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  2. hello I have recently installed True Earth GB within P3D. On closer inspection, I notice that lego style buildings appear at random locations. The lego style buildings do not represent the real building at all. I have unchecked the scenery listing "GBS 05 scenery" listing and the lego style building have been removed. Why are the lego style buildings generated? not very realistic or have I missed something Clive Alexander
  3. Made these a few weeks ago. Been too busy to fly lately and other reasons. So here's some nice A3XX action, all Orbx, Aerosoft Bus.
  4. Nice aircraft Adam but gosh, that scenery in the third one is so beautiful!
  5. Dolf the third and fourth literally made me gasp in amazement, these are some beautiful shots, I NEED to get back to flying, especially P3D.
  6. Always love your iconic shots Adam! And nice new plane, can you use the GTN 750 in it?
  7. Excellent as always Iain, you make it looks so easy!
  8. That was terrific! I loved everything from the planning to the tour. Well done Vincent!
  9. From my point of view, TE GB South XP11 was already excellent ! TE GB South XP11 SP1 is more than excellent. Sincerely, many thanks for this ! Hope to see the same for all parts of GB. PS : however, I note that the Southampton region is still part of Germany...
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  11. I fully agree with you, I am blown away. Looking forward to the SP for TE Central Thank you so much Mr Orbx. Dave
  12. After flying around TE South with SP1 especially around Southampton you chaps at ORBX have done a fantastic job, the roads are so much better as are the houses, just love the brickwork. All these details have now made TE South an area to be flying in. Many thanks to John and his team. Regards Nigel.
  13. great to see the old hurricane and amazing shots ... I assume it is in TE GBS P3d4 ... (not xp11) ?
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