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  2. Thank you @ic0n @Jon Clarke This is where the problem with "Bishop's Rock Lighthouse" may be. Two ocurrences of it, one in "Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Airports" and the other in "Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom"
  3. It may be that your skills are better than you think! Until I looked at the outside video, I was half-convinced that I was hitting the structure somehow. It's a bit difficult to pin down exactly what's going on - I'm fairly sure I can land the Schweizer without any problems, every time, from any direction. The others might sometimes land OK but then 'crash' on takeoff, or just crash on approach. Maybe there's some interaction between how X-Plane determines the physical extent of the heli model and the structure of the lighthouse. It could just be that the Schweizer is smaller, so it misses wha
  4. Ah, damn - I searched using Google but not the forum's own search function! I do indeed have the 'World Objects' slider set below 'High' in order to get the FPS out of my old computer that I need for VR. I tried increasing the setting in non-VR, and there it is! I was interested to read that the settings for this particular airport require this setting because the underlying object's 'Show with' property is set to '6 Totally Insanse', unlike most other things. I have some experience making airports in WED so I would happily edit it to reduce that, or even the .xml file's 'show_leve
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  6. The quite good advice I was given was; 'save for a rainy day because one day you'll need it'. It proved to be true on a few occasions!
  7. Addendum: Of course the above will work no matter which size the focussed window has. The reason for shrinking it is only for not having it constantly in sight.
  8. Over at flightsim.to Karl. things are about to change for the Mule Team, your px will think you have a brand new plane. Thank you. Thank you John.
  9. Thank you very much Adam. cheers Iain
  10. Thank you Dam. cheers Iain
  11. I like your new toys Iain, great job as always!
  12. I think Schultz has has to many Schlitz John.
  13. Hi The runway and taxiway lights are not functional at YBCS. I uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery but has not resolved the issue. I have the original Australia base scenery installed. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? Thanks Craig
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