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  2. Very nice shot Martin, thank you. cheers Karoly
  3. Hi John, thank you for very nice video. cheers Karoly
  4. You're the guy now banned for life to rent a plane in the whole UK, right ?
  5. Two great shots for the price of one , thanks Martyn . Cheers John
  6. If you can't enjoy a flight in a rented plane then you might as well keep your money in the bank :-)
  7. Terrific shot Martyn . Cheers John
  8. So that's how they land one of those things ....... Cheers John
  9. Grand scenery and shots Ben . Cheers John
  10. Today
  11. Awesome!!! I will be there opening night. The flying scenes look amazing, the volleyball scene, not so much .
  12. That one is by XHanger, & is reasonably priced IMHO. They have their own website & its also available from the major XPlane outlet as the Piper SuperCub 150 Comes with 15 liveries, has GN430 onboard. Good for getting around Orbx TE WA bush strips. TTM
  13. Thanks Adam, it is, they have a friendly FBO and there's always something going on.
  14. Hi mate, To a large extent, regarding the use of the capacity of the C drive, it can be said that it is something like: 2.5 x 34.3GB (the latter is the size of Windows installed) = 75.5GB. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that what is obtained from the nominal capacity of HDD / SSD is in fact 85 to 90% ±, in almost all media. So by making this small account with the capacity of your C drive, you will have the maximum volume you can occupy without losing the efficiency of your C drive. Cheers,
  15. My two cents here Most of the time I have used ZL16 aerial imagery for my own use. ZL17 or 18 is overkill for for me unless it's around the immediate area of an airport. 95% of the flight is at higher altitudes and not skimming around the ground at 300ft, so it's never really bothered me too much. Having lower resolution imagery allows me to have more areas installed and for those areas to run faster. If I was an Orbx customer and not a developer, I'd personally want the ZL16 option, but we currently make the higher resolution imagery because so far we believed this is what the majority want. A ZL17 tile takes up 4 times the size of a ZL16 area. The nature of each increasing zoom level means each subsequent bump is 4 times the size of the previous. The imagery we've used has a maximum resolution of 1,2m/px which just about fits into a ZL17 with some upscaling. Anyone who is generating tiles at ZL18 or higher using the same imagery is getting nothing but imagery 4 times the size with no visual improvement :-). One thing that will be evident however is the texture setting in X-Plane, this does have an effect on less than high settings on the imagery. Essentially each decrease in the setting is halving the resolution. So if you have ZL17 imagery, running on medium settings is like running ZL16 on high settings, etc.. We aren't discussing about reducing the texture size to save us money, but rather to accomodate a wider spectrum of users than just those who stick to one area in the sim. We're not just going to drop Washington's size down in an update, but we're discussing future regions, e.g. If you already have Washington installed on an SSD which is taking up 200GB of disk space, then how likely are you to get Oregon and use another 200GB. An SD version of a region would mean you could install 4 regions in the space of a single one at present, and to top it off you'll get better performance as well on slower hardware. Some other points: It's not necessary to install regions to an SSD. Although it will help with loading times, it does not actually decrease the FPS. Mechanical drive storage is cheap, so for folk who really want the highest resolution of everything but don't want to invest in expensive SSD drives, there is really nothing wrong with sticking to the older mechanical drive option For those users who are using Ortho4XP and saying it doesn't produce jpeg artifacts are being misleading. In fact, many of the providers serve the imagery as jpegs to save bandwidth (technically many users are taking this imagery without permission or thoughts on bandwidth costs from the providers). The jpegs that are coming down from these WMS servers are compressed and have some artefacts already. The imagery we've used for the US does not come from a WMS server and is in the raw original format. Sharpening an image can have the effect of sharpening jpeg artefacts, so it should be used sparingly and my final point is that the aerial imagery is actually only a small part of a TE region, the vast majority of the work and costs go into developing the 3d layers on top (trees, buildings, landmarks, masts). These overlays are not something you can easily make for free with some tool, but require lots of processing. For the US, we had to create all the tree/vegetation data ourselves as well as the heighted/grouped buildings as there is no free/commercial data available that offered what we needed. Whilst we of course spend time and effort cleaning up the orthos, colour matching etc, the key point of these products is not actually the imagery, but the overlays on top of them. There are also a huge amount of landmark/POIs dotted around the scenery
  16. It only took them 33 years to make a sequel
  17. I'm with sticking with the present quality. I mean that's the reason why I'm so keen on TE because of the sharpness of the scenery close to the ground. Cost of extra external drives to cope with any new TE scenery is not an issue for me. Now, a couple of questions. I've not found a way yet to install any future scenery that OrbX release into my internal HDD. At the moment, any new scenery is automatically installed into my SSD. Is there a way to install any future downloads into my HDD? I have 3Tb ready and waiting to accept any new scenery downloads! Where is the option to do that? My 'C' SSD drive is 80% full now and I'm getting a bit concerned that if it gets any fuller, then I'm wondering if that could cause the Windows 10 operating system to start faltering. I did hear some time ago that the drive where one keeps one's operating system (ie. Windows 10) likes to have at least 20% disc space remaining for it to operate satisfactorily.
  18. Magnificent countryside Ben. It comes up well for OLC!
  19. Would like to see the higher res/higher poi’s as a ‘TE ProSim’ option...some of us would certainly pay ‘more for more’ detail...
  20. On the ground at Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
  21. A very nice airfield well represented in your pics. A very scenic short flight is between Ofu Village and Fitiuta (both ways). You may not land a liner but you can land a P-51, a L-39 jet or the RealAit T-Duke there. Believe me !
  22. Taxying out to take off from Tacoma Narrows it was lucky I saw the approaching chopper.
  23. Between all the PR shows there isn't hardly any attention to the magnificent Open LC products. Inspired by the Tour de France, I did a flight near Lourdes just north of the Pyrenees. I haven't been there before. What a nice area! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, Ben.
  24. Living near Heathrow in the early 60s the two liveries carried on the Warrior were a familiar sight. 1. Kenley Aerodrome, one of the three important fighter airfields in the defence of London during the Battle of Britain. 2. At Merstham the junction of the M25 and M23. You can see Redhill and Gatwick Airports.
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