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  3. Hello - I took a spin out to see the Redwood National Park departing from KAVC and thought the water looked a bit off. Closer inspection showed elevation anomalies around the airport. I tried with both "runway follows contour" checked and unchecked - no difference. I've provided .jpg pics, my Log.txt and my scenery_packs.ini Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide. Scott Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  4. KLZU has the wrong ILS frequency for runway 25 in freeware package. The frequency for many years has been 109.95, but the airport in the freeware package still has it as 111.75. 111.75 is currently in use for KATL runway 28, so when using a payware KATL that adds runway 10/28, the proximity of KLZU interferes with ILS28 approaches at KATL. I run a navaids update package that fixes all of the world navaids, but the freeware airports package overwrites that change and sets it back to 111.75. I have fixed this myself using ADE to fix the freeware airport, but it would be nice to have it fixed at the source.
  5. Hi Kai No I meant v4, sorry for the missunderstood Just though nice to lauch Barcelona on a Saturday afternoon after reading the post Cheers Carlos
  6. Hi Mac Ok Try John's settings If the London City airport you have then there is no need to do anything else Is only when you have NON Orbx products in the area when some actions are needed I could not say how important hotfix 3 is, but I prefer to have the most updated version ( just in case) Maybe Nick or someone else could extend on that point Regards, Carlos
  7. Truly staggering shots OND. Well done.
  8. Hi Nick I have moved the Default Scenery down as suggested. It appears to have done the trick. The coastlines are now back to normal. The question that interests me now is why would Orbx Central re-order the Default Scenery away from the bottom in the first place. I did not move it. I've only ever let Orbx Central handle the library order. Just curious. Regards and thanks for your help Ian
  9. In V5? From where did you get the file for downloading; it's not in OC? mfg Kai
  10. Super shot of that super cub and the lovely scenery of Milford Sound.
  11. A+ indeed. Bonnie Scotland.
  12. Beautiful shots mate .
  13. Hello, many thanks, you have clearly put a lot of work into your reply. I wonder if you can somehow move Default Scenery down to the bottom of the library, just above Default Terrain?
  14. Hello, I did not visit the BIOS, nor did I format anything. I am guessing that you must be reading someone else's guide in parallel.
  15. Thanks. Carlos. I'll try again, probably using the Venema settings. But please don't hold your breath. Everything in the South England is looking great. I don't have Hotfix 3 installed. Don't recall hearing about it, and I'm sure LM never sent me notice. Is it important? The description did not seem so, and the instrux for install said you would have to "delete your Client." I get impatient with tech guys' gibberish. One further Q: Yes, I have Orbx London City scenery (EGLC), which is terrific (but very dense). Where do you find the bgls you refer to? They are not in P3D/scenery. And you can't be referring to the Orbx ones, because you say the point is to make the add-on display better. Mac6737
  16. Anyone else have the issue where X-plane 11 show up twice in Orbx in the simulator menu? I think this initially started after installing an Aerosoft product that utilizes its Updater, where Xplane shows up 3 times. thanks, David
  17. Actually I'm going to launch it It is indeed a nice add-on. Good flight for a Saturday
  18. I have always been a lover of land class, which put Orbx where it is. Unique products, exclusive airports, lovely locations. I am a "sightseeing" pilot, I like to see the plane flying over beautiful landscapes, mainly cities. I'm not a cabin pilot. I was very excited when Orbx announced they will have a division to create cities...but never saw an increase of those. Actually Orlando, Charleston and Barcelona have not yet even been updated to V5 ! and it has been quite a long time already. Now I wonder if, is it worthy doing it having them in MSFS the way the look like.. As Orbx took so long doing cities I bought every single one out there. Some may not look outstanding or Orbx quality but definitely better than default. My feeling is that you sacrificed developing for the world to satisfy the US market creating airports and products for their locations in the different platforms, as priority, and that is an awful sensation. After having seen some MSFS videos and then turned to P3D, I must admit that some products look kind of toyish/ cartoonish, some look yet very far from a real appearance. So depending on what I want to experience I will fly one or another. I do love the small unique Orbx airports as I can sense the devotion put in those and it is great experience to fly them but realism and cities captivate me a lot. I consider the job done by Orbx, outstanding, beautiful, I think it could be no better being the platform used and its limitations. I do not doubt at all that Orbx will be able and capable to do sceneries for MSFS, matching the quality expected, and it would be great if most of the current products could be redone for MSFS, if possible. Something I don't like much of MSFS is that everything is an image and sometimes these look a bit blurry. Images sometimes bore me I would have to test myself to have a better opinion on this. For now my intentions are: 01.- Flying the world in MSFS 02.- Flying Orbx exclusive airports in P3D. The question here is Which one will I be using more or prevail in time based on my flying preferences.? I think that is a fact we all will face at some stage, unless you definitely hate MSFS. Currently, I am very open to use both and enjoy the best of each until one lets me down. Cheers Carlos
  19. Hi Jon, Thanks for the reply. It was my work on this airport package that led to me finding this. When not using Orbx, this airport is fine. Even in self-generated Ortho scenery I have no issue. It is only when using the TE Florida package that I have this issue. In other Orbx sceneries (e.g. Southern California) there was an update released that flattened/smoothed terrain for various airports. I prefer not to use the "Always Flatten" option for airports as this can lead to some other unique issues... particularly when an airport is near the water. I was hoping a terrain mesh update could be provided for the Florida package as well. Highspeed
  20. Lots of 'Firths' in Scotland - this one forms a waterway border between England and Scotland. Cumbria's largest city - Carlisle. Changed hands often in early history - folks were wise to have two sets of flags. In Scotland now - you can tell by the blueness of the sky. A village named Rockcliffe. Largest town in the area - Kirkcudbright. Formerly RAF West Freugh - the most southwesterly airport in Scotland. The town of Stranraer.
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