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  2. Bought both versions, in my case there are a few problems with the P3d Version, the Xplane Version works great so far.
  3. Same problem here. And I got a problem with the ground textures.
  4. I just landed on Gaya new Vienna and I had terrible fps on approach. 15 fps on approach rwy 11 daytime with NGXu. 8700K OC to 5.0 GHz, 32 GB RAM and 1080 Ti OC. Now went back to FlyTampa Vienna again. I bought the bundle pack of Gaya Vienna so I have yet to try out the XP 11 version but so far I feel a bit ripped off for spending roughly 75 AUD on this product that performs this bad. I rather get my money as a refund and use the FlyTampa version.
  5. This looks more like if you had a second scenery... Have you tried verifying the files of Africa LC? That's the first thing I do when something is displayed wrongly Ed said the pyramids are default ones and that OLC Africa just replaces the default orthoimagery so something didn't fit here correctly.. I would try that first Cheers Carlos
  6. I have the same problem, Gaya is already informed via a latetst beta testbuild. But good to know there are more with the same white rotating lights. @MäxliBäxli nothing to do with FT version, I never had the FT on my system so. Something with the 2 effects files mentioned by @wined regards, Raymond
  7. hi thanks for the reply. so Orbx version of east midlands is a no go. now the final query. can I use uk2000 scenery addon on top of Orbx stuff. I want to purchase the Orbx global. Apply the free Orbx airport patch. Then apply the uk2000 scenery addon of east midlands airport will this work?
  8. Do you use recommended settings as stated in the manual? Greets, Markus
  9. Hello, a question, where can I find the map with Orbx products. When I try to access this function, it gives me an error.
  10. Had that situation too while doing a short taxi around the airport with FSLabs A321... uninstalled FT Airport in advance, but i don`t know if it is in relation to that. My addons: Orbx Global Base Orbx LC Europe Screenshot in Attachement, Greets Markus
  11. I had the same. Switching to Orbx instead of Austria Prof HD helped, so thank you for that. Can it be, that it is because ATPHD des not support seasons but the airport does?
  12. Hi I wonder if you could answer two questions please. 1. Can I "easily" install the GB True Earth files on a hard drive labelled D: when the xplane installation is on the C: hard drive? 2. What sort of frame rate loss will I expect over the standard xplane scenery? regards Trevor
  13. I installed LOWW twice over Orbx Central. And I have already checked the files several times. Unfortunately not a success. The tower is still missing.
  14. Hello, first you must install Orbx Central. You can find the installer by clicking on any of the bright green "Get Central" tabs to be found on most pages of Orbx Direct. Then you can open Orbx Central and Orbx Central will install the product for you.
  15. Video clip to illustrate the problem I have huge flashing lights over the terminal. With the help of a someone else with the same issue I found out that deactivating 2 effects files helps, but deactivated all dynamic lights - not an acceptable solution for me... The 2 files are LOWW_Dynamic_Wide.fx and LOWW_ParkingDynamic.fx Any solution to get dynamic lights without flickering screen? My addons: Orbx Global Base Orbx Europe LC Pearlsoft Vienna City HD Austria Professional HD But I deactivsted, uninstalled and reinstalled all of them and reinstalled LOWW 3 times already. Only solution so far is to deactivate dynamic lights...
  16. Hello, just to be absolutely clear: 1. Orbx products, developed and published by Orbx attract various discounts, including the senior discount. 2. Orbx Central is now being used as a marketing device by, so far, four other developers. These are: Gaya Simulations Pilot Plus Milviz Parallel 42. 3. These products are neither developed nor published by Orbx. 4. For this reason, Orbx have no control over the developers' policies and therefore remarks such as: do not fit the circumstances. It may well be that at some point, all, some or none of these products may be on sale and that will also not be decided by Orbx.
  17. If you could, that would be great!
  18. Ahh, makes sense. I was doing some "reckless" slewing around before playing around EGNM, had a long pause and do remember a text message saying SODE wasn't loaded.
  19. You have also fsx groundpoly ticked in the manager? Thanks
  20. YBBN is an old product, hopefully to be updated now that the alterations are complete.
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