be me?). Could a variety of flats models be incorporated as custom autogen classes, and deployed approriately, as I'm guessing you possibly have building use/type data to work from (if you have lidar height data that could inform a model selection as well) ? They might not be 100% accurate but better than the standard representation through 'normal' autogen? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I know, if I'm talking rubbish delete this post
  21. Nick has put a link on how move your temp folder to another drive, then when done you need the FTX Central update then change your settings in FTX central scroll down to the tab Temp then link it to your new temp folder, and you should be good to go.
  22. A Moody Downwind

    Afraid not. P3D V.4 and Shoreham Thankfully, it was only circuits that day! Thanks for the kind words, all.
  23. I have the same problem with updating the FTX central to versie 3.3. After starting FTX central there is no indication for updating. And in this version is no possibility for changing the temp download map. How can I uninstall the old version and install the new one ? I don't see the FTX central in the list of apps in W10. Joop
  24. TrueEarth first flight, first shots

    Fully understood. Thanks for taking the time to type all this, Jarrad! 160 CityScenes is a lot indeed: I clearly picked the wrong one to 'test' TrueEarth and I understand my expectations had grown a bit too high. As I stated a few times already (and also posted elsewhere) I do like this scenery and recommend it fully: you just have to use it as intended! Nick's reply felt a bit as a denial of what I was trying to say and that surprised me but your reply, not defensive at all, makes it all very clear. Thanks! EDIT I posted the quotes above also in a topic on AVSIM because it may clarify some things: hope you don't mind. (If you do I will remove them again.) https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/535529-orbx-eu-netherlands-trueearth-released/?do=findComment&comment=3842739
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